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  • Title: Edward Rutherfurd || Official Site
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Author.. Biography.. Photographs.. In His Own Words.. Family and Ancestry.. Selected Essays.. Books.. Did You Know?.. Education.. WHY IS HISTORY IMPORTANT ?.. HOW TO FAIL YOUR HISTORY DEGREE.. WHY HISTORY STUDENTS SHOULD BE MADE TO WRITE A SHORT STORY.. THE EARTH IS FLAT.. HISTORY PROFESSORS.. HISTORY IS THE STORY TOLD.. ETHICS : HISTORICAL NOVELS ARE PROPAGANDA.. ETHICS : RULES FOR WRITING HISTORICAL NOVELS.. DIALOGUE.. THE HISTORY BOYS.. Glossary.. Welcome to the Official Website for Edward Rutherfurd.. The paperback edition of Paris has now been published in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe (English Language) and other 'open market' territories.. If you are thinking of a visit to Paris, it's quieter during August when most Parisians are on vacation.. But I personally love September and October.. Paris..  ...   loyalty, passion, and long-kept secrets both fictional and true, set against the backdrop of the city - from the summit of Montmartre to the gothic towers of.. Notre Dame.. to the grand boulevards of Saint-Germain, from the medieval world of saints and scholars to the modern French ideals of.. liberté.. ,.. égalité.. fraternité.. Read More and Purchase.. Paris.. Coming Soon.. Tweets by @ERutherfurd.. I send out occasional updates with news, events and so forth.. Please join the mailing list to stay in touch.. Bois de Boulogne:The huge park that borders the western side of Paris was built on the orders of Emperor Napoleon III because he knew London well and wanted something to rival Hyde Park.. Read more Did you Knows.. LOCALE: ||.. Change Location.. Welcome.. Please choose your regional preference:..

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  • Title: Edward Rutherfurd || About the Author || Official Site
    Descriptive info: About the Author.. Edward Rutherfurd was born in England, in the cathedral city of Salisbury.. Educated locally, and at the universities of Cambridge, and Stanford, California, he worked in political research, bookselling and publishing.. After numerous attempts to write books and plays, he finally abandoned his career in the book trade in 1983, and returned to his childhood home to write SARUM, a historical novel with a ten-thousand year story, set in the area around the ancient monument of Stonehenge, and Salisbury.. Four years later, when the book was published, it became an instant international bestseller, remaining 23 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List.. Since then he has written five more bestsellers: RUSSKA, a novel of Russia; LONDON; THE FOREST, set in England's New Forest which lies close by Sarum, and two  ...   last thirty years, Edward has divided his time between Europe and New York.. He has lived on the city's East Side, the west side, in Westchester and Connecticut.. His children attended New York schools, and he served for a time on a coop board.. Edward Rutherfurd is a Life Member of the Friends of Salisbury Cathedral, the Salisbury Civic Society, and the Friends of Chawton House, which is located in Jane Austen's village and dedicated to the study of women writers.. He is also a Patron of the National Theatre of Ireland (the Abbey Theatre) in Dublin.. In 2005, the City of Salisbury commemorated his services to the city by naming one of the streets leading off its medieval market place 'Rutherfurd Walk'.. Edward's hobbies include the theatre and tennis.. Family Ancestry.. SELECTED ESSAYS.. PICTURES..

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  • Title: Edward Rutherfurd || Biography || Official Site
    Descriptive info: New York, his latest novel, is published in September 2009..

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  • Title: Edward Rutherfurd || Photographs || Official Site
    Descriptive info: Picture Gallery.. Welcome to the Rutherfurd picture gallery.. Click a thumbnail below to start browsing:..

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  • Title: Edward Rutherfurd || Books || Official Site
    Descriptive info: City of love.. Moving back and forth in time across centuries, the story unfolds through intimate and vivid tales of self-discovery, divided loyalty, passion, and long-kept secrets.. + Read More and Purchase.. New York.. Larger-than-life historical characters fill the background of this sweeping, four-century tale set in the most exciting city on earth.. Ireland Awakening.. Edward Rutherfurd continues Irish history with an intense and moving family tale from the days of Cromwell to the Famine, the Easter Rising and the Irish Free State.. Dublin.. Edward Rutherfurd tells a haunting family saga from the heroic times of Saint Patrick  ...   set amongst the huntsmen, smugglers, monks and witches of the magical New Forest.. London.. With its fast-moving plots, packed with information, LONDON tells a 2,000 year tale of families in England's capital, from Roman to present times.. Russka.. RUSSKA is a mighty novel that spans 1800 years of Russia's history, people and culture from the days of the princes and tsars to the revolution and present times.. Sarum.. Set in the magical landscape of Stonehenge and the cathedral city of Salisbury, SARUM is an epic story of five families from the Ice Age to the present day..  ..

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  • Title: Edward Rutherfurd || Paris
    Descriptive info: The noble family de Cygne have served king and country through the ages, while their ancient enemies the Le Sourds embody the ideals of the French Revolution and the.. Commune.. The two Gascon brothers come from the dangerous slums behind Montmartre, but while Thomas goes to work building the Statue of Liberty and the.. Eiffel.. Tower, Luc makes a living in the underworld of Pigalle, near the Moulin Rouge.. The Blanchards, ruined in the reign of Louis XV, rise again in the age of Napoleon and help establish Paris as the centre of art, literature and style that it is today.. The American Hadleys, the father a painter, the son a friend of Hemingway, find romance in Paris, while the Jewish Jacob family of art dealers, expelled in the Middle Ages, try to survive in the Second War..  ...   Versailles to the Terror of the French Revolution; from the heyday of the Impressionists to the shame of the Dreyfus Affair, and the tragic mutiny of the First World War; from the 1920s when the writers of the Lost Generation could be found drinking at.. Les Deux Magots.. , to the Nazi occupation, and the heroism of the French Resistance.. CLICK To Read My Amazon Essay On.. PARIS.. CLICK To View The.. Hodder Stoughton.. VIDEO TRAILER.. CLICK To View.. Family Tree.. - PARIS Novel.. CLICK To View a map of.. OLD PARIS.. MODERN PARIS.. Videos about this book.. Buy Online.. Click below to purchase this book in all formats:.. AUSTRALIA.. Booktopia.. Bookworld.. Boomerang.. Dymocks.. Readings.. NEW ZEALAND.. Mighty Ape.. Whitcoulls.. SOUTH AFRICA.. Kalahari.. UK.. AMAZON.. HODDER & STOUGHTON.. Waterstones.. More Books.. CLICK A COVER TO READ MORE & PURCHASE..

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  • Title: Edward Rutherfurd || New York
    Descriptive info: New York is a sweeping, four-century tale set in the most exciting city on earth.. Magnificently researched with the help of leading New York historians, this novel follows the fortunes of the.. Van Dyck.. and.. Master.. families, and the descendants of Quash the African slave, from the early days of.. Manhattan's Indian settlements.. and Dutch.. New Amsterdam.. , through the English takeover, the.. War of Independence.. , when New York was the British headquarters, and the nineteenth century, when New Yorkers created the canals and railroads that opened up the.. American West.. Along the way we meet the.. Kellers.. , German shopkeepers who produce a famous photographer, and the.. O'Donnell.. family, who emerge from the gangs of New York, rise through.. Tammany Hall.. and marry into the English aristocracy.. We discover how the city almost left the Union at the start of the.. Civil War.. , and experienced the terrible.. Draft Riots 1863.. and the.. Great Blizzard of 1888.. At the start of the twentieth century, the.. Carusos.. immigrate through.. Ellis Island.. , witness the great.. Crash of 1929.. , and help construct the.. Empire State Building.. The.. Adlers.. of.. Brooklyn.. experience anti-semitism between the two World Wars, and the Masters, as bankers and lawyers, seek their fortunes through the greed of the eighties and nineties, and come through a life-changing crisis in the tragedy of.. 9/11.. Larger-than-life historical characters fill the background:.. Stuyvesant.. , the Dutchman,.. Lord Cornbury.. the transvestite English Governor,.. George Washington.. ,.. Ben Franklin.. who tried to keep America British,.. Lincoln.. who made one of his greatest speeches in the city, the titanic.. JP Morgan.. , Tammany Hall's.. Fernando Wood.. Boss Tweed.. , legendary socialites like.. Mrs.. Astor.. , and memorable modern city figures like.. La Guardia.. Robert Moses.. , and Mayor Koch.. REVIEWS.. Washington Post - by Brigitte Weeks.. What makes this novel so entertaining is the riotous, multilayered portrait of a whole metropolis.. Rutherfurd offers the reader a chance to watch a rural outcrop grow into one of the world's greatest cities in a mere 350 years.. He delivers magnificently on the challenge; it is hard to imagine any other writer combining such astonishing depth of research with the imagination and ingenuity to hold it all together.. READ REVIEW.. From Booklist -.. "Rutherfurd, bestselling author of the novel London (1997), has penned a lush, lavish tribute to the Big Apple.. Sweeping in scope, this fictional biography of New York City stretches back in time to the city s origins as an Indian fishing village coveted by Dutch settlers to the aftermath of 9/11.. As he marches through the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, two world wars, multiple waves of immigration, and the phoenix-like reemergence of a downtrodden New York as the vital center of the economic, social, and cultural universe at the end of the twentieth century, he interweaves the fascinating stories of a multitude of characters, all of whom were profoundly affected by the evolution of the largest and most complex American city.. New York s growing pains, its tragedies and triumphs, are reflected in the experiences of a range of ordinary and extraordinary citizens from varying backgrounds, with a wide spectrum of ambitions and expectations.. Although it is hard to do justice to a city with such a throbbing pulse, Rutherford s homage is compulsively readable.. " Margaret Flanagan.. From the Times of London -.. "A history lesson , well researched.. entertaining and.. will make you feel like a bit of a brain.. ".. The Historical Novel Society - by Jane Kessler.. "Edward Rutherfurd says that New York's magnificent gift to the storyteller is a four-century history as exciting as that of any place on earth.. Well, New York: The Novel is Edward Rutherfurd s gift to historical fiction readers.. He is at the top of his game with this book, which tells the story of New York from 1664, when it was New Amsterdam and a Dutch settlement, to the terrible events of September 11.. As in all his books, the story follows the lives of a few fictional families through time, with historical events interwoven, including the rise of New York as the financial capital of the U.. S.. , the construction of major city landmarks, Tammany Hall politics, and the Triangle Shirtwaist fire.. The families represent a cross-section of New York.. The Dutch and English settlers are represented by the Van Dycks and Masters, united through marriage, who become wealthy early on and are part of the group of New Yorkers with old money.. Their story is contrasted with that of a black slave, Quash, and his descendants.. Then there are the O Donnells and the Carusos, Irish and Italian working class families pursuing the American dream in their own way.. While it s clear that Rutherfurd has done a prodigious amount of research, he never gets boring or pedantic.. He obviously knows the city well and has great affection for it.. Don t be put off by the book s length it is a quick read despite its 800+ pages.. When I finished, I thought about how wonderful it is that there are writers like Edward Rutherfurd who make vast amounts of history so incredibly entertaining.. Highly recommended.. ".. The Daily Mail -.. "THIS year marks the 400th anniversary of the founding of New York City; someone was obviously going to write a novel about it and it may as well be Edward Rutherfurd, who s got form in this respect (Dublin, London etc).. This novel is almost as big as the Empire State Building but it is worth the effort.. Rutherfurd traces the development of the Big Apple from the first Indians in the marshes to the Twin Towers.. From Historical Novels -.. "New York is a sweeping panorama of New York City history in the grand style of James A.. Michener, but also something more interesting.. The characters, with few exceptions, are drawn with genuine depth; the plot offers numerous surprising twists; and a theme of real weight builds to a moving conclusion.. It opens in 1664 with a Dutch immigrant and the half-Indian daughter he loves but does not acknowledge for fear of offending his proud wife.. Manhattan was founded on a misunderstanding.. What the Indians considered a gift made "for the right to share their hunting grounds for a season or two," the Europeans considered the price for "buying the land in perpetuity.. " Dirk van Dyck and Tom Master are heirs to the city's original sin, but they and their descendants are sympathetic, many-faceted human beings: loving and prejudiced, generous and ambitious, part of a community in which the desirability of wealth is taken for granted.. Almost a third of the novel covers the Revolutionary War, beginning with the early tensions between England and the Colonies.. New York was under British rule during much of the War, its merchant families mostly loyal to the Crown.. The fictional Master family is divided, so both loyalist and patriot viewpoints are explored with perceptive sympathy, though without moral blinders.. Rutherfurd's heart clearly lies with the American effort to forge a more democratic society.. The story of the wealthy Master fam'ily encompasses that of other New Yorkers descended from Dutch, African, German, Irish, Jewish, Italian, and Puerto Rican immigrants.. Naturally, such notable events as the Civil War draft riots and the 1929 stock market crash are explored but it's typical of Rutherfurd's approach to portray the 1977 electrical blackout while only alluding to the more easily stereotyped 1965 blackout.. The disastrous 1911 Triangle factory fire in which 146 garment workers died, mostly young immigrant women, poignantly foreshadows September 11, 2001 and reminds readers of the city's persistence in turning tragedy to strength.. (2009, 880 pages)" Reviewed by Margaret Donsbach.. From Hersam Acorn Press - by Justin Reynolds.. "To the Lenape Indians, it was Manna Hata.. To the Dutch, New Amsterdam.. To the English and now to the world New York City.. But how exactly did the relatively small island Peter Minuit purchased in 1626, for next to nothing, become one of the most if not the most powerful and influential cities mankind has ever seen?In his seventh novel, New York, published by Doubleday last month, best-selling author Edward Rutherfurd known for weaving together epic tales of historical fiction, as seen through the eyes of a number of families traces the history of the city from 1664 to the present day.. Mr.. Rutherfurd explores the city s landscapes through the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, Ellis Island and World War II, among other things, ultimately climaxing with the attacks of September 11.. In the book, Mr.. Rutherfurd follows families of different ethnicities through the centuries.. While the families themselves are fictional, the events happening around them and the people associated with those events are indeed real.. It has been necessary to invent very little in terms of historic events during the course of this narrative, Mr.. Rutherfurd writes in his novel s preface.. Here and there, to maintain the narrative flow, there are a few simplifications of complex historical sequence or detail, but none, I believe, that misrepresent the general historic record.. When asked to describe his book, the author responded quite succinctly: The book is about freedom.. For Mr.. Rutherfurd, who s previously written about England, Ireland and Russia, New York which debuted 14th on the New York Times Bestseller s List is his first stab at America.. " Written by Justin Reynolds.. Associated Press - by BOB SALSBERG.. ""New York: The Novel" (Doubleday, 864 pages, $30,) by Edward Rutherfurd: New York City wasn't born a grand metropolis and world financial center.. In 1664, the year in which Rutherfurd begins his latest sweeping historical novel, New York is New Amsterdam, a modest Dutch trading post of about 1,500 residents on an island the Native Americans called Manna Hata.. It starts with Dirk van Dyck, a fur trader, returning to the settlement  ...   a coherent whole.. Rutherfurd, a specialist in multi-generational family sagas -- a genre he says was invented by James Michener -- had previously covered two millennia of history in "London," "Dublin," and "Russka.. "He spoke with Reuters about New York, his favorite city haunts and writing very big books:.. Q: A theme that unites the four centuries is money and trade.. Is that something that you think defines New York City?.. A: "All my books have an undertow.. The thing is meant to be entertaining and full of information, but there has to be, to keep me going, some guts in there.. What this book is about is freedom.. That's what New York is about.. Everybody's come to America, from the Pilgrims onwards, in search of freedom (whether) religious, economic, political or personal.. Q: When writing about a famous subject, to what extent do you have to play to expectations?.. A: "You have to hit certain marks, but you try to come in diagonally, with a little bit of a surprise.. Obvious ones are 9/11, the building of the Empire State Building.. With the Great Crash of 1929, what I did is talk more about the Panic of 1907, which I find very dramatic when J.. P.. Morgan saved the markets.. "Wall Street pretends to be one thing, but it's really about placing bets.. (After 1907) everybody talked about regulation, and it all fell apart again and gave us '29.. And guess what, do recent events seem to be about a lack of regulation? There's this repetition in history that is fascinating and a little depressing.. Q: Throughout the book, you foreshadow September 11th, which then dominates the final section.. What was your aim?.. A: "The climax had to be the mass falling of 9/11.. You could have the book end on tragedy, and to me that's not what New York is about.. "The tragedy of 9/11 is there, but it was immensely important to me that, on the one hand, the tragedy should be set in a grander historical context, and secondly there had to be an epilogue.. One doesn't need to belabor the thing.. The tragedy is a multiple of tiny personal tragedies, and yet the catharsis is, as in a war, in trying to step slightly back and see it in a larger context.. "I try to make it echo back to an intimate story at the start of the book.. In the epilogue, I try to convey a sense of hope and celebration that's still in the city.. Q: As you walk through Manhattan now, are there favorite haunts that remind you of its history?.. A: "I love to walk in Central Park.. I will frequently walk 40, 50 blocks, up Park and down Fifth.. I love to go to the Village, but wish I played chess better.. I love water.. It was great fun going out in a little launch to Ellis Island, bumping around the harbor.. I love seeing cities like St.. Petersburg and New York from the water.. I love big rivers.. When they scatter my ashes, the Hudson would do fine.. I'd like to go up the river a bit.. Take me up to Poughkeepsie.. Q: To clear up a lingering question, is Edward Rutherfurd a nom-de-plume?.. A: "It is a writing name.. My Rutherfurd ancestors kept on marrying each other, so there was about 150 years of in-breeding.. My genetic makeup has far more Rutherfurd than anything else.. But my father's family name, an old English name, is extremely difficult for people.. In the U.. , people assume my name was Winthrop.. It is Wintle.. ".. Amazon.. Com - By PAUL BRADSHAW.. "A wonderful ride through the history of a great city, November 10, 2009.. I have read and loved all of Edward Rutherfurd's books (starting with Sarum, 20 years ago).. When I heard that his latest book "New York" was being released a few weeks earlier in the UK than in the USA I ordered it from Amazon.. co.. uk as I was so eager to read it.. "New York" is just as good as Rutherfurd's other works.. The author takes us on a 350 year ride through New York's history, from the 1600s to the present day.. The fictional characters are well-developed and interesting and we follow them through multiple generations alongside all of the major events in New York's history.. New Amsterdam, the Dutch, the War of Independence, Tammany Hall, the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, through to the inevitable and tragic conclusion at the World Trade Center.. The chapter covering the Panic of 1907 is especially fascinating, given the obvious parallels with recent events: the near-collapse of the financial system, narrowly averted with millions of Government money, and the ability of J.. Morgan himself to bring Wall Street's top money men together and convince them to do what was needed.. With Rutherfurd's books it feels more like you're living through the history than reading a history book.. There are many enjoyable storylines involving the fictional families, with the historical events as a backdrop, and several of them incorporate real characters from history.. George Washington, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Churchill's family, Boss Tweed, and many others, are all here.. At school I thought history was a boring subject.. But I found it very hard to put this book down, and very much missed my daily excursions into New York when I was finished.. Com - by Jeannette Newman.. "If you love NYC and you love reading, this book is a MUST.. I am a librarian who reads like an addict.. I have never written an Amazon review before, but feel compelled to write this one.. Rutherfurd put pictures in my head of the broad spectrum of NYC history.. I was fascinated to read fiction that dealt with times I had read about in history books.. But I was positively thrilled with his correct depictions of the times that I have lived through as a native Italian American and Brooklynite.. Rutherfurd gave my own history back to me in beautiful correct detail.. I was sad to see this book end and at more than 800 pages that says a lot.. Usually in books of this size a lot of editing would have helped, but I would not have cut a single thing out of this saga of the greatest city in the world.. A Tasty Bite of the Apple - By Gary Griffiths.. "If Edward Rutherfurd's "New York" is not as sweeping as his epic "London", or as historically fascinating as the classic "Sarum", it is a no less enjoyable read: a vibrant, swashbuckling snapshot of New York's City's rich and colorful origins.. It has to be impossible to capture New York in a single volume, and despite a full 880 pages in hardcover, the breadth of New York's sometimes sordid, sometimes-noble, and usually triumphant past is reduced to only fleeting snapshots of the actual events.. But if the content is light, especially compared to Rutherfurd's massive two-volume "Ireland" saga, he makes up for it with an extraordinarily empathetic cast that is developed more carefully, with greater impact, than in his previous works.. This is partially the result of a focus on one fictional family - the Master's - with not much more than cameo appearances from a short list characters whose paths cross the Master clan from generation to generation, bridging all the way from Peter Stuyvesant's 17th century New Amsterdam to the summer of 2009.. Rutherfurd - and the Master's - careen through war and peace, crime and corruption, boom and bust - especially boom and bust - painting a vigorous portrait fitting for New York's larger-than-life image.. And while the author is faithful to the formulaic approach that has served him so well, I found myself swept up as much with the Master's as with the historical content - a truly gripping and poignant series of tales of love and loss through generations which, if at times melodramatic, was never maudlin.. Strong common threads run through this tightly knit chronicle, closing a 300-year loop with a compelling and satisfying payoff.. So kudos to Edward Rutherfurd for proving he can tell a story on this side of the Atlantic that is as exciting and historically illuminating as his great tomes of the British Isles.. Not that there was much doubt, but "New York" is further proof that Rutherfurd is the reigning master of historical fiction, with every new release an important event.. And Oh - a quick plug for Kindle's light weight, gutterless elegance - the perfect venue for "New York's" nearly 900-page mass.. Quebec s Thesurburban.. com -.. Following up on the success of London: The Novel, author Edward Rutherfurd has written the epic New York which blends the 400 year history of the city with a fictional narrative.. Rutherfurd b egins his story on the small native fishing village on the island of Manna hata and takes the reader from fur-trading times, through British settlement, the formation of the union and eventually right up to the modern day city of sky scrapers.. Touching on triumph and tragedy in the city and examining every walk of life, this is truly a comprehensive look at the Big Apple.. USA.. TODAY - by Craig Wilson.. Edward Rutherfurd has tackled big subjects in his fiction before.. London, Russia, Ireland, to name but three.. Now he turns his keen academic eye toward the city that never sleeps.. It appears Rutherfurd didn't sleep much either while putting together this massive "history" of one of the world's greatest cities.. (Some have called him an heir to.. James Michener.. , who also wrote epics set in various locales around the world.. ) Rutherfurd's research is exhaustive, taking the reader from the city's beginnings as an Indian village at the tip of Manhattan all the way to the Sept.. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center.. AMAZON UK.. Audiobook.. Hardcover.. Large Print.. Paperback..

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  • Title: Edward Rutherfurd || Rebels of Ireland
    Descriptive info: In IRELAND AWAKENING, Edward Rutherfurd, working closely with leading Irish historians, tells the story of the O'Byrne, MacGowan, Doyle, Walsh and Tidy families, together with the Catholic Smiths, Presbyterian Laws and Budges, down the turbulent centuries of.. Cromwell.. , the Ascendancy, and the.. Famine.. to the Easter Rising and the Irish Free State.. In the days of England's colonising.. plantations.. , the ranting Puritan preacher Doctor Pincher and his land-hungry nephew Barnaby Budge oppose the passionate piety of the Walshes.. Against the background of the Irish Confederation, the coming of Cromwell, the massacre of Drogheda, and the.. Battle of the Boyne.. , the middle-aged adultery of Margaret Smith with the Irish chieftain Brian O'Byrne leads to many consequences.. During the English Ascendancy, through the elegant world of Georgian Dublin, the literary times of.. Swift.. and Sheridan, and the political drama of Grattan's famous Parliament, rich Walshes, poor hedge schoolmasters, and Dublin shopkeepers try to protect their position and their faith - until all compromise breaks down with the rebellion of Wolfe Tone in.. 1798.. - the Year of the French - and the tragedy of.. Emmet.. 's Rising.. We follow Tidy the Quaker, Smith the Catholic, Dudley Doyle the economist, and many others through the rise and fall of.. O'Connell.. and of Parnell, and during the day-by-day misery of the Famine, where a poor girl tries to save her family.. We reach the exciting but dangerous world of the Celtic revival of WB Yeats, the growth of Sinn Fein in the streets of James Joyce's Dublin, and the  ...   [its] widely praised and popular [predecessor].. Taking up where he left off with the ill-fated Irish revolt of 1534, he conducts the reader on a whirlwind journey through the often-twisted annals of Irish history.. After the British conquest of Ireland is complete and the installation of the "plantation" system tolls the death knell of Irish autonomy, the die is cast in a centuries-long political and spiritual quest for either independence or security.. Told from the diverse viewpoints of several interrelated families, this epic recounting of the often tragic fate of one nation under two banners is transformed into an irresistible multigenerational chronicle featuring huge servings of romance, action, conflict, intrigue, and adventure.. Ambitious in scope, teeming with a huge cast of finely drawn and realized characters, and dripping with authentic historical detail, this lengthy but eminently readable narrative will satisfy the appetites of discerning historical fiction aficionados.. From AudioFile:.. 'The final novel in Edward Rutherfurd's Dublin saga takes listeners through the final days of British control, full of tension and violent rebellion, to freedom.. "Gentle banter" [the author's own words] about an explosion early on is handled with a delicate lightness by John Keating and sets the tone early.. Though more passionate later on, as Ireland becomes a political powder keg, Keating's reading shifts gracefully with the various aspects of Rutherford's novel, which weaves the passions and hatreds of its rebels into family drama, then uses those fictional stories to show listeners the history of Ireland.. The growing intensity leaves listeners with the sense of having been there.. '..

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  • Title: Edward Rutherfurd || The Princes of Ireland
    Descriptive info: Working closely with leading Irish historians, Edward Rutherfurd in DUBLIN tells a magnificent tale of eleven hundred years of Irish history.. After a haunting prologue set at the timeless prehistoric site of Newgrange on the River Boyne, the narrative begins with the tragic story of Conall and Deirdre the green-eyed girl - part romance, part political thriller, part horror story - at the time of the pagan High Kings of.. Tara.. , the druid priests and the coming of.. Saint Patrick.. Their descendants the O'Byrnes, and the MacGowans, Harolds, Doyles, Walshes and Tidies, experience triumph, danger and failure in a sweeping saga that leads us through the coming of the Vikings, the making of monastic treasures like the.. Book of Kells.. , the glorious reign of.. Brian Boru.. and the council where Ireland falls for the trickery of an English king.. So begins the long conflict between English and Irish cultures, through the English rulers at.. , the wild life 'beyond the.. Pale.. ', the intrigues of the Fitzgeralds and Butlers.. The story reaches its climax at the Reformation - after the only Irish attempt to invade England - when Henry VIII crushes the revolt of 'Silken Thomas' Fitzgerald, and the sacred.. Staff of Saint Patrick.. mysteriously vanishes.. Druids and chieftains, monks and smugglers, noblewomen and farmwives, craftsmens and orphans, rebels and cowards - DUBLIN captures the essence of place and people in this thrilling story steeped in the tragedy and glory that are Ireland.. Edward Rutherfurd on DUBLIN.. From Maeve Binchy in Ireland On Sunday:.. 'It is a giant, sprawling, easy-to-read story told in the James Michener manner.. When I used to teach history years ago in a girls school, I would have loved a book like this, something that would have transported the pupils back to the days of gods and goddesses, high kings and druids without any pain.. It's like a well-researched soap opera, where the real and the fictional merge easily and a lot of background detail can be absorbed effortlessly.. Rutherfurd.. is adept at introducing unusual customs which the reader is unlikely to forget, like the ritual the ancient Irish clans had of electing their king - a white bull was killed and then the king-to-be had to mate with a female sacred horse.. Rutherfurd says he has checked this out with scholars and they all agree it was indeed the custom, as with many Indo-European peoples who had all 'depended for their leadership upon men who were wedded to the  ...   you like books that are big, Edward Rutherfurd is your man.. He writes wonderful sagas, tales that cover centuries, always keeping these long stories lively by telling us about the events and conflicts of people's lives.. Rutherfurd does the painstaking research; the reader has all the fun.. From the San Antonio Express-News:.. 'Rutherfurd is the history teacher you wished you had in high school.. While high kings, conquerors and princes are often at the center stage of the book, it is the fictional merchants, craftsmen, chieftains, and soldiers affected by their actions that make us care about the history.. 'Historical fiction fans can settle in for a long, cozy read as Rutherfurd conducts a spellbinding tour of ancient Ireland.. Employing the chatty style he perfected in his best-selling novels Sarum(1987) and London (1997), he covers 17 centuries of Irish history, beginning in pre-Christian Ireland and culminating in the mid-sixteenth century.. From the passionate tale of Conall andDeirdre--a reworking of the celebrated Cuchulainn legend--to the desecration of Irish Catholic churches and shrines during the reign of Henry VIII, the history of this island nation is viewed through a kaleidoscope of interwoven historical and fictional characters caught up in all the pageantry and drama of their particular time and place in history.. The real focal point of this sprawling saga is, however, the city of Dublin itself.. The first installment in a two-part series on the origins and evolution of one of the world's most venerable urban centers, the narrative is distinguished by the panoramic portrait it paints of Dublin through the ages.. Like James Michener and Leon Uris, Rutherfurd does a magnificent job of packaging a crackling good yarn within a digestible overview of complex historical circumstances and events.. After devouring this initial volume, readers will eagerly anticipate the publication of the conclusion of the page-turning Dublin Saga.. 'As in his earlier sagas, SARUM and LONDON, Rutherfurd evokes the history of a time and place by writing interlocking stories of individual men and women and their descendants over many years.. The history of Ireland takes shape as Rutherford details the stories of Irish people from the dawn of time through the reign of Henry VIII.. It's a pleasure to listen to John Keating as he narrates the complex story line and creates believable voices for the many characters Rutherford weaves together in this tapestry of Irish history.. While the abridgment is well done, the editing leaves something to be desired--the lack of breaks between scenes can be disorienting..

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  • Title: Edward Rutherfurd || The Forest
    Descriptive info: THE FOREST is the natural companion to SARUM.. From the time of the Norman Conquest to the present day, the New.. Forest.. , which lies just south-east of Sarum on England's southern coast, has remained an almost mystical place, famous for its deer, ancient oaks, thatched cottages and forest ponies.. It has also been known for.. smuggling.. , the building of great sailing ships, and.. witchcraft.. With their local customs little changed since medieval times, the Forest people - represented in the story by the Albions, the Tottons, the Prides, Puckles and Furzeys - have roots that go back to time immemorial.. The tale opens with the mysterious killing of William the Conqueror's son Rufus, and the story of a.. deer.. Down the centuries, a Pride woman has a love child with a monk at the great local abbey of.. Beaulieu.. , the Forest folk prepare to meet the.. Spanish Armada.. , and tragedy strikes in the turbulent seventeenth century in a famous miscarriage of justice at evil Judge Jeffreys' Bloody Assizes.. The feuds, loyalties, and passions of centuries climax in a scandal that shatters the decorous society of.. Bath.. in the days of.. Jane Austen.. , whose family lived beside the Forest.. While the mighty.. oaks are used to build ships for Nelson's navy, to protect England's shores against Napoleon, the nineteenth and twentieth centuries see another great battle, this time in Parliament, to protect the Forest's unique environmental heritage.. And through this echoing tale, the hidden side of the Forest emerges: the secrets of the huge.. business, the mysteries of local.. , and the inner life of trees and animals.. There is even a dragon.. From the Daily Mail:.. 'Exerts a hypnotic charm'.. From the Independent:.. 'Fresh, exciting and insightful'.. From the Boston Globe:.. 'As entertaining as Sarum and Rutherfurd's other sweeping novel of British history, London.. From the St.. Louis Post-Dispatch:.. 'THE FOREST is Michener told with an English accent'.. From the Kansas City Star:.. 'Many of the most memorable characters are women Adela the Norman, bold in the face of injustice; her descendant Alice Albion, almost brave enough to defeat the hatred of the civil war; tough old Adelaide, so loyal to ancient grievances that she can't let her sweet niece Fanny take hold of love.. From the News York Daily News:.. 'The novel covers 10 centuries, tracking a half-dozen or  ...   that has played a significant role in the country's history.. The story opens in 1099, just before the death of King William II in the New Forest, shot in the eye by an arrow, either by accident or by design.. Rutherfurd slowly builds the story up to the present day, charting, as has been his pattern in the previous books, the ups and downs of a few families as the epochs of English history wash over the sceptered isle and, in the process, documenting the political, social, economic, and ecological issues and the impact these issues have had on people's lives, common, noble, or royal.. And since the author's focus is on the New Forest, even animals appear as characters!'.. From Kirkus Reviews:.. 'Rutherfurd's episodic history of the Forest begins in 1099 with a romantic tale of Saxon-Norman enmity that climaxes with the assassination of King William "Rufus,'' then incorporates several lengthy stories in which local families' successive generations keep reappearing: in 1294, a love-struck monk fathers a young married woman's child; supporters of Queen Elizabeth's rival, Mary Queen of Scots, furtively prepare for the Armada deployed by Mary's Spanish supporters; haughty Alice Albion risks treason in a later age of violent political factionalism (in the longest chapter here, which also offers an intriguing characterization of "liberal'' monarch Charles II); and, in Georgian times, a Jane Austen inspired tale of social-climbing and arranged marriage is deftly balanced against a vigorous indictment of continuing commercial exploitation of the Forest's abundant resources.. Rutherfurd has once again combined absorbing historical information with enviable narrative skill and a real gift for creating credible representative characters.. Popular fiction at its best.. 'The least talented actor will modulate his voice in order to telegraph the sex of the character whose lines are being read, but Lynn Redgrave's performance here is extraordinary.. Even the casual listener can tell a king from a subject, a virgin from a woman who has given herself in love.. The recording quality is excellent, and Redgrave's skills bring the novel's large and varied cast to life.. Edward Rutherfurd writes in the manner of James Michener's later work, setting fictional dramas in the sweep of historical fact.. In this case, he uses England's New Forest to tell of that region's people, from William the Conqueror's ill-fated son, Rufus, to those of the present day.. Lively history.. Brilliantly enacted..

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  • Title: Edward Rutherfurd || London
    Descriptive info: With its fast-moving plots, packed with information, LONDON tells a two-thousand year tale of families in England's capital, from Roman to present times.. Segovax, a Celtic boy with webbed fingers and a white flash in his hair, who tries to save his father from Julius Caesar and his Roman legions, is the ancestor of both the poor.. Doggets.. and the aristocratic.. Duckets.. Saxon Bulls and Carpenters, Viking Barnikels, Norman Silversleeves, Flemings from Flanders, Merediths from Wales, the Protestant Penny family,.. Huguenots.. from France, Scottish Forsyths - as they interact and intermarry, reflect the rich genealogy of the British, a nation of immigrants.. As the city grows, we witness London's Roman amphitheatre,.. Chaucer.. 's.. London Bridge.. , the building of the.. Tower of London.. , of.. Shakespeare.. 's Globe and mighty.. St Pauls.. , the growth of the mean streets of Dickens and the fashionable West End.. The family saga involves the characters in the Norman Conquest, the massacre of the Jews,.. magna carta.. and Parliament's rise, and the Peasants' Revolt.. We watch the martyrdom of St Thomas More, the beheading of Charles I, the visit of.. Pocahontas.. , and the sailing of the.. Mayflower.. We experience the Plague and Fire of London, and Hitler's Blitz.. Through Rutherfurd's rich research, we learn about the workings of medieval.. whorehouses.. , the College of Heralds, cockney rhyming slang, the South Sea Bubble, the great run on the banks of 1825, and the scandal caused by the suffragettes.. Aristocrats and stonemasons, brewers and grocers, aldermen and prostitutes, forgers and bodysnatchers, every class and type is to be found in the great river of life that, like the River Thames itself, flows ceaselessly through LONDON.. From the Daily Telegraph:.. 'Few literary novels tell us as much about the history of modern humans, or have such charity'.. From the San Francisco Chronicle:.. 'Fascinating.. a sprawling epic'.. From the Orlando Sentinel:.. 'A tour de force.. LONDON tracks the history of the English capital from the days of the Celts until the present time.. breathtaking'.. Lisa Jardine in the Times:.. 'Here are 800 pages of hold-your-breath suspense, buccaneering adventure, and passionate tales of love and war set on London from the birth of time to the present day.. The detail is beautifully researched.. But the author does not labour the authenticity.. Instead he allows the reader to absorb the bustle and colour of London life generation by generation, acculmulating a sense of the city constantly in change.. Rutherfurd's technique for holding out attention is to entice us into the lives of individuals.. We are introduced to a cluster of families from divers backgrounds and geographical origins whose fortunes criss-cross the centuries.. On the one hand, these families pass on inherited traits which allow the reader to spot them in each generation.. On the other hand, character is certainly not inherited.. As each story unfolds, we gradually discover who, in this generation, are the heroes; who the villains.. Then there's the  ...   pares his fingernails, allowing villainy to be rewarded and virtue to be punished, and passing no final moral judgments on his characters.. More important to him is the wonderful distinctiveness of London.. As one character representing his views puts it: 'London was always a city of large numbers of aliens who quickly assimilated.. A genetic river, if you like, fed by any number of streams.. And he pulls off some remarkable effects.. Typical of them a description of a Puritan character named O Be Joyful Carpenter listening to the chiming of London's bells:.. 'Louder and louder now their mighty ringing grew, clanging and crashing down the major scale, drowning out every puny tune, until even the dome of St.. Paul's itself seemed to be resonating in the din.. And as he listened to this tremendous sound echoing all around him, so strident and so strong, it suddenly seemed to Carpenter that he could hear therein a thousand other voices: the Puritan voices of Bunyan and his pilgrim, the voice of his father Gideon and his saints, of Martha, why even of the Protestant Almighty himself.. And, lost in their massive chorus, for a moment forgetting everything, even his own poor soul, he hugged his grandchildren and cried out in exultation: 'Hear! Oh, hear the voice of the Lord!' Then all the bells of London rang, and then O Be Joyful was joyful indeed.. ' What a delightful way to get the feel of London and of English history.. 'Rutherfurd, having celebrated at some length the growth of an English cathedral town (Sarum, 1987) and the turbulent history of Russia (Russka, 1991), offers a massive survey in fictional form of London's long history.. Like the work of his likely inspiration, James Michener, Rutherfurd's novels are distinguished by admirable research and a propulsive plot.. This latest follows the growth of London from its origins as a Celtic encampment through its emergence as the Roman capital in Britain and on to its long climb to preeminence as England's (and, for a time, the world's) greatest city.. Interwoven with the private (and rather melodramatic) adventures of a half-dozen families over a 2,000-year span are most of the events that shaped England (from the Norman invasion up to the Battle of Britain).. From Audio File:.. 'Condensing eight hundred pages and several hundred centuries into four tapes leads inevitably to a loss of detail, but the listener of this abridgment isn't left wanting.. The book itself is crammed with the trivia of history, from the time of the Druids to the last decade of the twentieth century.. Even with this condensed form, the listener is held spellbound.. Prebble's British accents range from royal to cockney, and his narration is peppered with various Celtic brogues, all distinguishing a complex cast of characters and cameo appearances by the likes of Chaucer and Shakespeare.. Rutherfurd is a master storyteller, and the quality of his craft is in no way diminished through abridgment..

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