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  • Title: ITIC
    Descriptive info: .. ITIC in the News.. Loading.. Home.. About.. Blog.. Report Survey Highlights.. Surveys.. Case Studies.. Q&A.. Services.. News Analysis.. ITIC 2014 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Survey.. ITIC s sixth annual 2014 Global Server Hardware Server OS Reliability Survey is live! Server hardware, Server OSes and virtualization provide the crucial foundation and underpinning to corporate reliability.. Reliability metrics impact every aspect of your business including TCO and ROI.. Leave a comment with your Email address for a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card.. All respon.. ses are confidential.. Take the survey here:.. https://www.. surveymonkey.. com/s/FGQDZDY.. Recently Featured Slides:.. Slide Archive ».. Share This Page:.. Tweet.. New Features.. User Case Study Spotlight:.. Stock Exchange Deploys.. SQL Server 2008 PDW.. [.. All Case Studies.. ].. ITIC Q&A Interviews with Industry Luminaries:.. Security Expert Andrew Baker Talks BYOD, Mobile Security.. All Q&A Interviews.. Twitter Updates.. Tweets by @lauradidio.. Since Jan 19, 2014:.. Users Online Now:.. 2.. Visits Today:.. 1346.. Visitors Today:.. 319.. Total Visits:.. 205534.. SE Referrals:.. 2658.. Total Posts:.. 82.. Total Pages:.. 24.. Total Comments:.. 94.. Last Post:.. April 28,  ...   For All.. IBM Watson Takes Cognitive Computing to the Head of the Class.. Recent Comments.. Open Source Storage: 49 Tools for Backup and Recovery | Storage CH Blog.. on.. One Hour of Downtime Costs > $100K For 95% of Enterprises.. Recall Social Media And Community.. ITIC 2014 Reliability Survey: IBM Servers Most Reliable for Sixth Straight Year | IBM - Selling the Value.. DPaul Firenze.. Post Categories.. Select Category.. Apple (12).. Application Availability (2).. BYOD (2).. Cisco Systems (2).. Cloud Computing (7).. Facebook (1).. Fujitsu servers (1).. General industry news (6).. Google (5).. Green Data Centers and Green IT (1).. High Tech Lawsuits (3).. HP (9).. HP Integrity (1).. IBM (12).. IT Performance Trends (1).. ITIC Survey Results (10).. Microsoft (11).. Oracle (6).. Patent infringement (1).. Robotics (1).. Security (6).. Server Applications (1).. Server Hardware and Server OS Reliability (5).. Stratus ftServer (3).. Tablet devices (2).. Technical Service Support (1).. Uncategorized (51).. Virtualization (2).. Windows (6).. Meta.. Register.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. WordPress.. org.. ITIC is proudly powered by.. |.. Entries (RSS).. Comments (RSS).. | Custom Theme by.. The Website Taylor..

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  • Title: ITIC » About
    Descriptive info: Laura DiDio.. Principal Analyst.. ldidio@itic-corp.. com.. Phone: (508) 887-9814.. Cell: (508) 740-1513.. Fax: (508) 887-9815.. Follow Laura on Twitter.. Strategy.. Competitive Analysis.. Market Positioning.. Technology:.. software; virtualization; hardware; emerging technologies.. Business Issues:.. licensing and contract negotiation; compliance; services and outsourcing; Intellectual Property (copyright, patent infringement and theft of trade secrets).. ***.. Laura DiDio, Principal,.. is a highly visible information technology industry analyst, consultant, a professional writer and a former reporter.. DiDio has 20 years experience in the high technology industry.. She has consulted with all of the major industry vendors including: Apple, Accenture, Avaya, Citrix, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, SAP and VMware.. As principal of Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC), DiDio covers a wide range of topics including: virtualization, desktop, server operating systems, OS security, hardware, applications, software management and business intelligence.. She also focuses on the underlying business issues such as TCO and ROI, licensing and contract negotiation, Intellectual Property (theft of trade secrets, copyright and patent infringement) compliance and risk assessment and management that impact technology decisions.. Prior to founding ITIC, DiDio spent over six years at Yankee Group, a Boston consultancy, where she held the title of Research Fellow.. Before joining Yankee Group, she spent nearly four years as a Research Director at Giga Information Group.. Before that she held various reporting positions at a number of computer networking industry trade publications including: Computerworld, Network World, Communications  ...   speaker at industry trade shows and user conferences and is widely quoted in the general press, business and trade press.. The.. last 30 days of her media quotes.. show her range and depth at communicating with the market.. Mindy Blodgett.. mblodgett@itic-corp.. Phone: (508) 435-0965.. Cell: (339) 222-1938.. Outsourcing, services, HR BPO, Business Intelligence.. is a research analyst, consultant, writer and editor with broad experience on national business publications.. A former Yankee Group research analyst, she tracks global sourcing in emerging markets, outsourcing and the challenges of managing a global workforce, Blodgett also spent several years as a senior editor at CIO Magazine.. Blodgett has excellent communications and project management skills.. The breadth and depth of her research and technology strategy analysis assists clients in making the business and technology choices that best suit their businesses.. She also possesses strong writing and presentation skills, with a broad reporting and editing background.. She is a frequent and in-demand speaker at global sourcing and services conferences in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Blodgett has sharp analytic abilities with a focus on making actionable recommendations for clients.. Sales / Business Agent.. Fred H.. Abbott.. Principal.. fhabbott@valleyviewventures.. 97 Mildred Circle.. Concord, MA 01742.. Phone: (978) 369 5923.. Fax: (978) 369 5069.. Valley View Ventures, Inc.. represents ITIC and will conduct billing and collections on their behalf.. 1354.. 320.. 205542..

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  • Title: ITIC » Blog
    Descriptive info: April 28th, 2014.. 6:41pm.. For the sixth year in a row, corporate enterprise users said IBM server hardware delivered the highest levels of reliability/uptime among 14 server hardware and 11 different server hardware virtualization platforms.. A 58% majority of IBM servers achieved “five nines” or 99.. 999% availability – the equivalent of 5.. 25 minutes of unplanned per server downtime compared to 46% of Hewlett-Packard servers and 40% of Oracle server hardware.. Those are the results of the latest independent ITIC 2014 Global Server Hardware and Server OS Reliability Survey which polled C-level executives and IT managers at over 600 organizations worldwide during March and April 2014.. The survey results showed that the overall reliability HP’s servers increased significantly in 2014 compared to the 2012 and 2013 polls and surpassing the uptime of rival Oracle servers which remained the same or declined slightly compared to prior polls.. Cisco Systems, Inc.. ’s Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) servers, which appeared for the first time in this year’s ITIC Reliability poll, made a very strong showing, posting uptime equal to or better than HP (depending on the category) and bested only by IBM server reliability.. Half – 50% - of Cisco UCS server hardware users said they achieved 99.. 999% of per server/per annum availability.. IBM System z Enterprise high end enterprise mainframe class server was the only hardware platform that had.. no.. 0% -.. unplanned server outages of over four (4) hours duration.. On the opposite end of the spectrum, 13% of Dell PowerEdge Servers racked up the highest percentage of downtime exceeding four (4) hours duration followed by 10% of HP ProLiant systems which recorded over four hours of unplanned downtime.. Click to Keep Reading.. Categories:.. Apple.. Cisco  ...   and maximize Return on Investment (ROI), companies must start with a strong foundation.. This includes a robust, reliable, flexible, scalable, manageable and secure infrastructure that provides integration and interoperability among legacy network components and the firm’s public and private clouds.. Any hybrid cloud deployment lacking in these aforementioned elements is almost certainly doomed to failure.. Cloud Computing.. 1 Comment.. February 24th, 2014.. 3:59pm.. The Bring Your Own Device trend has created a security “Achilles Heel” for a 56% majority of organizations that have no response plan in place to deal with lost, stolen or hacked BYOD notebooks, tablets and smart phones.. And 56% of organizations also acknowledge they are not fortifying their existing security measures, taking extra precautions or implementing security training despite recent high profile security attacks against Fortune 1000 firms like Adobe, Reuters, Target, Skype, Snapchat and others.. Equally alarming is that 50% of companies concede their corporate and employee-owned BYOD and mobile devices may have been hacked without their knowledge in the last 12 months, consequently leaving their datacenter servers and mission critical applications vulnerable to internal and external security breaches.. Anecdotal evidence obtained from first person customer interviews indicates that 75% of IT and security managers are now lobbying executive management to construct mobile and BYOD-specific security policies to plug potential vulnerabilities.. Those are among the top findings of the ITIC/KnowBe4 “2014 State of Corporate Server, Desktop and BYOD Security Trends Survey.. ” The joint independent Web-based survey polled 300+ organizations in February 2014 on a wide range of issues including the organization’s approach to security; the biggest security threats and challenges facing their firms and the company’s preparedness to recognize and react to potential breaches.. BYOD.. Security.. No Comments.. Older Entries.. 1355.. 205543..

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  • Title: ITIC » Report & Survey Highlights
    Descriptive info: New 2009 Global IT and Technology Trends Forecast.. Mac Enterprise Usage Will Increase in 2009; Over two-thirds of businesses are open to letting end users deploy Macs as their corporate desktops; 50% of corporations will expand the integration between Macs and iPhones.. Read more.. ITIC Survey Indicates 35% of Companies Will Delay Network  ...   storage upgrades are hardest hit; 97% of security upgrades are on course; nearly 40% of companies report their migrations will proceed on schedule.. Cost Formulas Essential to Qualify and Quantify Uptime.. ITIC survey finds that corporate application availability requirements are increasing; 50% of businesses lack funds for new reliability technology.. 3.. 1357.. 321.. 205545..

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  • Title: ITIC » ITIC 2010 Editorial Calendar & Surveys
    Descriptive info: ITIC 2010 Editorial Calendar Surveys.. ITIC differentiates itself with independent, non-sponsored Web-based surveys.. We conduct these surveys in partnership with Sunbelt Software on a wide range of hardware, software, networking and business-issues related technology topics.. Quickly executed surveys often capture critical opportunities in rapidly changing markets.. This is an exciting and challenging time for the high technology industry.. There continue to be many emerging high growth technologies and changes in the status quo for some legacy technologies, all of which can present unique and difficult challenges for both the vendor and user community.. Corporate IT departments are under cost constraints and tasked with accomplishing more with the same or fewer purchasing dollars.. More than ever, strategists require tools that offer timely insight into changing market conditions.. Below is ITIC’s 2010 Editorial Calendar.. It provides a detailed list of our upcoming research including a list of forthcoming survey topics which ITIC will conduct over the next two (2) quarters.. We will continue to update this list with the dates and times when the surveys will go live and provide you with links to participate if you so choose.. And please feel free to contact us and let us know if you have ideas for future survey topics.. Upcoming Survey Topics.. January.. : 2010 -2011 Technology and Business Deployment Trends and Timetables.. Description.. :.. This ITIC Report, based on survey data and first person customer interviews will provide a detailed overview of the challenges facing IT departments in 2010.. These include: budget and staffing issues, deployment trends and migration issues and how IT departments are handling crucial issues such as security, storage and disaster recovery during the ongoing economic downturn.. The Report will present the latest ITIC survey data (done in conjunction with Stratus Technologies and Sunbelt Software) based on a poll of 650 IT managers and C-level executives worldwide.. February.. : Database Deployment Trends Issues.. This survey and report examines the crucial role of databases in today’s network environments.. It will poll users on their preferred database vendor; satisfaction with price, performance, features, technical service and support and licensing policies of the major database vendors.. It will also detail the reasons customers chose a particular database and vendor and delve into the top technical and business challenges confronting users as they strive to upgrade, manage and maintain their database environments and adapt them to new technology models like virtualization and cloud computing.. March/April.. : Server Hardware and Server OS Reliability Survey.. Reliability and uptime are absolutely essential; corporations of all sizes increasingly require 99.. 99% availability and greater.. But which platforms actually deliver? This survey will poll businesses on the reliability, uptime and management issues involving amount of annual outages associated with the major server operating systems and server hardware platforms.. The survey will poll customers on the frequency and number of Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 outages that occur on their core server OS and server hardware platforms.. The results of this independent, non-vendor sponsored survey will provide businesses with the information they need to determine the TCO and ROI of their individual environments.. The survey will also enable the server OS and server hardware vendors to see how their products rate among global users ranging from SMBs with as few as 25 people to the largest global enterprises with 100,000+ end users.. April/May.. : Virtualization Deployment Trends, Desktop and Server hardware:.. This ITIC survey and report will focus on the current and emerging virtualization technologies including server, desktop (VDI), application, storage and network virtualization.. The survey and report will also focus on the crucial nature of virtualization management as well as key issues (pricing, technology challenges etc.. ) involving and impacting virtualization deployments including Cloud computing, virtualization management and virtualization management issues.. The study will poll corporate customers on their primary virtualization vendor(s); ways in which they are utilizing virtualization; the impact (positive or negative) that virtualization has had on their business; quantifying the TCO and ROI of virtualization; the primary reasons customers are deploying or deferring a move to the technology; virtualization licensing issues and virtualization security issues.. Vendors profiled in this report will include: VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, HP, IBM, Oracle (now incorporating Sun Microsystems and Virtual Iron) and Parallels.. June.. : Server and Application Deployment Trends and Issues.. This Report will present the findings of an ITIC/Sunbelt Software Web-based survey that polls users on desktop and server hardware and application related topics.. Featured vendors will include: Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lenovo and Sun, As always, ITIC will supplement the Web-based responses with first person customer interviews.. ITIC  ...   and C-level executives on a variety of forward looking business and technology issues for the 2011 – 2012 timeframe.. Topics covered will include: IT staffing and budgets; application and network infrastructure upgrades; integration and interoperability between legacy environments and new Web 2.. 0 and remote and mobile technologies; hardware and software purchasing trends.. specifically the TCO and ROI of application and desktop virtualization which are two of the hottest areas.. All indications are that the current server virtualization market leaders Citrix, Microsoft, VMware et al.. are well positioned as the early market leaders in application virtualization and desktop virtualization (by virtue of their own offerings as well as their respective partnerships with hardware OEMs, software vendors and service providers).. This survey will include specific product comparison queries and ask corporations to rate the performance, reliability and scalability of products such as VMware s Live Migration vs.. Microsoft s Hyper-V; compare and contrast the major virtualization desktop, application and management offerings from the major vendors like Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle, Parallels, Sun, VMware, Virtual Iron and others.. It will also address management and licensing issues and trends.. Server OS and Server hardware Reliability survey.. This survey will poll businesses on the reliability, uptime and management issues involving amount of annual outages associated with the major server operating systems and server hardware platforms.. Desktop and Server OS and Office deployment trends and issues.. This survey will also provide SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) to the tactical and long term strategic positioning of the Windows, Linux, UNIX and open source OS environments with respect to legacy technologies as well as emerging markets like cloud computing.. * Licensing, Compliance and Genuine Software trends and issues.. These three business issues are pivotal to corporate success with various technologies.. Licensing issues are having a huge impact on emerging technologies like virtualization.. This survey will provide a comprehensive overview of user deployment and purchasing of software licensing, maintenance and upgrade programs.. It will also examine corporate customer satisfaction (or lack thereof) and understanding of these issues and how it impacts the TCO and ROI of their current and planned software infrastructure.. The rise of the Macintosh in the corporate enterprise.. Mac hardware and OS usage is on the rise in the corporate environment and is at its highest level since the late 1980s.. This survey will poll corporate IT managers and C-level executives on the issues that are propelling or impeding them to deploy Macs in their networks.. It will ask customers to rate the performance, scalability, reliability, and security and management capabilities of the Mac.. It will also ask businesses to assess the Pros and Cons of Mac virtualization, integration and interoperability with disparate OS environments such as Windows, Linux and open source.. Survey Methodology.. ITIC partners with Sunbelt Software to conduct secure independent Web-based surveys that contain multiple choice and essay questions.. In order to ensure the highest degree of accuracy, we employ authentication and tracking mechanisms to ensure that no one tampers with the survey or votes more than once.. We poll businesses across a wide range of vertical markets; respondents range from micro-SMBs with fewer than 25 employees up to the largest multinational enterprises with over 100,000 workers.. Each Report also includes extensive first person customer interviews and where applicable, vendor and reseller interviews.. The titles of the survey respondents include:.. Network administrators.. VPs of IT.. Chief information officers (CIOs).. Chief technology officers (CTOs).. Chief executive officers (CEOs).. ITIC welcomes input and suggestion from its vendor and enterprise clients with respect to surveys, survey questions and topics for its Editorial Calendar.. If there’s a particular topic or question in a specific survey that you’d like to see covered, please let us know and we will do our best to address it.. About Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC).. ITIC, founded in 2002, is a research and consulting firm in suburban Boston.. It provides primary research on a wide variety of technology topics for vendors and enterprises.. ITIC’s mission is to provide its clients with tactical, practical and actionable advice and to help its clients make sense of the technology and business events that influence and impact their infrastructures and IT budgets.. ITIC can provide your firm with accurate, objective research on a wide variety of technology topics ranging from software, hardware, networking, virtualization and cloud computing to the services industries that support the technology, including outsourcing.. ITIC’s mission is to help vendor and corporate clients make sense of the technology and business events that are impacting their infrastructures and their IT budgets.. 1358.. 205546..

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  • Title: ITIC » Case Studies
    Descriptive info: Direct Edge Stock Exchange.. Direct Edge Stock Exchange Uses Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Parallel Data Warehouse to Scale Trading.. Business Profile: Direct Edge Stock Exchange.. “Microsoft Parallel Data Warehouse is a real win for us.. The combination of SQL Server 2008 R2 and the PDW appliance is extraordinarily powerful.. Our stock  ...   security and ease of use.. SQL Server 2008 R2 and PDW delivers.. The deployment was as smooth and seamless as Microsoft promised.. We’re purchasing something that scales into the hundreds of terabytes range.. ”.. - Richard Hochron, Chief Technology Officer at.. Direct Edge Stock Exchange in Jersey City, N.. J.. 1360.. 205548..

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  • Title: ITIC » Q&A Interviews
    Descriptive info: Q A Interviews.. Andrew Baker Q&A: Security.. Andrew Baker.. has been an IT manager specializing in security for over 25 years.. He has worked at a variety of firms ranging from large enterprises like Sanford Bernstein, Bear Stearns, Warner Music Group and the Princeton Review, to SMBs like Send Word Now.. In the wake of the 9/11 World Trade Center bombings, Baker was tasked with getting the network up and running and defending its data from any potential hacks.. As a lifelong security expert, Baker knows that there is no such thing as absolute foolproof security.. But he’s also aware that even the strongest security mechanisms can be undermined by human error and lack of strong security policies and procedures and corporation’s failure to enforce common sense security practices.. Baker is President and founder of.. BrainWave Consulting Company, LLC.. in Gassaway, West Virginia where he provides Virtual CIO services for small/medium businesses.. See Andrew's complete social presence at.. XeeMe.. com/AndrewBaker/.. Michael Miller Q&A: SUSE and Attachmate Group.. The last 14 months have been eventful for.. SUSE.. as it began a new chapter in its history.. In April, 2011,.. The Attachmate Group.. bought Novell (which had purchased SUSE in 2004 for $210 million) and SUSE for $2.. 2 billion.. SUSE now functions as an independent business unit.. Its main products are the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and the SUSE Studio, development tools.. ITIC interviewed.. Michael Miller.. , SUSE’s Vice President of Global Alliances Marketing and.. Kerry Kim.. , the company’s director of Product Marketing.. The two SUSE executives discussed the initiatives since the Attachmate acquisition and detailed SUSE’s current and future product, key alliance partners and business strategies.. Scott Handy Q&A: IBM PowerLinux.. As part of our ongoing series of Q As with high-tech industry luminaries, ITIC Principal Laura DiDio spoke with.. Scott Handy.. ,.. vice president of strategy and business development for PowerLinux.. Handy discusses  ...   disruptive technology trends.. Sommer has experienced firsthand how the “consumerization of IT” and the rapidly increasing numbers of remote users accessing the network via smart phones and tablets impacts IT, security and how companies do business in the 21.. st.. Century.. Sommer is currently CIO at.. Stromberg Forbes, LLC.. , a financial services company with offices in New York and Florida.. Prior to that he spent 25 years at Hughes, Hubbard and Reed a law firm headquartered in New York City.. He worked his way up at HH R to become CIO and CTO, holding down both jobs simultaneously.. ITIC interviewed Sommer on a wide range of topics including: the Pros and Cons of new technologies like virtualization and cloud computing.. He also talked about the impact and implications of end users utilizing consumer devices for ubiquitous connectivity.. Sommer also dispensed practical, tactical advice on how organizations can construct a strategy for efficient and secure mobility and remote access.. As an eyewitness to the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, Sommer talks about the terrorist attack has changed the way companies view disaster recovery (DR) and backup plans in a post 9/11 world.. Stu Sjouwerman Q&A: Security.. Longtime security professional,.. Stu Sjouwerman.. is the founder and CEO of.. KnowBe4.. a Tampa, Florida-based security startup that specializes in on-demand Internet Security Awareness Training (ISAT).. The company’s goal is to enable organizations to quickly solve the increasingly urgent security problem of social engineering and avoid attacks before they occur.. Sjouwerman also publishes an Electronic newsletter called Cyberheist.. Prior to founding KnowBe4.. com, Sjouwerman was president, CEO and founder of Sunbelt Software – now GFI Software which makes the VIPRE security package.. He is also the founder and former editor of the popular.. WServerNews.. electronic newsletter which has a worldwide distribution.. ITIC recently sat down and interviewed Sjouwerman about security threats and how companies can defend themselves.. 1362.. 205550..

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  • Title: ITIC » Services
    Descriptive info: ITIC offers a wide range of services to both vendor and corporate clients.. These include:.. Consulting.. Advisory Service/Inquiries.. White Papers.. Go-to market product strategies.. Competitive market analysis and product positioning.. Assistance with press releases and press quotes.. Media coaching.. Clients may acquire services in one of two  ...   an engagement basis.. For clients who desire on-going access to ITIC, the retainer delivers substantial value and significant savings over acquiring services on a project by project basis and may be shared by up to three funding groups within a client organization.. Call for quote.. 1364.. 205552..

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  • Title: ITIC » Security Breaches on Company-Owned Devices Last Year
    Descriptive info: Security Breaches on Company-Owned Devices Last Year.. Return to.. Posted on Monday, May 19th, 2014 at 11:45pm.. Be the first to comment!.. Post a Comment:.. [Cancel Reply].. Name.. (required).. Email.. Website.. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.. You can also.. subscribe.. without commenting.. 1.. 1365.. 205553..

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  • Title: ITIC » Allowance of BYOD Utilized as Corporate Devices
    Descriptive info: Allowance of BYOD Utilized as Corporate Devices.. 1367.. 205555..

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  • Title: ITIC » Acknowledgment of Security Breaches in the Last Year
    Descriptive info: Acknowledgment of Security Breaches in the Last Year.. Posted on Monday, May 5th, 2014 at 11:30am.. 1368.. 205556..

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