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  • Title: Visionjuice - Facilitation and coaching for personal and organisational change
    Descriptive info: Visionjuice.. Home.. Coaching.. Learning.. Groups.. Visioning.. Conferences.. On-Line.. Resources.. Our.. Philosophy.. About Us.. Web.. One to One Coaching.. Facilitated Learning Groups.. Action Learning.. Leadership Development.. Creativity and Problem Solving.. Theory U.. The Art of Change.. Group Facilitation.. Organisational Visioning.. Talks and Conferences.. On-Line Resources.. Re-Source Toolkit.. (restricted access).. Puzzles.. Books.. Shorts.. Creativity.. Thoughtflip.. Other people's solutions.. Just for today.. Stretch cards.. Effectiveness cards.. Another character cards.. Our philosophy.. About us.. Past Clients.. Comments about Visionjuice.. Contact us.. Wednesday 13 August.. Sign up to the Visionjuice monthly inspiration.. Got a problem? Need an idea?.. Paul Birch and Chrissie Godfrey are the Directors of Visionjuice.. We are grounded people with impressive backgrounds in business, the arts, consultancy, coaching, facilitation and learning.. We  ...   people who make you feel very comfortable, with a sense of sheer joy and fun.. the spark plugs of life!” (Thanks to Martin, Ann, Tracey and Jackie for that amalgamation of quotes!).. Find out more.. Developing capacity through learning, growth and change.. Visionjuice helps leaders, teams and individuals to develop their creative human potential.. Our passion is to enable you to:.. expand self awareness and understanding of others.. develop your capacity to think, learn and choose wisely.. discover new ideas and inspiration for you and your organisation.. reach deeper insights to illuminate the way ahead.. Explore this site to find out more about:.. One to one coaching.. Facilitated learning groups.. Organisational visioning.. Talks and conferences.. On-line resources.. |.. Privacy Policy..

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  • Title: Visionjuice - One to One Coaching
    Descriptive info: Visionjuice - One to One Coaching.. Find out more about us.. The unique relationship between coach and client is about one thing: building the client’s self awareness and capacity for change to help them become more effective, proactive and fulfilled in their life.. Our work based coaching helps our clients meld the dimensions of personal growth and professional development.. Our life focussed coaching helps them to increase their capacity for ‘living on purpose’.. We bring the skills, challenge and support to help our clients  ...   and techniques for taking significant steps forward.. Coaching provides a confidential, creative space electric with possibility, truth, insight and potential.. Our coaching regularly forms an intrinsic strand within leadership development programmes.. Equally, we also coach individuals who find themselves, professionally or personally, at key points of change.. If you would like to know more, we will be delighted to talk to you.. See below for what people have said about their coaching experience.. Some of our clients.. What some of our clients have said..

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  • Title: Visionjuice - Facilitated Learning Groups
    Descriptive info: Visionjuice - Facilitated Learning Groups.. Reg Revans proposed that for organisations to succeed in the increasingly complex world we live in that.. ‘the rate of learning must equal or exceed the rate of change’.. Learning is far more than knowing how to do something.. It is the development of our capacity to think widely, reflect deeply, learn from our doing, and take that learning back into life.. This sets an exceptional leader apart from  ...   to development in a group setting is a powerful, motivational, inclusive way to understand our experiences.. It combines strong theoretical bases, with skilled facilitative support to help people move towards insightful, innovative and meaningful action.. We offer a range of ways you can work with us in a learning group setting.. Explore the links below, and contact us if you would like to know more.. Leadership Development Groups.. Theory U: journeys into deeper knowing..

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  • Title: Visionjuice - Organisational Visioning
    Descriptive info: Visionjuice - Organisational Visioning.. Nobody gets up in the morning fired up at the thought of delivering an average day's work for an average day's pay for an average employer.. People are fired up by knowing that:.. they are contributing to something bigger than they are.. what they do makes a difference.. Vision is what steers the organisation in a direction that allows it to make a difference.. Vision is the source of passion and energy that  ...   difference.. We can help you to discover and communicate this source.. Whether your organisation is ready for a fresh start, or has lost its sense of direction, or simply needs the space and time to reconnect with what matters, a visioning event can provide the essential catalyst for change.. We can work with you for a day or for a year to help you voice the vision, articulate its values, and translate those into tangible organisational strategies..

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  • Title: Visionjuice - Talks and Conferences
    Descriptive info: Visionjuice - Talks and Conferences.. Paul Birch is an inspirational speaker who has gained a reputation for fun, informative, light hearted yet deeply meaningful talks that develop people’s thinking in a short space of time.. The areas that he talks on most often are:.. The role of creativity in your organisation.. Developing the creative potential of your people.. Creativity for the total turnip or sink plungers for the mind.. Doctor Changelove..  ...   a shifting carpet (rather than have the rug pulled out from under you).. A brief history of leadership thinking.. What makes a great leader?.. Leadership styles – what makes them work, where, when and how?.. The Art of Change: creating a life for yourself that is worthy of you.. Paul has regularly appeared as keynote speaker for national, international and organisational conferences, as well as more informally in business school seminar settings..

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  • Title: Visionjuice - On-Line Resources
    Descriptive info: Visionjuice - On-Line Resources.. We have tried to pull together a selection of resources that will help you in the areas of change and creativity.. This page is intended to grow over time so if you can think of something we could usefully add then please let us know.. A powerful e-learning programme containing our unique approach to making tangible change in our lives.. We have pulled together a selection of books that cover a whole range of areas we're interested in.. Brain Training.. Some puzzles to kick your thinking in different directions and maybe help you have a little fun.. A few short articles and thought provokers on diverse topics.. A page on what we mean by creativity  ...   on the future.. This page is about a technique that will assist you in being more creative.. This page is about a technique that uses other people's solutions to help you to solve a problem or generate an idea.. Another Character cards.. This page has some cards to help kick start your thinking by looking at your problem or issue from the perspective of another character.. This page has some cards to help stretch your thinking about an issue or a need for ideas.. This page has some cards to help you think about effectiveness.. BBC News.. Headlines and a summary of the latest BBC News.. OK, it has nothing to do with Visionjuice but it is a resource..

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  • Title: Visionjuice - Our Philosophy
    Descriptive info: Visionjuice - Our philosophy.. It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it.. Our work is based in our values and our philosophy.. We don't expect others to follow our philosophy.. We do know that people like to know a bit about where others are coming from.. It helps them make choices about who they trust, who they want to learn with, who they want to work with.. So this is us telling you  ...   become things.. We are responsible for our choices.. With responsibility comes liberation.. Every day contains a miracle.. Now is the only moment we can act.. We have all the wisdom we will ever need.. We are interconnected in ways we cannot begin to imagine.. Pay attention to relationships, and you pay attention to everything.. Visions are uncovered, not manufactured.. Work and play are indivisible.. You can’t change people, but people can change themselves.. Through change, we flourish..

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  • Title: Visionjuice - About us
    Descriptive info: Visionjuice - About us.. Visionjuice offers innovative consultancy and training in personal/organisational change and creativity that goes beyond boundaries and expectations.. Visionjuice is practical, pragmatic, different, magical.. We are based in the UK and work all over the world.. Directors.. V.. isionjuice’s Directors are Paul Birch and Chrissie Godfrey.. Paul is a creativity and organisational change consultant who helps organisations to solve impossible problems and find profitable solutions.. He is an inspirational teacher, speaker, coach and facilitator whose style is both common sense and fun.. Paul worked for British Airways for 18 years, in everything from Marketing to Mergers &Acquisitions.. As Head of Business Planning he took a billion pounds out of the cost base; and as Corporate Jester he challenged the set thinking that permeates most modern organisations.. Sixteen years ago he set up his own consultancy, has been a visiting lecturer at Exeter University, Henley Management College and Oxford University and has.. written nine books.. on creative thinking, organisational change, coaching, teamwork and leadership.. Paul has  ...   creative engagement, whether in a formal theatre or gallery setting, or in a tiny village hall in the remote reaches of Exmoor.. She also taught for a number of years in FE and HE colleges, enabling arts students to harness their own creative endeavour to make things happen in the world.. Her management experience draws on the arts’ capacity to marry solid pragmatism with flexible creative working practices.. She set up Visionjuice with Paul and has since specialised in understanding, designing and facilitating processes of change.. Her work has ranged from running intensive personal development programmes, delivering leadership coaching and learning group programmes, and facilitating a unique long term collaborative partnership between sixteen cultural organisations as part of a national OD programme.. Her style is warm, inventive, intuitive and direct, and she brings her passion for positive change to all that she does.. Chrissie holds an MSc (Dist) in Change Agents Skills and Strategies from the University of Surrey and is an ILM Accredited Action Learning Set Facilitator..

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  • Title: Visionjuice - Action Learning
    Descriptive info: Visionjuice - Action Learning.. Action Learning is a simple yet powerful tool for groups of professionals to work on real problems and implement practical solutions.. Led by a facilitator, Action Learning builds group skills in listening and questioning to help someone delve into the heart of an issue, find their own way forward, and learn how others approach similar problems.. Its structure supports people to explore the true value of reflective space and time.. Action  ...   and can be used ‘in-house’ with peers, or with cross-sectoral leadership groups.. Typically, an Action Learning ‘set’ comprises 6-8 people who commit to meet for six facilitated full day sessions over an agreed period.. It can form part of a long term development programme, or be a standalone development initiative.. If you would like to know more, please do get in touch.. See below for what people have said about their learning group experiences with us..

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  • Title: Visionjuice - Leadership Development
    Descriptive info: Visionjuice - Leadership Development.. Things work because of leaders.. The better the leader the better things work.. There is no one style that suits all circumstances and leaders must have the capability to flex their style to suit the needs of the situation.. We offer organisations an informal yet highly effective structure to develop leadership capacity, from the emerging leader to the senior executive.. The key flavour of our approach is to foster and develop peer learning groups.. A learning group is one that,  ...   supportive environment.. It evolves its own set of values and common leadership language that helps embed new leadership skills and insights.. We provide the theoretical input on leadership models and organisational thinking for group discussion, or offer practical strategies and skills for the group to try out.. We facilitate the group to share their own insights and experience with each other.. We make sure we blend an exploration of both the doing and being of leadership that translates into developmental change in the workplace..

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