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  • Title: Trading System Software | Portfolio Backtesting | Trading Blox
    Descriptive info: .. Trading Blox.. Buy Now.. FREE Trial.. Customer Login.. Home.. Company.. Company Philosophy.. Testimonials.. Magazine Reviews.. Futures Magazine.. Active Trader Magazine.. TRADERS Magazine.. Elite Trader Forum.. Products.. Trading Blox™ Builder.. Purchase.. Resources.. System Development.. Trader Links.. Trading Blox Tutorials.. Data Providers.. Trading Library.. Forum.. Help Support.. Contact Us.. Documentation.. Frequent Questions.. Blog.. We provide sophisticated historical simulation and trading software supported by professionals with many years of experience trading the markets systematically as both private and institutional investors.. More Info.. Trading Blox  ...   programming language to build and script custom systems with parameters, indicators, variables, and rules based triggers.. Customer Care.. Trading Blox™ clients benefit from an experienced, live customer support team, an extremely active and interactive user community, robustly moderated forum discussions and rapid on-line forum support.. Site Links.. Customer License Retrieval.. Trading Blox Products.. Support Links.. Support Documentation.. Contact Info.. 9 Damonmill Square, Suite 3A.. Concord, MA 01742.. T.. 978-222-3111.. F.. 866-580-BLOX (2569).. Contact Form.. © 2014.. Trading Blox™.. Back to Top.. Social Slider..

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  • Title: Purchase
    Descriptive info: Leading software for system development and portfolio backtesting.. Active Trader.. Traders Magazine.. Help and Support.. Purchase Trading System Software.. Click on the Buy Now button to purchase using our secure payment processing system.. If you purchase using your credit card, you will be immediately emailed a link to the download and a License Key so you can start using the Power of Blox right now.. Contact us.. for alternate payment instructions such as wire transfers, faxing orders, or how to send a check.. TradingBlox.. Builder..  ...   ability to create new systems and modules.. Blox Basic programming available to customize and test any strategy.. $3990.. 00.. For Upgrades, Profile Updates, and Annual Maintenance and Support please use the Help Support Customer Login menu item.. Click Here For Customer Login.. Maintenance and Technical Support is free for the first 12 months, and includes all updates and enhancements.. Thereafter we offer an optional maintenance program at 18% of the product price per year.. The maintenance needs to be continuous.. 9 Damon Mill Square, Suite 3A..

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  • Title: Free Trial Version
    Descriptive info: Free Trial Version!.. If you would like to receive a free one week trial version of Trading Blox Builder edition, please submit the following form.. The download link and temporary key will be sent immediately.. The trial version is a full featured and complete functionality version of  ...   is limited to our 10 years of pre-supplied futures, forex, and stock data.. It will function for a full week from installation.. The Professional edition is identical to the Builder edition, except there is no access to the Edit Blox menu item.. Name.. E-Mail.. Subject.. Trading/Systems experience :..

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  • Title: Customer Login
    Descriptive info: Please enter your License Name and License Key.. The complete license key is now required for verification.. Version 4 key is required if you have one.. This section of the website provides:.. Access to the latest full installation package and patches.. Address, Contact information, and forum username maintenance.. Renew Annual Maintenance and Support Agreement.. Please enter your License Name and License Key:.. License Name.. License Key.. Click here if you forgot your license information..

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  • Title: Trading Blox Philosophy | Trading Software | Portfolio Backtesting | Trading Blox
    Descriptive info: Company Philosophy.. Company Purpose and Meaning.. Trading Blox exists to help its users discover and implement trading systems that work.. Our team members have expertise in computer programming, trade execution, strategy development, portfolio construction, hedge fund management and operations, and venture capital.. We are not salespeople or marketers or brokers or seminar gurus.. We are professional money managers, programmers, and investors.. Systematic capital management fills an important niche in the investment ecosystem, providing a disciplined, quantitative method to deploy capital into an asset class.. The rule based nature of this type of trading allows the investor to effectively plan for and manage risk, as well as spread capital across assets and systems such that a diversity of opportunity exists in the portfolio.. Using the Trading Blox simulation engine, it is possible to accurately assess the historical performance of almost  ...   for making decisions in new situations.. Using best practices reinforced by the very architecture of Trading Blox, the risks of over-fitting, over-trading, or trading the wrong markets or the wrong systems may be minimized and the benefits of non-correlation, diversification, and following a proven plan may be maximized.. Trading Blox aims to provide the most accurate, fastest, and most flexible software and services package possible.. We don’t take shortcuts.. Real money is riding on every trade.. Product Links.. Latest Posts.. Keep in touch with your trading wherever you are.. Trading Blox has a very useful email function.. The user may write plain.. What s New: Automatic Execution.. This months What s New introduces: Automatic execution with Interactive Brokers There comes the.. Accurate Historical Testing for Stocks.. An important part of systematic trading is the ability to see how a..

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  • Title: Reviews on Trading System Software From System Traders | Trading Blox | Trading Blox
    Descriptive info: Testimonials.. I want to thank you for your seamless friendly, efficient, and competent assistance.. It is very much appreciated.. It is good to know that customer service is there and stands ready to assist.. Thank you very much.. Best regards,.. Carl Bitler.. July 5, 2012.. As a new user of Trading Blox I have been greatly impressed by the level of support and help I have received from Karl at Trading Blox in setting up the system and in linking to two very different data sources including minute data and end of day data, etc.. Karl has been timely, persistent in addressing the issues and very good about explaining why different providers do different things and how Trading Blox deals with the data, etc.. Brian.. First of all let me say, this program is amazing.. Its a dream come true for someone who has.. William D.. I just want to say this program truly rocks! I can't tell you how many hours I have spent trying to program a system using TS or excel only to find it's not calculating some portion of some equation correctly or to find out from support there is no way to program that using "easy language" so I'm back to the drawing board doing it all again.. VT is light years ahead of TS.. Easy interfaces and optimization methods and it's fast! And I can see real results I know are accurate.. Really well done!.. TRJ.. The thing I like best about Trading Blox is the ease of use and excellent support.. The customer support team is very responsive, patient, and friendly to deal with.. The product is way ahead of the rest of the market for someone like me with no computer code writing skills.. Trading Blox offers sobering results as opposed to other software companies that offer mind boggling over optimized unrealistic results.. Will Griffin, UK.. I've used TBB for a couple of months and here are my initial thoughts.. Overall TBB is a very solid program.. Its developer's backgrounds are from managed money and this is why you see such in depth portfolio performance metrics.. The TBB concept (building blocks) helps the programmer streamline his/her ideas and speeds development and also gets the programmer into thinking about the very important area of money management.. Most software packages concern themselves with the development of an entry/exit algorithm and provides limited tools to applying capital allocation models.. This is the true strength of the software.. Once you develop a good trading algorithm you have unlimited tools to enhance it through the application of money management.. George Pruitt, Director of Research, Futures Truth.. I purchased Trading Blox Builder a few weeks ago after going through an on line demo.. I was up and running in no time.. The specs on many of the products I trade in South Africa are rather peculiar.. They were able to design me a futures file that worked on my specific products.. The tests seem incredibly accurate.. I think you have to have tested and traded quite a bit too fully appreciate what TB offers.. It really allows you to test every aspect of a system and to become familiar with various money management principles.. It used to take me hours to try and work out the effect of a change in risk where as now it takes a few seconds.. It’s led me to make some pretty drastic (risk) changes to my model already.. In retrospect I am fairly pleased I had the custom data issues, it gave TB a chance to show their true colours and I am very comfortable with my purchase knowing the kind of guys that developed it.. The programme is incredibly powerful and I believe that if you are serious about trading then TB will be a great addition to your trading arsenal.. Timothy Gibson, South Africa.. One of the few things I missed while on vacation was Trading Blox.. It’s good to be back home.. Anonymous.. I am happy with Trading Blox.. It is fast and is a very valuable tool for backtesting trading systems & portfolio combinations.. I found the customer support is as good as the product itself - fast and responsive.. Cheok Meng Tou, Australia.. Trading Blox has been far easier to program or test than TradeStation and I think far more functional.. It's also nice having a  ...   read about in technical publications and books, to design their own indicators and algorithms.. And those who do follow this path will find the “building Blox” method simple to grasp, especially since they will have the code from the built in systems as examples to work from and a detailed and well written manual.. Buyers also benefit from the users forum and quick response from Tim Arnold and his team when they need help.. There are a number of experienced traders on the forum who have contributed detailed posts on many aspects of system design and trading and who often step in to help answer new users’ questions.. The trading Blox team has been swift to respond to user requests for help and are constantly bringing on enhancements to an already very impressive product.. Anthony Garner, Switzerland.. Conclusion: Trading Blox Builder is one of the best back testing software products available and satisfied in every way during the test period.. It is one of the few products offering a total back testing solution that can be used easily by those with absolutely no programming experience.. The System Reports are very detailed and deliver not only important system information, but also extensive monthly and yearly performance data.. By displaying individual trades in a chart users gain a comprehensive look at a systems characteristics in an easy to understand format.. The product’s relatively high price makes it more suitable for professional and larger private investors.. However, anyone looking to gain insight into system trading and testing should utilize the test version and eventually consider the entry level product when the time is right.. Review in TRADERS' magazine.. TRADERS' magazine.. Trading Blox is a superior system testing and development platform which has been very well received by our clients.. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is serious about backtesting their ideas in the most realistic environment possible.. Shane Wisdom, President, Wisdom Financial, Inc.. Wisdom Financial, Inc.. I don't know of any better platform for backtesting mechanical trading systems with futures and I have a hard time to think that there is a much better one out there.. The support is world class: Extremely fast, very helpful, very detailed answers and.. even on weekends !!! Compared to other backtesting platforms I have used TB is extremely fast and has functionality which is unmatched by other platforms I know (multi-systems, multi-currencies, flexible parameter entries).. Thomas Forster, Switzerland.. TBB is one of my favorite pieces of software and I am definitely happy/satisfied with it.. Greg Tomkins, Canada.. The product is excellent as is the forum and customer service.. The only thing I see is that you are selling this excellent product too cheap.. I would have paid double the price and still thought I stole it.. James Cody.. A strong, responsive team of developers and a vibrant, knowledgeable and demanding community of users have combined to create an outstanding product.. The flexibility and split second speed allow me to develop and thoroughly test ideas in days and weeks rather than weeks and months.. In short, I believe that Trading Blox is an important tool for anyone interested in creating robust systematic trading strategies.. J.. R.. Toronto, Canada.. I did my home work and this is by far the best software to test a strategy on multiple markets.. I'm very pleased with it and is an indispensable tool for me as a CTA thanks so much and keep up the good work, also the support was great thanks again.. Dario Michalek, Fund Manager.. I am an extremely satisfied Trading Blox user.. I've been using your modeling tool since inception with Veritrader.. The ability to model my systems and then have my broker execute those trades in a mechanical fashion, has done wonders for my bank balance.. The support from you and your team is fantastic and the additional reading on the forum has given me some great ideas to model and test.. I haven't used any other testing platform, only sample downloads.. None of those samples have shown enough functionality for me to even consider moving.. Trading Blox gives me the confidence to mechanically trade my systems.. Without that confidence, I no doubt would still be researching and reviewing and NOT actually trading.. My trading has been profitable every year since I started in 2001, so I cannot complain.. Murray J Priestley, Sydney, Australia..

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  • Title: Trading System Development | Automated Trading System | Trading Blox | Trading Blox
    Descriptive info: System Development.. Blox Solutions and Consulting.. Trading Blox™ provides custom scripted Blox, as well as entire trading systems, to help clients create and implement their trading visions.. Collectively, our team members have decades of experience with Trading Blox™ and trading system development.. Additionally, we offer private teaching and tutorials for clients seeking to expand their Trading Blox™ skill-set.. Our in-house rate for all Consulting and System Development services is  ...   for their pricing and availability as well.. Custom Blox Creation and Scripting.. Client Driven Trading System Development.. Private Training and Tutorials.. Custom Installation, Data Set-up and Management.. Trading Blox Contacts.. Amin Khoury.. , 866-580-2569 ext.. #4.. Karl Saunders.. #6.. Automated Trading System Execution.. Wisdom Trading.. Shane Wisdom.. 800-854-6354.. Third Party Preferred Trading Blox Consultants.. Voyager Trading Solutions.. Darryl Tremelling.. , 508-881-8849.. Roger Rines Trading System Development.. Roger Rines.. 408-448-4346..

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  • Title: Stock Brokers Supporting Trading Blox | Automated Trading Services | Trading Blox
    Descriptive info: Trader Links.. Brokers that support Trading Blox.. is an independent introducing broker with multiple clearing relationships providing 24hr access to futures, commodities, and foreign exchange markets around the globe.. They offer automated execution services for Trading Blox customers and can provide custom programming and expert system design consultation.. Associations.. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.. National Futures Association.. National Association of Securities Dealers.. World Futures Exchanges.. Bolsa de Mercadorias Futuros (BM F).. Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT).. Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).. Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa Exchange (CSCE).. Deutsche Borse (DTB).. FINEX (U.. S.. A.. ).. Helsinki Exchanges.. Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE).. International Petroleum Exchange (IPE).. Italian Derivatives Market (IDEM) (Italy).. Kanmon Commodity Exchange  ...   (MGE).. Mid-America Exchange (MidAM).. Montreal Exchange (Canada).. New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).. New York Cotton Exchange (NYCE).. Singapore Exchange.. South African Futures Exchange.. Swiss Options Financial Futures Exchange (Switzerland).. Sydney Futures Exchange.. Tokyo Grain Exchange.. TIFFE.. Winnipeg Commodity Exchange.. U.. Stocks Options.. American Stock Exchange (AMEX).. Chicago Board Options Exchange.. NASDAQ.. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).. Philadelphia Stock Exchange.. World Stocks Options.. Athens Stock Exchange.. Australian Stock Exchange.. Amsterdam Stock Exchange.. Colombo Stock Exchange.. Italian Stock Exchange.. Kuala Lumpur Stocks Exchange.. Madrid Stock Exchange.. Lisbon Stock Exchange.. London Stock Exchange.. OM Stockholm.. Oslo Stock Exchange.. Santiago Stock Exchange.. Stock Exchange of Singapore.. Vancouver Stock Exchange.. Warsaw Stock Exchange.. Zagreb Stock Exchange..

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  • Title: Trading Blox Trading Software Tutorials | Trading Backtesting | Trading Blox | Trading Blox
    Descriptive info: Trading Blox Tutorials.. Trading Blox Professional.. Edition Introduction.. Robustness Testing -.. Start Date Stepping.. Trading Blox–Trading.. with a Positive Expectancy.. Creating Multi.. System Suites..

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  • Title: Data Providers | Trading Blox | Futures Forex Stock Data | Trading Blox
    Descriptive info: Data Providers.. While each Trading Blox™ package includes ten years of out dated sample stock, futures, and forex data (courtesy of CSI, see below), Trading Blox™ does not provide data for historical testing or order generation purposes.. It is recommended that users of Trading Blox purchase their data from a data provider to research trading system performance and/or generate orders for real trading.. Here are some of the providers that have data that is compatible with the Trading Blox™ engine:.. CSI –.. Preferred End of Day Data Vendor.. Provides Stock, ETF, Mutual Fund, Futures, and Forex data.. Trading Blox will read the data files created by CSI without translation, so the process of updating data on a daily basis becomes a one button, or automated task.. In addition, CSI provides the delivery month for futures, and the unadjusted close for stocks and futures.. The unadjusted close is especially important for backtesting split adjusted stock data.. Trading Blox customers will receive the dividend data separately, so that the correct P L can be computed for long term trades, taking into consideration both stock splits and dividends.. If you order from CSI please be sure to inform them that you are a Trading  ...   Stock data to Trading Blox.. Instructions on how to connect CSI Forex data to Trading Blox.. Portara CQG Datafactory Preferred RTH Daily Intraday Data Vendor.. Create continuous back-adjusted ASCII CSV files with CQG Datafactory™ Intraday and Daily Historical Data using Portara Charts™ The CQG Databases reside locally on your machine.. Portara Charts™ software is included complimentary.. You may roll, compress, chart and customize your own ASCII/CSV formats for back-testing.. Portara is fully Blox compatible with out-of-the-box templates.. Create RTH Daily data.. It is CQG Datafactory with a Front End.. Check it out at.. portarablox.. Instructions on how to connect Portara to Trading Blox.. Free 14 Day Trial.. portara.. org.. Instructions on how to connect Worden data to Trading Blox.. Preferred Intraday Data Provider eSignal and QCollector from Tradeworks Software.. A nice automated solution.. Export to text available using.. Bloomberg.. Not an automated solution.. Some global stock alternatives:.. bullbear.. it.. clubdiborsa.. com/.. freestocks.. com/home.. asp.. sharescope.. co.. uk.. pdsnet.. za.. premiumdata.. net/.. Formats.. Trading Blox™ supports the MetaStock format as well as ASCII text (Excel.. CSV files as well).. Some of the data vendors our customers use successfully are CSI, Worden, eSignal, Metastock, Pinnacle, Bloomberg, and many other country specific data providers..

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  • Title: Trading Library | Trading Blox
    Descriptive info: Trading Library.. We have included here some references to trading articles, and books that we believe are especially useful to traders:.. Market.. Wizards.. Jack D.. Schwager.. Best Price $0.. 01.. or Buy New.. Privacy Information.. The New.. Market Wizards.. 45.. or Buy New $12.. 23.. The Complete.. TurtleTrader.. Michael W.. Covel.. Best Price $5.. 51.. or Buy New $16.. 89.. The Evaluation.. and Optimization of T.. Robert Pardo.. Best Price $44.. 94.. or Buy New $54.. 87.. Reminiscences.. of a Stock Operator.. Edwin Lefevre.. 25.. Technical Traders.. Guide to Computer.. Charles Lebeau, Da.. Best Price $30.. 10.. or Buy New $55.. 76.. Trade Your.. Way to Financial.. Van K.. Tharp.. 99.. Trading.. to Win.. Ari Kiev.. Best Price $8.. 95.. or Buy New $45.. 27.. The Moral.. Animal.. Robert Wright.. Best Price $2.. 31.. or Buy New  ...   $61.. 74.. or Buy New $67.. 18.. Evidence-Based.. Technical Analysis.. David Aronson.. Best Price $47.. 41.. or Buy New $59.. 52.. Donchian Biography.. click for a biography of Richard Donchian.. Original Turtle Trader Website.. Trend.. Following.. The Encyclopedia.. of Trading Strategi.. Jeffrey Owen Katz.. Best Price $20.. or Buy New $39.. 16.. Design, Testing,.. and Optimization.. Best Price $28.. New Trading Systems.. and Methods.. Perry J.. Kaufman.. Best Price $63.. 75.. or Buy New $76.. 70.. Always Know What.. To Say Easy Ways.. Peter W.. Murphy.. New.. Rebuild the Dream.. Van Jones.. New $15.. 59.. The Money Keys.. Karen Russo.. The Rules of Management,.. Expanded Ed.. Richard Templar.. Even You Can.. Learn Statistics.. David M.. Levine, D.. All In.. Adrian Gostick, Ch.. Making Sense of People.. Samuel Barondes.. The Power of Habit.. Charles Duhigg.. New $16.. Donchian Biography..

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    Archived pages: 460