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  • Title: TruthSavvy
    Descriptive info: .. TruthSavvy.. America s False Recovery.. Who is Dr.. Barnett?.. Perspectives.. Contact.. RSS.. Search this site:.. Quotable.. What one persists in privately may matter because private action when aggregated creates culture.. In turn, culture impacts the national good and affects the well-being or suffering of individuals.. Culture may even bring nations to their knees.. Tags.. Banking.. Barack Obama.. Capitalism.. Federal Reserve.. Freedom.. Free Market.. Government Bailouts.. Government Debt.. Plutocracy.. Reforms.. Sovereignty.. Wall Street.. more tags.. Links.. Center for Public Justice.. Chris Martenson.. Marketwatch.. com.. Posts by Friends of Dr.. B.. America s False Recovery on JSU Today, with Dr.. Timothy Barnett (Video).. Dr.. Barnett On Live Radio Interview.. New Book Predicts U.. S.. Sovereign Debt Crisis No Later Than 2020.. Conservatives Misunderstand Occupy Wall Street.. H-P s New Corporate Strategy Misguided.. GDP Growth Doesn t Mean We re On The Right Road.. Egypt s message to America: Big Changes Come Unexpectedly.. FCIC Report: A Cruel Irony.. more.. Archives.. October 2012.. (1).. January 2011.. (2).. December 2010.. September 2010.. August 2010.. July 2010.. (3).. June 2010.. May 2010.. (7).. March 2010.. February 2010.. January 2010.. November 2009.. October 2009.. September 2009.. (5).. August 2009.. July 2009.. May 2009.. April 2009.. March 2009.. February 2009.. January 2009.. (9).. December 2008.. November 2008.. October 2008.. (22).. September 2008.. (14).. August 2008.. 11/25/2011.. America's False Recovery: Available for purchase now!.. Political Economist Dr.. Timothy Barnett has just released his latest book:.. America's False Recovery.. The book details  ...   the Obama administration took power it veered toward the financial intelligentsia s recovery plans, not a technologically robust infrastructure overhaul vision.. Stimulus Or Austerity: Is That The Right Question?.. 07/03/2010.. Investment markets have been unsettled of late, resulting in the worst quarter for major American stock indices since 2008.. Are European G20 leaders correct.. in declaring there is too much debt in the world? Or is President Obama s team right in pushing for.. more stimulus.. ? Who holds the real economic insights? Those who say we must borrow our way forward to recovery?.. Wall Street s Free Market Trumps Real Freedom.. 05/29/2010.. Free markets and their attentive politicians are always serving up something new.. May s service an 872 point Dow Jones blowout clearly.. dampens recovery hopes.. Is it right that financial markets impact the underlying economy so remarkably? Could a different financial architecture help mitigate this problem an architecture that does not shortchange honorable merit when it comes to financial rewards?.. Mr.. Smith: We Need You!.. 09/22/2008.. It is imperative that Americans organize to block the Paulson plan, for it carries a terrible price tag and lasting harm to the public interest.. This is our moment to show some "Mr.. Smith Goes to Washington" initiative.. As Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke testify before the U.. Senate today, Americans must rise up to organize protests, marches, and public opinion campaigns against this plan that strikes at America's economic autonomy.. Copyright 2008-2012,.. Truthsavvy..

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  • Title: America's False Recovery | TruthSavvy
    Descriptive info: When investment for private gain is so uncertain one can still invest with an eye toward furthering the public good.. Home.. The Coming Sovereign Debt Crisis and Rise of Democratic Plutocracy.. Purchase Options.. Use the code.. J8G6Z9DN.. for a special.. 30% discount.. from the list price!.. Discount not available at Amazon.. details the reasons that apparent signs of recovery in the United States are unsustainable, and provides specific details that explain how America will face a crippling sovereign debt crisis no later than the year 2020.. Political economist Timothy Barnett goes on to show how this loss of sovereignty will lead to a democratic plutocracy, where America is ultimately ruled by its creditors.. Using a template of 85 political  ...   the financial crisis of 2008-2009 through the crash, bailouts, moral hazard, and pseudo-recovery.. See how disastrous decisions during that period set the state for the coming crisis, and prepare for that certain future.. Readers of.. Will:.. Gain deep insight into the events of the 2008-2009 crisis.. Learn how to avoid financial pitfalls in the larger crisis yet to come.. Find ideas that can help restore America to greatness.. Use this book as a resource during the entire 2011-2030 period.. Access over 500 endnotes, most with links to source articles.. There is no other book like this in America! Buy your copy today!.. This site provides the 85 articles in a dynamic, searchable format.. See the.. full chapter list here..

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  • Title: Biographical Summary of Dr. Timothy J. Barnett | TruthSavvy
    Descriptive info: The Geithner plan may inflate U.. equity values back into a range that would put the DJIA around 10,000 within 18 months, perhaps much sooner.. If this occurs,.. the move will be billed incorrectly as a new bull market.. as though the problems that created the bear market of 2008-2009 were undergoing sufficient repairs.. Biographical Summary of Dr.. Timothy J.. Barnett.. Four college degrees including a master s degree in public administration from Boise State University and a doctorate in political science from the University of Kansas.. Tenured as an Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at a Southeastern university.. A published author on congressional politics, religion and politics, constitutional theory, market morality, political economy, federalism and other related subjects.. A three dimensional career: Financial services (employed by two Wall Street firms in the 1980s); religious services (a decade as a pastor and church administrator); and academia (university teaching experience in Texas, Iowa, Missouri and Alabama).. Over one hundred expository essays published online to explain America s financial crisis and looming risks to national economic autonomy (2008, 2009 and 2010).. Married with three children; a native of the Pacific Northwest.. Well-traveled and widely read; deeply attached to God and country; intellectually honest; non-partisan.. Biographical Details.. Timothy Barnett is a tenured associate professor of political science and public administration at a Southeastern university.. He holds a Ph.. D.. in political science from the University of Kansas (1998) and a Master s Degree in public administration from Boise State University (1992).. His undergraduate degree work was in marketing and theology.. He is a past president of a statewide political science association (2005-2006) and a recent faculty advisor for the local chapter of a political science honor society (2004-2010).. Professor Barnett has held membership in several regional and national scholarly organizations including the.. American Political Science Association.. (APSA), the Southern, Southwestern and  ...   the.. Encyclopedia of The United States Constitution.. (2009; see Accommodation Theory, Federalism, Freedom of Religion, Wealth and the Constitution); and a study of Evangelicals public policy perspectives (see,.. Is the Good Book Good Enough?.. 2011).. In 2008 Dr.. Barnett published a groundbreaking essay on constitutional religious liberties,.. The Limits of Free Exercise in America.. (see the three-volume book set.. Church-State Issues in America Today.. , Ann W.. Duncan and Steven L.. Jones, editors).. In 1999 Dr.. Barnett published a book entitled,.. Legislative Learning: The 104th Republican Freshmen in the House.. The book evaluates the emergence of Republican Party control of the U.. House of Representatives following forty years of Democratic Party dominance (1954-1994).. Published by Francis and Taylor, a division of Routledge, the book is available at Amazon.. Currently, Dr.. Barnett is finishing a book on America s coming rendevous with a sovereign debt crisis.. The book contains a wealth of information about the Great Recession (2008-2010) as well as insights about America s future.. The book is slated for availability at Amazon.. com by mid-2011.. Timothy Barnett has a reputation as a caring teacher, altruistic activist and advocate of ethical business practices.. He has contributed to a number of educative endeavors including the publication of a 1998 volume of early primary documents,.. Colonial Origins of the American Constitution.. (edited by Dr.. Donald S.. Lutz).. Since August 2008, Dr.. Barnett has posted his comments and commentaries to public forums on Marketwatch.. com, using the pseudonym,.. Benevolence.. The majority of Dr.. Benevolence s major Marketwatch posts are archived at.. www.. truthsavvy.. Readers interested in contacting Professor Barnett are welcome to leave a message and contact information at this website.. While Dr.. Barnett cannot respond to all comments or requests, he will communicate in the instances where he thinks his response could do the most good.. Inquiries about speaking engagements will be considered..

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  • Title: Seven Principled Perspectives of Timothy Barnett | TruthSavvy
    Descriptive info: Seven Principled Perspectives of Timothy Barnett.. I am a patriotic, populist American who is unwilling to see the United States abandon its economic sovereignty in a mindless push for short-term growth.. While I love my country and esteem the welfare of fellow citizens, I simultaneously care about justice and well-being for decent, responsible people everywhere, regardless of religion, race or creed.. I advocate that human affairs be conducted in sustainable ways that don t interfere with the current and enduring good of the planet.. I am a devotee of the Federalist Papers and intrigued by the governance philosophy of the covenant documents of the colonial New England states.. Individualism has gone too far in trumping many beneficial aspects of communitarianism healthy community being an important part of helping people make wise decisions consonant with the public good.. I am concerned about the decline of quality in religion.. Specifically, much of what parades as religion  ...   advocate merit, where merit is deservedness and justice based upon the worth of contributions to the public interest, a genuine and intelligent attachment to the general good, and the furtherance of individual happiness as warranted by personal responsibility.. True merit and justice is not possible without an honorable religious consensus or collective mission.. If America is to build a better future we must develop a praiseworthy mission for the nation (something other than growth or faction-concentrated wealth).. Mission development must reflect a healthy culture and an honorable national ethos.. I oppose monetary policies that enrich multinational plutocratic groups as the means of managing politics.. I advocate transparent non-Machiavellian principles supported by the suitable education of the public mind and the promotion of civic best practices.. I believe ideology has been hijacked in America and that the polarization of the major parties has weakened the ability of the country to confront challenges on many fronts..

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  • Title: Contact | TruthSavvy
    Descriptive info: Thank you for visiting TruthSavvy.. We appreciate your questions, feedback, or information you would like to share.. Your name:.. *.. Your e-mail address:.. Subject:.. Category:.. - Please choose -.. Question about content.. Website Feedback.. Message:..

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  • Title: Is The Poor Housing Market A Genetic Disease? | TruthSavvy
    Descriptive info: With the transfer of trillions of dollars of liability from Wall Street to the federal government it will not be Wall Street that fails first when the next crisis hits.. It will be the federal government.. Is The Poor Housing Market A Genetic Disease?.. Sat, 09/04/2010 - 12:46 — Dr.. What should people make of the.. proposal for a nationwide government initiated program.. where banks take ownership of homes, then rent them to persons in mortgage default? Will it happen on a large scale? Not likely.. But central bank monetization of federal fiscal deficits is likely as a means of stabilizing home prices, thus reducing foreclosures and their impacts on communities.. Interestingly, on May 31, 2003,.. Ben Bernanke explained to Japanese economic leaders in Tokyo.. that monetization of government debt simply amounts to replacing other forms of taxes with an inflation tax.. Since no alternatives to monetization of government debt are politically feasible, stealth taxation is our future.. By this means responsible Americans will help underwrite much of the financial irresponsibility of the last twenty years.. The result of monetization will be.. substantial inflation.. but not runaway inflation.. The coming inflation will impact crude oil, natural resources, foodstuffs and mundane necessities.. There are too many powerful deflationary elements in the background both positive and negative for runaway inflation to emerge.. (The Internet, for example, is a beneficial force of deflation.. ) The Fed s knowledge of money dynamics liberates it to finance the U.. deficit awhile longer from its balance sheet.. Deflationary pressures will thus mute the effects of inflationary monetary policy.. The U.. Is A Sub-Prime Borrower.. housing crisis was caused by mortgage products like Alt-A, sub-prime, negative amortization loans, and teaser-rate adjustable loans that caused millions of people to buy far more home than they could sustainably own, or even afford to rent at substantially discounted rates.. Too many people bought homes hoping to flip them after a few years for fat profits that could be used in acquiring lesser, more affordable homes.. The whole idea was as unsustainable as the nation s deficit spending fiscal policies.. By analogy, the U.. is a huge sub-prime borrower with a mortgage that cannot be paid.. We re hanging on only because the Fed extended teaser rates.. Congress should understand this.. Ironically, while members of Congress castigate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they're voting for fiscal policies that are just as irresponsible and illegitimate.. There is no government solution to what ails us.. In a phrase, we ve exchanged the the home of the brave for the 1980s Fleetwood Mac lyric, Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.. Entitlement thinking runs so strong in some parts of the country that people believe it is their human right to live in houses they cannot afford.. Politicians who cater to these groups used to inflame their covetousness by telling them, After all, America is such a rich nation.. Responsible people often remain silent about policy madness for fear of being slurred as bigoted, racist or some other thing by those who have made moral egalitarianism and unbridled tolerance the twin pillars of their secular religion.. Allegedly, you re a phobic of one type or another if you stand for a responsible policy that impacts disproportionately the members of some ideologically sacrosanct or victim group.. But a day of comeuppance usually comes for those who feed upon lies.. In fact, that day may be just around  ...   to combat choice based, lifestyle deficiencies.. In fact, epigenetic learning might stimulate enlightened values while discounting some irresponsible religious ideas that do little to improve mind and soul.. Civics education could be challenged by epigenetic research to the extent that the research shows how overarching cultural choices predispose a nation genetically to success or failure in representative democracy.. For example, what if the nation s television viewing habits are causing epigentic changes that result in a relatively passive electorate? Or what if teach-to-the-test style education diminishes people s entrepreneurial spirit and engenders epigenetic changes that lead to overspending on security and entitlements?.. Perhaps one dimmer switch has been gratuitous sex and violence in Hollywood movies.. Or repetitive sermons from the pulpit.. Or even the nation s proclivity to gorge itself upon recreation, entertainment, and fantasy.. What if abandonment to a rights mentality works against the expression of genes that help us act responsibly? We know that environment matters.. But what if errant choices we persist in work to shut down the attitudinal traits we need for political survival? What if we push ourselves past the tipping point, turning into a people unable to implement majoritarian choices in our lasting interest? Perhaps the Almighty providentially supplies an evolutionary genetic system which accelerates the self-destruction of human societies when the aggregation of choices becomes counterproductive to the enduring good.. People today pursue various infatuations vigorously, moderation being held in low regard.. Some splurge on food.. Others become sports addicts.. Many make hedonism their god.. What if the acceleration of these tendencies reflects epigene consequences that have been building for several generations? What if high quality majoritarian democracy is no longer possible in America until epigene controls get reset in a post-calamity environment?.. Founding Era's Positive Choices Passed On For A Time.. Contrast the prospective epigenetic consequences of living in 21st century America with the probable epigenetic consequences of living in colonial America during the decades preceding the framing of the U.. Constitution.. Back then, many free men thought intensely about personal and community responsibility; granted, some of the ideas were errant.. Nevertheless, within the bounds of their traditions they were not tolerant of irresponsibility in themselves or others.. They loved measured freedom, believed emphatically in hard work, treasured whatever learning they could acquire, and took responsibility for their own well-being.. In other words, they created personal and social conditions that wired their epigenes and conditioned their progeny s epigenes for relative success in a difficult world.. The epigene benefits of that era may have endured for many decades, only erased recently by modern attachments to entertainment, entitlement thinking and greed.. (See the 1998 book,.. Colonial Origins of the American Constitution: A Documentary History.. ).. The next time you hear someone say that we can fix what ails the nation by creating another government program for some self-interested faction, point them toward emerging biological science.. Ironically, genetic discoveries may be in the process of demonstrating that the seven deadly sins wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony are not just matters of personal rectitude but sins against democracy, liberty, enduring prosperity and the common good.. In sum there is no free ride in representative democracy.. There is only the imperative that people who wish to enjoy enduring good must cultivate a national ethos of personal responsibility and self-restraint.. marketwatch.. com article: A Good Idea for Fixing Housing , by Rex Nutting.. Economic Solvency.. Economy.. Housing..

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  • Title: Banking | TruthSavvy
    Descriptive info: Sat, 02/12/2011 - 12:51 — Mr.. Smith.. Can a government fall after just three weeks of protests? People who were ignored when they predicted these things even a year ago look really wise today.. While the future of Egypt is very uncertain, dramatic and unexpected changes have arrived.. Smith s blog.. Read more.. What Do Elena Kagan And The European Bailout Have In Common?.. Tue, 05/11/2010 - 20:25 — Dr.. President Obama s nomination of Elena Kagan to the U.. Supreme Court is, essentially, the same type of governing act as.. the EU decision to bail out European banks.. vulnerable to the Greek crisis.. In both instances political leadership serves the interests of financial elites plutocracy advancing while veiled by supposedly democratic institutions.. In both cases the power of government grows as it defends the critical interests of financial policy overlords.. Supreme Court.. Wall Street Banks: Too Big To Discipline?.. Sat, 01/23/2010 - 02:00 — Dr.. No.. :.. 69.. In 2009 the leading issue of moral hazard was too big to fail.. Not surprisingly, the more things change, the more they stay the same.. As the congressional bank hearings of 2010 unfold, the new touchstone of moral hazard is too big to discipline.. The heads of Morgan Stanley, J.. P Morgan and Bank of America argue that they cannot be reproved in practice or disciplined by being broken up because their gargantuan size is necessary for the health of American banking in a global environment.. Make us pay, and you ll pay, is their mantra!.. The Fed s Free Money Fuels New Bubble.. Mon, 11/23/2009 - 20:30 — Dr.. 67.. Is irrational exuberance making a comeback at the Fed s invitation?.. Irwin Kellner.. thinks so, arguing that the humongous volume of Fed injected liquidity invites a speculative  ...   if anyone, does not expect bailouts and partisan subsidies to continue, with justice thrown to the wind as evidenced in the.. expanding mortgage subsidy affair.. ?.. Stimulus.. Must We Further Enable Financial Elites?.. Mon, 02/09/2009 - 02:00 — Dr.. 43.. Now we know why no one but the tax-flawed Timothy Geithner would do as the new Secretary of the U.. Treasury.. Ronald Orol s report contains clues supportive of some observers contention that Mr.. Geithner is under the influence of power hungry elites.. Geithner s proposal comes with the same directive as Paulson s 2008 TARP proposal: We have to act without delay or be sucked into a black hole of collapsing banks and unemployment.. Timothy Geithner.. Treasury Department.. Alternatives to Big Bank Bailouts.. Tue, 01/13/2009 - 00:00 — Dr.. 37.. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke claims that banks need more aid if we hope to return to economic growth anytime soon.. What he really means is that banks and leveraged investors need inflationary economic growth if they are to get the type of returns that widen the gap between the wealthy and everyone else.. This is why Fed governors have been peppering their speeches with concerns about inflation falling below desirable levels.. What is the desirable level for inflation?.. Ben Bernanke.. Low Interest Rates Should Favor Meritorious Money Use.. Wed, 10/08/2008 - 19:00 — Dr.. 7.. The globally coordinated interest rate cut today shows the desperation of central bankers in trying to calm market psychology.. The rhetoric about inflationary prospects moderating is delusional.. While commodity prices are coming down in the short term they will likely reverse in the mid-term, as fundamentals point higher.. Furthermore, government bailouts and backstops will lead to higher inflation as will entitlement programs and the alleged need for large military expenditures.. Inflation..

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  • Title: Barack Obama | TruthSavvy
    Descriptive info: An Independent Political Scientist Votes For Mitt Romney in 2012.. Wed, 10/31/2012 - 22:58 — Dr.. I have yet to vote for a Republican presidential candidate in the 21st century, even though I m a Republican-leaning Independent.. But my voting status is about to change.. I ve stumbled into some ideas lately that will allow me peace of mind in voting for Romney this coming Tuesday.. Granted, my vote may not mean much in the larger scheme of things.. But it means something to me.. It s about one s conscience in performing civic duties.. Election.. Federalist Papers.. Mitt Romney.. Sovereign debt crisis.. Debt Storm Wins Without New Economic Mission.. Sat, 05/22/2010 - 16:01 — Dr.. 77.. Congress appeared taken by surprise in October of 2008 as the financial crisis on Wall Street unfolded.. Congress was in a state of shock and awe, amazed to see their policymaking implicated in the speculative bubble and its collapse.. But why were they surprised? How did these legislative engineers fail to see the hazards of their fiscal deficits? Had they been pawns? Were they errantly advised? Or were they led astray by false theories and their own greed?.. Wall Street Gets Protection.. From Itself.. Thu, 09/24/2009 - 01:00 — Dr.. 63.. Purportedly, President Obama may attempt to shift the focus of the G20 summit from banking improprieties to a rebalancing of trade.. While a restructuring of trade is important, Obama is out-of-step with the American public if he diverts attention from the need to cap bank bonuses, heighten scrutiny of hedge funds, and corral the shadow banking system.. Recent reports of a power regrowth in the investment banking sector lend support to this concern.. Wall Street Beast Recovers; Scoffs at Reform Plans.. Fri, 09/18/2009 - 01:00 — Dr.. 62.. Did Wall Street quake when President Obama recently addressed its elites on the one year anniversary of the.. Lehman Brothers collapse.. ? Hardly.. If  ...   is fatally flawed.. The seriousness of the flaws outweighs the plan s efficacies and virtues.. As a result, the U.. Congress should reject this legislation and address the fact that the nation consumes too much expensive but ineffectual health care.. Health Care.. President Obama s Regulatory Reforms Don t Do Justice.. Sun, 09/13/2009 - 01:00 — Dr.. 59.. President Obama's financial regulatory reforms will bring positive, meaningful changes to the way Wall Street does business.. For this he should be commended.. Nevertheless, the reforms fail to do enough, are not suitably instrumented, and sidestep systemic change.. The reforms serve to affirm Wall Street's position, increasing the odds that Wall Street's grip over America will continue.. This means more elitism and less true justice.. The wealth and power gap between working Americans and the privileged elites of Manhattan Island will remain unjustifiably wide.. Long-term Realities Trump Volatility.. Tue, 05/12/2009 - 01:00 — Dr.. 53.. Will the U.. government get its budget deficit under control? A great deal depends upon what the stock market does a market that may be entering.. a boar market phase.. where unpredictability is the tusked creature s game.. Stock market action over the last six weeks has been predictably bullish because of the consistent investment activity of trend following systems following the March technical reversal.. A Deeper Recession Better Than a Superficial Cure.. Thu, 02/26/2009 - 02:00 — Dr.. 47.. The goal of sustainable ecology means little without a commitment to sustainable economics.. In economics the biggest issue of sustainability ought to be the right-sizing of an economy.. An unsustainable economy is one that booms through the provision of debt additions, the health of the capital markets themselves becoming conditioned on the speculative idea of growth.. Our unsustainable economy will in a few years produce unsustainable environmental policies, both coalescing to put us in worse circumstances than we find ourselves now.. 1.. 2.. next ›.. last »..

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  • Title: Capitalism | TruthSavvy
    Descriptive info: Tue, 08/23/2011 - 01:00 — Mr.. comments on H-P's recent decisions on Marketwatch.. com:.. H-P s unfolding strategy reflects how America s evolved capitalism misguides our corporate conduct.. Management at H-P feels compelled to chase faster profit growth to enhance share price appreciation for investors and stock gains for executives.. This madness springs from a stock market architecture that blesses growth, regardless of the cost, while penalizing responsible service to the common good.. Sat, 01/29/2011 - 17:44 — Mr.. The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission recently published its findings in a 500+ report published on the.. FCIC web site.. On the homepage, the authors summarize their conclusions like so:.. The Commission concluded that this crisis was avoidable the result of human actions, inactions, and misjudgments.. Warnings were ignored.. The greatest tragedy would be to accept the refrain that no one could have seen this coming and thus nothing could have been done.. If we accept this notion, it will happen again.. Socially Responsible Investing: A Small Step Toward a Better World.. Tue, 01/18/2011 - 22:26 — Dr.. Impact investing, if pursued on a large scale, could become the next best thing to a sweeping overhaul of capitalism s financial architecture.. Nonetheless, neither socially responsible investing (in general) or impact investing (in particular) is a suitable substitute for redesigning the entire Wall Street system.. Investors in the U.. A.. and abroad should pay attention to socially responsible investing, positive investing, impact investing  ...   on February 19.. Wood s detailed apology is an important step toward a gradual rehabilitation of his image.. Nevertheless, the healing will not be easy.. Nor should it be.. People who commit grand larceny maritally or financially should expect penalties.. Woods faces the prison of public opinion as well as the loss of endorsement revenue.. He stole a lot from his wife, kids and supporters.. He is deserving of his reward.. Reasons for Optimism in the Long Haul.. Wed, 10/21/2009 - 01:00 — Dr.. 66.. Has America lost its soul? Is America too immoral and shortsighted to allow prudent capitalism to work properly? (Yes.. ) Is the Canadian hedge fund manager, Erick Sprott correct that the U.. government is now a dead man walking, with central bank intervention the main dynamic that allows the U.. Treasury to roll over government debt at low interest rates? (.. Marketwatch, Oct.. 20, 2009.. What Does The Return Of Dow 10,000 Really Mean?.. Thu, 10/15/2009 - 01:00 — Dr.. 65.. It pays to look at where we ve been if we re to understand where we re going.. stock market bottomed in the first week of March 2009, beginning a vigorous bounce in the month s second week.. By late March a breeching of the midterm downtrend line suggested significant changes in store.. Nevertheless, most members of the general public thought the March rally was nothing more than a.. dead cat bounce.. Capitulation.. 3..

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  • Title: Federal Reserve | TruthSavvy
    Descriptive info: Sovereign Debt Risks Grow as Stimulus Pumps Asset Prices.. Tue, 12/07/2010 - 02:00 — Dr.. Paul Farrell provides ten worthwhile observations in his.. forecast of a coming banking crisis.. Essentially, he argues against buying stocks in an environment where market indices are about 70% off their lows.. He sees two stock markets in America one for the rich and another for everyone else.. He explains how Wall Street skims from Main Street, rigs markets, and grasps vast winnings from socially worthless activities.. Heal Job Market By Cultural Renewal, Not Fed Intervention.. Sat, 08/28/2010 - 12:57 — Dr.. 85.. Americans have been reminded of at least two things of late: In the end,.. deflation is significantly about jobs.. Secondly, and also according to Ben Bernanke, while we wait for the jobs we must realize that.. central bankers alone cannot solve the world s economic problems.. These may be the most important words Bernanke has uttered during his tenure as Fed chief.. Jobs.. Unemployment.. Federal Debt Feeds the Wall Street Machine.. Sat, 03/06/2010 - 13:02 — Dr.. 73.. A contradictory investment climate exists because the Fed is feeding Wall Street with so much money.. Hedge funds and investment banks don t care that short-term Treasuries pay next to  ...   than today s interest group driven party goals.. In reality, Delamaide is not arguing for stimulus as much as he is arguing against the GOP.. A better argument is to replace both reckless, feckless political parties and get the nation s budgetary affairs in order.. Speculation Will Not Cure What Ails Us.. Tue, 08/25/2009 - 01:00 — Dr.. 57.. It is time to dismantle the central bank conspiracy.. In countering the cabal, Farrell urges the reading of.. William Greider s July 15 essay, Dismantling the Temple.. Greider provides an exposition of the Fed s calamitous financial biases and regulatory deficiencies.. Furthermore, he draws attention to the bipartisan idea that the U.. For the Fed, God is Dead.. Mon, 07/27/2009 - 01:00 — Dr.. 56.. Make no mistake, Fed Chair Ben Bernanke believes the Federal Reserve stands a fighting chance of re-inflating many segments of the economy and most categories of paper asset prices.. Shrewdly, he is less confident that the Fed s operations will result in a satisfactory recovery of America s lost jobs.. Fed Chair Bernanke can speak of the ongoing financial crisis as the worst since the Great Depression because his rescue of the banking industry will leave many Americans in the lurch.. Ron Paul..

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  • Title: Freedom | TruthSavvy
    Descriptive info: Call China s Currency Policy What It Is: A Declaration Of War.. Sat, 06/19/2010 - 09:37 — Dr.. As long as the value of the yuan in international trade is not an issue addressable by the international community,.. China s policy of growing its money supply.. (M1 M2 equivalents) at over 20% annually is the same thing as China declaring war on the world.. As thinking people have come to understand, a large country s monetary policies can impact the long-term economic sovereignty of other countries in the global trade era as effectively as military policies.. Currency.. The Limitations of Democracy and Expertise.. Wed, 05/19/2010 - 20:50 — Dr.. 76.. So-called experts have led us into modern era minefields.. If.. experts are ruining the world.. , to whom do we turn?.. Plutocrats.. ? Special interests and their politicians? The uneducated masses? Organized religion run amuck? Ancient philosophers? Or something else? It s time for America and the world to  ...   recovery of growth like it is the ultimate goal of American life.. What is this recovery that we supposedly need? It is nothing but debt facilitated GDP growth and asset inflation to create a built-in reward for leveraged mega-investors.. That s how Wall Street banks create the money to pay big bonuses.. The End of Big Money s Legitimacy.. Fri, 12/05/2008 - 20:00 — Dr.. 28.. The Star-Spangled Banner became the national anthem on March 3, 1931, when the Congress and President Hoover formally recognized the anthem.. In the midst of the Great Depression, a song about the flag flying proudly in the land of the free and the brave gave encouragement.. While the Stars and Stripes are still aloft, our nation s financial impropriety now drags the flag through the dirt.. Our U.. Congress will continue to make laws but the destiny of the country is no longer theirs to command.. We have passed the tipping point.. Deflation.. Leverage..

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