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  • Title: FinePrint | Print the way you want
    Descriptive info: .. FinePrint.. Translate.. pdfFactory.. pdfFactory Pro.. Reviews.. Support.. Company.. Cart.. Award-winning, intuitive PDF creation at a reasonable price.. Create complex PDFs with ease.. New: Text and bitmap notes!.. Save time, money, paper ink.. DOWNLOAD v5.. 12.. BUY IT.. v.. The way it concatenates a whole series of separate documents into one pdf file is  ...   into Acrobat which sometimes produces unexpected problems.. What it does (and does well) is convert content from one or more apps into a compact, searchable PDF file you can share with anyone who has Adobe Reader.. Smart Computing.. DOWNLOAD v8.. Ten Best of All Time.. ZDNet.. 2002-2014 All rights reserved to Fineprint Software.. Contact Us..

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  • Title: pdfFactory Pro | FinePrint
    Descriptive info: The product balances flexibility with customizability, runs like the clappers and produces small files.. Computer Arts, Voted Best PDF Creator.. All of the features of.. plus:.. Create PDFs on.. letterhead.. Add.. page numbering, headers, footers, watermarks.. Bookmark each job automatically.. Create table of contents automatically.. Convert to grayscale.. PDF/A.. archiving.. text notes.. Fill in forms.. Crop.. pages.. Edit text.. Add  ...   PDF and.. rearrange.. them.. Custom Drivers for specific tasks.. Text highlight, copy and redact.. Graphic copy, delete, save.. Convert text to links.. Upgrade to.. pdfFactory Pro 5.. !.. Search.. Price List.. Update History.. Workstation.. $99.. 95.. Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP sp2 or higher.. Server Edition.. $120.. 00.. Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2008 R2, 2003, Citrix.. Server Licensing.. Tutorials.. Compare Products..

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  • Title: FinePrint | FinePrint
    Descriptive info: Provides a wealth of print options you may have been wishing for - and some you didn't even know you wanted - while taking the mystery out of complex print jobs.. PC Magazine.. Universal print previewer.. Delete unwanted pages.. Lighten content to save ink.. Remove blank pages.. Crop pages.. Remove unwanted text and images.. Print multiple pages on a single sheet.. Print electronic letterhead.. Archive print jobs.. Use.. Download.. buttons for.. free.. trial!.. Upgrade to FinePrint 8!.. $49.. $60..

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  • Title: Reviews | FinePrint
    Descriptive info: A Work of Art.. Donation Coder.. Bruce F.. Though I just purchased pdfFactory Pro, I ve been using it for years.. Back in the double zero years a tax software company called ATX MAX included pdfFactory Pro as an adjunct to their program as a means to print tax returns into pdfs.. I have used it at work, and loved it ever since.. A computer I purchased for home use came with a different program for producing pdfs.. It was clumsy, awkward and not nearly as functional as pdfFactory.. I just couldn t stand it any more I love my pdfFactory.. Thank you.. * * *.. Roger R.. I occasionally have the need to print sheet music that I write using sheet music software.. pdfFactory is the only software I have tried that will handle sheet music and it also does a great job on mathematical papers that I write using MS Word with Equation Editor.. The PDF reader that came with the new computer does not know how to deal with the equations and reformats them to something that looks really ugly.. Thanks for your excellent product!.. Edward D.. Hi, I have been using the program FinePrint for many years and couldn t possibly tell you how much I love it.. My Granddaughter is going to college and I told her about FinePrint which she got excited about because she said that she could use it for the papers and reports she has to do.. I don t know if you do or not but why don t you advertise your programs at colleges and high school as they do a lot of writing and everybody has a computer.. Thanks again for a great program.. Justin J.. I can t say how much I love FinePrint.. It saved me so much money on paper while in college and continues to help me save paper and ink today.. There s always a use for FinePrint, I love it.. Michael C.. I just wanted to say thank you for producing pdfFactory.. I have been using it in trial mode for some time and I have found it a fantastic product.. As a single father on a fixed income I have not been able to buy a registration before, but circumstances have changed and I have at last been able to get legal.. Thank you very much for a fantastic product at such a good price.. Guatam P.. I buy a lot of software off the net, and I ve had a variety of experience ranging from the horrendous (spending upwards of $60 on software that doesn t work, from a vendor who won t respond) and my experience with FinePrint is unlike any other.. The software is absolutely stunning.. It installs correctly straight off, doesn t wreck other settings, the interface is extremely intuitive and the support is exceptional.. I also cannot begin to describe the reactions when I get into a meeting and pass around my fineprinted booklets of documents and you can imagine now long legal documents can get.. The reactions are, uniformly, of amazement: Guatam is writing a book on this contract is he? BTW, I do legal work for environmental activists and they re doing handstands in joy at finding something that saves paper for them.. What do I really like? The ability to save my print jobs for later.. Online purchase receipts, browsed pages, emails, whatever, I collect it, save it, reorder it, add blank pages, removed those silly browser pages with just the footer or a single line on a continuation page, the ones that take up up a whole sheet that was such a pain, though now it s history, of course and move on.. Take this example: I buy software.. I get an online confirmation and a receipt.. Print, save, defer.. Check mail.. Email receipt comes in.. Save file, print file, defer, save print job.. Unlock code comes in.. Save file, save code (I use Clipmate to house my codes), print file, save print job, print job in booklet and on one single sheet, printed duplex or in booklet, I ve got the browser receipt, the email receipt and the email with the unlock code.. What more can one ask for?.. As you ve guessed, I don t just use the autosave feature (set to 10megs!) but save all my print jobs.. Someone wants another copy, no problem, I don t have to hunt for the document again, check I ve got the right revision and bite my fingernails wondering what will happen.. The save jobs feature is a real beaut, and it s one that isn t highlighted sufficiently on the FP website, though mentioned.. It s an invaluable tool to finding documents.. I keep the saved files in a separate folder and name each print job distinctively.. I then know at a shot what s ready for printing and what s not and it s the easiest way to track ready-to-print files on the hard disk especially if, like me, you keep multiple copies of documents as they go through various revisions.. My latest devotee is, of all people, my accountant I sent him upwards of 200 pages of figures, all in booklet, neatly bound with a nice cover sheet out of Word (bound with my weird-but-effective soap-stapling method!) and he called in ten minutes, saying he d never ever received anything this convenient or presentable.. All thanks to you!.. Very, very sincerely thank you for an outstanding piece of work.. More glory to you.. FinePrint rules, ok?.. Howard Carson, KickStartNews.. Initially I thought that FinePrint was just a paper saver.. However, as I explored its capabilities I found many well thought out and nicely tuned features.. pdfFactory Pro does a very nice job of creating pdf files, quite often creating files that are substantially smaller in size than similar ones created by Adobe Acrobat.. One of the most useful features in pdfFactory is its ability to combine documents prior to PDF generation.. This makes the creation of PDF documents from several sources a breeze.. FinePrint and pdfFactory are very fine products and worthy additions to your output arsenal.. Highly Recommended.. Full review.. Alma D.. Thanks so much for the help, I have told every one I run into from the cable TV help desk to Mark Joyner himself about Fine Print and how easy it is to use and what a great job it does.. I told our Bank Manager that they should make it available to all the staff because of the paper is saves.. I love the amount of ink I don t have to replace as often.. My printer has been the hardest thing to recover with this last phase of problems from MSN.. But once the computer was able to recognize the printer, the FinePrint was right there and had not one Iota of a problem printing.. The printer stats are still questionable for the printer itself.. I have used FinePrint for so long, I don t even recognize the printers own print when I have to print in real print mode.. I think the letters look too large almost like they are in a different font then I realize that they aren t in fine print.. If I could I d have the whole world using Fine Print.. We need to save more of everything.. Thanks again and happy springtime to you all.. We ll just keep passing the word along, possibly someone will finally wake up that they need to use this program.. Nehamiah C.. Fineprint and pdfFactory Pro are amazing time saving utilities.. If there was a prize for Keep A Simple Task Simple you guys would be in the Hall of Fame! Thanks!!.. Roger Creighton, PC Primer.. If you need to compress a document into a manageable size then use FinePrint to print two, four or eight pages of information onto one piece of standard paper.. This is really great for the nine page newsletter I receive weekly.. I can now reduce the bulk and still have a readable document.. This is cool!.. The program has so many features that it is difficult to pass on all the good stuff.. There is a print preview, an ink saver that allows you to skip over the printing of graphics if you choose, forms and letter heads, combine print jobs, Paper scaling and on and on.. I have used a lot of demos and shareware in my day, but until today I have never (and I mean NEVER) been moved to make such a quick purchase.. Almost immediately I was blown away by the ease of use and the intuitive yet powerful functionality of both your FinePrint and pdfFactory products.. Within fifteen minutes of using FinePrint, I knew I wanted it and that I needn t look any further.. Charlie E.. My Grand Prize goes to FinePrint.. I dreamt about it, Steve Anderson from TAAR Report (.. www.. taarreport.. com.. ) recommended it, and the rest has been one blissful solution after another.. Sue C.. I feel so proud each time I go back to your home page and see all the sales you have made.. It just thrills me that you are doing so well.. I have downloaded my wonderful FinePrint program on my new computer.. If I need to pay an additional amount, please let me know.. I have been using your program for a long time and have told my friends and family about it.. I have really enjoyed using it.. I believe it is one of the very best programs for its price for any type of software.. I just printed some pictures and by using 2 up, I was able to have one photograph on top of the other.. It was perfect for me as I wanted the people who were going to look at the photographs to be able to compare the two photos.. There they were on one piece of paper.. How perfect.. Jack S.. After using FinePrint for five years,it is my opinion that it is one of the best productivity tools available.. FinePrint(FP) allows you to print from two to eight pages onto a single sheet/page.. When you take advantage of the stationary templates and form factory provided, you will know why this is a must-have situation.. Any job is easy with FinePrint—and it becomes even easier with larger ones.. FP allows you to read three (or more) pages as fast as you would read two pages, or 50 percent faster than you are reading right now.. When you visit the FinePrint site, you will find 14 reasons why FP will allow you to save and work smarter.. Consider that the U.. S.. PostalService and one of the Big 4 are usingthis solution, but do not stop with FinePrint, because their “pdfFactory” is another must-have, and the “server edition” provides benefits for those on a network.. The ROI for this one-time cost of $50 is paid for in the first day of use.. Kim.. I just wanted to let you know that, since the day I installed the demo version, I ve used Fine Print constantly, and absolutely love it.. I tried it out for about 2 days before I demanded that my department buy licenses for me and anyone else who wanted it.. I love the way I can mix-and-match individual sheets, print jobs, adding separator sheets or not, printing multiple pages on each side of a sheet.. And since I m on a shared printer with 15 other people, I ve added my own personal stationery which says, printed for KLF at the bottom no more stolen print outs!.. The options you provide are all extremely useful.. And according to your totals, I have a cumulative paper savings of 48%! Great work on an excellent product.. Diana S.. I must write and tell you that I downloaded your package last night after trying the trial version for a couple of days and I am absolutely delighted with it.. I have been looking for quite some time now on the web for something just like it to make little books with.. The only other trial I downloaded was one called Blue Squirrel but yours is fantastic, it s so simple to use.. I write children s stories usually about 30 pages on A4 and I have just made up my first little book with your product.. I even did a cover and I just can t believe the results.. I am so pleased!!.. Ron H.. I m glad I backed a Winner all those years ago.. You folks and your software have never failed to perform to the top!.. I continure to tell everyone I know about your fine product, and I form many of my emails and gifts into booklets and always point out I did it with your software by simply lining up my pages, modifying posistion with your program if necessary.. I trust you continue to enjoy the success your thoughtfulness and work deserve.. Glenn P.. I have been using your products for more than 10 years, because they work, they are hassle-free, they make more compact files than any other PDF printer I have ever tried, and your support is excellent.. Ronny Ko, Bityard.. When making PDF files, there s nothing better and simpler than pdfFactory.. Antonio Rodriguez.. I just wanted to tell all of you how impressed I am with this product! I initially bought Fineprint for its booklet capability, and it has delivered reliably in that function.. I’ve found a lot of the other features to be a real boon as well:.. Setting as default printer.. I no longer hit the “Print this document” button with hesitation, because I know I can always double check the layout in FP, discard the whole job altogether, or save it for printing at a later time.. 8-up.. This is great for printing out reference manuals.. With our duplex printer, I can print out a 112 page manual with 7 sheets of paper.. 2-up, no borders, no margins.. I use this for printing out SQL Server database diagrams.. It combines the 2 portrait pages side by side on a single-page landscape oriented diagram with no break.. 4-up works ok, too, but SQL Server breaks up the diagram with page numbering.. If I may make a feature request regarding this: How about allowing drag and drop reordering of pages? It allows the user to reconstruct multi-page printouts manually.. There’s probably more but that’s all I have time to share at this moment.. Thanks for the quality product.. Fred F.. I am retired and living on a small pension.. My wife and I and a few other friends have taken on trying to save as many homeless cats as we can here in a City of 330,000 (London Ontario) Over the last three years we have rescued 194 cats and 32 dogs and found homes for all of them.. We get no money or donations from anyone, we do this all on our own, so as you can see anywhere we can save a bit we do, so there is more money for Cat Dog food.. So where does Fineprint come into this, the savings that of course is where.. I have used the trial for three years and it has saved us quite a bit of money being able to simply take out the graphics and also the grayscale option.. Those two have saved about 3 colour ink cartridges.. I just cannot believe that you have allowed me /us to use your fine product.. I just want to Thank You for making such a wonderful service available.. John M.. Thanks for a genuinely useful program which meets the real needs of real people in the real world.. Of course we have the full version of Acrobat 7 and use its facilities extensively, but 99% of our pdf files are produced with pdfFactory Pro.. Chris R.. I cannot tell you how long I have searched for a product that offers me the capabilities to intercept print output and perform any sort of post processing on it.. Moreover, I also desired so many countless times to have an easy way to direct print output to an image file.. As a developer, I have even entertained the notion of writing something myself but just never has had the time.. But after I happened upon FinePrint today, I soon discovered a product bursting with more capabilities than I could ever have asked for.. And that s just FinePrint! After finding FinePrint, I gave pdfFactory a test run as well and again fell head over heals.. In the case of pdfFactory, you have made a solution that surpasses that of Adobe itself.. Just last year I worked on a project that needed to print reports out to a PDF file.. The solution that Adobe provided involved their PDF Distiller and its SDK and proved to be horribly error prone and clunky when run in a high volume automated reporting process.. Had I known of pdfFactory then, I can only image the things I could have done!.. Now, I am not the sort to spend his valuable time sending many emails, but I was truly so very impressed with your fine products that I was compelled to send you a quick note of praise.. Though there is just so much moderately useful junk software out there, it makes me glad to once in a while find something that is so well conceived and constructed as the products that you have created.. Mark T.. Here s a little saga for you to exercise your schadenfreude on.. I needed to create pdf files, so I bought Acrobat on eBay.. But, it was a scammer, and I was out $120! Then I bought the real Acrobat and it SUCKED huge PDF files, slurs didn t come out right, etc.. Then I bought pdfFactory and it was like the clouds parted and angels played trumpets to serenade fairies dancing on red and white mushrooms.. I even went back and deleted most of the huge scores I had created with acrobat distiller and replaced them with pdfFactory versions.. Thanks a lot for making pdfFactory.. Zaine R.. Just wanted to write and thank you for offering the sale price for both FinePrint and pdfFactory Pro.. I purchased both today and could not be happier.. The regular prices were just out of my price range, but I m truly impressed with how solid both apps are, and with their very well-though-out user interface.. You have implemented some brilliant ideas in both FinePrint and pdf Factory Pro.. I appreciate that they re both integrated with one another to a large extent.. We all know the benefits of PDF, and FinePrint has taken that several steps further than Adobe with pdfFactory Pro.. I m in academia and make frequent speeches and presentations before groups, and FinePrint saves me money by not having to print so much, but when I do, its layout is attractive, readable, and able to be copied.. PS: It s truly great you keep an open line to your users wishes and share your environmental concern with donations from profits.. That s a nice touch and sets a good example to save as many trees as possible.. Patrick R.. Also, I wanted to say I love your application.. It s great.. I embed a lot of Visio graphics into Word docs and pdfFactory Pro does an outstanding job with handling that.. My docs turn out much better with pdfFactory than they ever did with Acrobat, and the conversion is quicker too.. Keep up the good work.. You have a customer for life!.. Ed P.. I originally was just interested in pdfFactory for some of my web design projects, but got Fine Print as part of a special bundle promotion you were running at the time.. I am glad I did!.. Up until last week I used FinePrint for spooling and printing software documentation and programming articles.. Last week, thanks to our copy machine breaking down (again!) I was forced into a tight spot and had to get really creative really fast!.. That s where FinePrint came into play.. I print price tags to match our advertisements and use one program to print the graphic and a separate program to print the pricing.. Thanks to FinePrint s Form function I am able to set the graphic as a form, then send the pricing info from my product database and print my  ...   using a word processor, our mainframe system and FinePrint in about 1 hr.. The fact that I can copy the printout to the clipboard as a graphic is amazing.. Before I would have to: (1) copy the text from our mainframe system (running in an emulator) to the windows clipboard (2) paste it into something like Photoshop, and hope the formatting stays (something that in certain cases can be come quite infrequent), (3) export it to disk as a bitmap or equivalent (4) import it into my Word processor as such.. (File-Import-Choose Directory-Click OK) (5) Then months later, when I run out of disk space, look through all these directories and get rid of all the old bitmaps, etc.. With FinePrint I simply: (1) click on the print icon in our terminal emulator (2) right click on copy to clipboard as monochrome bitmap (3) Paste it into the word processor (Ctrl-V) ** No more files to clean up, no more formatting problems.. and quick !! Also The gutter feature is great, now my documentation is easier to read when I print it.. Thanks Muchly.. Jerry S.. I registered pdfFactory immediately after downloading the beta.. Let me tell you, sir, that pdfFactory is a godsend.. In many ways it is far more flexible and easier to use than Acrobat.. While I originally registered pdfFactory intending to use with FinePrint, I found that pdfFactory solved a particularly irritating problem for me.. I despise on-line manuals.. And as publishers increasingly include nothing more than a so-called help file, the situation has become far worse.. First, my eyesight is typical for my age (old).. Second, the help files, more often than not, are written by folks who lack writing skills, are often poorly structured and worst of all, provide no index, meaning that every search for some item is a frustrating struggle.. A near-perfect solution is simply printing the help files to pdfFactory.. Much easier and faster to do in pdfFactory than Acrobat.. My thanks to you and your colleagues, Jonathan.. As you did with finePrint, you ve created an extraordinarily powerful tool that saves time and makes day-to-day computing a lot easier.. Dan P.. It s Friday night and I m browsing the web, gathering info on products from manufacturer s sites, grabbing pieces of manuals, and stripping out portions of reviews and, of course, deferring the printing so FinePrint can dump em all at once, two pages up.. I just thought I would take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate the work you did on this program saves me time, money, and grief (especially by cutting down on the paper given over to extraneous ads off the web).. Richard C.. In my work, almost daily I find it necessary to send information to others that I have created in various programs (often very specialized) and/or including scanned images.. In the past I would have to separately create all the interim files using Acrobats pdf writer, then go into Acrobat and collect the various components into a single document.. While this was a hassle, it was the only way perform this task.. When pdfFactory was released, I immediately downloaded the program and a quick run through its basic operation, went back and purchased it.. Since that short time,.. I have found it to be an invaluable tool on a daily basis.. I have often wondered why Adobe didn t have a better way of gathering output from an assortment of sources to create a single document.. I just wanted to let you know thank you for the great work you have done in creating pdfFactory.. Dave M.. FinePrint is (literally) worth it s weight in gold.. I teach e-Commerce classes on IBM s Websphere Commerce Suite product and, in addition to many US gigs, I ve been over to the Pacific Rim for classes.. I have to carry a lot of docs with me and your program allows me to carry a whole lotta paper in a minimal amount of space and poundage.. I STRONGLY recommend FinePrint to all my students and include your home page link in a resources file I send to each of my students.. Marty.. Thanks for the immediate reply to my previous question concerning pdfFactory, it is most helpful in understanding what is involved in making this magic work!.. In some further experimentation, I see now that an instruction sheet I created using MS Word with embedded graphics that weights in at 825 KB, can be pared down to a much more Internet friendly 106 KB.. pdf file when printed to pdfFactory.. The benefits are obvious.. Thanks again and regards.. Keith.. I recently learned a new word.. The word is imposition, as in Windows imposition software.. So what is imposition software? I wasn t able to find a definition, but as far as I can tell, imposition software is software that allows you to print in formats that your printer probably does not already handle (e.. , booklets or newsletters) at least, not with a lot of messy manual intervention.. I assume that the reason for the name is that the software imposes itself between your application and your printer.. One of the best consumer applications in this category is FinePrint.. Not only does FinePrint easily print booklets, but it can save you significant amounts of money by printing anywhere from 2 to 8 application pages on a single sheet of paper (known as 2-up, 8-up, and so forth), and also printing on both sides of the paper.. Laser and inkjet printers can go through paper and ink very rapidly, and anything that can reduce the amount of paper and ink used will save you money.. An additional benefit of printing multiple pages on a sheet is that you can greatly reduce the size of a large document, making it much more portable, manageable, and even easier to staple.. Many categories of software are bloated with numerous competitors trying to capture shares of the same market.. However, FinePrint appears to have found a niche position without a lot of competition.. While there are more expensive commercial imposition products, I was able to find only one other consumer application that is a significant competitor.. More on it later.. FinePrint receives high ratings from its users.. At CNET, the favorable rating is 94%, and at ZDNet the score is a clear 4 stars out of 5 in every category.. It elicits comments such as Best shareware I ve ever used, The best I ever had, Coolest shareware I have ever downloaded, and I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!.. Despite vast flexibility, FinePrint is easy to use.. You don t have to use its advanced features until you re comfortable with them.. It sets itself up as a virtual printer based on your physical printer.. You can make it your default printer, or you can select it from the printer dropdown list at print time.. You can then click Print to print immediately, or you can click on the Properties button, at which point a dialog box with several tabs opens, allowing you to select a layout and various other settings that will affect the way the document prints.. You can also change the settings of your physical printer here.. If FinePrint is your default printer, you can easily bypass it and print directly to your printer any time you so desire.. Going beyond the basic functionality, FinePrint exhibits a variety of nice little unexpected touches that make it a pleasure to use.. You can defer a print job while you collect a variety of documents from a variety of sources or applications, then print them together.. Once you have the documents you want to print, you can preview the print job, shuffle documents and pages, delete pages or insert blank ones, and print only when you have things exactly the way you want them.. (The deletion feature allows you to delete that page with just the last two lines from the Web page that contain no useful information.. ) If you re planning a vacation, you can create a booklet containing all your flight information, hotels, and activities in one place by using this defer feature.. There may be little quirks to deal with.. For example, when I printed double-sided pages on my HP 970, I found that the back pages were all upside down.. However, information in the help file pointed me to a couple of checkboxes in the settings that fixed the problem.. FinePrint solves problems that have been a constant source of irritation for me.. For example, I m tired of printing Web pages (even pages from major sites) and losing a word or two at the end of every line.. Whether printing one, two, or more Web pages on a sheet, FinePrint does not usually have this problem.. It scales the pages as necessary to fit.. (Sometimes it does take some work.. I did have one instance of the right edge being cut off on the two sides of a 2-up; I was able to solve the problem by selecting a larger page size in Internet Explorer before printing.. ).. I print a lot of color documents in black and white to save colored ink.. FinePrint allows me to set up one FinePrinter with my black and white settings and other with colored settings, so that all I have to do is choose the printer I want from the list and print, without having to click down through to the settings I want to change.. You could set up one virtual printer for booklets, another for 2-up printing, up for 4-up printing, and so forth.. FinePrint even allows you to suppress the printing of any bitmaps on the page to save you even more ink.. Other features include the ability to mark documents with watermarks, headers, and footers, and to create and use forms and letterheads.. You can print to the clipboard as well as to paper.. Your last few jobs are automatically saved, so that you can reprint them without having to recreate them, and you can save a job permanently for future printing, if you so desire.. The program appears to be stable, has little impact on the system, and support is reported to be exceptional.. (I did have my first program hangs tonight in XP while writing this review; it s very possible that there was a software conflict or a system configuration problem.. I mentioned earlier that I had found one competing program.. The name of the program is ClickBook.. ClickBook, like FinePrint, allows you to print multiple pages on a single sheet and to print booklets.. In addition, it includes over 60 preset layouts which you can select to print everything from recipes to door hangers to business cards to CD covers.. If your main goal is to print in a wide variety of formats, ClickBook might be a good choice for you.. However, if your main goal is to save bulk and money, this is where FinePrint excels.. For example, ClickBook lacks the ability to suppress bitmap printing.. In addition, ClickBook currently lacks a preview mode in Windows 2000 and XP.. (The preview mode does work in versions of Windows based on Windows 95.. ) The lack of a preview mode makes it difficult to get exactly what you want in a print job.. Blue Squirrel, the manufacturer, says this capability will be coming; there may or may not be a charge to upgrade to the new version.. ClickBook also costs $10 more than FinePrint.. Peter S.. I just discovered your product as a result of an article on Newslinx.. com Strangely enough we were about to buy Adobe Acrobat 5.. 0 as we had a problem with the previous version loading the correct fonts etc.. , and making the (URL) links in the document live.. We bought the program and within minutes, nay seconds, had it print a PDF file of the latest issue with all the correct fonts!!!!.. Needless to say I am ecstatic about PDFFactory.. Keep up the great work guys, this is a product the deserves to receive one of our Editor s Choice awards and I will be suggesting that at our next meeting.. George.. Overview.. FinePrint 2000 adds valuable capabilities to Windows printing, acting as an intermediary between any application with a print function, and a Windows-compatible printer.. It enables the multiple-pages per sheet of paper, batch printing, saved print jobs, and printing on stationery and forms.. Excellent flexibility is provided, both through the variety of settings within a FinePrinter, and throughout the capacity to create many FinePrinters.. Despite some observed shortcomings, primarily with batch printing, I give FinePrint 2000 an Excellent rating.. Installation.. FinePrint installed quickly and easily.. The license permits multi-computer installations for single users, or single-computer installations for multiple users.. The company, FinePrint software, calls the software a Windows printer driver that provides advanced printing capability, and it does, when installed, look like just another Windows printer.. I was pleased to see that the installer puts FinePrint s data folders into My Documents, consistent with Fine Print s multi-user claim.. A different location can be specified in the configuration settings.. Skeptic that I am, I rejected the installer s suggestion to make FinePrint my default printer.. An hour later, I changed my mind.. Terminology.. Some definition of FinePrint s terminology might be helpful.. Document means whatever you are printing; text, pictures, web pages, etc.. Page refers to a document page, as determined in your application.. A sheet is a piece of paper.. A job is a document in the FinePrint output queue.. A FinePrint file is a saved queue.. A FinePrinter is an instance of FinePrint.. Although FinePrint calls a document in its queue a job, which takes me back to mainframe days, I ll use the word document throughout this review, for the purpose of clarity.. Operation.. FinePrint is really an intermediary between any Windows application with a print function, and a printer.. To print a document, you use the normal print function in the application you are using, choosing FinePrint 2000 as the target printer.. The FinePrint dialog pops up, showing a preview of the printed document, and six tabbed sections: Layout, Jobs, Settings, Stationary, FormFactory, and About.. After you ve selected how you want the final document to look, you can, with a button click, print the document and close the dialog, print and leave the dialog open, defer printing until later, or leave it open and add more documents.. You can also cancel the print.. Printer Configuration.. You can set FinePrint up, manually or with a wizard, for any and all printers you have installed on your system.. The wizard prints test pages to characterize the printer, and set duplex printing options.. FinePrint remembers the settings for each printer you set up, so you can change destination printers on the fly, by drop-down list selection.. The program provides excellent flexibility, by allowing the user to create as many FinePrinters as desired.. More about that later.. Print Preview.. The Layout tab of the FinePrint dialog displays a preview of the printed output, complete with all modifications applied within FinePrint.. Right-clicking on the preview pops up a menu to zoom the preview window; to delete pages, documents, or sheets; to insert blank pages; and to print an individual sheet or copy it to the clipboard.. Navigation through the sheets is by a mouse wheel-compatible, vertical scroll-bar.. I missed having next, previous, first, and last buttons, and go to sheet # available, too.. There are two ways to selectively print sheets.. One is the right-click, single sheet method.. The other is to delete all of the sheets you don t want to print.. FinePrint should provide a way to print selected sheets, as a group, without deleting sheets.. Sheet Layout.. FinePrint will print 1, 2, 4, or 8 document pages on a single sheet.. It can also print 2-sided booklets, or fill a sheet with multiple images of a page.. A Repeat setting fills each printed sheet with 1, 2, 4, or 8 images of each page in your document.. A Bypass setting sends the document to the printer without modification.. Options include borders around pages, smart borders to separate documents, and a choice of how 4-up and 8-up pages are ordered on a sheet.. Right to left printing is also available, for multi-lingual compatibility.. Having multiple pages on a sheet isn t very useful, if you can t read the text.. FinePrint allows you to print your document without page margins.. The text is then enlarged to fit the available space.. You can also choose preset small, medium, or large margins, or use the documents original margins, and add a gutter to the long or short side of the sheet.. For 8-up printing, document text sized 14pt or larger is recommended.. Batch Printing.. This feature, in my opinion, is every bit as valuable as FinePrint s multiple-page per sheet capability.. I do most of my work on a laptop, far from printers and network connections.. I create a document, and save it.. When I get to my printer, I retrieve the document and print it.. That s not too bad, unless I have more than one document to print, filed in different folders for different projects.. Then, the procedure is tedious.. FinePrint allows multiple documents to be queued for printing, so I can create a document and print it to FinePrint, which puts it in its queue, with options to run the documents together, or to start each document on a new sheet or new side of a sheet.. When I m ready to produce hard copy, I just send the queue to the printer, and relax.. It is not possible to apply different FinePrint settings to each document in a cue.. If one document is 2-up, with wide margins, they all are.. To work around that, queues with different settings can be saved as FinePrint files, for later printing.. Even more conveniently, multiple FinePrinters can be created, each with its own set of options.. I have a small complaint.. When the dialog is open, but behind other windows, and a document is sent to it, there is no visual cue that FinePrint received the document.. I would like to see a one-second pop up, or a twinkling taskbar icon, perhaps.. FinePrinters.. Click a button under the Settings tab, type in a name, and you ve created a new FinePrinter.. Any combination of printers and options is possible.. Let s say you have a color printer, and a laser printer.. You might set up a FinePrinter called Color8 that will send 8-up sheets, with no separation between documents, to your color printer.. Another FinePrinter could be set up to print onto your letterhead, to the laser printer.. (See the limitations under Stationery and Forms.. ).. Any FinePrinter can be set to display its dialog when a document is printed, or to remain invisible.. Stationery and Forms.. FinePrint s stationery and forms are the equivalent of pre-printed paper.. Stationery is an easily customized, watermarked or plain sheet, with a single line header and footer.. Forms are backgrounds for document pages, such as letterhead or invoices.. Forms must be designed in other applications, but getting them into FinePrint is easy.. A form can be either one or two pages.. A first page only form option is available, which applies the first page of the form to the document s first page, and the second form page to the rest.. Unfortunately, FinePrint does not recognize individual documents when applying forms.. It applies the first-page-only rule to the entire print batch, so if you queue three letters, only the first page of the first letter gets the letterhead.. I emailed FinePrint support several times, to ask questions or report a problem.. Each time, I received a helpful, courteous reply within a few hours.. Derek M.. As antiquarian booksellers who use print a great deal to communicate our wares to customers around the world we re delighted with pdfFactory.. it enables us to produce decently printed material without much fuss, and to know that what we see is what our customer gets.. wysiwcg which is important for us.. We are now considering putting current old technology printed catalogues on our web-site for download as pdf files using the Factory software.. I can fully recommend the program to anyone considering new ways of distributing information without losing the appeal and power of older technology devices like good old printing..

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  • Title: Support Topics | FinePrint
    Descriptive info: Retrieve registration code.. Use the form below to have your registration code(s) sent to you at the email address you placed your order with.. If you still have questions,.. send us a.. Download old software versions.. FinePrint 7.. (workstation server).. pdfFactory 4.. pdfFactory Pro 4.. FinePrint 6.. FinePrint 6 Server Edition.. pdfFactory 3.. pdfFactory 3.. Maintenance plan.. Free technical support is included with your purchase.. Major upgrades are not included so you have the option of purchasing maintenance with your order for an additional 15% of the.. Upgrade Information.. There are two types of upgrades: minor and major.. Minor upgrades have the same version number as the product you are using.. For example, if you are a registered user.. Purchase old versions.. FinePrint 7 Server Edition.. 4.. pdfFactory 4 Server Edition.. pdfFactory Pro4.. pdfFactory Pro 4 Server Edition.. Why doesn t the registration code I just received work when I try to enter it?.. Please make sure you are using the very latest release of the product you purchased.. Get the latest releases on our.. home page.. Will the trial version banner be removed when I purchase?.. Once you enter the registration code after purchasing, the banner will be removed.. How do I move my software to another computer?.. Download your software to the new computer and use the registration code you already have to unlock it.. Insert page.. Inserting pages is done by hovering the mouse over the left or right border of the page.. Clicking the insert page icon will add a page before or after the.. Complete reinstall.. In order to reinstall the products as though for the first time, follow these steps: 1.. Delete my documents/pdf files/fp*.. ini (pdfFactory) or my documents/fineprint files/fp*.. ini (FinePrint) 2.. Uninstall the product.. Delete printer.. FinePrint and pdfFactory Pro allow the creation of multiple printers.. To delete a printer, go to the Start menu, Devices and Printers folder.. Right-click the printer to get to the.. What do I do if my computer crashed and I need a new copy of the software?.. Download.. your software again and use the registration code you already have to unlock it on the new computer.. If you do not have your registration code, send us.. Now that I paid for the software, how do  ...   purchased?.. When you purchase you should get a confirmation email with a registration code to unlock your trial copy.. If you did not, please.. email.. us with your order number.. Do you have versions for Mac or Linux?.. Our software runs on Windows only.. AirPrint.. FinePrint and pdfFactory can be accessed from any iOS5 device.. Make sure that the printer is shared and it should work with AirPrint.. Share the printer by right-clicking the icon.. Fixing the Prepare Dispatcher error.. If you get a Prepare Dispatcher error, please download this.. batch file.. (ignore any warnings) and run it.. Doing so will set the dispatcher to stay resident.. This need.. Manual uninstall.. In some cases, the usual uninstaller process does not work.. In this case you can use the manual uninstall method which will remove all traces of the program except the.. End user license agreement (EULA).. You should carefully read the following terms and conditions before using this software.. Unless you have a different license agreement signed by FinePrint Software, LLC.. ( FS ) your use, distribution, or.. Printing from AS/400.. It is possible to print from IBM AS/400 to our products using.. this.. solution.. Note that the article refers to an old version of pdfFactory.. Use the Preview tab.. Not a valid Win32 Application error.. If you get the Not a valid Win32 Application error, then the problem is likely that you have ended up with an incomplete download.. The incomplete download is caused by.. Temp file error.. Some anti-virus software can interfere with the deletion of temp files.. This can be solved by disabling temp directory scanning in your anti-virus software.. gdiplus.. dll.. On some Windows 2000 systems, GDIPLUS.. DLL is required for proper operation of our products.. You can download this file.. here.. Opaque text handling.. There are some cases where an application will print text in opaque mode which can cause problems when using letterheads.. Opaque text handling is set as follows: The reg setting.. Customizable Help link.. In some cases it may be desirable to enhance or replace the default help information supplied with custom information.. It is possible to specify an alternate URL for help as.. General Support.. pdfFactory Support.. FinePrint Support.. Server Edition Support.. Categories.. Tips.. Troubleshooting.. Upgrades.. Retrieve.. Registration Code.. Request Support..

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    Descriptive info: I have been using the program FinePrint for many years and couldn't possibly tell you how much I love it.. A note from Jonathan Weiner, co-founder:.. FinePrint, our first product, was conceived when I was working as a software architect at a large financial company.. We were producing huge amounts of paper documentation and it bothered me how much of it was wasted.. I got together with Mark O Brien and we came up with an idea about how to solve the problem.. After six months of moonlighting we released FinePrint in 1996.. A year or so  ...   time.. In 2001 Adobe released the specification for PDF allowing developers to create PDF applications.. We wanted a PDF creator that worked as well as FinePrint so we created pdfFactory and pdfFactory Pro.. Our products are designed to be as simple as we can make them while providing sophisticated and unique features that make them a pleasure to use.. In a world of three-tiered toolbars, you will find our products a breath of fresh air.. We hope that we can keep doing this for years to come because we cannot imagine doing anything else.. History.. Policies.. Resellers..

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    Descriptive info: When it comes to sheer simplicity, flexibility, and accuracy, nothing compares to pdfFactory Pro.. Rating: 5 stars.. PC Pro, Recommended.. Please use this form for all questions or comments.. For.. technical support.. requests, include:.. Product version number.. Registration code or trial version.. Windows version.. Error messages if any.. Our.. support page.. has extensive information about our products including tutorials.. Take a look to see if your question is answered before contacting us.. Name.. Email.. Reason for Inquiry.. Message.. Mailing Address.. FinePrint Software, LLC.. 1274 Bay Laurel.. Menlo Park, CA 94025.. USA.. Sales: sales@fineprint..

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  • Title: Using Letterhead (Pro only) | FinePrint
    Descriptive info: pdfFactory does a very nice job of creating pdf files, quite often creating files that are substantially smaller in size than similar ones created by Adobe Acrobat.. Kickstart News.. Using Letterhead (Pro only).. Step 1:.. Create your letterhead using the application of your choice.. Print the letterhead document to pdfFactory Pro and select the Letterhead dialog box from the Settings menu.. Click the Create using current job button and name the letterhead.. Step 2:.. Set the desired letterhead option.. The letterhead pages will be repeated in sequence with any document pages unless one of the items below is selected:.. Print on first page only.. this option applies to single page letterheads only.. Checking this box means that the letterhead will be printed on the first page of the document and not on subsequent pages.. Do not repeat first letterhead page.. this option applies to two page letterheads  ...   letterhead are combined into a single job before printing to pdfFactory Pro to create the letterhead.. Always apply entire letterhead.. this option is used when the letterhead may be longer than the document.. For example, an invoice letterhead could be created that has a blank first page and terms and conditions on the second page.. When printing a single page invoice, the terms page would be printed on the second page.. Simulate multi-part letterhead.. this option will repeat a document page for each page of the letterhead.. Close pdfFactory Pro.. Your letterhead can now be accessed from the Jobs tab.. Using pdfFactory.. Using Notes.. Using thumbnails.. Using Crop.. Saving your work.. Applying security options.. Combining jobs.. Deleting pages.. Using with email.. Embedding fonts.. Entering the registration code.. Printing from pdfFactory.. Using Text Notes (Pro only).. Importing signature/initials (Pro only).. Adding Bookmarks (Pro only).. Using Page tags (Pro only)..

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  • Title: Using Page tags (Pro only) | FinePrint
    Descriptive info: After printing a document to pdfFactory Pro, select the page tag you want from the Jobs tab.. Options include page numbering, date and time stamps, or your own text in a header, footer or watermark.. It is also possible to create a custom page tag.. Step 2:.. Custom tags can be created using the Page tags dialog which is located in the toolbar on the Settings menu.. Headers, footers, watermarks and page numbering are all supported.. Page numbering can be applied to the entire set of print jobs in a single sequence or on a per-job basis..

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  • Title: PDF/A Archiving (Pro only) | FinePrint
    Descriptive info: PDF/A Archiving (Pro only).. We have added PDF/A support to pdfFactory Pro.. This means that if you specify PDF/A-1b when you use pdfFactory Pro (it is in the Settings tab under PDF Level), your PDFs will be viewable and printable on any computer for the foreseable future.. Use PDF/A for your photos, financial and legal documents or anything else that requires long term archiving.. Some things to think about when using PDF/A:.. Your PDFs will be bit  ...   are always unencrypted.. Transparency is not supported but we do our best to get around the problem.. You may need to test to make sure you get the correct results when using transparency.. As always with pdfFactory Pro, you can turn PDF/A on and off without reprinting your document.. We are happy to bring you this important new capability.. Enjoy.. Note:.. pdfFactory Pro 3.. 45 containing PDF/A is a free upgrade for pdfFactory Pro 3 registered users..

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  • Title: Using Text Notes (Pro only) | FinePrint
    Descriptive info: For those who don't need the power of Acrobat, our favorite all-purpose tool is pdfFactory Pro.. PC Magazine, Editors Choice.. Step 1: Print the document you want to fill out to pdfFactory Pro.. Step 2: Click the T icon on the toolbar.. Step 3: Using the T cursor, click where you want to add the note and start typing.. To  ...   You can then click on it again to move or resize.. Clicking again allows text editing.. Right-click to access the content menu containing font, color, transparency and border settings.. To move or resize, click on the note to display drag handles.. Right-clicking while drag handles are shown displays the context menu so that font, color and other attributes can be changed..

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