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  • Title: Professional Economic Consulting. Expert Testimony. | ECONorthwest
    Descriptive info: .. ECONorthwest.. Seattle: 206.. 395.. 9004 Portland: 503.. 222.. 6060 Eugene: 541.. 687.. 0051.. Boise: 208.. 918.. 0617 Toll-Free: 866.. 468.. 6060.. Contact Us.. Who We Are.. What We Do.. Case Studies.. Our Work.. News Events.. Professional Economic Consulting.. Expert Testimony.. ECONorthwest provides professional economics, planning, and financial consulting services and expert testimony for a wide variety of private and public sector clients throughout the United States and worldwide.. We have earned a global reputation of excellence for our technical expertise, communication skills, and exceptional client service.. Learn More.. Consulting Services.. Our Economists, Planners, and Policy Analysts apply the science of economics to help you navigate data, find answers, and effectively communicate results.. Learn More.. Testimony + Litigation Support.. Our Economists and Expert Testifiers provide unbiased expert analysis.. Our experience and objectivity make us compelling expert witnesses and litigation support consultants.. Featured Case Studies.. Pricing Utility Rights of Way.. ECONorthwest provided economic analysis and testimony on public right-of-way regulations and franchise  ...   November 2014, Oregon voters will decide whether to legalize and regulate cannabis.. ECONorthwest conducted a comprehensive analysis that estimates that first year of sales would generate $38.. 5.. Pike-Pine Renaissance Project Wins National Award.. The Pike-Pine Renaissance project in Seattle, for which ECONorthwest provided funding and implementation strategy, has won the 2014 ERDA Great Places Planning Award.. About Us.. Our People.. Our Clients.. Our Partnerships.. Employment.. Areas of Expertise.. Methods & Tools.. Publications.. Presentations.. Contact..    Tweets from ECONorthwest's President..    RSS Feeds.. News & Events -.. Subscribe.. Copyright 2014 |.. Legal.. |.. Sitemap.. Website Design and Development by.. GRAYBOX.. Seattle, WA.. 500 Yale Avenue N.. Seattle, WA 98109.. Phone: 206.. 9004.. econ@econw.. com.. Portland, OR.. KOIN Center.. 222 SW Columbia Street,.. Suite 1600.. Portland, OR 97201.. Phone: 503.. Eugene, OR.. The Washburne Building.. 72 W Broadway,.. Suite 206.. Eugene, OR 97401.. Phone: 541.. 0051.. Boise, ID.. Eagles Center.. 223 North 6th Street,.. Suite 430.. Boise, ID 83702.. Phone: 208.. 0617..

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  • Title: Contact | ECONorthwest
    Descriptive info: Home.. /.. Interested in learning more about how ECONorthwest can help you with your next project? Our toolbox is full and our staff enjoy meeting new challenges.. We’ll work with you to find the right approach that satisfies your goals, your budget, and your schedule.. Give us a call today or complete the form below and we’ll contact you.. Name:*.. Title:.. Organization:.. Phone:*.. Email:*.. Additional Information:*.. Please  ...   like to answer.. We’ll use this information to connect you to the right project manager.. How did you find out about us?.. Portland Office.. The KOIN Tower.. 222 SW Columbia Street.. Portland OR 97201.. Phone.. : 503.. Fax.. 1504.. Email Us.. Get Directions.. Eugene Office.. The Atrium Building.. 99 W Tenth Avenue.. Suite 400.. Phone:.. 541.. Fax:.. 344.. 0562.. Boise Office.. 223 North Sixth Street.. : 208..

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  • Title: Who We Are | ECONorthwest
    Descriptive info: ECONorthwest has been helping clients solve problems and make data-driven decisions since 1974.. Our consultants provide expertise in economics, finance and planning to public- and private-sector clients worldwide.. At ECONorthwest, we understand that businesses and governments face difficult decisions about how to make the best use of limited resources.. We help our clients make thoughtful, data-driven decisions using tools and methods that meet the highest standards of best practice.. At the core of everything we do is applied microeconomics.. This perspective allows us to fully understand and effectively communicate the benefits, costs, and tradeoffs associated with any decision.. ABOUT US.. Established in 1974, ECONorthwest has over three decades of experience helping clients make sound decisions based on rigorous economic, planning and financial analysis.. Our people, our experience, and our principles shape who we are..  ...   variety of fields, including economics, planning and public policy, which allows us to build specialized teams to meet our clients needs.. Meet our people.. OUR CLIENTS.. ECONorthwest has worked with hundreds of organizations since 1974, in both the public and private sectors.. We work with federal, state, local, and tribal agencies; non-profit organizations; and businesses from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.. Our portfolio of clients and projects spans the U.. S.. , North America, and the globe.. OUR PARTNERSHIPS.. To offer our clients the widest range and highest quality of services, we often build partnerships that complement our core competencies.. As economists, planners, and policy analysts, we routinely align our services with those of engineers, biologists, architects, attorneys, and other professionals.. We are always looking for highly qualified partners in a variety of fields..

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  • Title: What We Do | ECONorthwest
    Descriptive info: We are a consulting firm specializing in economics, finance, and planning.. We also provide expert testimony and litigation support.. At the core of nearly everything we do is applied microeconomics.. We have developed extensive practices in the areas shown below.. If you don t see what you re looking for, give us a call.. Chances are, we can help.. Education, Health, & Social Policy.. Education.. Healthcare.. Labor, Employment, & Workforce Development.. Welfare & Disability Benefits.. Child Support Enforcement.. Government Management & Strategy.. Public Finance.. Performance Measurement.. Economic Development.. Tax & Budget Policy.. Litigation Support.. Antitrust Liability & Damages.. Contract Disputes.. Economic Damages Assessment.. Employment Disputes & Labor Negotiations.. Environmental Enforcement, Damages, & Liability.. Hospital & Healthcare Services.. Patent & Intellectual  ...   Public-Private Partnerships.. Real Estate Market & Feasibility Analysis.. Redevelopment & Infill Planning.. Urban Renewal & Tax Increment Financing.. Natural Hazard Mitigation.. Private Sector Services.. Bank Merger, Acquisition Activity, & Lending Practices.. Business Branch Location.. Business Continuity Planning.. Legislative Initiatives.. Product Warranty Claims Forecasting.. Resort & Casino Development.. Real Estate Value, Sales, & Foreclosure Forecasting.. Securities Market Analysis.. Transportation, Energy, & Utility Infrastructure.. Transportation Economics.. Transportation & Infrastructure Finance.. Pricing & Tolling.. Public Transit.. Highway Cost Allocation.. Right-of-Way Pricing & Franchise Fees.. Stormwater & Green Infrastructure.. Demand Side Management (DSM) Program Auditing.. VIEW ALL.. Methods Tools.. Benefit-Cost Analysis.. Economic Impact Analysis.. Econometric & Statistical Analysis & Modeling.. Macroeconomic Forecasting & Modeling.. Natural Resource Damage Assessment.. Non-Market Valuation.. Web Applications.. Geographic Information Systems..

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  • Title: Case Studies | ECONorthwest
    Descriptive info: These case studies demonstrate the work we do.. Some highlight projects we've completed.. Others illustrate how we think about a particular topic or issue.. Residential Land Study for Wilsonville, Oregon.. ECONorthwest developed a residential land study to help Wilsonville guide planning for future housing development.. The Building Assets for Fathers and Families Initiative.. ECONorthwest provided technical assistance and policy guidance to federal demonstration sites.. Conservation Leasing and Potential on Idaho’s State Trust Land.. ECONorthwest analyzed the supply and demand for ecosystem services on Idaho State Trust Lands.. Real Estate Lease Evaluation Model.. ECONorthwest developed a model to evaluate and compare commercial real estate lease agreements.. Fiscal Impacts of Growth in Skagit County.. ECONorthwest analyzed the fiscal impacts of four alternative growth scenarios in  ...   for Groundfish Production Relationships.. ECONorthwest developed a model to estimate relationships in harvest data from Canada’s groundfishery.. Site and Developer Selection for Headquarters Office.. ECONorthwest helped Oregon Research Institute select and negotiate the development of a new headquarters office.. Economic Value of the Portland Metro Intertwine.. ECONorthwest estimated the economic value of ecosystem services and recreational opportunities provided by the Intertwine.. Archive.. Wilsonville Residential Land Study.. The Building Assets for Fathers and Families Initiative.. Conservation Leasing and Potential on Idaho’s State Trust Land.. Real Estate Lease Evaluation Model.. Fiscal Impacts of Growth in Skagit County.. Wilsonville Economic Development Strategy.. Beaverton Urban Renewal Area Formation.. Economic Model for Groundfish Production Relationships.. Site and Developer Selection for Headquarters Office.. Economic Value of the Portland Metro Intertwine..

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  • Title: ECONorthwest Publications and Presentations | ECONorthwest
    Descriptive info: The work we do for our clients is frequently made available to the public.. We often present our findings and insights on current economic topics at professional conferences and in public forums.. Here you can download recent and archived reports, presentations, and other publications.. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, send us an email or give us a call.. Recent Publications and Presentations.. Oregon Cannabis Tax Revenue Estimate.. ECONorthwest conducted a comprehensive analysis that estimates first year of sales would generate $38.. 5 million in tax revenue.. Wilsonville Residential Land Study.. The Economic Impacts of Facebook's Data Center.. ECONorthwest releases a study of the economic and fiscal impacts resulting from Facebook's Prineville data center.. Job Transitions for Older Americans.. Dr.. Cahill describes how the new era of retirement presents both challenges and opportunities for today's older workers.. Materials from the Environmental Law Conference.. Materials from Ed Whitelaw’s two  ...   Meadows racetrack and other horse racing activities in Oregon that depend on it.. The Hispanic-White Achievement Gap in Oregon.. An analysis of the differences in reading and math achievement scores for Oregon's Hispanic and white students over time.. Why Being In School Matters: Chronic Absenteeism in Oregon Public Schools.. ECONorthwest examines the effects of absenteeism on academic performance in Oregon public schools.. User and Non-User Benefit Analysis for Highways, 3rd Edition.. ECONorthwest-developed manual to support economic analysis of highways.. Economic Contributions of Indian Gaming in Oregon.. A market and economic impact analysis of the contributions of Indian gaming to Oregon’s economy.. The Economics of Low-Impact Development: A Literature Review.. ECONorthwest summarizes the literature that identifies and measures the economic costs and benefits of low-impact development techniques.. Issue Brief: Is Boise Over- Or Underperforming Economically?.. ECONorthwest rates the economic performance of Boise, Idaho by comparing it to some of its economic peers..

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  • Title: News & Events | ECONorthwest
    Descriptive info: Categories.. Archives.. July, 2014.. May, 2014.. April, 2014.. March, 2014.. February, 2014.. January, 2014.. December, 2013.. November, 2013.. October, 2013.. September, 2013.. July, 2013.. June, 2013.. Tags.. andrew dyke.. ,.. anne fifield.. bryce ward.. california.. chalkboard project.. city of portland.. coquille indian tribe.. corporate news.. demographics.. economic growth.. economic impact.. economic recovery.. econorthwest in the news.. ecosystem services.. ed macmullan.. education.. ed whitelaw.. employment.. green infrastructure.. higher education.. housing.. idaho.. issue brief.. jobs.. john tapogna.. kevin e.. cahill.. mark buckley.. mike wilkerson.. new york times.. op-ed.. oregon.. oregonian.. oregon state university.. peripheral canal.. pers.. portland.. portland tribune.. presentations.. public appearances.. public pensions.. redevelopment.. retirement.. robert whelan.. superfund.. sustainability.. tapogna.. terry moore.. unemployment.. value of jobs.. water resources.. Posted on July 22, 2014 in.. by Allison Tivnon.. Read More.. Posted on May 31, 2014 in by Allison Tivnon.. The costs of wildfire in the Sierra Nevada.. Posted on May 16, 2014 in.. A recent report co-authored by ECONorthwest explores the economic benefits of anti-wildfire fuel treatments in the Mokelumne Watershed in California’s Sierra Nevada.. ECONorthwest’s guest opinion on societal aging featured in The  ...   in Idaho and its link to the economy.. ECONorthwest’s Robert Whelan weighs in on the economics of the Snowpocalypse in The Oregonian.. Posted on February 17, 2014 in by Allison Tivnon.. ECONorthwest Senior Economist quoted in The Oregonian about the economic affects of the snowstorm on Portland businesses.. ECONorthwest study finds that forest bill is a net loss for taxpayers.. Posted on February 10, 2014 in.. An analysis by ECONorthwest concludes that proposed forest legislation costs significantly more to implement than it would generate in revenue.. ECONorthwest study finds that students from Oregon tribes fare worse than their peers.. Posted on January 24, 2014 in.. A study by ECONorthwest reveals challenges for students from Oregon Indian tribes.. Kevin Cahill presents on the New Era of Retirement.. Posted on January 8, 2014 in.. New trends in Baby Boomer retirement strategies.. Ed Whitelaw interviewed about the link between car sales and the economy.. Posted on January 2, 2014 in by Allison Tivnon.. ECONorthwest Dr.. Ed Whitelaw founder was recently interviewed about the link between car sales and the health of the economy for KVAL..

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  • Title: Litigation Support | ECONorthwest
    Descriptive info: ECONorthwest’s team of experienced expert witnesses, economists, and economic analysts provide rigorous economic analyses and clear and concise written and oral testimony.. We help attorneys assess economic liability; calculate the present value of damages, harm, or impacts due to alleged acts; conduct market analysis; and manage and statistically analyze data.. Antitrust Liability Damages.. ECONorthwest staff have extensive experience conducting and presenting economic analyses.. Contract Disputes.. ECONorthwest's litigation support team can help attorneys resolve commercial contract disputes.. Economic  ...   Negotiations.. ECONorthwest provides economic analysis for labor and management in litigation matters and labor contract arbitration.. Environmental Enforcement, Damages, Liability.. ECONorthwest applies economics to environmental, natural resource and energy-related litigation.. Hospital Healthcare Services.. ECONorthwest's litigation support team understands local and regional healthcare markets.. Patent Intellectual Property Valuation.. ECONorthwest provides expert valuation of economic harm from patent infringement and intellectual property loss.. Personal Injury Wrongful Death.. ECONorthwest's litigation support team provides rigorous, impartial valuation of personal economic damages..

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  • Title: Pricing Utility Rights of Way | ECONorthwest
    Descriptive info: Related Publications.. Cities Challenged in their Economic Interpretation of the U.. Telecommunications Act of 1996.. Ed Whitelaw.. Ed specializes in urban, labor, and environmental economics.. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR PEOPLE.. The Challenge.. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 guarantees municipalities the power to manage their public rights-of-way.. This includes the ability to charge private telecommunications providers fair and reasonable fees when they use the space above and below public streets and sidewalks to convey services to their customers.. Despite this guarantee, telecommunications companies have sued municipalities, alleging that these fees and regulations violate the Act.. The Results.. In one example of this kind of litigation Qwest Corporation v.. City of Portland ECONorthwest provided written and deposition testimony in support of the fees the City of Portland charges for the use  ...   be used efficiently.. On September 15, 2006, the United States District Court for the District of Oregon upheld the City of Portland s right-of-way fees and regulations.. The Qwest Corporation v.. City of Portland case is just one example of ECONorthwest s work on telecommunications right-of-way issues.. Other Examples of Our Work.. Telecommunications Right-of-Way Charges.. Similar to the analysis conducted for the City of Portland, for municipal governments in California and Alabama, ECONorthwest analyzed the fees that municipalities charged telecommunications companies to access the city-owned right-of-way.. Right-of-Way Pricing Structure.. In a matter before the Federal Communications Commission, ECONorthwest evaluated the pricing structure that local governments charge providers of cable modem services for using the local right-of-way.. In particular, ECONorthwest addressed the economic relevance of revenue-based fees in a congested right-of-way..

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  • Title: Web Application for Screening Beneficiaries of Government Programs | ECONorthwest
    Descriptive info: Carl Batten.. Carl specializes in economic analysis and modeling.. Welfare and Disability Benefits.. For decades, low-income people have had to navigate overwhelming and fragmented service delivery systems to meet the needs of their families.. To address this problem, ECONorthwest has collaborated with public and nonprofit agencies to fundamentally change how governments deliver information to their citizens.. Today, people in need of critical services can anonymously answer simple questions about their family size, income, and housing situation.. A web-based benefits prescreener then evaluates whether they are likely to qualify for assistance from up to 30 programs, including: food, health, cash, housing, energy, senior assistance, and tax credits.. The site tells visitors which services they appear to be eligible for and directs them to the closest agency that provides each service.. The site is available in multiple languages.. Our benefits prescreeners employ a flexible design that easily accommodates the addition of new questions, new programs, and other languages.. Questions are generated one screen at a time, based on answers to previous questions.. This allows each user to be asked the minimum number of questions appropriate to their situation, while ensuring that all necessary questions are asked and answered.. Our first benefits prescreener was..  ...   program for pioneering IT projects worldwide.. It is a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences in a democratic and open way, and a way to showcase best practices within the field of IT.. Oregon Helps won the Stockholm Challenge award in the category of e-government in 2004.. Harvard University s.. Innovations in American Government Awards Program.. recognizes efforts that provide concrete evidence that government can work to improve the quality of life for citizens and that it deserves greater public trust.. Harvard selected Oregon Helps as a semifinalist in 2006 one of 50 such government programs recognized.. Other semifinalists included programs developed by NASA, the U.. Army, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.. Through its Achievement Awards, the.. National Association of Counties.. (NACo) selects county programs that represent innovative and creative solutions to the problems that local governments face.. NACo recognized Oregon Helps with its annual Achievement Award in 2004.. The Government Technology Leadership Award (known as the Gracie Award, after Admiral Gracie Hopper) is sponsored by Government Executive Magazine and the Federal Office of Technology.. It recognizes projects making exceptional contributions to public service and e-government and was awarded to Oregon Helps in 2003..

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  • Title: Our People | ECONorthwest
    Descriptive info: Meet our consultants and expert testifiers.. Our staff hold advanced degrees in fields related to economics, policy, mathematics, and planning.. All are capable project managers, and many have specialized skills in GIS analysis, technical writing, and computer programming.. Many senior staff have testified to legislative, judicial, and administrative bodies.. Senior Consultants & Senior Analysts.. Carl Batten.. Senior Economist.. Mark Buckley.. Managing Director / Senior Economist.. Mark specializes in natural resource and environmental economics.. Kevin E.. Cahill.. Kevin specializes in the economics of aging, labor and health economics, and statistical methods.. Andrew Dyke.. Andrew specializes in economic analysis, labor economics, and social policy.. Abe Farkas.. Director of Development Services.. Abe specializes in urban development and strategic planning.. Beth Goodman.. Senior Planner.. Beth specializes in land use planning and policy analysis.. Lorelei Juntunen.. Lorelei specializes in land use and redevelopment policy, planning, and finance.. Matthew Kitchen.. Senior Policy Analyst.. Matthew specializes in transportation planning, economics and financial analysis.. Kristin Lee.. Ed  ...   Robert specializes in market research and forecasting.. Ed Whitelaw.. Founder / Principal.. Michael Wilkerson.. Mike specializes in economic analysis, modeling, and real estate analysis.. Consultants, Analysts & Administrative Staff.. Melanie Hart Buehler.. Software / Database Developer.. Melanie specializes in data modeling and web tools.. Emily Picha.. Planner.. Emily specializes in urban planning and development.. Nick Popenuk.. Policy Analyst.. Nick specializes in regional planning and development.. Sarah Reich.. Sarah specializes in natural resource policy and economics.. Melissa Rowe.. Melissa specializes in education and social policy.. Research Analysts.. Casey Davidson.. Research Analyst / Programmer.. Casey specializes in software development and data preparation.. Wilcox Gleasman.. Senior Analyst.. Wilcox specializes in economic analysis, programming, and GIS systems.. Carsten Jensen.. Research Analyst.. Carsten specializes in economic impact analysis.. Tessa Krebs.. Tessa specializes in economic impact analysis.. Kate Macfarlane.. Research Analyst / GIS Coordinator.. Kate specializes in spatial analysis and urban and regional planning.. Michael Weinerman.. Michael specializes in environmental economics and litigation support.. Expert Witnesses..

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