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  • Title: ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) and ITSM Directory
    Descriptive info: .. Directory of ITIL and ITSM services.. & software.. A launch pad for the.. IT infrastructure library (ITIL) & ITSM.. Directory of Software & Services for ITIL and ITSM.. The Itil and ITSM Directory.. ITIL Books.. -.. Service Level Agreements.. IT Outsourcing.. The ISO 20000 & BS15000 Standard.. Buy The ITIL PDFs.. **.. KEY RESOURCE: The ITIL Toolkit.. NEW: ITIL Training Online.. The IT Infrastructure Library, ITIL (®), is a series of documents that are used to aid the implementation of a framework for IT Service Management (ITSM).. This framework defines how Service Management is applied within specific organisations.. Being a framework, it is completely customisable for application within any type of business or organisation that has a reliance on IT infrastructure.. This directory is intended to serve as a start point for your ITIL/ITSM needs.. Whether you are entirely new to the topic, or whether you are a seasoned practitioner, you should hopefully find something of value.. WHAT IS ITIL.. ITIL VERSION 3.. The.. ITIL.. (IT Infrastructure Library) consists of 5 volumes: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement.. Although the UK Government originally created the ITIL, it has rapidly been adopted across the world as the standard for best practice in the provision of information technology services.. As IT services become more closely aligned and integrated with the business, ITIL assists in establishing a business management approach and discipline to IT Service Management, stressing the complementary aspects of running IT like a business.. Service Management is a set of specialized organizational capabilities for providing value to customers in the form of services.. The core of Service Management is transforming resources into valuable services.. For online training information see -.. HERE.. For information on the ITIL Toolkit see -.. This release of ITIL brought with it an important change of emphasis, from an operationally focused set of processes to a mature service management set of practice guidance.. It also brought a rationalization in the number of volumes included in the set, which now comprises the following:.. Service Strategy.. Service Design.. Service Transition.. Service Operation.. Continual Service Improvement.. ITIL VERSION 2.. THE ITIL TOOLKIT.. Version 2 of ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) consisted of 7 sets: Service Support; Service Delivery; Planning to Implement Service Management; ICT Infrastructure Management; Applications Management; Security Management; The Business Perspective.. However, the main focus was generally divided into two main areas, known as.. ITIL Service Delivery.. and.. ITIL Service Support.. Service Delivery.. is the management of the IT services themselves, and involves a number of management practices to ensure that IT services are provided as agreed between the Service Provider and the Customer.. In includes 5 disciplines: Service Level Management, Capacity Management, Continuity Management, Availability Management, and IT Financial Management.. Service Support.. is the practice of those disciplines that enable IT Services to be provided effectively.. The 6 Service Support  ...   , or.. SLA.. , is fundamental to service provision, from the perspective of both the supplier and the recipient.. It documents and defines the parameters of the relationship itself.. The quality of the service level agreement is therefore a critical matter.. It is not an area that can be left to chance, and must command careful attention.. To assist with this task, our.. service level agreement.. page considers service level agreements more closely, and identifies a simple but comprehensive resource to assist.. ITIL BOOKS.. / ITSM CD/ MISC.. ITIL TRAINING.. /.. BS15000 AND ISO 20000.. ISO 20000.. Our.. ITIL Book Store.. details various books and resources on ITIL and IT service management.. ITIL service support V2.. This CD-ROM, from CCTA, presents the version 2 ITIL approach for services support.. It has full navigation, with toolbar and menu of links to tools that you will find useful whilst using the ITIL Service Support CD, as well as search and other facilities to guide you through the text.. CONTINUITY MANAGEMENT REFERENCES.. A number of portals exist which offer guidance upon the topic of contingency planning:.. Business Continuity.. Disaster Recovery World.. The Business Continuity Toolkit.. For information on the application of ITIL to IT outsourcing see our.. page.. Related Process Models.. six sigma methodology.. is also an established method for process improvement.. In some respects, it demonstrates a number of similar characteristics to ITIL.. TRAINING.. ITIL Training Group.. offer an online course designed specifically to prepare participants for the examination leading to the Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management.. See.. for details.. THE ISO 20000 AND BS15000 STANDARDS.. The ITSM landscape changed significantly with the publication of the international service management standard, ISO 20000.. This actually consists of a set of two related documents:.. ISO 20000:1 A specification for ITSM.. ISO 20000:2 A detailed code of practice for ITSM.. For the first time, a globally recognized and certifiable framework now exists for the implementation of service management processes within an organization.. ISO 20000 is of course aligned with ITIL, and is likely to become one of the most widely adopted international standards.. NOTE: ISO 20000 (formerly BS15000) is the world's first standard for IT service management.. For detailed information, visit the sister site of this portal:.. The ISO 20000 Directory.. We hope that this directory has been of substantial use.. If not present within the site itself, the links provided should direct you to a suitable source.. If, however, you need any further assistance, or have any comments on this portal, please contact us (see below).. You may also wish to subscribe to our free newsletter:.. ITIL News.. HOME.. ~.. WEBLINKS.. CONTACTS.. ==>.. SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD AREA.. ® ITIL is a registered trademark of.. OGC.. - the Office of Government Commerce.. For other information see also.. ITIL Service Management.. ;.. CCTA.. BBB.. Org.. Coming soon:.. Service Providers Directory.. Copyright 1993-2012 BC Associates.. WF2..

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  • Title: ITIL Books from ITIL and ITSM World
    Descriptive info: A launch pad for the IT.. infrastructure library (ITIL book) & ITSM.. ITIL Books at the Directory of Software & Services for ITIL and ITSM.. ITIL Books & Support Materials.. (Online Purchase Avaliable).. The ITIL Books.. In PDF Format.. In Paper Format.. OTHER ITEMS:.. IT Infrastructure Library Practices in Small IT Units.. CCTA - Government Centre for Information Systems.. The BS15000 Service Management Standard.. Instant Download and Purchase.. ICT Infrastructure Management Ver 2.. This CD-Rom publication covers network service management, operations management, management of local processors, computer installation and acceptance and systems management.. Follow the link above for online purchase.. The  ...   from CCTA, presents the ITIL approach for service support.. It has full navigation, permanent toolbar and menu of links to tools that will prove useful whilst using the CD, as well as search and other facilities to guide you through the text.. Follow the.. link.. for online purchase.. ITIL service delivery Ver 2.. The Service Delivery equivalent of the above CD-Rom.. for online purchase from the ITIL Book Store.. ICT Infrastructure Management.. This publication covers network service management, operations management, management of local processors, computer installation and acceptance and systems management.. ITIL Books from the ITIL Book Store.. Copyright 1993-2004 BC Associates..

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  • Title: The SLA or Service Level Agreement
    Descriptive info: A Directory of ITIL and ITSM Services.. Directory of Software & Services - The ITIL SLA.. The Service Level Agreement.. It essentially documents and defines the parameters of the relationship itself.. The SLA itself must be of sufficiant detail and scope for the service covered.. Typical SLA sections include: Introduction, Scope of Work, Performance, Tracking and Reporting, Problem Management, Compensation, Customer Duties and Responsibilities, Warranties and Remedies, Security, Intellectual Property Rights and Confidential Information, Legal Compliance and Resolution of Disputes, Termination and Signatures.. Other sections of course may be applicable.. Each of these sections must be caefully crafted to ensure that the agreement properly defines the service to be delivered.. This is certainly not a trivial task.. THE SLA TOOLKIT.. Fortunately, much of the spade work can be  ...   every part of the SLA and provides jump links straight to the appropriate part of the above template.. A full presentation on SLA's explaining how, what and why.. A presentation explaining the key concepts of Service Level Management for a wider appreciation of the issues.. The toolkit is provided in MS-Word and PowerPoint formats, to give the user full control over the contents.. It is available for immediate download on purchase.. For further information, visit the.. Website.. NEW - PURCHASE ONLINE.. The SLA Toolkit, including template, guide and presentation, can now be purchased online for only (cost: 199 USD).. Buy The SLA Toolkit.. OR.. Read Further Information on the SLA Toolkit.. RETURN TO PREVIOUS PAGE.. ITIL is a registered trade mark of the Office of Government Commerce.. ITIL SLA..

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  • Title: ITIL and ITSM: IT Outsourcing
    Descriptive info: Directory of ITIL services.. Directory of Software & Services for ITIL and IT Service Management.. The outsourcing of IT and other services is now a common and established phenomena.. It can be viewed in many different ways, but certainly NOT as a route to passing on.. responsibility.. for service management or IT service management.. The fact that the IT or other functions are performed by a third party organization does not mean that ultimate management responsibility changes.. The method of management may vary, but responsibility will not.. In many cases, the quality of the in-house management will actually be more critical in these scenarios.. ITIL and Outsourced Services.. It could be argued that the fact that a function is delivered externally requires even more stringent and disciplined management structures than internal delivery.. Certainly, there are a significant number of aspects that require close attention and for which the application of ITIL disciplines can bring substantial benefits.. The application of ITIL is actually core in many of these areas.. The different ITIL issues still need to be tackled, perhaps through  ...   However, the use of ITIL will certainly help ensure a more rigorous and robust arrangement, which ultimately should benefit both parties.. ITIL Based Outsourcing Aids.. We have, in fact, recently identified a tool which specifically uses the disciplines of ITIL to help organizations manage their initial and ongoing outsourcing arrangements.. IT Outsourcing Toolkit.. is actually a variant of the well known.. , but includes components and documents to assist those undertaking an outsourcing operation.. These include a pre-written service level agreement, a benchmarking audit kit, a service level requirements template, a blueprint outsourcing contract, a transition plan guide and various other ITIL and outsourcing related documents.. It is more fully documented on its own site:.. ITIL, Outsourcing And Security.. Again, security is an issue for which ultimate responsibility cannot be readily transferred.. It must be managed.. Within an outsourcing scenario, much of the emphasis will naturally shift towards agreements and contractual controls.. Particular care should therefore be applied during project inception to ensure that these are not only in place, but are fully adequate and appropriate.. Copyright 1993-2003 BC Associates..

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  • Title: ITIL, ISO 20000 and BS15000
    Descriptive info: Directory of ITIL, ITSM & security services.. Directory of Software & Services for ITSM, ITIL, BS15000 and ISO 20000.. ISO 20000, BS15000 and ITIL.. Conceptually, the two ISO 20000 standards and their relationship with ITIL, are best described with the aid of a diagram:.. This of course is an over-simplification, but it does demonstrate the broad relationships in play, and perhaps illustrates the importance of the standards.. These were published in December 2005, based upon the earlier BS15000 service management standards.. The standards themselves are desribed below:.. ISO 20000-1.. This is the Specification for Service Management, the 'cerifiable' element of the pair.. More Information.. ISO 20000-2.. This is the 'Code of Practice for Service Management', which designed to work with the Specification, and outlines requirements, etc..  ...   supply chain; existing providers to benchmark their IT service management; as the basis for formal certification; and so on.. Part 2.. provides guidance to auditors, implementation staff and others.. THE ISO 20000 TOOLKIT.. Implementation of any major quality standard is a complex operation.. In additon to the learning curve, which can be steep, the demands of international standards are often rigorous.. For this reason, a specific kit has been designed to aid both implemenation and understanding.. The contents of the toolkit are both diverse and comprehensive, covering all the major prcoesses.. Included are the standards themselves, templates, guides, presentations and checklists.. The ISO 20000 Toolkit is described in more detail on the following page:.. Toolkit Contents.. The ISO20000 Toolkit.. Return to Main Page.. BS15000.. ITIL Service Management..

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  • Title: The ITIL Toolkit
    Descriptive info: Directory of Software & Services for ITIL, ITSM & Security.. The much acclaimed.. is essentially designed to help guide you through the ITIL/ITSM minefield.. It contains a series of components and resources to help simplify, explain and manage ITIL and the ITIL process.. It comprises a series of discrete resources:.. An ITIL Guide.. This is a detailed and comprehensive introduction to ITIL, targetted at both beginners and seasoned practitioners.. An ITIL Management Presentation.. This is a full presentation on ITIL and service management.. It explains how, what and why through a series of PowerPoint foils with detailed notes.. The ITIL Fact Sheets.. This is a unique reference kit comprising a series of 12 ITIL (2 page) fact sheets.. These cover each of the main ITIL disciplines.. The Factsheets are.. described here.. as a separate offering if preferred.. An ITIL Compliance Assessment Kit..  ...   and to create a high quality presentation from the results.. ITSM Reference Guides.. These are intended to introduce a range of other ITSM related frameworks and approaches.. ITIL Version 3 Bridging Kit.. These documents explain the differences between the old version (v2) and the current.. THE ITIL TOOLKIT.. Essentially, this is a substantial and co-ordinated kit, covering a host of basic requirements.. For the former it is an excellent tool to 'get you going' with ITIL.. MORE INFORMATION.. is actually documented on its own dedicated site:.. On here you will find a more complete description, along with a series of sample snapshots from each of the components.. The whole kit can now be purchased online.. for only: 199 USD and downloaded straight to your PC.. It is our recommended support tool for ITIL.. ===>.. ITIL Toolkit: Further Information.. Buy The ITIL Toolkit Online..

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  • Title: ITIL Training and ITIL Certification
    Descriptive info: Directory of ITIL Training services.. Directory of Software & Services for ITSM and ITIL Certification.. ITIL Training & Certification.. Training services can of course be of variable quality.. and the problem is that often it is not possible to be certain of the character of a training course until you are in the midst of it.. This is one reason for the development of e-learning courses.. These courses are demonstrably of.. consistent.. quality.. They are also convenient and extremely cost effective - no travelling, no expenses, no waiting.. It was only a matter of time therefore before such a course was developed for ITIL  ...   to the Foundation Certificate.. It is a detailed, modular introduction to the concepts, terms, definitions, benefits, objectives, and relationships within core IT service management processes and functions, according to the ITIL best practice framework.. The download comprises materials to support all stages of the learning cycle: study, revision, re-enforcement and exam preparation.. These are supplied in the common MS-Office formats: Word, Powerpoint and Excel.. Details and Registration.. The cost is currently just $199, and as such is highly recommended.. For more details on this offering, visit the:.. ITIL Training & Certification Portal.. Details & Registration Here.. "Promoting ITSM Since 1993".. Alternative:.. ITIL Online Training..

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  • Title: ITIL v3 Definition. What is ITIL?
    Descriptive info: ITIL Definition.. Directory of Software & Services for ITIL and ITSM.. What is ITIL?.. ITIL ® is a series of comprehensive, consistent publications that are used to aid the establishment of a quality ITSM framework within an organization, aligned with the international standard, namely, ISO/IEC 20000.. The ITIL philosophy has evolved and is globally recognized as the foundation of IT Service Management best practices, supported by a professional qualification scheme.. The latest version of ITIL ® (v3) consists of a core set of five publications that replaces the previous version of ITIL ® (which was published in 2000).. The core publications, providing the guidance necessary for an integrated  ...   or technological contexts.. As IT services become more closely integrated with the business function, ITIL v3 assists in establishing a business management approach and discipline to IT, stressing the complementary aspects of running IT itself as a business.. These capabilities take the form of functions and processes for managing services over a lifecycle, through strategy, design, transition, operation, and continual improvement (as per the volumes).. Without these capabilities, signifying capacity, competency, and confidence for action, a service organization is merely a bundle of resources that by itself has relatively low intrinsic value for customers.. For the ITIL Toolkit see -.. Copyright 1993-2007 BC Associates.. An ITIL Definition (v3)..

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  • Title: ITIL Version 3
    Descriptive info: ITIL Version 3.. The upgrade of ITIL from version 2 (2000) to version 3 (2007) included some intensive changes.. The change of focus, from an operationally focused set of processes to a mature set of service management practice guidance, necessitated a number of core changes.. One of the most visible changes was the subtle change of name: from "The IT Infrastructure Library" to "ITIL Service Management Practices".. This itself reflected ITIL s evolution, implying a broader scope.. Indeed, the  ...   of volumes was re-organized and re-published to support this new vision (a 'service lifecycle format').. ITIL now consists of the following:.. These are supported by complementary titles, addressing the application of the generic core guidelines in specific markets/technological contexts.. Conceptually, the core guides above revolve around the ITIL 'Service Lifecycle'.. This lifecycle is intended to be a logical flow from Strategy, through Design, Transition, Operation and Service Improvement, supporting feedback through all areas of the lifecycle.. An ITIL Definition..

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  • Title: ITIL Definition. What is ITIL?
    Descriptive info: (IT Infrastructure Library) consists of 6 sets: Service Support; Service Delivery; Planning to Implement Service Management; ICT Infrastructure Management; Applications Management; The Business Perspective.. Within these a variable number of very specific disciplies are described.. Although the UK Government actually created ITIL via the CCTA, it is rapidly being adopted across the world  ...   IT Service.. Although ITIL covers a number of areas, its main focus is certainly on IT Service Management (.. ITSM.. ).. IT Service Management (ITSM) itself is generally divided into two main areas,.. Together, these two areas consist of 10 disciplines that are responsible for the provision and management of effective IT services..

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  • Title: ITSM Foundation: ITIL Service Strategy
    Descriptive info: Directory of Software & Services for ITSM.. ITIL Capacity Management.. ITIL Service Strategy.. Service Strategy deals with the strategic management approach in respect of IT Service Management; strategic analysis, planning, positioning, and implementation relating to service models, strategies, and strategic objectives.. It provides guidance on leveraging service management capabilities to effectively deliver value to customers and illustrate value for service providers.. The Service Strategy volume provides guidance on the design, development, and implementation of service management, not only as an organizational capability, but also as a strategic asset.. It provides guidance on the principles underpinning the practice of service management to aid the development  ...   to delayed effect.. Topics include the development of markets, internal and external, service assets, service catalog, and implementation of strategy through the Service Lifecycle; setting objectives and expectations of performance towards serving customers and market spaces, and to identify, select, and prioritize opportunities.. Assisting an organization to position itself to deal with the costs and risks associated with its service portfolios, establishing both operational effectiveness and distinctive performance.. See the.. for more information on Service Strategy.. ITIL Service Strategy Principles.. The documented principles cover.. Value Creation.. Service Provider Types.. Service Assets.. Service Structures.. Service Strategy Fundamentals.. Approximate ver2 process cross reference (caution): Financial Management..

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