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    Descriptive info: .. The Geraghty Family Web Page, (Heacham Branch).. Hello and welcome to one of those boring little web pages where some poor soul gets to boast about how wonderful his family, or hobby, or whatever is.. This is my little corner of the web and I hope you find it as relaxing and quiet as I want it to be.. Knowing how these things work that will probably be in direct proportion to how hard it is  ...   the family and our pastimes then follow the links.. Not all of the links will work just at the moment as I'm slowly building this site from the remains of several others.. Click here to meet the family.. Click here to find out how we spend our spare time.. Click here to find out about The Dandy Owners Club.. Please feel free to email comments back and I'll ignore all the rude ones.. Click above to email me..

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    Descriptive info: Say hello to our family.. My name is Julian and I'm 41.. I was born in Acocks Green in Birmingham; I went to Acocks Green Junior School and left there in 1975.. From there I went to Hartfield Comprehensive and actually managed to scrape together some 'O' levels.. Following this I went Solihull Sixth Form College and despite their predictions did get a couple of 'A' Levels.. I went to Leicester Polytechnic and managed to get a HND amongst all the drinking and high life.. After all that I ended up training as a nurse and working with ill children in Leicester before we decided to make a big lifestyle decision and move to the seaside and raise a family.. I am now a Paediatric Community Charge Nurse and I love every minute of it.. This is Beth whom I married in 1988, we met when we were both at Leicester Polytechnic.. I finished a year before she did but then I went off to train as a nurse and she's supported me ever since.. She works as a Community Pharmacist in a nearby town, which means she runs a chemist shop.. As we live in a tourist area she gets really busy in the summer but the winters don't seem to be that much quieter at times.. We have a daughter called Corinne; she was born in 1997, about a year after we moved to Norfolk.. She has just started school full time  ...   her when she was.. about 9 months old.. She arrived the same weekend that we moved into our 1st house.. We'd actually managed to visit the rescue kennels the week before to see if there was anything we'd be interested in and she won Beth over.. That meant we ended up paying for weeks worth of kennelling in order to be able to guarantee getting her.. Billy is just about five years old now.. We got him in February 2001 from the RSPCA.. The nice lady came round to visit us and said as we'd got a dog already and the children were fine with her we'd make an ideal home for a dog.. We picked Billy because the greyhound we were interested in was very very timid and scared of Flynn (probably rightly so if you ask me!) So we took this scared looking Lurcher out for a walk and he came home with us.. The last member of our family is the cat, Wallace.. You hear a lot of stories about Lurchers and cats but I can tell you if she doesn't want to be chased she lets him know about it, and when it comes to who gets nearest the fire, there's no competition really.. Wallace is nearly as old as Frisby (13) and also shows little sign of slowing up, though we did see fewer dead birds this summer then usual.. Click here to get back to the front page..

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    Descriptive info: So what do we do with our spare time?.. Well what spare time is the answer to that question.. We don't seem to get a lot of spare time to do anything with! Mind you the rest of the time is pretty full, lets start off with me (Julian), Most of the time I'm at home with the children or running them back and forth to their schools /playgroups or whatever.. Two mornings a week I help out at a local parent toddler group as well as fitting in a couple of shifts at the local hospital.. I'm a nurse and I work on the Special Care Baby Unit.. I also help write the village Newsletter, serve on the Parish Council  ...   tent is a Dandy 6 and we belong to the Dandy Owners Club, in fact I used to be the chairman of the club.. The club holds rallies during the year and we try to get to as many of those as possible.. Click here to jump to my page about Dandys.. Corinne has the usual predilections of a girl her age and goes to Baton Twirlling as well as Brownies, she loves anything pink and purple.. But is becoming more like a teenager every day.. There should be years to go yet!.. Flynn, has gone through the Bob the Builder stage and is now into Action Man and football, a typical boy, always grubby, and happy playing outside in the dirt..

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    Descriptive info: The Dandy Owners Club.. What is a Dandy?.. The Dandy is a sort of cross between a trailer tent and a caravan.. It is easier to tow than a caravan and more wind rain proof than a trailer tent.. They look like a trailer tent but are made out of a PVC fabric and have some solid walls with a door in.. They seem to be regarded as a bit eccentric, that may be due to one of the vital parts of the erecting mechanism being bits of string! They are made in Wigan, England and the company is always open to ideas and suggestions for improvements ( No I'm NOT employed by them!) Dandy can custom build or adapt to suit most requirements.. There are lots around second hand as they last for years, some of the ones made in the 60s are still going strong and are used regularly.. For a slightly more extensive history read on.. The Dandy folding camper is a unique beast that has developed over many years and is exquisitely British in it's individuality.. The originals were built, like many such animals, of canvas on a wood and steel base.. There were about 2000 of them made and we know of only 1 or 2 still in existence and they are not used.. The next generation were more sturdy things, similar base but instead of canvas PVC material was used.. This is one of the unique features of a Dandy.. This PVC makes a great deal of difference to the unit, it's wind proof, rain proof and doesn't rot if you pack it down wet.. This material means that the camper now has a very long life, the base can give out before the tent part.. The inside of the old units was very simple but many are in use today with out major refurbishment.. Built to sleep four people they had two beds that fold out each side of the base trailer.. These old units were made of just about anything that Dandy could lay their hands  ...   Instead of a long locker on one side over the wheel arch this becomes two small lockers that are the base for single seats with a table between them.. the Designer is a 2 or 5 berth beauty that will see you through the family years and out the other side.. The Destiny is a completely new animal Gone are the low lines of the old model, this is a tall beast with a built in fridge.. The extra height means that a barn door can be used which of course means easy access to the extra storage inside.. The whole range is made a lighter materials without sacrificing the good old durability of PVC.. The Dandy is up to date!.. To visit the Dandy web site click on the picture below.. The Dandy Owners Club (DOC) was formed in May 1995.. It has grown to over 200 units.. In the first year we held several rallies and this has settled down to 5 or 6 rallies a year.. The program for the next year and more information is available by clicking on the link below.. We produce a quarterly magazine to keep the membership informed of what they want to know about the club and we sell all the usual sweatshirts and T-shirts etc.. for our members to buy.. The club is very successful mostly, I feel, due to the friendly nature that Dandy Owners seem to have.. To join you must own a Dandy but if you want to know more you can drop in on a rally by contacting the Secretary first.. Click here to go to the Dandy Owners Club Page.. Some of the more technical of the owners formed a little off shoot to the club and set up a web forum where Dandy news, views and general help/hints can be swapped.. To get there please click the link below.. Click here to go to the Dandy Owners Forum.. Click here to go to the page about my Dandy 6 Camper.. Click here to return to the front page..

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