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  • Title: Zooming in on the Customer Experience | UserZoom
    Descriptive info: .. UserZoom.. Zooming in on the Customer Experience.. Company.. Contact Us.. Countries.. USA.. UK.. DE.. ES.. Client login.. Search for:.. Menu.. Skip to content.. UZ at a Glance.. Solutions.. Solutions for Web.. Remote Usability Testing.. Web VOC (Intercept).. Web VOC (Feedback Tab).. Card Sorting.. Tree Testing.. Screenshot Click Testing.. Screenshot Timeout Testing.. Online Surveys.. Recorder for Web.. Solutions for Mobile.. Remote Mobile Usability Testing.. Mobile Apps VOC (Intercept).. Card Sorting for Tablets.. Mobile Surveys.. Recorder for Mobile.. Results.. Usability Data.. Survey Responses.. IA Data.. Behavioral Data.. Video Audio Data.. Features.. Building Studies.. Behavioral Data Collection.. Real-time Monitoring.. Analyzing Results.. Reporting Exporting.. Web Analytics Integration.. Recruiting Participants.. Help Knowledge Center.. Accessibility.. Data Security.. Team Collaboration.. FAQs.. UZ Mobile.. Resources.. What is Unmoderated Remote User Testing?.. Articles.. Case Studies / Testimonials.. Interviews.. News.. Use Cases.. UX Competitive Benchmark Studies.. UX Ebooks.. Webinars.. Customers.. Pricing.. For Businesses.. For Agencies Consultants.. For Universities.. Go to….. Home.. Software Tour.. Services.. Your All-in-One Software Solution to Cost-effectively Measure Customer Experience and Conduct Usability Testing.. With UserZoom's SaaS solution, Businesses increase conversion rates by conducting lean and agile UX research, remote usability testing, voice of the customer studies, all on a unified platform.. Take a Quick Tour.. Request a Quote.. Are You Offering a Seamless Customer Experience Across All Mobile Devices?.. UZ Mobile is the most powerful solution for Mobile Usability Testing and Customer Experience Management.. Listen to the voice of your mobile customers and conduct UX research on both iOS and Android and on both phones and tablets.. Learn More.. Introducing UserZoom Recorder: New Audio and Video Capabilities to Empower Your Research.. Now you can remotely record users’ screen interaction, hear their thoughts and see their facial expressions.. With the Recorder, UserZoom's solutions  ...   (VoC) Program for Your Company in the Online Channel.. A step-by-step approach to creating a VoC program in your company, hands-on strategies on how to listen to your customers.. Case Studies.. Case Study: Global e-commerce company utilizes UserZoom to benchmark their mobile site experience.. The company wanted to understand not only where their mobile site stands relative to competitors but also whether the difference is statistically significant.. Fortune 500 Financial Organization Chooses UserZoom to Capture Customers’ Insights.. Fortune 500 financial organization chooses UserZoom to cost-effectively gather statistically significant UX data and capture customers’ insights.. Case Study: Bio-Tech Company Utilizes UserZoom to Re-Design their Website.. Bio-Tech Company Utilizes UserZoom to Re-Design their Website with a Focus on Improving Customer Experience in Global Markets.. Customer Testimonials.. "UserZoom helps ACI Worldwide reduce the time it takes to make the right revisions to our user interface screens".. Dorilyn Northrup.. User Experience Designer.. ACI Worldwide.. "Why we bought UserZoom? It’s the most versatile and feature rich UX software on the market.. ".. Craig Spencer.. UX Research Lead.. The Guardian.. "UserZoom is a Swiss Army Knife that solves most problems.. Jeff Sauro.. Founding Principal.. Measuring Usability LLC.. How do our customers benefit from UserZoom?.. Optimizing Usability, Increasing Conversion.. Cost-effectively scale your usability research.. Remote Unmoderated Usability Testing.. Usability & UX Benchmarking.. Mobile Usability Testing.. User Recruitment Options.. Optimizing UX Design & Navigation.. Agile loves UserZoom! Conduct testing quickly and easily.. Online Card Sorting.. Tree Testing (findability).. Prototype Testing.. Concept Testing.. Measuring Customer Experience.. Listen to your visitors.. Measure their online experience.. Web VOC.. Mobile VOC.. Market Research.. Learn more about research capabilities features.. Software.. Research Capabilities.. VOC (Intercept Surveys).. Mobile App VOC (Intercept).. User Recruitment Tool.. Userzoom ©2014 All right reserved.. /.. Privacy..

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  • Title: Company | UserZoom
    Descriptive info: Overview.. UserZoom provides an all-in-one, cloud-based software platform designed to help companies cost-effectively test, measure and improve User Experience and increase conversion rates of Websites and Mobile Apps.. We are the global leader in UX Research and Remote Usability Testing.. The benefits of good UX Design and Usability are many and the.. ROI.. is high.. However, designing excellent customer experiences is not an easy task and user testing has become a critical aspect of User Centered-Design and Software Development.. That’s why we’ve developed a feature-rich, cost-effective SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for online UX research and testing.. It’s used by highly demanding UX Professionals and Online Marketers around the world.. 5 things to know about us:.. 1.. Our mission.. Technology should be easy, useful and fun.. Consumers don t just use products and services, they experience them! That s why we want to help Businesses create and deliver awesome digital experiences.. We do this by providing highly detailed and actionable data and consumer insights.. UserZoom offers an all-in-one, feature-rich Online Research Platform for User Experience and Customer Experience Professionals at mid to large companies.. We help zoom in on the UX of both websites and mobile apps, providing unique data that leads to better design and, ultimately, increased ROI.. 2.. All-in-One what does that mean?.. Yes, our platform is like a Swiss Army Knife for Online UX Research.. If you look at our research capabilities and features, we can confidently say that we offer the most versatile and comprehensive on-demand  ...   Valley (CA), Barcelona (Spain), Manchester (UK) and Munich (Germany).. The Co-Founding Team combine for over 50 years experience in the UX and Usability market.. Why did we start UserZoom?.. Coming from a User-centered Design and usability research background, UserZoom’s founders clearly understand the value of online user experience and usability research.. UserZoom’s technology is the result of identifying that many of the traditional research methods (such as in-person usability testing, focus groups, web analytics or online surveys) were simply not enough in today’s highly competitive online marketplace.. We decided new technologies and the use of the Internet could help take user experience research a step further.. Today we have accomplished our goal by providing.. the most sophisticated and comprehensive solution for online UX research in the market.. We are proud to say that, thanks to our solution, UX and Marketing professionals from.. top global brands around the world.. are able to better manage customer experience, save money and time on research, and increase overall ROI.. Management Team.. Partners Tech Integrations.. Got Talent?.. Privacy Policy.. Environmental Management System.. Experience UserZoom as a Participant.. Resources feed.. Global e-commerce company utilizes UserZoom to benchmark their mobile site experience against competitors and to assess the impact of mobile experience on brand perception.. How Consumers Research Travel: Open Research Study.. Experience UserZoom s After Conference Boat Party at UXPA 2014 in London.. Understanding How Behavior Tracking Works in Remote Unmoderated User Testing Studies.. Live Webinar: How to Integrate UX into an Agile Environment on August 26th, 2014..

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  • Title: Contact Us | UserZoom
    Descriptive info: Offices and Contact Details.. Sunnyvale (CA) USA.. 440 N.. Wolfe Rd.. Sunnyvale, CA 94085.. Toll free number: (866) 599 1550.. Google Map ►.. Barcelona (Spain).. Av.. Diagonal, 618 3ºD E08021 Barcelona.. Phone: +34 93 414 7554.. Cheshire (UK).. 50a Alderley Road.. Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 1NT.. Phone: + 44 (0) 1625 525 650.. München (DE).. Ainmillerstr.. 11.. 80801 München..

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  • Title: Software | UserZoom
    Descriptive info: Software Overview.. UserZoom is your Swiss Army Knife for Online UX Research.. What is UserZoom?.. UserZoom offers an all-in-one cloud-based software solution to manage digital customer experience and conduct usability testing.. Our customers increase conversion rates by conducting cost-effective unmoderated remote user testing and research on desktop and mobile websites and apps.. What is unmoderated remote user testing (URUT)? URUT has become a popular method that is used in user experience and usability research to facilitate an automated collection of qualitative and quantitative feedback from participants, or end users, of websites or mobile apps.. These users take the study simultaneously (asynchronous), they may be located in different locations, in their natural context, using their own PC or device.. Learn more.. The results you get with UserZoom.. Video & Audio Data.. Information Architecture.. Data.. Types of studies you can conduct with UserZoom.. Voice of Customer.. (Web & Mobile).. Unmoderated Remote.. Usability Testing.. Information Architecture:.. Card Sorting, Tree Testing,.. Online Survey.. How it works.. Building.. Studies.. Analyzing Data.. & Results.. A Participant's.. Perspective for Web.. Perspective for Mobile.. Experience UserZoom as a participant.. Curious to see the studies in action? Now you have a chance to check out what participants experience as they go through studies! You can choose to participate in a web or mobile study with the options below.. Experience a UserZoom.. mobile study.. by scanning the QR code shown here.. OR..  ...   both desktop and mobile.. Cost-effective Usability Testing.. A/B Testing.. Click Testing.. Timeout Testing.. Web & Mobile VOC.. Measure Customer Satisfaction.. Why UserZoom?.. Quant.. & Qual.. Data in a Single Study.. UserZoom is the only solution on the market that allows collecting quantitative and qualitative data in the same study.. UX professionals can collect video and audio of participants and their screen interactions as well as success ratios, time on task, number of clicks, clickstreams, heatmaps and Net Promoter Score.. Integrate with Research Panels.. UserZoom partners with a variety of research panels so researchers can meet all of their user recruitment needs, from a specific market segment to detailed profiling information.. Researchers can quickly obtain the opinions of their target respondents, even for the most unique profiles.. Learn about.. our latest partnership.. Reliable Consulting Services.. We're not just a software company.. At UserZoom we offer whatever it takes for you to be successful.. Our services include Customer Enablement, UX Research & Consulting, Recruiting Participants, Prototype Hosting, and Customer Support.. Excellent Customer Support.. There are a few key reasons why half of Fortune Magazine's most admired brands continue to use UserZoom-one being our excellent Customer Support.. At UserZoom, we provide you with the resources you need to help your business handle a diversity of situations.. Recent Articles.. Recorder.. VOC (Feedback Tab).. UZ Session Replay.. Video Questions for Mobile.. Reporting & Exporting.. Help & Knowledge Center..

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  • Title: Remote Usability Testing | UserZoom
    Descriptive info: Software / Research Capabilities.. Haven t Gone Remote Yet?.. We offer UX Pros the ability to run online, task-based studies with geographically dispersed participants.. Users participate simultaneously in their natural context and no human moderation is needed.. This method is called ‘.. ‘.. You can achieve objective statistics to quantify usability, obtain honest feedback from statistically significant samples and usability metrics + web analytics COMBINED in one single study.. You can conduct cost-effective, task-based studies over.. any web-based interface.. (such as websites, prototypes, mock-ups, etc.. ) with.. hundreds of users participating simultaneously.. from their home or office.. It’s also  ...   and allows researchers to perform advanced analysis.. Our cutting-edge technology is capable of gathering both.. qualitative (.. text clouds.. and.. user session replays.. ) and quantitative data (.. effectiveness and efficiency ratios.. ).. In addition, UserZoom’s analytics dashboard allows you to do.. advanced data analysis.. and filter results by task, page, user, and time.. Want to Learn More?.. Learn more about Unmoderated Remote Usability Testing in the following articles:.. What’s the real value behind UNMODERATED remote user testing?.. How important is it to test users in their natural context and without a moderator?.. Combining Lab and Online Usability Testing..

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  • Title: VOC (Intercept Surveys) | UserZoom
    Descriptive info: Web VOC (Intercept Surveys).. Give Your Visitors a Voice!.. UserZoom’s Web Voice of Customer (VoC) solution makes it easy for you to find out things like:.. Who are the users that visit your website?.. Why do they visit?.. Are they able to navigate successfully?.. Would they recommend it to others?.. You can survey real visitors after their interaction with your website and determine just how successful your site really is.. Our VoC solution allows you to run what we call.. True Intent Studies.. All you need to do is place a javascript code (our tool generates it for you) in the page where you want to intercept visitors.. Visitors see an invitation and can volunteer to participate (see video clip up above).. Benefits of UserZoom s VOC Solution.. These types of studies can be conducted in short periods of time, over  ...   is hit.. UserZoom gives you insight and answers that will make your website better.. You get real qualitative data that can make a difference to your ROI.. Obtain valuable statistics about who your users are and what they want from your website.. Find out if they leave the site having accomplished their goals.. Analyze whether their online experience is satisfactory or not.. Get the Net Promoter Score: Know if users would recommend your site to others.. VoC with Web Analytics Integration.. Read the VOC + Analytics How-To article.. You can.. integrate UserZoom’s survey data with Google Analytics and link user voice metrics such as satisfaction ratios or Net Promoter Score to clickstreams and other traffic data.. Learn more about True Intent Studies in these articles:.. Conducting True Intent Studies to Manage Online Customer Experience.. What is a True Intent (Case Study)..

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  • Title: VOC (Feedback Tab) | UserZoom
    Descriptive info: Give your visitors a voice!.. The feedback tab allows you to gather customer feedback from real participants visiting your website in an orderly manner.. Feedback projects commonly measure visitor s satisfaction, intent and NPS (Net Promoter Score).. However, UserZoom s flexible solution allows you to.. fully customize the way you collect feedback.. For example, you may want to use the feedback tab to start a quick and brief survey, or you may want to request users to take a usability test or a card sorting exercise, right on the spot! The content, structure  ...   it easy for you to find out things like:.. Who is visiting your site.. Why they are visiting.. How visitors rate their online experience.. If they are able to navigate successfully.. How likely they are to recommend your products and services to others.. Highlights about our Feedback Tab solution:.. Easily create studies, collect feedback in just a few minutes.. Use advanced logic, conditions, and piping.. Integration with 3rd party analytics vendors.. provides in-depth insight into customer behavior.. Real time reports for fast decision making.. Full customization and flexibility of content and look feel..

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  • Title: Card Sorting | UserZoom
    Descriptive info: A Great Tool for Information Design.. Card Sorting is a technique used to help define, structure, or improve the taxonomy and menu structure of a product or website.. With UserZoom’s Card Sorting solution, researchers can conduct remote, cost-effective studies and use large samples of participants, obtaining statistical significance.. With UserZoom s reporting, card sorting analysis has never been easier.. You can generate.. dendrograms.. (cluster analyses) to help define the overall structure of your site or information, view raw data by category, or by item, and see data by each participant.. Run Studies on a Desktop or Tablet.. UserZoom’s card sorting solution is available on both desktops and on iPad tablets (compatibility for Android tablets will be rolled out soon!).. Some of the Many Awesome Features.. With UserZoom’s card sorting solution, researchers can offer a more intuitive participant experience by being able to:.. Choose from two card sorting methods.. : Open or Closed.. In an.. open card sort.. , participants  ...   two interface options:.. Static or Dynamic.. Static:.. The static interface is the basic card sorting interface, where participants are able to sort items into meaningful groups by dragging from the left and dropping on the right.. Dynamic:.. The dynamic interface caters to participants with higher screen resolutions, as they will have more space to organize card items and categories.. Depending on how many items are in the box, the category boxes will dynamically adjust.. Add images.. : Easily add images as items in card sorts, so they can be selected and dragged directly into categories, eliciting user feedback.. Harness improved flexibility.. : UserZoom’s card sort allows you to collapse/expand items on categories, delete a category and start again, decide when instructions should appear (all exercises or only the first one).. Learn more about Card Sorting in these articles:.. Online Card Sorting: What, How Why?.. Card sorting: a definitive guide.. How To: UX Design Tools – Card Sorting Tree Testing..

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  • Title: Tree Testing | UserZoom
    Descriptive info: A Powerful Tool for Testing a Site Structure.. Tree testing is a usability technique for evaluating the.. findability.. , labeling and organization of a website s structure.. This technique closely matches the navigational experience a visitor would have on your site.. A large website is typically organized into a hierarchy (a tree ) of topics and subtopics.. Tree testing provides a way to.. measure how well users can find items in this hierarchy.. Unlike traditional usability testing, tree testing is not done on the website itself.. Instead, a simplified text version of the site structure is used.. This.. ensures that the structure is evaluated in isolation.. , nullifying  ...   list of the top-level topics of the website.. They choose a heading, and are then shown a list of subtopics.. They continue choosing (moving down through the tree) — drilling down, backtracking if necessary – until they find a topic that satisfies the task (or until they give up).. Participants do several tasks in this manner, starting each task back at the top of the tree.. Once several participants have completed the test, the results are analyzed for each task.. Learn more about Tree Testing in these articles:.. How-To: UX Design Tools – Card Sorting Tree Testing.. Tree testing: an important step early in the web design process..

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  • Title: Screenshot Click Testing | UserZoom
    Descriptive info: See Where Your Customers Click.. Ever wonder where your customers would click to complete their goals on your existing site or redesign? Screenshot Click Testing allows you to see where your customers click with the flexibility of allowing one or more clicks.. This makes it perfect for design and UX teams testing the design validation of new or existing sites.. As part of UserZoom’s comprehensive suite of UX solutions, it allows you the flexibility to easily test your static prototypes and mockups.. With Screenshot Click Testing you can use the existing logic  ...   and error metrics, in addition to the findability of important content.. As an integral part of your roadmap, you can add Screenshot Click Testing as the fourth phase in a navigational redesign:.. Start with an open card sort to define groupings and associations.. Next refine your content with a closed sort.. Then visually test the structure with Tree Testing.. Once you have fully defined your content placement, you can validate it with Screenshot Click Testing prior to defining a fully dynamic prototype.. This four-phase process will ensure a successful navigational and usable site..

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  • Title: Screenshot Timeout Testing | UserZoom
    Descriptive info: Grab Your Customers Attention!.. Your landing page has approximately 3 to 4 seconds to catch your customer’s attention before they bounce to a competitor’s site.. You have about 5 to 7 seconds for them to understand what you can do or provide to them.. Do they understand what you are offering? Do they find your site inviting and do you create a positive impression? Unsure why your visitors are bouncing off your site?.. Screenshot Timeout Testing ensures a high inception rate by understanding how easy it is for customers to obtain the information they  ...   their interest.. You will also lower your bounce back rate and ensure customers are not leaving to visit your competitors site.. Use Cases:.. Optimize your landing page conversion by making Screenshot Timeout Testing part of your UX toolkit.. Find out what customers are remembering about your offerings or company prior to leaving.. Understand if they would leave your site after visiting or stay longer to explore and obtain more information.. Conducting a Screenshot Timeout Test quarterly will help you understand trends and assure your site’s message and design is up to date and effective..

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