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  • Title: The Trend Letter
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Subscribe.. About.. Results.. the TREND letter.. TREND Technical Trader.. Gold TREND Indicator.. Contact.. Microsoft’s Nadella Sets Off a Furor on Women’s Pay.. If you're a man speaking at a conference celebrating women in computing, it is probably all right to flatter the largely female audience members by telling them they possess “superpowers.. ”.. It is probably unwise, though, to imply that they should avoid asking for a pay raise.. Read Full Story.. As Growth in Germany Fades, Merkel Hints at a Shift in Economic Policy.. Jobless Claims in U.. S.. Fall, With Average at Eight-Year Low.. Japan s Abe says a weaker yen hurts households, small firms.. IMF Cuts Global Outlook as Risk of ‘Frothy’ Stocks Raised.. Money Grab: U.. Forest Service wants to charge $1,500 to take photos on federal wild lands.. More on how Police are confiscating property cash - keeping it for themselves.. Market Musings.. Largest Public Pensions Face $2 Trillion Hole, Moody’s Says.. FBI slams Apple for protecting privacy.. September 26 Update - TTT Subscriber Content.. Stop Seize.. Market Musings - Gold Update.. September 21, 2014 issue of the TREND letter.. "Not sure how you guys keep doing it, but thanks for your great calls.. First you got us into  ...   "Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your thorough, yet concise, and most importantly, easy to read research and analysis of the markets.. You guys have really opened my eyes and have helped me grasp how this global economy is so linked, and that to be successful, I can no longer only look at the markets with a domestic viewpoint.. "Again, thank you for teaching me how to be a better investor.. S.. C.. Raleigh, N.. C.. ---------------------------------------------------.. "I really wanted to write and thank you for your warnings about a real estate crash coming.. I was one of the speculators that you were talking about, and had 3 homes that we were looking to flip.. After your third warning, and your great stats, we sold those properties for nice profits.. "At the time we were questioning whether we sold too soon, but here we are three months later and the market here is already declining.. With your repeated warnings, you helped us make a nice profit on those homes, and saved us from hanging on and taking a big hit.. F.. H.. Las Vegas Nev.. Market Musings - our Free Weekly Newsletter.. Name:.. *.. Email:.. Subscriber Login.. Username:.. Password:.. Copyright 2013 Trend News Inc..

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  • Title: Subscribe Now Risk Free! | The Trend Letter
    Descriptive info: Try our services with a 90-day Money-back guarantee.. After you subscribe, if for any reason you feel that our services are not for you, cancel within 90 days and we will give you an immediate 100% refund with no questions asked!.. We use PayPal as our secure credit card processor for your protection.. Your billing information is sent over a secure network and will.. never.. be shared with anyone, nor will your e-mail address.. 1.. Subscribe to.. Since start-up in 2002,.. has provided investors exceptionally accurate information about where the markets are going, and it has explained in clear, concise language the reasons why.. Using unique and comprehensive tools,.. gives investors a true edge in understanding current market conditions, and shows investors how to generate and retain wealth in today’s climate of extreme market volatility.. Subscribers receive.. Weekly Quarterly.. reports.. In addition to offering our.. Yearly.. subscription to.. the TREND letter,.. we have added a.. Quarterly.. subscription, and a.. Monthly.. subscription, so you can choose the one that works best for you.. Yearly subscription to the TREND letter.. (12 month subscription, rebilled every 12 months unless cancelled.. By clicking this button to subscribe I certify that I have read and understand the disclaimer at the bottom of  ...   this auto-renew feature, you lock in the lowest available price, and guarantee that you never miss an issue.. This "auto-renew" feature does not obligate you in any way, you may opt out of auto-renew at any time after this purchase.. You will still have 3 months to review our research, risk free.. And even if you cancel after that you'll get a prorated refund.. Disclaimer.. Trend News Inc publishes.. and.. Flash Reports.. As a publisher of a financial newsmagazine of general circulation, we cannot tender individual investment advice.. Only a registered broker or investment advisor may advise you on the suitability and performance of your portfolio or specific investments.. When making any investment decision, you must rely solely on your own review and examination of the facts and the records relating to such investments.. Do your own due diligence.. Past performance of our recommendations is not an indication or guarantee of future performance.. The publisher shall have no liability of whatever nature in respect to any claim, damages, loss or expense arising out of or in connection with the reliance by you on the contents of our publications.. If you have questions regarding your subscription or need to change your e-mail address,.. Click Here.. to e-mail us..

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  • Title: About Us | The Trend Letter
    Descriptive info: Increase and Retain Your Wealth - We Can Help!.. Trend News Inc.. is an independent investment newsletter publishing company that publishes.. investment newsletters.. The company was founded in 2002 by Martin Straith, who felt strongly that there needed to be a well-researched, unbiased, credible and successful investment newsletter publishing company that helped.. teach.. investors how to.. take control.. of their financial future and.. learn how.. to become more.. successful investors.. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable research that is easy to action for the  ...   decide if our service and ideas are useful to you.. If for any reason you feel that our services are not for you, cancel within that 90 day period and we will give you an.. immediate.. 100% refund.. -.. no questions asked!.. If you want excellent, honest and unbiased market research, that teaches and empowers you to take control of your financial future and empowers you to be a successful investor, subscribe now!.. Our record is outstanding and with our.. you have nothing to lose!..

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  • Title: Our Results | The Trend Letter
    Descriptive info: We are pleased to display our record below, which we update regularly.. These percentages reflect the.. average.. return per trade in our published portfolios.. Past results are no guarantee of future performance.. - open positions as of October 6, 2014.. Portfolio.. % Gain/Loss.. Conservative.. +11.. 84%.. Moderate.. none.. Aggressive.. +18.. 47%.. China Factor.. Value Stocks.. Oil Gas.. - closed positions.. since inception in March 2002.. +78.. 22%.. +110.. 04%.. +42.. 77%.. +249.. 80%.. +89.. 01%.. +76.. 07%.. We look for stories that the mass media is not yet focused on.. By the time the story is at the top of the news, when the majority of people hear about it and react, it is too late.. We often look wrong when we first highlight a trend change, and later when everyone agrees with our call, we know it is time to plan our exit.. In the stock market, for every transaction there is a.. buyer.. and a.. seller.. To be a successful investor today, you need to be a buyer when there are many sellers; and a seller when there are many buyers.. The record of.. is second to none.. Some highlights of our record:.. March 2002.. , in our very first publication of.. we recommended that subscribers.. buy gold.. gold stocks.. We warned of the coming ".. monumental shift of wealth from the West to the East.. " We also warned of what we called ".. the great race to the bottom currency game",.. that would see the US dollar lose a great deal of its purchasing power.. At the time gold was trading at $290.. December 2003.. , we started recommending that subscribers buy uranium stocks.. Some sample gains.. Pinetree Capital.. 400% gain.. Paladin Resources.. 605% gain.. Energy Metals.. 426% gain.. Mega Uranium.. 443% gain.. Dennison Mines.. 650% gain.. Int'l Uranium.. 337% gain.. Laramide Resources.. 1023% gain.. UEX Corp.. 1478% gain.. Southern Cross.. 1525% gain.. July 2005.. , we.. warned.. about a.. real estate crash.. and strongly urged subscribers to get unleveraged if speculating in that market.. We said:.. “Never before have homeowners and investors been so heavily leveraged in the homes they have bought and never before have they been so optimistic in their expectations.. Unfortunately, we believe that like never before, we will see some serious losses in this market - just like the tech boom.. Do not be the last one into this market and expect it to keep going up.. If you have bought a home to enjoy and you can afford it – relax.. If you have bought on sheer speculation and you cannot afford a drop in price – be warned.. December 2006.. we started.. warning.. of a.. stock market meltdown.. May 2007.. we gave a.. final alert.. weeks later, the top was in.. “We have locked in our profits on most of our equity positions, hopefully subscribers have followed our lead.. We know that it is tough to.. SELL.. when everyone one is telling you to.. BUY, but our indicators are signalling this is the.. final.. warning to get out of equity stocks.. August 21, 2011.. , just weeks before the ultimate top in gold, we issued a Flash Report warning subscribers to take profits.. "With gold you want to look to tighten your Sell Stops here.. If indeed gold starts to correct, you can take some profits off the table and have some cash available to buy more on the pull back.. If gold runs higher, continue to raise your Sell Stops, ensuring higher profits when gold does eventually correct.. Remember, you haven’t made any profit until you sell.. ".. “Technically a correction makes a ton of sense; fundamentally, we sense that the panic in the streets could boil up again next week and if the mass investors run for the hills, we could see gold and silver have one more jump before the ultimate correction.. Using rising Sell Stops on speculative gold and silver trades makes a lot of sense here”.. October 14, 2012,.. our indicators were warning of.. a correction in the equity markets.. In that issue of.. we cautioned:.. "Be prepared for a correction!".. "In this issue we are asking subscribers if they are prepared for a significant decline in the markets.. If you have a plan and are prepared for a significant correction, great.. For those who are not prepared for a decline, why aren’t you? Can you afford not to have a plan?".. Those who heeded our warning got out at the top and put themselves in a good cash position, ready to buy back when we give the signal.. October 14, 2012.. , in addition to warning of a stock market correction, we gave a very strong warning of a top in the gold sector.. “As we look at gold today, we are again getting readings suggesting that another sizable correction is very likely in the works here.. As we can see on the following chart, gold has been trading inside a descending channel and has tested the bottom of that channel 3 times in a little over a year.. ”.. Here is the chart we showed at the time.. To be a successful investor, you need to get.. in before the masses.. and as important, you need to get.. out before the masses.. panic, in order to make money in the markets.. Our BUY and SELL signals for a junior miner Kaminak is a great example.. August 19, 2012,.. we suggested subscribers buy KAM.. V at $1.. 66.. As we can see on this chart the stock started to rally soon after.. As good as the.. BUY.. signal was, it was our.. signal in our October 9, 2012 Flash Report that locked in a.. gain of almost 31% in less than 2 months.. ,.. for those who followed our call.. : Industry-Leading Timing and Results!.. August 7, 2014.. - We noted a rare set-up, writing the following: "Those looking to speculate on a bounce may consider going long a levered ETF such as TNA or XIV Friday morning.. If so, expect to trade out of it within a day or two and take gains of 5-10% should such gains be available.. The next day was Friday August 8th, and from the opening prices TNA closed +2.. 6% and XIV closed +4% respectively in just one day's trading!.. By mid-morning of the 2nd day,.. TNA was up 7.. 9% while XIV was up 10.. 8%.. August 5th, 2014.. - We advised "Those who wish to book gains on FAZ or SDOW should do so immediately, or raise stops considerably.. " FAZ hit its exact high so far at the market open the following morning, and SDOW went only a few cents higher before turning lower.. July 31, 2014 - Our Daily Outlook turns "bearish".. The DJIA drops 550 points the following week.. July 29, 2014.. - our Daily Outlook turns "uncertain" after having been correctly "bullish" for nearly four straight months.. That day we advise entering SDOW to effectively hedge portfolios or to outright short the general stock market.. No other advisory is predicting a material drop in equities, however the 29th proves to be the year's high and over the following week the DJIA drops over 700 points to end up down so far in 2014.. In the meantime, our SDOW position rises 12.. 6%.. Also on the July 29th, 2014.. - we note that FAZ, a levered short on the financial sector, has broken a 1-year downtrend and we suggest entering FAZ the following day.. FAZ then rose as much as 10.. 5% since the next day's opening price.. In late July 2013 TTT closed gold a short that had been open since February and rose as much as 64% while the world was bullish gold but losing money as the metal tanked.. Then as the world was selling gold in a panic and predicting further drops, TTT offered a special set of four option position gold speculations.. A month later TTT strongly advised booking these profits: one was up 52%, one had expired worthless, the third was up 243%, and the last was up 290%.. In late July TTT additionally recommended to hedge portfolios by shorting the general market.. A month later the DJIA was 800 points lower and we closed the short position for a gain of 9%.. Two weeks later, the DJIA had bounced 800 points higher.. TTT again recommended to hedge portfolios by shorting the general market.. Less than three weeks later that position was closed for a gain of 10%.. November 23, 2012.. - A recap of how our Indicators can be used by a wide variety of investors and speculators.. The icon we post daily (bullish, uncertainy, or bearish) is a read on what the near-term situation is.. Our daily commentary fills in the blanks, and at times suggests when it may be a good time for the brave to try to go against the trend.. DAILY: Those trading day-to-day would have entered a bearish position on the morning of November 08 after the last bearish turn in the Daily Indicator.. We normally suggest UDOW for longs and SDOW for shorts, which are levered ETFs.. SDOW opened at $73.. 34 that day, and at the subsequent highs a gain of 7% was available in under two weeks.. At the bullish turn, UDOW was $50.. 32 and closed as of this writing at $53.. 45 which is over 6% higher in less than three days.. Best of all, no intra-day trading is required, though these results can be bettered by those who trade nimbly intra-day (however they also assume more risk).. WEEKLY: This Indicator is for those who don't mind trading with some frequency, who prefer to hold positions for the intermediate or longer term but appreciate the need to hedge at times.. This type of investor may prefer not to read our update more often than weekly, and may prefer not to participate in shorting other than for a hedge when it seems prudent per our Weekly Indicator.. The Weekly Indicator turned bearish as of October 15, when the DJIA was 13328.. A month later the DJIA was 12472, 856 points or 6.. 5% lower.. That's a massive drop, and those who hedged their portfolios with a position in SDOW were up 20% at the market lows.. Best of all, the big drop in equities would've given these hedged investors little or no stress and possibly even resulted in an overall gain in their portfolios!.. November 01, 2012.. - The biggest 1-day rally in 6 weeks occurs and the world is bullish while we maintain our bearish stance and write that it "will prove to be only a bounce".. The following day all of those gains are reversed, and by mid-month the DJIA is 700 points lower.. October 16, 2012.. - Our proprietary Gold Trend Indicator signals a turn in gold.. Two weeks later, the suggested position is up over 8%.. October 10, 2012.. - We remove our bullish market signal.. Five weeks later, the DJIA is down 8%.. September 14, 2012.. - This was the day that the U.. Federal Reserve announced "QE3" or as some call it "QE to infinity" due to its open-ended nature.. While the world was predicting a massive ongoing rally for  ...   collapse at some point.. " Two weeks later it is 17% lower, two months later it is 63% lower.. September 13, 2011.. We publish a blog post for all readers of the site.. , titled "Why We're Short Silver".. By month's end silver is making worldwide news for having its worst week in 30 years, during which TTT followers were short therefore profiting from silver's historic drop.. In this posting we also write that "we believe the next major move [in gold] will be downward and we hope to make another big gain when the GTI gives a shorting signal.. Our GTI (Gold Trend Indicator) flashed a bearish signal on Tuesday September 20, of which TTT subscribers were alerted.. By the end of that same week, gold had its worst week in six years and our recommended gold short position was up as much as 22% from our entry.. September 12, 2011.. - "Those who played ZSL as a swing trade recently after our buy suggestion made between 6% overnight and as much as 19% two days later.. Those aiming for a "home run" may just sit tight and ignore the wild fluctuations.. We continue to be bullish ZSL (effectively bearish silver) and think it a good entry below $12.. The next two days ZSL trades below $12.. Two weeks later it is 90% higher at which time we recommend taking profits.. September 06, 2011.. - Markets look to be bouncing and we warn to "expect highs for this move circa 11340 [.. ]" The DJIA hits 11477 briefly two days later, but for the most part the highs are circa 11400 before plunging to 10824 just days later.. Since late July our intermediate and longer-term trading indicators, which are updated for subscribers daily, have been bearish.. August 31, 2011.. - Markets hit a high, with the DJIA exactly at the upper end of the resistance area we'd been indicating for two weeks.. A few days later GMCR is as much as 10% below our sugested short sell levels.. August 30, 2011.. - We warn of an imminent reversal and reiterate again the overhead resistance levels we've identified and we note that "Those who played the recent bullish turn in the Daily Short Trend Indicator (STI) with a levered ETF were at today's highs up circa 17% within just five trading days and we strongly suggest booking such gains.. [NOTE - this is a different gainer than the long play mentioned below on August 11].. Satistically, the next winning move will probably be on a bearish signal.. Also statistically, turning bearish now should prove a well-timed move.. " Further, we recommend shorting GMCR.. August 25, 2011.. - We suggest going long SRG (trading in Canada).. Nine trading days later it is 47% higher.. August 22, 2011.. - We suggest effectively shorting silver via ZSL.. Within two days we're suggesting that while we still like it longer-term, conservative traders book the 15% gains on the table after ZSL makes a high 19% above our entry level.. August 16, 2011.. - We begin to caution daily that "On any major rallies we suggest looking to exit longs in the 11600-11800 range in the DJIA at most.. " The eventual high is 11697 on August 31.. August 11, 2011.. - In a special morning intraday update we state that "We believe there'll be a strong rally [from this point]" and by that evening our proprietary short-term trading signal (Daily STI) is bullish for the first time since July 26.. Days later the DJIA is 500 points higher, 800 points above our predicted support level.. The trade ideas we'd offered at this time were up 6% and 12% within a day.. August 08, 2011.. - We'd remained bearish during the entire drop so far and finally suggest a long play, TBT at $27.. 15 though note it is "still highly speculative.. " The idea is stopped out for a loss of 1.. While the investment world panics we note that "Market support may be seen circa 10700" and the eventual August intraday low turns out to be the next day at 10604 with a low close two days later at 10719.. The subsequent bounce reaches just shy of 11700 approximately two weeks later, which we noted well in advance would be the "top of the resistance range for the rally".. August 03 2011.. - "We believe a protracted bear move to much lower levels is most likely.. July 31 2011.. - Our proprietary monthly trend indicator for conservative investors, traders and hedgers turns bearish.. Seven trading days later, the DJIA is 1500 points lower.. July 26 2011.. - Our proprietary short-term trend indicator (STI) for aggressive traders turns bearish.. Within two weeks the DJIA is 2000 points lower.. During this move, our short-term trend indicator remained on a bearish signal the entire time.. July 11 2011.. - Our Gold Trend Indicator (GTI) gives a bullish signal, and five weeks later our preferred way to play it is up 30%.. July 05 2011.. - GTI bear signal, after which the preferred play loses almost 8% in just days.. We can't win them all.. June 13 2011.. - "A bounce in the markets seems now nearly certain, however remain vigilant as it is from oversold levels that the worst market crashes often occur.. Speculative long positions may now prove profitable if markets can consistently trade, or at least once close, above the Daily STI level.. Speculative long positions might include QLD and FAS for the NASDAQ and financials sector respectively, which we warn are double and triple levered respectively, or BGU for the DJIA (warning - BGU is also triple-levered).. Five weeks later QLD is 19% higher, FAS has been 16% higher, and BGU 21% higher.. June 12 2011.. - "In closing.. that's very bearish for the US economy and stock market, so we'll be looking for good short entries during the expected market bounce.. May 21 2011.. - "Danger Signal for equities.. " Three weeks later, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is 700 points lower.. May 01 2011.. - "Those buying silver in the high-$40 range probably did so at the top of a parabolic rise that’s doomed to end very badly.. Caution is especially warranted.. Consider booking at least partial profits.. It seems as if we’re at the beginning of the end for the super-spike in silver.. We cannot caution strongly enough that those planning to "buy the dip" realize that this may well be a top not a dip.. $30 silver before the end of May would not surprise us.. That was written the day before the silver crash began, at the exact top of silver's price rise.. Siem width=At the bullish turn, UDOW was $50.. 32 and closedp/p_blank - Markets hit a high, with the DJIA exactly at the upper end of the resistance area welver then suffered its worst wabout aem width=/p/peek in 30 years, hitting a low of $32 which is a drop of 35%.. We then forecast a "bounce to over $40 before a move to much lower prices than any current precious metals bull could believe.. " In early August silver hit $42 before dropping 10% in one day.. We believe this may be the start of a new leg down to fresh lows.. May 01 2011 - "We are in what increasingly looks like a major drawn-out top in commodities and the general equities markets.. The next day the DJIA hits its highest level for the year, and by early August it is over 13% lower.. That same day oil hits its high for the year, despite "experts" almost unanimously calling for much higher oil prices.. As of this writing in early August, it is almost 27% lower.. That same day silver hits its high for the year.. Corn was slightly higher in June and is now lower.. By July wheat was 25% lower and has not been higher since we made the above call.. Cattle made a high exactly one month later, then dropped over 17% Cotton has only traded lower since this call, as much as 15% lower.. Etc.. (The preceding figures updated in early August).. April 14 2011.. - GTI "bull" signal reconfirmed.. As of the end of April, our chosen play is up over 20% since the February "bull" signal.. March 10 2011.. - Our recent charts gave us great certainty that a market reversal would happen, and clarity when it would happen, against mass sentiment.. Those who heeded our suggestion to lighten up on long positions, or to sell covered calls against longs, or buy put options, should be well-pleased and have great gains to consider booking.. February 21 2011.. - Subscribers are advised that our GTI has given a "bull" signal.. Six trading days later our preferred ETF is up 5.. February 08 2011.. - "What does this all mean? It means un-hedged longs are taking unusually high risks.. Such extreme risk-takers may be rewarded with a record year in which markets "melt-up" but the odds are very much against it.. History, along with mass sentiment and technical studies, suggests that a large and sudden drop in equities is overdue.. Five weeks later the DJIA is 700 points lower.. January 05 2011.. - Subscribers are advised that our proprietary Gold Trend Indicator has given a "bear" signal, which we use to short gold via our preferred ETF’s.. Gold itself hit its high for the year just 2 days before.. As of Jan 27 2011, just 15 trading days later, our preferred method of shorting gold is up almost 8%.. December 09 2010.. - Subscribers are advised that our proprietary Gold Trend Indicator has given a "neutral" signal, which we use to exit gold and gold-related holdings.. As it turns out, gold made its high for the quarter just 2 days previous and did not move higher until 2 months later.. November 21 2010 - Subscribers are advised that our proprietary Gold Trend Indicator has given a "bull" signal.. As of 10 trading days later, our preferred method of trading gold was up almost 11%.. August 2010.. – "We expect a relief rally starting any day now.. Against mass sentiment at the time, a relief rally begins the following day leading through the best September in over 70 years.. July 2010.. – "The current market bounce is an ideal opportunity to re-establish our short bias.. The DJIA drops 782 points lower in August.. June 2010.. – "Today we are essentially speculating on an intermediate-term bounce in the markets.. The DJIA is 727 points higher two weeks later.. May 06 2010.. – "The current multi-month rally is very fragile and fundamentally, logically and technically bogus.. The next day, during the so-called "flash crash" the DJIA drops almost 1400 points.. The "flash crash" started below the level at which we advised to be completely out of long positions.. By July the DJIA is 1644 points lower.. April 2010.. – "Bearish divergences are mounting.. Historical resistance is immediately above and should prove difficult to cross.. " The DJIA tops in April it is December before the senior index is trading regularly higher.. March 2010.. – "Markets are likely topping out for some time to come, however the topping process may take weeks so we remain very cautious..

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  • Title: the TREND letter | The Trend Letter
    Descriptive info: Since start-up in 2002.. The investment world is constantly changing and the investor who simply follows the mass media is destined to fail, and will often destroy his/her own wealth.. The TREND letter.. approach is contrarian - we do not follow the herd, we keep ahead of it, and we keep YOU ahead of it.. We look for opportunities that the mass media have not yet focused on.. By the time an investment opportunity is making news headlines, and many investors hear about it and react, it is already too late.. may appear to be wrong when first highlighting an opportunity, and later, when everyone else agrees with the call,.. will focus on an.. exit plan.. with a solid gain.. will teach you to be market savvy, and thus empower you to.. i.. ncrease and retain.. your wealth within your own risk comfort zone.. In the stock market, every transaction must have a buyer and a seller.. To be a successful investor, you need to be … a buyer when there are many sellers … a seller when there are many buyers.. will.. you when to buy, when to sell, and sometimes, when to do neither.. is second to none – become a subscriber today and take control – it’s YOUR MONEY - see.. the results.. for yourself.. US real estate crash.. when everyone one is telling you to.. , but our indicators are signalling this is the.. Our recent BUY and SELL signals for a junior miner Kaminak is a great example.. , just weeks before the ultimate top in gold, we issued a.. Flash Report.. warning aubscribers to take profits.. “For those who have been speculating in gold (in addition to your core position) you want to look to.. tighten your Sell Stops.. here.. If indeed gold  ...   the independence of the central Bank of Japan being revoked and the politicians are moving in and are now running the monetary policy.. What we are expecting to see is a serious bond crisis and a massive Yen devaluation in the next 12 to 18 months.. We have added a Yen short play to our Aggressive Template.. In.. , we tell you what we see on the horizon.. In each issue of.. the TREND lette.. r.. , you’ll find:.. ü.. what.. we would buy or sell.. when.. why.. we would buy.. or sell.. With a subscription of.. , each year you will receive:.. Quarterly.. stock market reviews.. 40 - 45 Flash Reports.. telling you what is happening in the markets.. Every trade.. that we are making, complete with our.. Sell Stop.. exit strategy.. Our complete portfolio.. which we refer to as “Templates”.. Our Templates are grouped into different investment strategies:.. - lower risk, lower targeted return.. - moderate risk with moderate targeted return.. - higher risk with higher targeted return.. We created.. because there was nothing like it on the market.. We have since built a loyal and solid readership because of our unique approach.. We want subscribers to.. of their investment portfolio.. No one cares more about.. your wealth.. than you do.. Read our newsletter, understand what we are saying and then do what you must do - take control of you wealth.. It's your money - take control!.. A one-year subscription to.. is.. $399.. and comes complete with our.. 90-day Money-back guarantee!.. If for any reason you feel that our services are not for you, cancel within that 90 day period and we will give you an.. with.. You really have.. nothing to lose.. Subscribe today, it will likely be the best investment decision you ever make!..

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  • Title: TREND Technical Trader | The Trend Letter
    Descriptive info: Retain, even Increase Your Wealth when markets drop!.. "No prudent person will have unhedged exposure to the market at this point.. TREND Technical Trader (TTT).. Our Monthly and Weekly Indicators have been bullish since the November lows, which has certainly proven to be the correct stance for long and intermediate-term investors.. However with sentiment readings and momentum indicators so extremely extended, we now have a situation very similar to July of 2011.. After our proprietary Indicators were violated mid-year in 2011, the DJIA suffered a two-week plunge of 2000 points.. We were alone in calling for a massive drop at the time, and those who followed our lead and entered the suggested positions were able to protect their wealth and even realize massive gains.. Thanks to its proprietary Indicators, on October 3, 2011, TREND Technical Trader was again alone in calling for a bullish turn on the exact day that a 5-month rally began during which the DJIA rose nearly 3000 points.. We closed our position for a gain of 23% in just one month and advise long-term investors to hold it.. A year later, it is 68% higher not including dividends it paid out.. By the end of the year the stock is 65% lower despite the overall stock market having a great year.. There is no such thing as a perfect timing tool, however our Indicators are often making the correct calls well ahead of other services and analysts.. While the mass herd is fleeced during downturns, those who follow our signals are well-hedged to protect their assets.. and even profiting greatly!.. With a subscription to our.. service you will enjoy:.. Timely, easy.. to understand commentary.. Custom charts.. not available anywhere else.. Clear, defined.. entry levels and.. updated.. exit points on suggested positions.. Concise.. examples.. to help you turn research into.. profitable.. trades.. Regular updates.. on all open positions.. Advance notice.. of potential upcoming trades.. Industry-leading.. calls and commentary.. on gold and silver.. EVERY DAY.. we update our proprietary.. Trend Indicators.. , which can prove crucial to the success and hedging of short-term speculators and long-term investors alike.. B.. y tracking our Indicators.. you can be hedged or making money whether the markets go up or down.. We know of no indicators that perform better, at any price.. Via the strategies and analysis offered in the.. , you can properly diversify holdings and add a hedging component that the investing masses lack completely in their portfolios.. is designed for an audience desiring frequent varied trading and hedging ideas - actionable ideas to protect and grow your portfolio.. Long, short, ETF's, AAA-rated big board blue-chips, and penny stocks are all fair game as long as the charts and trend support the trade thesis.. Please be aware that a long-only portfolio is hardly diversified, if at all..  ...   any day now.. As of August, oil was almost 27% lower.. Also that same day silver hit its high for the year, which remain the highs in silver as of almost 2 years later.. June 13 2011 - "A bounce in the markets seems now nearly certain, however remain vigilant as it is from oversold levels that the worst market crashes often occur.. July 26 2011 - Our proprietary short-term trend indicator for aggressive traders turns bearish.. August 11, 2011 - In a special morning intraday update we state that "We believe there'll be a strong rally [from this point]".. September 13, 2011 - We publish an essay titled "Why We're Short Silver".. By month's end silver is making worldwide news for having its worst week in 30 years, during which TTT followers were short therefore profiting as much as 97% from silver's historic drop.. In this essay we also write that "we believe the next major move [in gold] will be downward.. Two weeks later gold had its worst week in six years and our recommended gold short position was up as much as 22% from our entry.. September 14, 2011 - We publish a chart study and short thesis on GMCR, before famed short-seller David Einhorn did the same, and write that "it's had quite an incredible run [however] it is doomed to collapse.. Two weeks later it is 17% lower, nine months later it is 86% lower.. September 18, 2011 - In this issue of the TTT newsletter we conclude that "the markets are perilous, and those going forward without some form of timely hedging are very likely to be in for a very rough and possibly disastrous ride.. The DJIA then drops over 900 points, making it the worst quarter for the stock market since the global panic in 2008.. October 03, 2011 - On this day we write : "PLEASE NOTE : As everyone panics over a possible market crash and economic collapse, we're looking ahead to the coming rallies.. The next day the equities market begins the biggest October rally in history.. January 26, 2012 - We recommend shorting BBY, Best Buy Inc.. May 03, 2012 - We post a warning on silver and gold.. Nine days later, our preferred silver short is 25% higher and our preferred gold short is 13% higher.. June 12, 2012 - We signal a bullish turn in gold.. August 08, 2012 - We warn that it looks like a "rolling top" is forming in the markets.. October 10, 2012 - We remove our bullish market signal.. November 01, 2012 - The biggest 1-day rally in 6 weeks occurs and the world is bullish while we maintain our bearish stance and write that it "will prove to be only a bounce".. So it is up to you..

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  • Title: Gold TREND Indicator | The Trend Letter
    Descriptive info: The Gold TREND Indicator (GTI) was introduced to TREND Technical Trader readers in late November 2010 and is included as part of the TREND Technical Trader service.. The GTI is updated outside of market hours, so fast action or day-trading is not required to enjoy its stellar results.. We use wildely-available and liquid ETF instruments trading on major U.. exchanges to effectively go long or short gold and silver, so margin accounts and undue risk are not required.. The only real risk is not making use of this Indicator if you do have exposure to gold or silver.. On average, we trade every 10 weeks though on occasion the span is much shorter or longer.. The GTI is designed to catch major swings up  ...   silver will continue to be extremely volatile, and both bubbles will eventually pop as usual.. Also as usual, most people will be stuck having bought at the highs and selling at the lows with their hopes and "facts" crushed along with their portfolios.. Those using the GTI will be able to exit near the top, and likely also realize gains by shorting on the way down.. GTI signals and related commentary is included with.. subscriptions to the Trend Technical Trader.. Here's.. an example of what you can expect via the GTI and our related commentary.. Gold and silver dropped considerably shortly after we posted this, and have (as of late 2012) never again gone higher.. Order now before the next major GTI signal.. !..

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  • Title: Contact Us | The Trend Letter
    Descriptive info: Feedback.. We at the TREND letter want our product to be as valuable as possible.. The value of the product is best judged by you the customer.. We want your feedback and will incorporate as many suggestion/requests as possible.. To contact us simply leave a message using the contact form below.. Your name:.. Your e-mail address:.. Subject:.. Message:.. If you have any questions or comments, please.. CLICK.. HERE.. to email us..

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  • Title: Money Grab: U.S. Forest Service wants to charge $1,500 to take photos on federal wild lands | The Trend Letter
    Descriptive info: Submitted by the TREND letter on Fri, 10/10/2014 - 07:19.. Well, this might just be the trigger that wakes up the masses to say WTF.. The US Forest Service is actually planning to require a permit costing $1500 to take pictures in National Parks.. First we had the Civil Asset Forfeiture process where police can seize your assets without even charging you with a crime, and now the Forest Service wants to charge $1500 for taking pictures in a park.. CLICK HERE.. to read story from the Washington Post.. the TREND letter s blog..

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  • Title: More on how Police are confiscating property & cash - keeping it for themselves | The Trend Letter
    Descriptive info: Submitted by the TREND letter on Thu, 10/09/2014 - 10:54.. On September 24th we posted an article from the Washignton Post describing how police are confiscating people's property and cash without charging them with any crime.. CLICK HERE.. to read article.. In this video, John Oliver does a brilliant job of exposing this abuse by police forces in the US..

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  • Title: Market Musings | The Trend Letter
    Descriptive info: Submitted by the TREND letter on Sun, 10/05/2014 - 16:29.. The October 5, 2014 Market Musings.. Today we look at the projection for the S P 500 through year-end..

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