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  • Title: Website monitoring, server monitoring, monitor uptime by Uptrends
    Descriptive info: .. Call us: +31 172 243 309.. nbsp;English.. nbsp;Deutsch.. nbsp;Nederlands.. Home.. Products.. Free trial.. Tools.. Support.. About Us.. Partners.. Contact.. Monitor your website, server.. and transactions worldwide.. Monitor your website, server and transactions from a global and end-user perspective.. Uptrends is a leading provider with more than 2,500 customers in 45 countries.. Maximize Uptime.. No software to install.. Website monitoring.. Real Browser monitoring.. Transaction monitoring.. Server monitoring.. Web Performance monitoring.. Network monitoring.. View all features.. Uptrends' external website.. monitoring service.. Our website monitoring service allow you to monitor, diagnose, receive alerts and access detailed reports regarding the performance of your website.. This ensures that your visitors always have access to your website as intended.. External Server Monitoring.. Maximize uptime.. Monitor different protocols for your server from outside the firewall.. Receive instant alerts.. Use our server monitoring service to diagnose errors and prevent issues to ensure peak performance of your server.. Transaction Monitoring from.. the end-user perspective.. Monitor multi-step transactions and applications from the end-user perspective.. Use our transaction recorder.. Monitor shopping carts, logins, click paths and registration form to prevent the loss of potential sales, visitors and customers.. Full page check.. Monitor.. your website performance.. The Uptrends full page check is a great way to identify bottlenecks on your web pages.. It shows the response time of a webpage, the DNS and connection time, total download time and total size of all elements on the page, 1st and  ...   Professional.. 17/month.. Enterprise.. 24/month.. Insight.. 66/month.. Infra.. 18/month.. Frequency of monitoring.. 10 minutes.. 5 minutes.. Up to 5 seconds.. Website, transaction, server monitoring.. Detailed online and e-mail reports.. Create client logins, provide reports.. Free apps: iPhone, Windows Phone 8, Android.. Easily view the status of your server and website monitoring.. View alerts and manage settings from your mobile phone.. We offer free apps for iPhone, Android Windows Phone 8.. View details!.. Monitoring from 120+ locations worldwide!.. Uptrends customers.. Free website monitoring tools.. Improve website speed.. See what is slowing down our website.. Free website monitoring tool incl.. uptime.. Check your website from around the globe.. Trace-route to your website.. Free DNS report.. Check your IP address.. Latest Uptrends news.. 7 Aug.. Changes to existing checkpoints.. 14 Apr.. The Uptrends Infra agent is now available for Linux.. Why Uptrends?.. Monitor from the end-user perspective.. No software to install, works within one minute.. Global Monitoring network.. Transaction-, server-, SLA- and website monitoring.. More than 2,500 customers in 45 countries.. Worldwide offices.. Free customer support included.. FTP monitoring.. SQL monitoring.. Uptime monitoring.. Website monitoring software.. DNS monitoring.. MySQL monitoring.. Downtime monitoring.. Monitor website.. Pop3 monitoring.. Free site monitoring.. Performance monitoring.. Website monitoring tool.. SLA monitoring.. SMTP monitoring.. Ping server.. Application monitoring.. Website monitoring service.. Follow us on Twitter.. See our videos on YouTube.. Subscribe to our RSS feed.. Visit our blog.. Uptrends V3.. 53g.. Copyright 2014 Uptrends.. com.. |.. Terms Conditions.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: Website monitoring, server monitoring and transaction monitoring by Uptrends.
    Descriptive info: Monitor from end-user perspective.. What is Uptrends.. Product features.. Reports Control Panel.. How it works.. Compare editions.. Pricing.. Download datasheet.. Demo.. External website, server, SLA and transaction monitoring.. Global monitoring network.. Probe reports.. Account cockpit.. Total time by checkpoint.. Error types.. As a company with an online presence, site availability and performance are critical.. Each time your visitors or customers experience website or server downtime and slow page load times, you risk losing their business.. With Uptrends, you can have the tools you need to be alerted to these issues, allowing you to react quickly and prevent this loss.. Uptrends is a leading provider of website, transactions and server monitoring services with more than 1,500 customers in 23 countries.. No software needs to be installed.. We have monitoring checkpoints in major cities across North America, Europe, South America, Middle East, Africa, Australia and Asia.. As part of our monitoring services you will:.. Have a monitoring service that operates from the end-user perspective.. True visitor experience.. Receive instant SMS, email, RSS or IM alerts of site outages.. Use our global monitoring network with checkpoints in major cities on every continent.. Snapshot technology, Uptrends makes snapshots of errors.. View detailed online and email reports exportable in every common format including an XML interface.. Access user-defined escalation levels and scheduled maintenance periods.. Be able to add and manage settings for an unlimited number of contacts.. Website Monitoring.. Be the first to know when your website is down.. Uptrends external website monitoring services help you to monitor, diagnose and report on the availability and performance of your website.. This ensures that your visitors and customers are experiencing your website as intended.. With Uptrends, you will be able to receive instant alerts of site outages, have full use our entire global monitoring network, access detailed online and email reports and even for specific content on any given web page.. And with the most user friendly user interface on the market, you will be able to define escalation levels, schedule maintenance periods and access a wide variety of other settings for an unlimited number of operators.. Learn more  ...   click paths, logins, registration forms etc.. It uses the actual Internet Explorer browser to generate real transactions from locations all over the world.. With our transaction recorder you can easily create your own transactions.. transaction monitoring.. Internal network monitoring.. Customizable dashboards.. Uptrends Infra.. provides an all-in-1 solution for all your server and network monitoring needs.. Receive alerts, analyze errors and prevent future issues.. Use SNMP monitoring, ping, connect, HTTP or performance counters (Windows Linux) to monitor every element of your network.. Monitor.. CPU.. , bandwidth, router, server, memory, disk space, cloud server and much more.. Define which data you want to see, in which format.. Drag and drop dashboard graphics.. Export data to any format.. Optimized to be used on your PC, Tablet and Smartphone.. Server monitoring from the cloud.. Use it from any location in the world.. Learn more about Uptrends Infra network monitoring.. External server monitoring.. Monitor your server from outside the firewall.. Uptrends external server monitoring services help you to monitor, diagnose and receive reports regarding the performance of your servers to ensure that your servers, websites and internet-connected devices are up and running 24/7.. Uptrends will monitor your server from outside the firewall and from different checkpoints around the world.. With Uptrends server monitoring it is possible to monitor a variety of different protocols such as http, https, connect, ping, SMTP, POP3, FTP, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Webservice http, webservice https, DNS and more.. SLA Monitoring.. Verify SLA objectives with independent third party.. Uptrends lets you verify your SLA with independent, objective performance monitoring data from a third party.. Uptrends SLA monitoring service measures SLA compliance and monitors true uptime.. This ensures that your server is always available and your visitors and customers are experience your website as intended, around the clock.. Leading provider of website, server and transaction monitoring.. Uptrends continues to serve as a leading provider of website, transaction and server monitoring services for over 1500 customers in 23 countries.. And because we have offices in both the US and Europe, you are guaranteed around the clock, responsive customer support.. Signup for a monitoring trial account now..

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  • Title: Uptrends - Signup
    Descriptive info: Uptrends is a leading provider of monitoring services.. Choose Account Login and Password.. Email address.. *.. Password.. Confirm password.. Choose the first URL to monitor.. URL to monitor.. *.. Account Information.. First Name.. Last Name.. Company.. Phone.. Country.. Select your country.. Afghanistan.. Albania.. Algeria.. American Samoa.. Andorra.. Angola.. Anguilla.. Antarctica.. Antigua and Barbuda.. Argentina.. Armenia.. Aruba.. Australia.. Austria.. Azerbaijan.. Bahamas.. Bahrain.. Bangladesh.. Barbados.. Belarus.. Belgium.. Belize.. Benin.. Bermuda.. Bhutan.. Bolivia.. Bosnia and Herzegovina.. Botswana.. Bouvet Island.. Brazil.. British Indian Ocean Territory.. Brunei Darussalam.. Bulgaria.. Burkina Faso.. Burma.. Burundi.. Cambodia.. Cameroon.. Canada.. Cape Verde.. Cayman Islands.. Central African Republic.. Chad.. Chile.. China.. Christmas Island.. Cocos (Keeling) Islands.. Colombia.. Comoros.. Congo.. Cook Islands.. Costa Rica.. Cote D Ivoire (Ivory Coast).. Croatia (Hrvatska).. Cuba.. Cyprus.. Czech Republic.. Czechoslovakia (former).. Democratic Republic of Congo.. Denmark.. Djibouti.. Dominica.. Dominican Republic.. East Timor.. Ecuador.. Egypt.. El Salvador.. England.. Equatorial Guinea.. Eritrea.. Estonia.. Ethiopia.. Falkland Islands (Malvinas).. Faroe Islands.. Fiji.. Finland.. France.. France, Metropolitan.. French Guiana.. French Polynesia.. Gabon.. Gambia.. Georgia.. Germany.. Ghana.. Gibraltar.. Great Britain.. Greece.. Greenland.. Grenada.. Guadeloupe.. Guam.. Guatemala.. Guernsey.. Guinea.. Guinea-Bissau.. Guyana.. Haiti.. Heard and McDonald Islands.. Honduras.. Hong Kong.. Hungary.. Iceland.. India.. Indonesia.. Iran.. Iraq.. Ireland.. Isle of Man.. Israel.. Italy.. Jamaica.. Japan.. Jersey.. Jordan.. Kazakhstan.. Kenya.. Kiribati.. Korea (North).. Korea (South).. Kuwait.. Kyrgyzstan.. Laos.. Latvia.. Lebanon.. Lesotho.. Liberia.. Libya.. Liechtenstein.. Lithuania.. Luxembourg.. Macau.. Macedonia.. Madagascar.. Malawi.. Malaysia.. Maldives.. Mali.. Malta.. Marshall Islands.. Martinique.. Mauritania.. Mauritius.. Mayotte.. Mexico.. Micronesia.. Moldova.. Monaco.. Mongolia.. Montserrat.. Morocco.. Mozambique.. Myanmar.. Namibia.. Nauru.. Nepal.. Netherlands.. Netherlands Antilles.. Neutral Zone.. New Caledonia.. New Zealand.. Nicaragua.. Niger.. Nigeria.. Niue.. Norfolk Island.. Northern Mariana Islands.. Norway.. Oman.. Pakistan.. Palau.. Panama.. Papua New Guinea.. Paraguay.. Peru.. Philippines.. Pitcairn.. Poland.. Portugal.. Puerto Rico.. Qatar.. Reunion.. Romania.. Russian Federation.. Rwanda.. S.. Georgia and S.. Sandwich Isls.. Saint Kitts and Nevis.. Saint Lucia.. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.. Samoa.. San Marino.. Sao Tome and Principe.. Saudi Arabia.. Senegal.. Seychelles.. Sierra Leone.. Singapore.. Slovak Republic..  ...   East.. GMT-03:00 Argentina, Surinam, Uruguay.. GMT-02:00# Antarctica.. GMT-01:00 Cape verde.. GMT-01:00* Azores, Greenland.. GMT-01:00# Brazil Atlantic Islands.. GMT* England, Ireland.. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).. GMT+01:00# Namibia.. GMT+01:00* Central European Time.. GMT+01:00 West Central Africa.. GMT+02:00 South Africa.. GMT+02:00* Eastern Europe.. GMT+03:00 Azerbajian, Bahrain.. GMT+03:00* Iraq.. GMT+03:30 Iran.. GMT+04:00* Armenia, Rus.. Fed.. zone two and three.. GMT+04:00 Georgia, United Arab Emirates.. GMT+04:30 Afghanistan.. GMT+05:00 Pakistan, Maladives.. GMT+05:00* Russion Federation zone four.. GMT+05:30 India, Sri Lanka.. GMT+05:45 Nepal.. GMT+06:00 Bangladesh, Bhutan, Tajikistan.. GMT+06:00# Cocos Islands.. GMT+06:00* Russion Federation zone five.. GMT+06:30 Myanmar.. GMT+07:00* Russion Federation zone six.. GMT+07:00 Indonesia West, Thailand, Vietnam.. GMT+08:00* Russion Federation zone seven.. GMT+08:00 China, Hong kong, Indonesia Central.. GMT+09:00 Japan, Indonesia East.. GMT+09:00* Russion federation zone eight.. GMT+09:30 Australia Northern Territory.. GMT+09:30# Australia South.. GMT+10:00* Russion Federation zone nine.. GMT+10:00# Australia Capital.. GMT+10:00 Australia Queensland.. GMT+10:30# Lord Howe Island.. GMT+11:00# Vanuatu.. GMT+11:00* Russion Federation zone ten.. GMT+11:00 New Caledonia.. GMT+11:30 Norfolk Island.. GMT+12:00 Fiji, Tuvalu, Marshall Islands.. GMT+12:00# New Zealand.. GMT+12:00* Russion Federation zone eleven.. GMT+12:45# Chatham Island.. GMT+13:00 Tonga.. Language.. Dutch.. English (United Kingdom).. English (United States).. German.. Sign up for your FREE 4-week trial today.. Signing up with Uptrends is totally risk free!.. Only upgrade if you like us.. No software installation is required, and it starts working within one minute.. No credit card details are required.. Try before you buy.. Discover why thousands of companies worldwide trust Uptrends to deliver the best in website performance management and server monitoring.. Your FREE 4-week trial includes these great benefits:.. The.. full Enterprise version.. of Uptrends.. Website, server, transaction and full page monitoring.. 5-minute monitoring interval.. SMS, Email, RSS and IM alerts.. Add unlimited contacts.. Define maintenance and escalation levels.. Easy-to-understand reports and diagnostic graphs.. Snapshots of errors and automatic traceroutes.. Detailed daily, weekly or monthly e-mail reports.. Select unlimited global checkpoints.. Export reports and XML interface.. Real browser monitoring and end-user perspective.. Transaction recorder.. Free customer support..

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  • Title: Uptrends - Free website tools to test load time, check website, DNS, IP addresses and traceroute
    Descriptive info: Free website tools to monitor your website or server.. Free website tools.. Test load time, check website, DNS, IP address and traceroute.. Uptrends is a leading global provider of remote website, transactions and server monitoring services.. We are here to ensure that your website or servers are always available, as intended.. Uptrends is a flexible, hosted website and server performance monitoring system that lets you quickly identify and diagnose downtime and errors.. Our worldwide checkpoints will monitor your website or servers 24/7, all year long.. Uptrends will alert you immediately in the event your website, network or server fails, or if your transactions fails to work correctly.. Full HTML web page load time test.. Check my site from around the world.. Traceroute to my site.. Free DNS Report.. What is my IP address.. Full HTML web page load-time test.. The full-page test lets you test the load time of a complete HTML page of your website, including all objects such as images, frames, CSS style sheets, Javascript files, Flash objects and RSS feeds.. The load-time tool will analyze the page and download all the objects, displaying the corresponding load times, the object sizes and indications of missing objects, including content from third-party suppliers (such as advertisements).. With the full HTML page-test tool, you will be able to analyze in detail which object slows down your Web page and see how to optimize your website for faster, more effective performance.. Click here for a full HTML web page load time test.. DNS check.. Today you can check whether the DNS (Domain Name System) of your website is performing well from different cities and countries  ...   tool used to determine the route taken by packets across an IP network.. Moreover, it is often used for network troubleshooting.. By showing a list of the routers traversed, it lets the user identify the path taken to reach a particular destination on the network.. This can help identify routing the problems or firewalls that may be blocking access to a site.. Additionally, traceroute is used by penetration testers to gather information about the network infrastructure and IP ranges around a given host.. It can also be used when downloading data, and if there are multiple mirrors available for the same piece of data one can then trace each mirror to get a good idea of which mirror would be the fastest to use.. Click here to perform a traceroute to your site.. What is my IP address?.. Check your IP address and find out what is my IP address.. Uptrends will detect and display your computer's IP address.. This can be helpful for configuring a computer on a network, setting up communications software or troubleshooting an Internet connection.. Your Internet service provider or IT help desk can ask you to visit this site when you are having problems with your Internet connection in order to find identify the IP address.. Click here to lookup your IP address.. Free Website, server and IP monitoring tool.. We provide effective monitoring of your website and server from checkpoints around the globe.. With the free website and server monitoring tools you can display the uptime on your website with the uptime button.. Click here if you want to use our free website monitoring and server monitoring tool..

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  • Title: Uptrends Support - Home
    Descriptive info: We are dedicated to total customer satisfaction.. How does it work?.. Payments and subscriptions.. Account setup.. Access to my account.. Working with reports.. Glossary.. Contact us.. Customer support.. To get you up to speed on how Uptrends works, how you can set up your monitoring and how to work with reports, we suggest to.. download our User  ...   quote.. account upgrade.. pricing.. cancel my account.. Probes.. alerts.. transactions.. operators.. setup SLA,.. Full Page Check.. Login problems.. lost password.. registrations problems.. Reports.. custom reports.. error codes.. API.. Explanation of used terms.. Contact Support tickets.. Need help? Have a question?.. View our contact details.. file a support ticket.. We will respond to you as soon as we can..

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  • Title: Uptrends, a leading provider of transactions, server and website monitoring services
    Descriptive info: About us.. News room.. Monitoring network.. Careers.. Investor relations.. Uptrends is a leading provider of website, server,.. SLA and transaction monitoring services.. We offer our monitoring services as software as a service (SaaS), so no software needs to be installed.. Our mission is to optimize the online performance and reduce costly downtime for our customers.. Uptrends provides the most responsive support and customer service in the industry.. Uptrends has partnered with leading infrastructure and connectivity providers to establish our advanced global monitoring network.. We have monitoring checkpoints in all major cities of North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia.. Uptrends has offices in North America and Europe.. Uptrends is privately held and has maintained profitability since its inception.. Management.. Uptrends co-founder Niels Brinkman is responsible for global marketing and sales.. Additionally, he is the co-founder of OneStat.. com, one of the largest providers  ...   He has developed business models and was involved in the set-up of high-traffic websites for several of the world's most famous recording artists and bands, such as U2.. Coen H.. Backer is a co-founder with responsibility for software development and technical operations.. He is also the co-founder and CTO of OneStat.. He has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Delft.. Mr.. Backer has more than 21 years' experience in the software industry and is an inveterate entrepreneur.. Co-founder Jean-Pascal van der Endt is responsible for product development and technical innovation, having successfully positioned the company as an industry leader and innovator.. He has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Delft, as well as ten years' experience as a chief software engineer at one of the Netherlands' major software development companies..

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  • Title: Become a partner of Uptrends.com
    Descriptive info: Partner with the leading monitoring provider.. Alert notifications.. Powerful control panel.. Detailed reports.. Free 4 week trial.. Become Uptrends Resale, Promotion or Affiliate partner.. Partner with the leading provider of website, server and transaction monitoring services.. Partner with Uptrends.. com and offer our remote website, server and transaction monitoring services to your customers and start earning revenue! Resale partners have the unique opportunity to increase revenue and to add value to their existing service product offering by differentiating their offering to maximize customer satisfaction through their strategic relationship with Uptrends.. Whether you are a hosting company, web design firm or consultant, you and your customers can benefit significantly from our Resale Partner Program.. As a resale partner, you recommend our performance monitoring services to your customers.. Why partner with us?.. Add significant value to your product offering.. Increase customer satisfaction and return on investment.. Get sophisticated report capabilities.. Flexible pricing model.. No IT requirements.. Registering as a resale partner for Uptrends is easy! Once approved, we will send you an  ...   may have a need for website monitoring services, we would like to work with you! As an Uptrends Promotional Partner, you will inform your customers and referrals about the advantages of using Uptrends as well as give them a unique coupon code which helps us track and manage your referrals.. Using the coupon code, your referrals will receive a free 4 week trial as well as receive a significant discount when they upgrade their Uptrends account to a paid version.. Additionally, Uptrends will share the resulting revenue with you.. Register as an Uptrends Promotional Partner now and.. let s get started.. !.. Become Uptrends Affiliate partner.. Are you ready to start earning money with Uptrends.. com? Simply join our affiliate program and promote our website monitoring services to your visitors.. You will start earning high commissions right away! In fact, we will pay you $15 for each qualified* lead that signs up for a free, four-week trial.. Click here.. for more information about our affiliate program or.. click here to signup..

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  • Title: Uptrends - Contact Form
    Descriptive info: Address info:.. 401 Edgewater Place.. Suite 107.. Wakefield, MA 01880.. 781-791-7670 or.. 866-986-7541.. Europe.. The Netherlands.. Lemelerberg 15.. 2402 ZN Alphen aan den Rijn.. +31-172-243-309.. or from the UK.. 0808-1010-917.. Uptrends GmbH.. Königsallee 92a.. 40212 Düsseldorf.. +49 (0) 2104 / 932445.. To assist you in getting your questions answered quickly, we have compiled a FAQ.. Please look at our.. customer support page.. If you  ...   customer support and sales representatives will respond to your enquiries within 24 hours during normal business hours.. We look forward hearing from you!.. Note: If you already have an account or trial account, please.. log in.. first, so we can track your support requests with your account.. Your contact information.. Your name:.. E-mail address:.. Your question.. Department:.. Sales.. Subject:.. Message:.. Do not fill this textbox..

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  • Title: Uptrends - Signup
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  • Title: Website monitoring by Uptrends.com
    Descriptive info: Be the first to know when your site is down.. External Website Monitoring.. Find out how your website is performing.. Instant alerts.. Uptrends' external website monitoring services allow you to monitor, diagnose, receive notifications and access detailed reports regarding the performance of your website and transactions.. This ensures that your visitors and customers have around the clock access to your website and web services as intended.. Do not lose visitors, revenue and customers because of downtime and slow website pages;.. Why Uptrends website monitoring service?.. No software to install, begins working in under a minute.. Monitor real-time URLs, transactions and content from a visitor perspective.. Verify SLA objectives with an independent third party.. Global monitoring network with checkpoints in major cities.. Real-time SMS, email, RSS and IM alerts.. Detailed online email reports about uptime, errors and page load time.. Double verification of site outages, no false alerts.. Snapshots of errors; view what kind of errors your visitors and customers see.. User-defined escalation levels and maintenance settings.. Advanced and affordable website monitoring service incl.. free customer support.. Monitor your website and transactions from around the globe.. With Uptrends you can monitor URLs, transactions and content from a visitor perspective.. To monitor your website or transactions,  ...   to your mobile phone, email, RSS and instant messenger.. We will notify you what the issue is and when it has been solved.. In case of failures we will perform a double check, so Uptrends will not send any false alerts.. With Uptrends you can define your own escalation settings and alert definitions.. You can define maintenance periods as well as who will receive an alert for errors on any site being monitored.. The detailed online and email reports will help you identify and solve issues quickly.. It will also help you prevent issues.. You will be able to view reports about the uptime, downtime and page load time from data gathered by our entire global monitoring network.. You will have user-defined time periods for custom reports, view snapshots of errors recorded and export any data or reports to a variety of formats, including Excel, PDF, email or even through our XML interface.. Start monitoring your website.. Signup now.. Uptrends is a leading provider of server, transaction and website monitoring.. We provide support from our offices in the US and Europe.. Come see why Uptrends has more than 1,500 customers in 23 countries by.. signing up.. for a free, fully featured trial account now!..

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  • Title: Real browser monitoring to check website performance by Uptrends
    Descriptive info: Real browser monitoring: Check website performance.. Real browser monitoring.. Uptrends uses a real browser to monitor website performance and transactions.. Uptrends uses an actual browser to monitor the performance and transactions of your website.. So, we experience the site exactly the way your visitors, users and customers do.. Additionally, we monitor your website from many different cities in different countries worldwide, starting up a real browser each time we monitor one or multiple pages of a website.. This is the most accurate way to monitor Web performance and capture the vital statistics of your end-user experience.. Part of the real-browser monitoring service is the alert that will be send to you if a failure occurs on your site.. You can also view detailed reports about your site performance, availability and error types.. Uptrends has its own fully redundant network that is used for real browser monitoring.. Uptrends has its own fully redundant monitoring network comprising checkpoints in cities and countries around the globe.. We have checkpoints in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, South America and Africa.. Those checkpoints are used in a unique way: If any single checkpoint detects an error in the monitoring of your website, a second checkpoint will automatically double-check your site.. If the error is verified, you will instantly receive a notification via mobile phone, e-mail, RSS or IM.. So, no longer will you have to assume your website is working properly.. The moment a failure occurs, you will know about it.. You can use Uptrends real-browser monitoring for:.. Real browser website performance monitoring.. Real browser transaction monitoring.. Real browser website monitoring.. Uptrends will monitor your website performance from a real browser, so we experience your site exactly the way your visitors, users and customers do.. The Uptrends real-user performance monitoring service is designed to monitor each element of your HTML page.. This is the best way to identify bottlenecks on your web pages and improve the loadtime of your website.. It not only shows the  ...   site, Uptrends will instantly let you know which step of the transaction has failed, perform automatic traceroutes, and provide you with log files containing details of the error.. Our.. downloadable Transaction Recorder.. lets you quickly and easily create a record of your own transactions.. With it you will click and navigate your site, mimicking the actions of site visitors.. As you visit your web pages, fill in logins, contact forms and shopping cart pages, we will record every click and selection, as well as any text you type.. Once you finish recording your transaction, the transaction recorder will upload it to your Uptrends real-browser monitoring account.. Monitoring will begin instantly.. learn more about the Uptrends transaction monitoring service.. When you.. sign up for a free 4-week trial.. and select Real Browser as the probe type, you will get an advanced, browser-based, real-user monitoring service.. This is performance beyond the ordinary.. While.. traditional monitoring services.. merely emulate browsers to check the uptime and performance, Uptrends uses a real browser.. just the way your visitors, users and customers do.. It s the only accurate way to monitor site performance.. The Uptrends Real Browser service gives you the ability to monitor from the end-user perspective, and you can accurately monitor the visitor experience from many different locations.. It will help you quickly detect performance issues in real time.. In the event of an error, it will alert you and provide information about error types, so you can take action when and where it is needed.. Sign up for a free 4-week trial.. and start monitoring your site from a real browser and global monitoring network!.. You can start to monitor your website with a real browser and from a global monitoring network within 5 minutes! Simply sign up for our real-browser monitoring service.. No credit card details are needed, and the free 4-week trial has absolutely no risk involved.. (You won t even need to install software!).. , and see how easy it all is!..

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