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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. {1}.. ##LOC[OK]##.. ##LOC[Cancel]##.. Change country.. select.. Afrique.. Deutschland.. Worldwide.. España.. France.. Italia.. Portugal.. MY RESELLER ACCOUNT.. |.. CREATE AN ACCOUNT.. Login:.. Password:.. Remember my password.. Forgotten password?.. Home.. About ITANCIA.. The group.. Our subsidiaries.. Sponsoring.. Human ressources.. Clients feedback.. Certifications.. Distribution.. PBX.. DECT / SIP.. Headsets.. Audio-conference.. Audio Multimedia.. Gateway.. Data.. Eco-Recycling.. Our expertise.. Reprocessing your equipment.. Planète Urgence action.. Repair.. Electronic repair.. Electronics subcontracting.. Added-value services.. Commercial support.. Technical support.. Training.. Our webshop.. After-sales service.. WEEE services.. Logistics service.. ITANCIA.. InstitutionalWebsite.. >..  ...   of voice and data communication equipment.. The world-class leading power and energy firm EDF has opted for the eco-recycled range of telephone equipment from Europe-wide value-added distributor Itancia, on account of its dependability, its highly competitive charges and its green values.. Read more.. Watch our video!.. ITANCIA AND YOU.. OUR SERVICES.. OUR ADDED VALUE.. USEFUL LINKS.. JOIN US.. IT DISTRIBUTION.. RESELLER SPACE.. CERTIFICATIONS.. SALES TERMS CONDITIONS.. ECO-RECYCLING.. DOWNLOADS.. TRAININGS.. ASK FOR A QUOTE.. ELECTRONIC REPAIR.. DISTRIBUTED BRANDS.. LEGAL TERMS.. CONTACT US.. LOGISTICS.. ITANCIA 2013..

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  • Title: The group
    Descriptive info: THE GROUP.. Funded in France in 1991, our company started business selling refurbished (or "eco-recycled") business telephone equipment, and then quickly diversified into the distribution of telecommunications and network infrastructure equipment, electronic repairs, value-added services, and bespoke logistics.. Mission statement.. Our aim is to become the leading value-added distributor in corporate telephone solutions and network infrastructure in Europe and Africa.. To warrant the trust placed in us, we have to be different and innovative, developing value-added service solutions that generate revenue, demonstrate a differentiating factor, and respect the environment.. "We want to show, every day, that it is now possible to serve our customers by offering economical and green solutions.. " Yann Pineau, Itancia CEO.. Strategy.. Our Group's entire strategy is built upon the crucial requirement to satisfy our customers.. With a customer satisfaction rating across all our subsidiaries of over 94%, our staff have adopted three key values to serve our customers and establish a long-term relationship based on trust, namely receptiveness, attentiveness and reliability.. Itancia's strength is built on sound strategic choices which today provide us with a solid position as:.. Value-added distributors in corporate telephone solutions.. Manufacturers and builders of refurbished  ...   3,300 dealers.. With 84 million in turnover, the Group's target is 150 million in three years' time.. Our values.. To ensure success, all our projects are built around three fundamental values.. They all encompass the same desire to fully satisfy our customers while taking care not to harm the planet.. Performance.. : Itancia is perpetually seeking performance so as to offer ever more innovative and adaptable solutions.. Our definite taste for new challenges is a driving force behind our success and has sharpened our competitiveness.. Our strong corporate culture also contributes to the success of our projects with our customers and partners.. Team spirit.. : No communal spirit can be generated without free communication within a team.. Itancia has forged relationships built on trust with its partners, customers and employees.. A team is built, team spirit is cultivated.. Green issues:.. Itancia is an environmentally and socially responsible company.. We have included respect for the environment as a route to progress.. Putting our own Sustainability Policy in place, we have included a continuous improvement process within our operations, built in conjunction with all staff.. CONTACT 00 33 2 41 71 78 32 www.. itancia.. com..

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  • Title: Our subsidiaries
    Descriptive info: OUR SUBSIDIARIES.. With 330 employees, Itancia Group, headquartered in Nanterre, France, now has eight subsidiaries in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Tunisia, Morocco and Poland.. We also operate in the United Kingdom and Benelux via our Export unit.. Head office, Sales Marketing.. Administration and Operations Centre.. Grenoble Repairs Centre.. 69 rue Thomas Lemaître.. 92000 NANTERRE - FRANCE.. E-mail:.. marketing@itancia.. Le hameau des Landes.. 49510 LA JUBAUDIERE - FRANCE.. Ph: 02 41 71 67 67.. hotline@itancia.. 11-15 rue Maupertuis.. 38320 Eybens - FRANCE.. Ph:+ 33 (0)4 38 12 35 35.. marketing.. repair@itancia.. Benelux.. 1020 Bruxelles, Esplanade 1, Boîte 85.. BRUXELLES.. Ph : + 33 2 41 71 30 00.. E-mail :.. m.. herbreteau@itancia.. Spain..  ...   Fax: +39 02 48 85 40 24.. Tunisia.. Rue Abou Nasr Mohamed El Farabi.. Z.. I.. SMTT-Saint Gobain -Mégrine.. TUNIS.. Ph: +216 79 108 000.. Fax : +216 79 108 001.. n.. kerleau@itancia.. com.. Morocco.. Boulevard Stendhal.. Résidence Ghali 1.. 20 370 Casablanca.. MOROCCO.. Ph : +212 522 922 455 / +212 623 994 303.. Contact : Nicolas KERLEAU.. Poland.. ul.. Mińska 63 Au.. 03-828 WARSZAWA.. POLAND.. Ph: +48 518 955 048.. t.. wolnicki@itancia.. Estrada do Zambujal,39 A-Alfragide.. 2610-184 Amadora.. LISBOA.. Ph: (+351) 210 027 880.. Fax: (+351) 210 027 881.. f.. godinho@itancia.. Germany.. ITANCIA GmbH.. Friedrichshafener Str.. 3 (II.. OG).. 82205 Gilching.. Ph: +49 (0) -8105-77225-0.. Fax: +49 (0) 8105-77225-660.. info.. de@itancia..

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  • Title: Sponsoring
    Descriptive info: SPONSORING.. The group has been involved in various environmental causes since 2004.. These days, the group takes full account of environmental management issues, which are viewed as a true route to progress.. Planète Urgence.. For every refurbished device or circuit board sold, Itancia undertakes to plant one tree towards tapia reforestation in Madagascar.. In 2012, Itancia planted more than 34,000 trees in partnership with the environmental development and protection non-profit organisation Planète Urgence.. This is a long-term project and the partnership was renewed in 2013, as reforestation helps promote biodiversity for sustainable exploitation of natural resources.. Planting tapias generates  ...   France and Africa, grassroots initiatives each of which aims to protect our planet.. Stéphane Misfud.. The group sponsors Stéphane Mifsud, the world record holder in static apnea (breath-holding under water).. Born on 13 August 1971 in Istres (southern France), Stéphane Mifsud is a world famous apnea competitor.. Five times apnea world champion, Stéphane Mifsud, beat the world record for static apnea on 8 June 2009, achieving.. 11 minutes 35 seconds.. This new record was confirmed by executives from the International Association for the Development of Apnea (AIDA) He also set two personal bests for dynamic apnea with and without fins..

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  • Title: Human ressources
    Descriptive info: HUMAN RESSOURCES.. We are always looking for new talent, people willing to rise to the challenges that tomorrow's telecommunications will bring us.. These challenges will be technological, naturally, but will also relate to our environment and the protection of people and resources.. Over and above academic backgrounds or working experience, we are looking for those of a character to get fully involved in a fast-growing Group.. Our human resources policy.. Itancia's HR policy is based on the following points:.. Encouraging a wealth and diversity of backgrounds through a fair and dynamic recruitment policy.. Developing business skills through staff training.. Surrounding ourselves with the best talent, in particular by offering students and young graduates the chance to find out about us through our schools partnership.. Itancia's 330 employees are to be found in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Tunisia and Morocco.. Our training courses.. From the  ...   the job to developing technical skills.. Our partners.. Itancia develops its relationships with schools and training bodies to support and guide trainees and young graduates, or adults undergoing vocational retraining.. We work in partnership with the French association for adult training (AFPA) to offer places to students on vocational training courses.. To offer assignments in the form of accredited training / sandwich placement, we recruit students from the following types of courses:.. IT: computer development, web design.. Business and International Management: University of Paris II and Business Schools.. Telecoms: Networks and telecommunications, institute of technology.. Electronics: Advanced vocational training in electronics.. Quality and environment: Institute of Industrial and Environmental Hygiene.. Submit an unsolicited application.. Young or experienced graduates alike, GIVE YOUR CAREER A BOOST by joining a fast-growing high-tech group.. Take a look at our training and job offers, or submit an unsolicited application, and join us..

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  • Title: Clients feedback
    Descriptive info: CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS.. Explore testimonials from our customers about the benefits delivered by our technology solutions, irrespective of their size and industry.. Scopelec, Spie, ETIT and JAOtech entrusted us.. Scopelec.. Pierre Georges JUSKIEWENSKI, chief executive of Scopelec group, describes our trust-based partnership in Avaya equipment distribution.. ITANCIA helped Scopelec secure the tender from the Haute-Garonne.. département.. council.. Read the article.. SPIE.. Mickael Benoit, manager of the logistics implementation services delivery department at SPIE, offers his testimonial.. ETIT.. A testimonial from Gwénolé JOSSE, chief executive of ETIT, about our three added-value services i.. e.. distribution, refurbishment and repair..

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  • Title: Certifications
    Descriptive info: ISO 9001 Certification.. Our electronic repair processes are ISO 9001 certified by AFNOR.. There are inspections and tests at every step in the repair cycle.. In our methodology, we accord a lot of importance to training our employees.. A Quality Manager supervises operations in coordination with the Methods Office.. Being certified is the crowning achievement of major efforts made by all the staff members who participated in the certification process.. It is recognition for the quality management approach within the company, which consisted of creating a structure and  ...   international reference that is recognized and applied in more than 100 countries.. ISO 14001 Certification.. A desire to adopt eco-friendly practices:.. To achieve this, ITANCIA has undertaken a strict environmental policy, notably focusing its efforts on:.. Optimizing its energy consumption based on an energy analysis of the production site.. Sorting and recycling all of its waste.. Choosing subcontractors based on environmental considerations.. Conducting an environmental analysis of its activities to limit any significant impact on the environment.. We would like to extend this certification to all of our sites..

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  • Title: PBX
    Descriptive info: Audio & Multimedia.. Market background.. Everyone has been talking about it for the last ten years or so.. Today.. , in these unusual circumstances when the crisis is forcing businesses to not only plan for cost reductions, but also develop their information systems, a good many companies are turning to unified communications.. It is therefore important to climb aboard that bandwagon!.. ITANCIA partners the leaders in unified communications (Unify, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya) and provides its entire range of expertise.. Our trained and certified staff offer you support in your business and guidance in your most complex offerings and configurations, especially as regards solutions such as OpenScape Office from Unify, IP Office from Avaya, and OXO and OpenTouch from Alcatel-Lucent.. Presentation of the brands we distribute.. Unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications, is a global communications software and services company.. Born out of the engineering DNA of Siemens, Unify builds on a heritage of product reliability, innovation, open standards and security to provide integrated communications and networking solutions for 75% of the Global 500.. Unify is leading the market with its vision of a dynamic communications and collaboration platform.. Unify is a joint venture of the Gores Group  ...   large companies.. With a substantial market share, Itancia has become THE most successful distributor of this brand within the space of a few years.. avaya.. Avaya.. The AL3500B11-E6 Ethernet Routing Switch.. A recognized leader in network and telecoms products and services, Alcatel-Lucent is a preferred partner for operators, businesses and government departments worldwide.. Alcatel-Lucent is the showcase outlet for Bell Labs, one of the most renowned research centres on the international stage.. With nearly 77,000 employees spread across 130 countries, Alcatel-Lucent is a local partner and international corporation.. Alcatel-Lucent, which generated turnover of 15.. 3 billion in 2011, is a French company headquartered in Paris.. Itancia has strengthened its distribution partnership across all VOICE and DATA solutions.. alcatel-lucent.. Alcatel-Lucent.. OXO.. Panasonic has been the market leader in corporate telephone equipment for over 25 years.. Our latest product range offers high quality professional communication solutions for a wide range of business applications, simple analog systems to advanced communication network platforms based on IP.. These advanced phone systems include a wide range of wired and wireless phones, accessories and productivity applications, enabling organizations to meet their communication needs using an approach that focuses on solutions.. http://www.. panasonic.. net/..

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  • Title: DECT / SIP
    Descriptive info: ITANCIA opted to surround itself with key players in business telephony to give you the flexibility of DECT / IP / Analogue systems and our knowledge of the telecoms industry enabling us to offer bespoke and reliable solutions.. Our partners' solutions are recognised for their modularity, reliability, robustness, and their clear and lavish designs combined with ease of use, and the majority of DECT products include a hands-free function along with the essential features of any telephone.. Gigaset Communications GmbH is one of the largest manufacturers of cordless phones and, in Europe, is the market leader for DECT telephones.. The product range includes corded and coreless telephones for the fixed telephone network as well as VoIP devices.. The main production site is in Bocholt, Germany, where Gigaset products are developed and manufactured following the most stringent quality standards and environmental guidelines.. gigaset.. Gigaset.. best seller.. C610 IP in black.. Alcatel Home Business Phones offers a broad range of corded and cordless telephones, designed to meet the needs of consumers and businesses around the world.. Alcatel Phones are marketed and sold by Atlinks, the exclusive licence holder for Alcatel trademarked telephones, its role being to facilitate access to these innovative, easy-to-use devices, available in varied designs.. The company aims to enhance and simplify the everyday lives of consumers while helping to improve the efficiency of business communication.. atlinks.. com/.. Alcatel Home Business Phones.. Temporis 350 Pro Graphite.. Established in 1952, Depaepe Telecom employs its talents and resources on developing and producing a range of telephones, handsets, base units, door phones - analogue, SIP, DECT - and peripherals intended for telecommunications professionals.. Building on its experience, Depaepe Telecom is continuously improving its products, making frequent innovations to them so as to remain its customers' ideal partner.. These recognised qualities plus the originality of its product-market approach make it a valued partner of distribution and telephone equipment installation firms.. depaepe.. Depaepe.. Laser telephone  ...   years of experience in the telecommunications industry, the company now specialises in developing and marketing mobile phones, remote assistance products, m-health solutions and software, particularly adapted to the growing population of older people the world over.. The Doro simplified mobile range is unparalleled and has won international design awards several times.. Doro handsets are sold in over 30 countries and on every continent.. In 2010, the company generated 71 million in turnover.. doro.. Doro.. Best seller.. Phone Easy 311C in white.. snom technology develops and distributes VoIP telephones based on open standards for business customers.. snom telephones can be installed in a modern communication system, among other products based on the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) standard.. Customers consequently benefit from a wide range of compatible systems.. snom is well-known for its high-quality, easy-to-use and economical business telephones.. Users gain the benefit of snom's vast experience in the field of Voice over IP and the application of security standards.. snom's telephones are designed for use in any size of business "home offices", SME and major corporations.. snom works directly with telecoms operators, internet service providers and OEM clients.. Through its network partners, snom, formed in Berlin in 1996, offers a worldwide presence.. snom.. Snom.. snom 300 without power supply, in black.. The Funkwerk Enterprise Communications GmbH (FEC) business networks unit is a major player in the future of telecommunications.. The German company targets all kinds of professional customers, whether SMEs, major corporations, government departments or operators (ISPs).. Its solutions and products, oriented towards voice-data convergence, meet today's companies' security, mobility, performance and cost requirements, covering four areas of competence, namely, IP access, security, voice and WLAN.. Indirect channels are used to distribute in Germany and elsewhere.. Funkwerk Enterprise Communications, headquartered in Nuremberg, is a Europe-wide company employing more than 400 people.. Funkwerk Enterprise Communications is a subsidiary of the Funkwerk AG group based in Kölleda, Germany.. funkwerk.. Funkwerk.. The Dect FC4 set..

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  • Title: Headsets
    Descriptive info: HEADSETS.. We are getting increasingly used to wearing telephone headsets, whether corded or cordless.. They make our lives easier by enabling us to keep our hands free and protecting us from acoustic shocks, which are harmful to our ears.. Businesses understand this but 80% of companies in France remain without them.. Technology serving people that's what we are offering!.. On this fast-growing market, there is a multitude of products and three main brands, i.. Jabra, Plantronics and Sennheiser.. To guide your selection, Itancia makes its product catalogue and its technical and commercial staff available to you.. Jabra is a brand owned by GN Netcom, a subsidiary of GN Store Nord A/S (GN).. Jabra employs nearly 850 people worldwide and in 2010 it reported full-year turnover of 265 million (1,973 million Danish krone, DKK).. Jabra is the world leader in hands-free communication solutions, designing, manufacturing and selling a wide range of products.. Renowned for their pioneering, reliable and easy-to-use products for more than twenty years, Jabra's consumer and professional divisions produce corded and cordless headsets, along with micro-headsets intended for company employees, whether working on the move or otherwise.. All these products give consumers and professional users alike greater  ...   Santa Cruz, California, was formed in 1961 and has offices in 20 countries, with over 2,400 employees.. Plantronics headsets have played a part in many films and key events such as Neil Armstrong's historic words transmitted from the moon in 1969, "That's one small step for man ".. Plantronics products are sold and distributed through a worldwide network of approved Plantronics partners, and are available on the domestic market in retail stores, and from consumer electronics, mobile phone and computer dealers.. Plantronics is a registered trademark of Plantronics Inc.. Bluetooth is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG Inc.. , and is used by Plantronics under licence.. All the other above-mentioned products and services are registered trademarks of their respective owners.. plantronics.. Plantronics.. The Plantronics CS60 micro-headset.. Sennheiser Communications is a joint venture between the electro-acoustics specialist Sennheiser Electronic GmbH Co.. KG and the hearing healthcare firm, William Demant Holding Group.. The company manufactures corded and cordless headsets for mobile telephones, call centres, offices and unified communications, as well as headsets for VoIP, entertainment and gaming on PCs and Macs.. Sennheiser Communications offers single and double earpiece headsets meeting all applications.. sennheisercommunications.. Sennheiser Communications.. The cordless Sennheiser DW Office headset..

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  • Title: Audio-conference
    Descriptive info: AUDIO CONFERENCING.. Konftel AB is the European leader and the world's fastest-growing manufacturer of conference telephones.. Since 1988, Konftel has been developing conference telephones incorporating the patented audio technology OmniSound to ensure crystal-clear sound.. Its products are sold worldwide under the Konftel brand.. The company's headquarters are in Umeå, Sweden, and it has subsidiaries in the United States,  ...   is a leading global supplier in the field of unified communications, with solutions covering telepresence, audio and video, and Polycom UC Intelligent Core infrastructure solutions designed built on open standards.. Polycom's objectives and strategy are based on a single concept, namely "UC Everywhere", meaning the possibility of communicating and collaborating anywhere across multiple devices.. polycom.. Polycom.. SoundStation IP 6000..

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