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  • Title: itmWEB Group LLC - Advisory, Research, and Speakers
    Descriptive info: .. itm.. WEB.. Group.. LLC.. Home.. Advisory.. Research.. Speakers.. Methodology.. org.. TechWeekly.. com.. itmWEB Labs.. PMO Resources.. Archives.. Affiliates.. Community.. Contact Us.. Group LLC.. Advisory, Research, and Speaking.. Driving Research Insights into Business Outcomes.. Our network of IT professionals and experts provides advisory,.. research, leadership development, innovation, and project.. management services for medium-sized companies, similar sized.. corporate divisions, and mid-sized government agencies.. itmWEB has been built through decades of people-to-people.. association through projects, companies, events, and experiences.. Many of us are speakers, writers, and thought leaders in.. technology.. We love a challenge - and we always focus on innovative.. and tangible results.. Established in Austin, Texas in 1996, itmWEB has been providing.. white paper and research materials to the worldwide IT community.. for over two decades - and our methodologies, forums, blogs,.. research, and white papers have been visited millions of times.. We continue to produce focused viewpoints and research for both the.. IT community as well as our clients - and all of these materials.. can be found in the various sections of our website.. Currently we.. are focused on topics like mobile, analytics and big data,.. infrastructure and application rationalization, agile development,.. social networking and collaboration, and cloud technologies.. We deliver our services through on-site workshops, scheduled.. retreats, and traditional project engagements.. We work either on-.. site or through remote means depending on scope and budget..  ...   Performance Projects using Virtual Teams.. An AXEN itmWEB Insight Project.. Click for Detailed Overviews.. Our Free Viewpoints Research Reports.. itmWEB Viewpoints and Research: Free Subscription.. About Us:.. itmWEB has been built through decades of people-to-people association through projects, companies, events, and experiences.. Many of us are seasoned advisers, experienced speakers, feature writers, and thought leaders in technology.. We love a challenge - and we always focus on innovative and tangible results.. Established in Austin, Texas in 1996, itmWEB has been providing white paper and research materials to the worldwide IT community for almost two decades - and our methodologies, forums, blogs, research, and white papers have been visited millions of times.. We continue to produce focused viewpoints and research for both the IT community as well as our clients - and all of these materials can be found in the various sections of our website.. Currently we are focused on topics like mobile, analytics and big data, infrastructure and application rationalization, agile development, social networking and collaboration, and cloud technologies.. We deliver our services through on-site workshops, scheduled retreats, and traditional project engagements.. We work either on-site or through remote means depending on scope and budget.. We utilize methodologies like VBAM as a foundation for building our proposed solutions.. Affiliation:.. Find us on Google+.. itmWEB Group LLC, Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved.. Web Hosting.. powered by Network Solutions..

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  • Title: itmWEB Group LLC Advisory
    Descriptive info: Share.. Our network of experts and affiliates has been built through decades of association with each other through projects, companies, events, and experiences.. Many of us have served as CIOs and senior executives of some of the world's largest and most technically advanced companies.. Leadership Development.. :.. Vision Based.. Dynamics.. Workshop.. Related Services:.. Supervisor's Boot Camp.. IT Executive Skills Session.. Left Brain | Right Brain Workshop.. Event Based IT Leadership Session.. Innovation Business Requirements.. 10 Ideas..  ...   Seach Services.. SharePoint 2010 and 2013.. Planning, Requirements, and Implementation.. Strategic Advisory Services.. Rapid.. Strat.. Strategic Plans for IT.. Strategic Plans for Business.. Strategic Plans for Start-ups.. IT Operations Organization.. IT Govenance Steering.. IT Enterprise Architecture.. IT Roadmaps.. Project Management Office.. CIO Mentoring Coaching.. Rationalization Services.. VBAM.. Pathway.. Agile Methodology Workshops.. SCRUM Kanban Coaching.. IT Application Portfolio Analysis.. IT Initiatives Prioritization.. IT Infrastructure Review.. ERP Upgrade Rationalization.. ERP Conversion Strategy.. ERP Cloud Strategy.. Our Monthly Report:..

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  • Title: Research - Topics
    Descriptive info: Viewpoints and Research.. Our research projects are focused on.. predictive research.. - forecasting.. what.. IT departments will be doing and.. how.. they will be doing it in three to five years.. The reports are published in a "how to" format with frameworks, guidelines, and maturity models for immediate application within an enterprise.. Presented below are some snapshots of our latest business and technology research projects.. Most past results are now in the form of either a summarized report or a presentation.. We also web publish our viewpoints regularly through Techweekly.. com - see the link at the left.. We also send out a.. free monthly summary.. of our current viewpoints and new research findings to our email subscribers - use the box at the bottom of this page to sign-up - it is managed through Mail Chimp.. Contact us.. if you have an interest in any of these projects or findings.. See our.. page if your company, event, or retreat audience would like a presentation on any of these topics.. Completed Research Projects.. 2013: High Performance Virtual Teams.. We are currently making presentations and conducting workshops from these research results which provide a high impact framework of enablers for doing virtual projects at a world class level of engagement and quality.. -.. To get a free PDF copy of the final report.. please send a email to:.. info@itmWEB.. 2013: Moving from a Waterfall to an Agile Methodology.. We are currently making presentations and doing advisory work from these materials which highlight the best practices from dozens of  ...   to:.. 2012: The 10 Ideas Innovation Framework.. We are currently conducting workshops and doing advisory work for this study.. which focused on 10 ways to identify, capture, and act upon innovative ideas.. 2012: Vision Dynamics: Empowering Team Success.. This is a very popular speaking topic for events and executive gatherings - we have also been conducting workshops around this material.. Vision Dynamics: Left Brain | Right Brain Thinking.. com/viewpoints/2013/05/14/vision-dynamics-left-brain-right-brain-thinking/.. 2012: Evolution of Cloud Computing.. To learn more about this presentation - please send a email to:.. 2012: IT Destination 2020 - Future Technologies.. Our Research Methodology.. Participation in any of our research efforts welcome.. We conduct sixty day time-boxed studies.. We start by aggregating existing data from trusted research and academic sources in order to begin from a existing viewpoint.. We then identify deeper target topic study areas of interest to mid-sized organizations.. Our findings are then derived from this process.. Most information is collected through confidential surveys (usually using Mail Chimp and Survey Monkey) - or in a few cases.. through conference calls with our research team.. Participation is free and all results are always shared with the participating respondents.. Generally each research team is comprised of an associate from itmWEB, a subject matter affiliate representative, and a researcher from one of our university partners.. The published results are then shared with each research organization for final distribution or academic publication.. if you want to be on our new research project announcements.. We regularly send new research findings and announcements to existing contacts at no cost..

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  • Title: itmWEB Group LLC Speakers
    Descriptive info: Affliated Speakers.. Over the years we have had the pleasure to see talks from some of the world's leading thinkers in technology, strategy, science,.. entrepreneurship,.. marketing, leadership, security, and globalization.. On this page we highlight some of our favorite affiliated and Austin hometown speakers who we consider to be operating at a world class level of presenting and who are also thinking and writing at the cutting edge of their own disciplines.. Simply click the links next to each individual to find your way to their respective website and biography - or you can contact us and we can always help to you learn more about each speaker.. Russ Finney - High Tech CIO, Researcher, Advisor.. Russ is in front of audiences all over the world speaking about topics such as leveraging ultra-.. future technologies, discovering disruptive innovations, doing high impact strategic planning, taming virtual and cultural team issues, using agile techniques within large enterprises, enhancing teamwork dynamics and productivity, and creating new business models from within IT.. Click here to learn more.. Terry Bennett - CIO Executive Advisor.. Terry is a strategically-minded difference maker who improves business results through people, processes, and technology in that order.. He transforms IT departments into dynamic organizations that are proactive and business-focused.. Terry has a proven ability to develop teams recognized for achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.. His speeches and workshops challenge the thinking of IT and business professionals alike toward igniting them to unlock the full potential of people and technology needed for success today and in the future.. Steve Finnerty - Leadership Development.. Steve Finnerty.. is.. currently president of Finnerty Consulting which is focused on helping people and teams achieve their potential.. The focus of his practice is individual and team leadership development, CIO coaching, strategy development and change management.. Thom Singer - Branding, Positioning, Networking.. Thom Singer has more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience with firms such as RR Donnelley, Brobeck Phleger Harrison LLP, Andrews Kurth LLP, Marsh, Inc.. , and Wells Fargo Bank.. He is an expert in branding, positioning and networking, and has trained thousands of professionals in the art of building professional contacts that lead to increased business.. Dante S.. Lauretta -.. OSIRIS-REx Principal Investigator.. Dr.. Dante Lauretta is a Professor of Planetary Science at the University of Arizona and the leader of NASA s OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission.. He manages a diverse, multi-cultural team from industry, government, and academia.. Space exploration brings out the best in people and inspires them  ...   combination of C level experience in both large companies and startups that provides unique insight.. Over a 30 year career, he negotiated and implemented multiple partnerships with major industry players, resulting in new products that drove multi-million dollar increases in revenue.. He also led multiple acquisitions for a large company, including a $200M transaction.. Later serving as Entrepreneur in Residence for an early stage venture firm, he evaluated investments based on experience gained in multiple senior management stints at high tech startups.. Bijoy Goswami - Mental Models for Business.. Bijoy Goswami is deeply interested in how we create extraordinary, meaningful and joyful lives.. He sees our unique human capability of building mental models as a vital part of this endeavor.. He loves building and sharing simple, yet powerful models, including MRE, youPlusU and Bootstrap.. Torvald Hessel - The Science of Non-Profits.. Torvald Hessel is the Executive Directorof the Austin Planetarium, additionally, he is an Adjunct Professor of Astronomy at ACC.. He received his Masters Degree in Astrophysics from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.. In 1999 he immigrated to the United States and ended up in Austin, TX where he worked for seven years as a web designer and programmer for the University of Texas at Austin.. Hank Jones - The Legal Side of Technology.. Hank is a software and information technology lawyer, executive, and corporate trainer.. He has assisted dozens of buyers in hundreds of IT projects.. He also knows "the vendor side" from having worked inside six companies, and for over 150 vendor clients.. Jones consults nationally on software, Internet commerce, and computer-related sourcing, development, licensing, intellectual property, and risk management.. A member of the California and Texas bars, Jones has delivered 200+ talks in 5 countries and published over 25 articles.. Gary Hoover - Entrepreneurial Journeys.. Gary Hoover travels the world speaking to Fortune 500 executives, trade associations, entrepreneurs, and college and high school students about how enterprises are built and how they stand the test of time.. His speeches and workshops have ranged from the Hong Kong and Jakarta chapters of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) to keynote at the National Association of Convenience Stores Convention to Microsoft and Oracle client conferences.. Fred Mapp - IT Strategy Management.. Fred Mapp is a consultant and motivational speaker with more than 40 years of experience in IT.. Fred has served as CIO at various Fortune 100 companies.. He has held key positions at IBM, InfoSpan Corporation, American Express, Honeywell, AMD and the World Congress on Information Technology.. Speaker and Associate Events..

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  • Title: itmWEB Group LLC Methodology.org
    Descriptive info: Method.. o.. logy.. org.. Beginning in the 1980s and right up to the present day - our team has been building and contributing to IT related methodologies which are optimized for application and software development.. Our.. VBM.. Vision Based Methodology.. is a classic waterfall approach which is still used by developers who work on mainframe and mid-range projects - but today most of our focus has been on supporting Agile, Scrum,  ...   classic VBM.. methodology through the links below - our latest iteration is adding the "Agile" to VBM.. though our new VBAM.. - Vision Based Agile Methodology.. What We Support.. Agile Alliance.. Scrum Alliance.. Agile Austin.. Agile Manifesto.. Our Newest Methods.. VBAM.. Vision Based.. Agile Methodology.. 10 Ideas.. Framework.. Rapid.. Strat.. Pathway.. Our Classic Methodology.. Click Above to Enter.. Vision Based Dynamics.. 10 Ideas Framework.. RapidStrat.. VBMPathway.. Agile | Scrum | Videos..

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  • Title:
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  • Title: itmWEB Group LLC itmWEB Labs
    Descriptive info: Labs.. Listed below are a few of the cloud based resources that we are currently utilizing in order to create amazing web and mobile technologies to support our ongoing client and research activities.. Mobile.. Windows 8 Apps - Development and Download Center.. Windows Phone App Studio - Beta version.. Windows Store app submission process.. iOS Developer Program.. Android Developer Tools Distribution.. Cloud Providers.. IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Log-in Page.. Amazon Web Services Support Site.. Windows Azure Cloud Services.. Project Management.. Zoho Projects SaaS Service..

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  • Title: Research - PMO
    Descriptive info: PMO.. The.. Project.. Management.. Office.. itmWEB has also published hundreds of reports, papers, and articles over the years from a wide variety of sources.. Presented below are an assortment of some of our past favorite short-read white papers which still provide relevance and insight into today's opportunities and challenges around project management and system building.. Sample Archive: Past PMO Developer Papers.. Good Intentions  ...   Driven Development Approach.. Creating New Systems: Perseverance, Pain, or Panic?.. The Politics of Information and Projects.. The Ritual of Planning.. The Mythical Team Leader.. Critical Factors for Teamwork Success.. Requirements Gathering: First Impressions Count.. Design Reviews: Iterate to Excellence.. System Design: The Level of Detail Matters.. Putting an Eyeball on It: Pinciples of good Walk-Throughs.. Management Excellence: Adjust the Size of your Thinking..

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  • Title: itmWEB Group LLC Archives
    Descriptive info: WEB.. itmWEB.. Archive Lounge.. Over the years we have accumulated thousands of pages of material from our various contributors and writers - in order to share some of it - we have selected a small rotating selection of these original insight and opinion postings and published them below in the form of an archive.. Have a seat, kick back, and travel back through a bit of IT history by browsing through some of these previously published TechWeekly.. com articles and columns.. Russ Finney - Selected Past Columns.. A small sample selection of past prediction and commentary articles by Russ Finney which were originally published through the itmWEB TechWeeky news blog - they have been republished here for general reference.. 04/04/05 - The New Reality of Offshore IT Outsourcing.. A critical and realistic look a the new reality of offshore IT outsourcing.. Originally written for CIO Magazine.. 05/10/03 - Successful Project Team Management.. An enlightened look at the key factors which make project teams successful.. Originally written for The Quality Observer.. 04/21/03 - Managing the Organizational Change Curve.. A phase by phase examination of how the organizational change curve impacts the systems development process.. 07/08/02 - Dell Business Strategy Secrets (Part 2).. Dell CEO Michael Dell gives his unique insights into the management philosophies now being employed  ...   look at the important new product features of Microsoft's Windows 98.. 03/10/98 - Inside the IBM JavaOS Project.. A look inside the IBM JavaOS project which reveals IBM's strategy, target market, and current progress.. 02/06/98 - IT Executive Survival Skills (Part 2).. Part two of a two part series which examines important survival skills for IT executives.. 01/31/98 - IT Executive Survival Skills (Part 1).. Part one of a two part series which examines important survival skills for IT executives.. 12/22/97 - The Technology View from Japan.. Some technology observations from a recent business trip to Japan.. The technology just keeps shrinking.. 12/14/97 - The Software View from Silicon Valley.. Some technology observations from a recent business trip to the Silicon Valley.. The Intranet is moving closer to the enterprise center.. 10/29/97 - Is Business Process Reengineering Dead?.. An examination of the current state of reengineering, and its usefulness for business today.. 07/21/97 - Information Technology Strategic Planning.. This feature highlights the important considerations of MIS and business goal alignment.. 05/22/97 - Michael Dell's Corporate Strategy.. A summary of recent strategic overview meetings held at Dell Computer's Austin headquarters.. 05/05/97 - The Web's Impact on IS Departments.. This column examines some of the important issues and decisions now facing IS Departments regarding internet deployment and support..

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  • Title: itmWEB Group LLC Affiliates
    Descriptive info: We take great pride in the fantastic companies and organizations with which we are are associated.. Each of them brings a unique dimension to our business and our activities.. Let us assemble a highly experienced and focused team to assist with your next mission critical project.. Advisory and Research.. Stryve Advisors is a unique thought leadership and consulting firm that lives at the forefront of emerging technologies and new management approaches and processes.. Stryve works with organizations to provide breakthrough insights, practical strategies, and fully executable implementation plans.. Pemeco is a boutique ERP project management consulting firm.. Since their inception in 1978, they have helped each and every one of their clients achieve ERP success.. Cutter Consortium is a global IT advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations forge solutions to the business technology challenges they face.. Through research, consulting, and training, Cutter assists enterprises as they create, implement, and maintain IT systems.. Bridgepoint Consulting provides advisory services to optimize financial operations and technology utilization for their clients.. They employ highly-skilled professionals that have expertise in financial operations, risk management, compliance, information technology, transactions, restructuring and executive recruiting.. Accelerate results with an innovative strategy management platform.. Achieve strategic clarity and accountability across your department leaders.. Integrate strategic intentions with operational execution to enable dynamic response to shifts  ...   or team presentations to jump start your organization s understanding of strategic issues.. Professional Events.. InnoTech is an annual conference and exhibition built specifically for business and technology executives, highlighting the region's innovation and technology development opportunities by showcasing pioneering products and services.. efm Events are purposefully targeted and focused in an effort to streamline the networking and relationship building amongst IT professionals and technology suppliers.. Service Providers.. Axen is a Microsoft Gold certified nearshore IT service provider with a full service operation in Austin, Texas.. Through this team, they provide the value of utilizing elite Mexican tech talent while retaining close collaboration and world class results.. Axen has over a decade of experience working with fast growing and Fortune 500 companies as a seamless extension of their IT solution delivery teams.. Evaluating talent acquisition problems and recommending creative solutions is they do best.. If your company s growth demands new talent or if you lose an important member of your team, they offer the expertise to keep you moving ahead.. Filling a position should not be a quick fix, but rather an important piece in the overall framework of your company and its continuous building process.. They understand the importance of the bottom line and how effective leadership by the right people contributes to it..

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  • Title: itmWEB Group LLC Community
    Descriptive info: Listed below are some of the organizations and activities we have been involved with over the years.. Austin has a vibrant and supportive technology community and we are proud to help by being an active part of the growth of our city's technology ecosystem.. A special thanks goes to.. Earl McGehee who provided many of the photos in the IT Executive of the Year announcements on this page.. Austin IT Executive of  ...   1999.. 1998.. Our involvement with great organizations:.. Past Board member of the Austin Chamber's AusTech Alliance.. Past Board member of the Austin Technology Council.. Past Board member of AITP - National and Local.. Board member of the Austin Planetarium.. Member of the Texas State CIS Advisory Board.. Member of the Austin InnoTech Advisory Board.. Member of the Society for Information Management.. Past Conference Chair for Austin InnoTech.. Past Conference Chair for NYC OutsourceWorld..

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