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    Archived pages: 86 . Archive date: 2014-10.

  • Title: Grid-TV: The ip-TV Technology
    Descriptive info: .. The ip-TV Technology.. Contact.. GRID-TV.. internal documents.. v.. IPOC.. About GRID-TV.. IP-TV Analytics.. Full HD Service.. Dipol Archive.. LRC Neurosoft.. TV-Edit 6.. 0.. TV-Serve 6.. FileLoadBalancing neural net.. Service and Support.. Science-TV GmbH - GRID-TV.. Höllriegelskreuther Weg 3.. 82065 Baierbrunn.. Germany.. Tel.. : ++49 89 7 44 88 88 12.. Fax: ++49 89 7 44 88 88 19.. E-Mail:.. Web:.. grid-tv.. com.. Impressum.. 2013, done by Science TV..

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  • Title: Grid-TV: Contact
    Descriptive info: Anrede / Titel.. Herr.. Frau.. Firma.. Vorname.. Nachname.. Firma.. Strasse / Nr.. PLZ / Ort.. Telefon.. (0).. Fax.. E-Mail Adresse.. Homepage.. Grund der Kontaktaufnahme.. Bitte geben Sie hier den Code, den Sie in der Grafik sehen, ein:.. Bitte füllen Sie alle mit.. gekennzeichneten Felder aus..

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  • Title: Grid-TV: GRID-TV
    Descriptive info: 240 countries.. 200 major cities.. 50 US States.. Chinese provinces.. Sociol Demographic Networks.. Your own TV Channel.. ip-TV Content Delivery.. The massage is global coverage.. Companies and Management..

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  • Title: Grid-TV: internal documents
    Descriptive info: Work with us.. to build up.. your own.. Broadcast.. Network.. rolloutplan.. contract.. legal notice.. privacy policy..

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  • Title: Grid-TV: v.IPOC
    Descriptive info: Bitte wählen Sie.. eine der vier.. IPOC Funktionen aus,.. um sich anzumelden!.. Ihr Support Team.. Translation.. Hot.. Stop.. Administration.. Statistics..

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  • Title: Grid-TV: About GRID-TV
    Descriptive info: Network Technology.. Linear Programm Patent.. 400 Channels.. 120 Tools.. Best IP-TV Service.. TV-Network Architechture.. The structure of the group.. References.. History..

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  • Title: Grid-TV: TV-Edit 6.0
    Descriptive info: The TV-Edit features tools for content processing, TV program scheduling, and Internet-TV configuration, accompanied by a set of tools and interfaces.. The UI (User Interface) of TV-Edit has been developed according TV broadcaster s and content provider s requirements and habits.. Content processing includes content gathering, storage management, metadata editing, auto encoding, and a copyright management tool.. Internet-TV programs can be scheduled either per channel, in a multi channel station, or in an overall multi station portal.. Content is logically  ...   (streaming!), download, interactive channel (e.. g.. home-order) or POS.. Platform management including server clustering, a DiPol archiving system, tool kit for GUI development, a tool kit for an online shop (directly linked to the home order implementation), and a number of interfaces complete TV-Edit.. Furthermore, the 24/7 television broadcast is protected by a patent.. Content is received preferably in MPEG2 format, several other formats are also supported.. A product option is Dipol-Archive, a mighty archiving system tailored for the POC..

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  • Title: Grid-TV: TV-Serve 6.0
    Descriptive info: TV-Serve operates the final distribution.. Multiple bandwidths can be pre-configured to deliver content according available bandwidth at the end users access point, e.. four different bandwidths in an open Internet environment.. Standard storage format is MPEG2.. Standard delivery format is MPEG4.. TV-Serve is operated on clusters of 3 small server spread over the Internet, e.. at least one cluster per carrier.. These are closely  ...   networks and DVB broadcast (IP over DVB), corporate network system and POS standalone systems.. Content is distributed according schedules and rules received from TV-Edit such enabling different schedules and rights observation for different network types; an interface to a clearing institution ensures content providers interests.. The operator controls the service from the NPOC through several tools including traffic monitoring and quality of service monitoring..

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  • Title: Grid-TV: FileLoadBalancing neural net
    Descriptive info: FLBnn:.. FLBnn (File Load Balancing neuronal net) is a high sophisticated tool for primary distribution in the network.. Content is delivered to a number of servers spread in the internet, e.. country wide.. FLBnn ensures the content availability in any case; in case of any shortfall the next available server is connected automatically for backup  ...   network , or cross border.. The payload of the servers is.. automatically regulated in a self learning way according content and area specific access.. The level of redundancy is defined by the operator.. Dedicated servers can be allocated for feeding of closed networks such as multicast playouts.. DVB broadcast networks, mobile-TV networks, intranets and POS systems..

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  • Title: Grid-TV: Service and Support
    Descriptive info: The GRID-TV platform comes with a service bundle for the operating partner who is accompanied by Science-TV from the very first day.. Commercial set-up support.. After going into an agreement GRID-TV experts support the partner analyzing the local demand and establish a roadmap for the roll out.. Installation support..  ...   partner:.. Hardware installation.. Software installation.. Training of partner selling and it-Teams.. Operational Test supervised by Science-TV.. Set up of several example channels.. Maintenance and technical support.. In operation GRID-TV provides maintenance and technical support as follows:.. Back up network through vIPOC.. Maintenance through vIPOC.. Full 24/7 hotline and email support..

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  • Title: Grid-TV: The ip-TV Technology
    Descriptive info: Impressum Website.. Anbietername.. Vertreten durch.. Ingo Wolf.. Daten.. HRB-Nr.. :.. 161205.. Steuer-Nr.. 143 179 20092.. USt-IdNr.. :.. DE 814720901.. Adresse.. 82065.. Baierbrunn.. Kontakt.. E-Mail.. Telefon.. +49 89 7 44 88 88 12.. Telefax.. +49 89 7 44 88 88 19.. Technischer Betrieb durch:.. Werbeagentur PR3000 e.. U.. Burgfriedweg 29.. 8010 Graz.. : 0043 664 4321446.. Fax:..

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    Archived pages: 86