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  • Title: The Complete Guide To Playing Online Slots
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. History Of Slots.. Online Slots.. Having made your mind up in regards to playing slot games online, you are going to have thousands of different types of slot games at your disposal.. As the online slot playing world can often overwhelm players, we have compiled a complete and in-depth guide to playing online slot games.. Feel free to have a long hard look through this guide for it will enable you to make a more informed decision on not only where you play online slot games but also the exact type of slot games you are looking to play.. Online Slot Gaming Platforms.. There are plenty of different online gaming platforms offering a wide range of casino software types, and this will be your first decision that you have to make in regards to just exactly how you intend to play online slots.. There are five main industry leaders in regards to the software powering online slot sites and online casinos and we have an overview of these below, you will find some of them offer instant play flash powered slots, whilst some of them offer fully downloadable gaming platforms, and some offer both types of platforms.. Microgaming.. : High payout percentages, attractive themes and completely unique bonus type games are what you will find on offer on the majority of Microgaming software powered slot games, and you will also find their downloadable gaming platform comes with the biggest range of slot games found anywhere online!.. Playtech.. : The gaming platform that Playtech supplies allows players to access slot games in a no download required format or via a fully downloadable gaming platform, and whichever one you opt to use you are guaranteed plenty of unique slot games boasting high payouts and lots of winning opportunities at stake levels of your own choosing.. IGT Interactive.. : Popular land based slots such as the Monopoly, Cleopatra, Elvis and Mega Jackpots series of slots are found at IGT Interactive powered online casino sites.. You are able to play all of these games and plenty of land based slots online via a no download required gaming platform.. NetEnt.. : Diverse slot game bonus rounds and playing features and multi stake slot games are found at online casinos that use the NetEnt gaming platform, this is another instant play no download required gaming platform and one that always has a large range of slot machines readily available.. BetSoft Gaming.. : The BetSoft Gaming range of slots come with animations which spring to life as you are playing the slots and the graphics are 3D which means a completely enhanced playing session and one that is certainly unique is offered when you opt to play any of their growing range of slot games online!.. Types of Online Slot Games.. It is true to say that when you access an online casino you will often find more slot machines on offer than you could ever hope to play in one session.. But fortunately this does of course mean that you will always find the slot games you are looking to play and will never be forced to play just any old slot!.. Below we have listed the full range of all of the different slot game categories that are readily available online along with an overview and description of those types of slot, as you will discover there are plenty of slot games to choose from!.. 3 Reel Slots.. The easiest slot games to play and understand are often the 3 reel slots, these are games which as their name suggests come with 3 reels and come with a simple spin the reels and hope for a winning combination type of game playing structure.. There are a tiny handful of 3 reel slots which come with a bonus type game but these are few and far between and if such a slot does offer a bonus round then it is often only a very basic one such as a wheel spinning round.. 3D Slots.. You will find some online casinos, namely those that utilize BetSoft Gaming s platform and range of games offer you 3D slot games, these types of slots come with their own unique themes and playing features however they have been designed to offer high definition 3D graphics.. Video Slots.. The most exciting type of slot games you can play are those boasting five reels, these are of course the type of slot games which can award you with one or more bonus features and/or rounds and are the most sought after slots available.. The beauty of video slot games is that they all come with lots of completely unique features including some with a small number of payline options and some with thousands of paylines on offer, some come with multiple bonus games and some may award just one or even no bonus games.. The themes of the bonus video slots are another attraction of playing these types of games and you will often find video slots named after and based on pop stars, film stars or even books and films!.. Fruit Machines.. More and more casino sites online are adding a range of Fruit Machine games to their gaming platforms, these types of slot games are 3 reel slots which are based on the land based games found across the UK.. What makes these games appealing and popular with players is that they offer lots of game playing features and bonus rounds which add much higher levels of entertainment to your gaming sessions.. Progressive Slots.. The one thing that all progressive slot games share is that when playing any of them you have the chance to win one or even more than one live progressive jackpot.. The way in which these jackpots are awarded will vary from machine to machine.. Some will require you to play a maximum coin/line bet to have any chance of winning the jackpot by lining up the jackpot paying winning combination  ...   symbols or locations on the bonus screen, and once clicked they will then reveal a cash prize hiding underneath, some bonus games of this type let you carry on picking until you reveal a Stop or similar type of symbol.. Spin the Wheel Bonus Games.. : IGT Interactive have a collection of the most popular slot games featuring a wheel spinning bonus game and this is of course their Wheel of Fortune series of slots.. The bonus game when triggered will see you having to click on a Spin button and then watch as a wheel, which is split up into different segments, each with a set of coins attached to each segment, is spun, and whichever segment is facing the winning arrow when the wheel stops is the amount of coins you will win!.. Gamble Bonus Games.. : Many players enjoy, at the completion of a low valued winning spin, taking a double or nothing type gamble game, which many online slots offer.. One set of slots which offer many different types of gamble game are found on the BetSoft Gaming Platform.. Here you will find slots such as Slots Angel which offers you the option of trying to guess the outcome of a coin toss to double the value of your winning spin.. Another slot game worthy of note is the Under the Bed slot which offers you the chance to double any winning spin by guessing whether the outcome of three rolled dice will be odd or even!.. Slot Comps and Slot Bonuses.. You will of course be offered all many of unique enticements to get you to become a new real money player at all online casino sites, and lots of the promotions are aimed at slot players.. So below to help you understand just what freebies and little extras will be coming your way as a new online slot player we have listed some of the most commonly available bonuses.. Comp Clubs.. : Every online casino worth its salt is going to have some form of comp or loyalty club attached to their casino site.. Once you join up to a casino as you play their casino games in the real money mode, a set amount of points will be awarded to you.. These points will vary in size depending on which casino you are playing at and just how much you are wagering and on what games, however when you log into the loyalty or comp club part of their casino you are then able to redeem them once you have accumulated enough points for free chips.. Do study the actual number of points awarded in regards to your wagered amounts and also check the redemption rates, for by shopping around and becoming a savvy player you will be able to find casinos offering much more generous rewards via their comp and loyalty clubs, and they should be the sites you are looking to play at!.. Deposit Bonuses.. : If you are prepared to deposit some of your own cash into an online casino and put it at risk, then you will find many casinos will to give you a deposit match type of bonus in return for doing just that as a new customer of that site.. A Deposit Bonus is the most common type of promotion you will find at online casinos, and the amount of the bonus can be a modest amount of 25% or 50% but do look out for those casinos offering 100% or 200% deposit match bonuses, for they offer the best value, if of course they come with no maximum cash out rules and a reasonable play through requirement.. Free Play Bonuses :.. Quite a number of Microgaming software powered casino sites will let you sign up as a new player then give you a free bonus on which you have up to one hour to play a certain number of slot spins in the hope that once your session ends you have more money in your bonus account balance than when you started playing.. If you do end your very first session in profit then these casinos will let you claim a certain amount of those winnings as a bonus when you make a small one off qualifying deposit.. Things to look out for on these types of promotions is just how much you need to deposit to claim the bonus and the amount of cash you can turn into a bonus from any winnings made on that initial session.. The sign of a good Free Play Bonus is a deposit amount of say 20.. 00 that allows you to claim up to 100.. 00 in bonuses, the sign of a poor valued one is when you need to deposit say 50.. 00 to claim a maximum of 50.. 00 in bonus cash from those initial winnings, for that is no better than a 100% deposit match bonus!.. Free Slot Spins :.. Many online casinos, such as.. Bovada Online Casino.. will offer you multiple little extras when you sign up to their casino site, and some will offer you a set of free spins on one of their selected slot games in addition to any other bonus you have opted to take, such as a deposit bonus.. This bonus is very easy to get your head around, and once awarded you need to launch the slot game in question and once loaded onto your computer screen it will come with a preset number of free spins which you then simply have to play off.. When using a free spins slot bonus you often find any winnings made once those free spins have been played off are credited to your casino account as a bonus, which means they may come with a play through requirement before you can cash them out, however some casinos will award you those winnings as real cash, so once again shop around for the best bonus deals!.. Online Slot Machines..

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  • Title: The History of The Slot Machine
    Descriptive info: The History Of Slots.. The history of slots is an interesting one and this article allows us to look at the facts in order to gain some perspective about the game and how slot machines evolved from the past.. Slots machines are now more than 100 years old, and throughout the years, the game became more and more popular because it was so incredibly simple to play, but very fun and engaging.. Even though slot machines have evolved dramatically since the first prototypes made their appearance in the late 1800 s, one thing has remain unchanged, they have always been a light form of gambling entertainment and very easy to use.. The history of slots can be divided into three main categories: mechanical, electromechanical, and the modern online slots.. With the inception of slots came the mechanical version.. The first slot machine dates back to 1895 when a man named Charles Fey who gets the credit for inventing the slot machine, Charles Fey developed the Liberty Bell in San Francisco.. His love of electronics while working at the California Electric Company, gave him the inspiration to invent a new form of entertainment for the gambling enthusiast.. Charles Feys mechanical slot machine featured 3 spinning reels and had 5 symbols (diamonds, hearts, spades, horseshoes, and the Liberty Bell), which is how the slot machine got its name.. Playing slot machines even when they were manufactured back that was very straightforward.. After putting money into the machine, players would just need to pull the lever and then watch the reels spin and wait for the result, hoping to see all the symbols match up.. No sooner that this invention, the slot machine boom was born.. After manufacturing the first ever slot machine, the gaming machine was placed in many of the gambling establishments on a rental basis.. In fact, the original slot machine can still be found at the Liberty Belle Saloon Restaurant in Reno, one of the gambling saloons in Nevada.. In 1896, Fey already had a factory produce slot machines, and was manufacturing what is now referred to as the classic three reel slot machine.. The Evolution of Slots.. Slot machines evolved over time.. After the first slots gaming machine was produced, several variations of the machine were made Operating the slot machines became much quieter and in the early 1900 s other symbols were introduced into the slot games.. Some games began using cherry symbols along with other fruit-themed symbols, and it was around  ...   more reels, more symbols, and larger bets into the games, so the slot manufacturers were still making the same amount of income.. These electronic slot machines led to the demise of what was dubbed as the one arm bandit slots, as they used buttons instead of levers, and now many of them now also have touchscreens.. Video Slots.. The video slots came into existence in 1976.. It revolutionized the slot machine world at the time, although the pioneer video slot machines were enormous in comparison to today s slots, as computers were nowhere near as powerful back then and they took up a lot of space.. After some early success the machine was bought by IGT, a major slot machine manufacturer.. The Popularity of Slots.. From America the popularity of the game rapidly spread to other parts of the world, most notably Europe, Africa, South America, and Australasia.. The nickel and quarter machines attract the vast majority of slots players, but throughout the evolution of slot machines from 3-reel to video and progressive slots, there are now many machines that accept dollar bills in several denominations.. At many casinos around the world today, there still are some classic three-reeled slot machines, but you can also find five, seven, and nine-reeled machines with huge variations of symbols, paylines, the amount of the jackpot including progressives, and the wager amounts.. Online Slots.. And then when the internet came along, it was only a matter of time before virtual slot machines were developed so that the game could be played online, which meant players were no longer require to use buttons or pull levers to spin the reels.. The arrival of many internet gaming companies has seen hundreds of modern online slot games developed for online consumption, and due to the fierce competition in this industry, they all offer some very lucrative sign up bonuses to get new customers to sign up and make a deposit.. One of the great things about playing slots at online casinos is that free to play slots became a possibility.. When looking at the history of slot machines, if it wasn t for Charles Fey s original slot machine concept that became a reality in the 1880s the casino industry wouldn t have thrived to become what it has today.. Now, slot machine manufacturers have moved into the online casino space and with social gaming s tremendous growth, things are looking good for progressive gaming companies looking into the 21st-century and beyond..

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