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  • Title: Endian -  Unified Threat Management, Firewall Appliance, UTM Appliance, Hotspot, Antispam, Antivirus, VPN, OpenVPN, Open Source 
    Descriptive info: .. Products.. Security Gateways (UTM).. Hardware Appliances.. Virtual Appliances.. Software Appliances.. Features.. WiFi & BYOD Management (Hotspot).. M2M & Industrial Security (4i).. VPN Switchboard.. 4i Edge Industrial Appliances.. product-separator.. Endian UTM 3.. 0.. You Need to Know.. Try and Buy.. Online Demo.. Support.. Maintenance and Support.. How to get Support.. Documentation.. Knowledge Base.. Partner.. Partner Program.. Fidelity Program.. Certification Programs.. Locate a Partner.. Become a Partner.. Alliance.. OEM Solution Partner.. Community.. Overview.. Download.. EFW 3.. Register EFW Community.. Contribute - How to get involved?.. Endian Merchandise Shop.. community-separator.. Link Me.. Get Help.. Support Forums.. Mailinglist.. Web Banner.. Company.. About Us.. The Team.. Reference customers.. News.. company-separator.. Contact us.. Legals and Policies.. How to Buy.. Sales Inquiry.. English.. English  ...   potential threat with Endian's cutting-edge network security!.. M2M Industrial Security.. The 4i Edge series of appliances will protect and provide secure remote access to all your SCADA equipment.. Endian Online Demo.. Get instant access to our online demo of an Endian UTM Appliance!.. Endian Certification, Webinars.. Endian offers specific programs for increasing and certificate your knowledge.. Endian News.. Endian is pleased to introduce the all new 4i Edge 515, one of the most powerful industrial VPN routers on the market.. Get the Demo.. Read more.. Endian Web Contents.. WiFi BYOD Management (Hotspot).. M2M Industrial Security (4i).. Headquarters.. Endian S.. r.. l.. via Pillhof 47.. I-39057 Appiano, (BZ) Italy.. P.. IVA 02472130216 -.. Numero REA: 180987.. Responsibility and copyright..

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  • Title: Endian -  Unified Threat Management, Firewall Appliance, UTM Appliance, Hotspot, Antispam, Antivirus, VPN, OpenVPN, Open Source 
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  • Title: Endian -  Products 
    Descriptive info: Product overview.. The scope of network security is constantly sifting.. M2M Communication, modern forms of mobile working, and new always ON social life demand new ways of protection.. Endian stays ahead of the curve and offers best in class security solutions for industrial endpoint protection, remote services and WiFi management.. Security Gateways.. Endian has changed the network security landscape by providing a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution with a unique management experience: deploy quickly, manage easily and stay flexible.. BYOD WiFi (Hotspot).. Endian Hotspot is an integrated and easy to use solution to give your customers access to the  ...   a product for all of the various industrial network environments so you can be assured.. Secure and Protect your Virtual Infrastructure.. Whether you are securing your internal virtual business environment, running a world-class hosting or colocation facility, or providing cloud services - the Endian UTM Virtual Appliance can provide superior network security to protect your virtual infrastructure from any potential threats.. Contact an Endian Salesperson.. Find a local Endian reseller.. Endian Security Gateways.. Endian UTM Mini.. Endian UTM Mercury 50.. Endian UTM Mercury.. Endian UTM Macro X Series.. Endian UTM Macro R Series.. Endian UTM Software.. Endian UTM Virtual..

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  • Title: Endian -  Security Gateways (UTM) 
    Descriptive info: The Endian UTM (Unified Threat Management) product family features easy-to-use „all in one“ security to deliver maximum protection against data theft, viruses, spyware, spam and other Internet threats.. Secure your Business with Endian UTM.. Thousands of networks worldwide are already secured by Endian UTM, keeping organizations safe against data theft, viruses, spyware, spam and other Internet threats.. A complete range of specifically designed appliances integrating our UTM software for the  ...   new Endian Product Family supporting all of the leading hypervisor-based virtual platforms.. In a matter of seconds you can have a fully-functional Endian UTM appliance running in your virtual environment!.. Turn your favourite hardaware into a UTM appliance with Endian UTM Software Edition.. Different options are available depending on the number of your users and the requirements of your network.. Endian UTM Security Gateways (english).. Endian UTM Security Gateways (italiano)..

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  • Title: Endian -  Hardware Appliances 
    Descriptive info: Endian UTM Hardware Appliances.. Secure your Business with Endian.. The Endian hardware appliances are a great option for those who just want to receive their device, plug it in and go! We offer a platform to suit any network size or shape and all of our hardware comes with the full network security suite included.. Plug Play.. Software is preinstalled so just plug it in and go.. Unlimited Users.. No user licensing limitations for all functionality.. Fully Loaded.. Every product has all  ...   25.. 10-50.. 10-100.. X1.. 50-250.. X2.. 50-500.. R1.. 100-1,000.. R2.. 100-2,500.. Firewall.. Throughput:.. 250 Mbps.. 350 Mbps.. 500 Mbps.. 1.. 0 Gbps.. 5 Gbp.. 5.. 0 Gps.. 10.. Concurrent.. Connections:.. 200,000.. 350,000.. 500,000.. 1,000,000.. 1,500,000.. 2,500,000.. 5,000,000.. E-Mails.. per day:.. 50,000.. 340,000.. 900,000.. 1,350,000.. 250,000.. VPN.. 45 Mbps.. 50 Mbps.. 55 Mbps.. 400 Mbps.. 800 Mbps.. The Endian Product Family supporting all of the leading hypervisor-based virtual platforms.. Endian UTM Mini Datasheet (english).. Endian UTM Mini Datasheet (deutsch).. Endian UTM Mini Datasheet (italiano)..

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  • Title: Endian -  Virtual Appliances 
    Descriptive info: Protect your virtual infrastructure from any potential threat with Endian's cutting-edge network security!.. Secure and Protect your Virtual Infrastructure.. Prebuilt VMware appliance for ESX or ESXi.. Support for both Xen and Citrix XenServer.. Support for RedHat KVM hypervisor.. Simple and Effective.. By providing simple and effective network security solutions, Endian helps businesses leverage new virtual and cloud technologies to:.. Secure the entire virtual infrastructure (internally and externally).. Seamlessly integrate with current virtual platform investments and their management tools.. Save time and effort (i.. e.. money) with Endian centralized management and support tools.. Securely connect all of the virtual or hosted infrastructure to the main office using VPN.. Monitor and prevent access to and from the virtual systems to the outside world.. Safeguard all inter-VM, internal, and external network connectivity.. Endian Advantages.. The Virtual Appliance offers the most intuitive and universally supported solution available by including things like:.. Support for three major virtual platforms including VMWare, Xen, and KVM.. Unified, intuitive user interface across all platforms -- hardware, software, and virtual.. Extremely efficient and scalable resource requirements.. Native support included for available virtual infrastructure toolsets.. Main Features.. Stateful Firewall.. Protect your network from Internet threats while providing appropriate access to resources inside and outside your network.. Email Security.. Eliminate spam, phishing, and other malicious email from your network and provide top-notch protection against email-based viruses and other malware.. Intrusion Prevention (IPS).. Protect your network resources from malicious attacks, hackers, and most other internal or external threats using our deep packet inspection intrusion prevention system.. Hotspot (Captive Portal).. Provide a secure, integrated and customizable hotspot solution to your guests, employees or customers that even includes payment integration with Paypal.. Quality of Service (QoS).. Take control of your network bandwidth utilization and set priorities for business critical applications like VoIP, web, email and  ...   your appliances and even manage your Endian licenses.. Reporting.. View real-time and historical reports for all your important network traffic including daily, weekly, and month web usage reports.. Endian UTM Virtual Appliance Use Cases.. Protect the Virtual Network.. Most virtual networks are not much different from physical networks so the same networking and security principles should be applied.. Whether your running a virtualized platform in the data center or at remote offices, concepts like network separation are critical to safeguard various virtual resources from each other, protect and separate the virtual data and management networks, prevent the spread of malware, and provide containment against hackers and other threats.. Secure External Connectivity.. All virtual networks require some form of physical connectivity which means you may want to securely connect virtual resources to the outside world.. Endian provides this with both IPSec or SSL VPN (OpenVPN) and multiple connectivity options including network-to-network and individual remote access (roadwarrior).. Whether you are using virtual platforms to connect remote offices, link up data centers, or just for disaster recovery, Endian has the solution for you.. Hosted / Cloud Services.. If you are providing some form of a hosted or cloud public service then you already recognize how important it is to ensure to your existing and potential customers that you implement maximum security processes and technology.. Our virtual solution can enhance any hosted service from simple web and email services to more complex VoIP and VPN configurations.. The Virtual Appliance makes securing your virtual platform simple, scalable, and best of all cost-effective.. Endian UTM Virtual Datasheet (english).. Endian UTM Virtual Datasheet (deutsch).. Endian UTM Virtual Datasheet (italiano).. Endian Network.. Remote access, monitor, update and upgrade your hardware and software appliances:.. all through a highly dynamic Web interface and with the complete security of all Endian solutions..

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  • Title: Endian -  Software Appliances 
    Descriptive info: Turn any PC into a Unified Threat Management Appliance.. Endian UTM Software Appliance offers the same technology that resides in the Unified Treat Management (UTM) hardware appliances.. Endian UTM Software Appliance offers the same technology that resides in the Endian Unified Threat Management (UTM) hardware appliances, making it possible to turn any PC into a full featured security appliance.. Unleash the power of Endian UTM using your preferred hardware to enable comprehensive security for your whole network infrastructure.. Integrated security services such as stateful inspection firewall, VPN, gateway anti-virus, anti-spam, Web security, and e-mail content filtering offer granular protection in a single system, reducing management time and costs.. Endian designed UTM Software Appliance to meet the needs of every business from small to large, providing maximum protection for your network.. Build Your Own.. Runs on virtually any hardware platform.. Scalability.. Software supports.. hardware scaling as your network grows.. Complete Security.. Protect your critical business resources.. Bring Your Own Hardware.. The software appliance is ideal for those who are looking  ...   support you need from Endian.. Whether it's our growing online support resources or our network of qualified partners, we're here to help.. Hardware specifications.. Endian UTM Software hardware specifications.. CPU.. Intel x86 compatible (1GHz minimum, Dual-core 2 GHz recommended), including VIA, AMD Athlon, Athlon 64, Opteron, Intel Core 2 Duo, Xeon, Pentium and Celeron processors.. Multi-Processor.. Symmetric multi-Processor (SMP) support included.. RAM.. 512 MB minimum (1 GB recommended).. Disk.. SCSI, SATA, SAS or IDE disk is required (8GB minimum 20GB recommended).. Software RAID.. For software RAID1 (mirroring) two disks of the same type (the capacity needn't be the same) are required.. CDROM.. An IDE, SCSI or USB CDROM drive is required for installation (not required after installation).. Network Cards.. Most common Network Interface Cards are supported including Gigabit and fiber NICs.. Monitor/Keyboard.. Only required for the installation but not for configuration and use.. Operating System.. Endian Firewall includes a Hardened Linux Based Operating System.. Endian UTM Software Datasheet (english).. Endian UTM Software Datasheet (deutsch).. Endian UTM Software Datasheet (italiano)..

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  • Title: Endian -  Features 
    Descriptive info: Endian Feature List.. General.. Mini.. Mercury.. Macro.. 5-10 Users.. 25+ Users.. Open Source License (GPL).. Free download.. Suggested number of users (not limited).. 25.. 50.. 100.. 250.. 250+.. 1,000.. 2,500.. 5-10.. 25+.. -.. Commercial support options.. Ticket System Support.. Direct support from Endian.. o.. Phone Support.. Live/Remote Support (hands on).. Instant Hardware Replacement.. Industrial Grade Hardware.. LCD display with system status and management functionality.. DynDNS support.. = Yes,.. = Not available, o = Optional.. Macro X1.. Macro X2.. Macro R1.. Macro R2.. Network Security.. Application Control.. Web security.. Mail security.. Virtual Private Neworking.. WAN Failover.. User Authentication.. Local User Authentication.. HTTP Remote User Authentication.. VPN Remote User Authentication.. Hotspot.. Network Address Translation.. Routing.. Bridging.. High Availability.. Extra Services.. Logging and Reporting.. Live Network Monitoring.. Event Reporting.. Management.. Updates and Backup.. Endian UTM Feature Details.. Stateful Packet Firewall.. Application Control (over 160 Protocols including Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp and more).. Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).. Intrusion Detection and Prevention (Snort).. Multiple Public IP Addresses.. Multiple WAN.. Quality of Service and Bandwidth Management.. SNMP Support.. VoIP/SIP Support.. SYN/ICMP Flood Protection.. VLAN Support (IEEE 802.. 1Q Trunking).. DNS Proxy/Routing.. Anti-Spyware.. Phishing Protection.. HTTP FTP Proxies.. HTTPS Filtering.. Transparent Proxy Support.. URL Blacklist.. Authentication: Local, RADIUS, LDAP, Active Directory.. NTLM Single Sign-On.. Group-Based and User-Based Web Content Filter.. Time-Based Access Control with Multiple Time Intervals.. Panda Anti-Virus (optional).. Commtouch URL Filter (optional).. Mail Security.. SMTP POP3 Proxies.. Anti-Spam with Bayes, Pattern and SPF.. Heuristics, Black- and Whitelists Support.. Anti-Virus (100.. 000+ patterns).. Mail Quarantine Management.. Spam Auto-Learning.. Transparent Mail Forwarding (BCC).. Greylisting.. Commtouch Anti-Spam (optional).. Virtual Private Networking.. IPsec.. Encryption: Null, 3DES, CAST-128, AES 128/192/256-bit,.. Blowfish 128/192/256-bit, Twofish 128/192/256-bit,.. Serpent 128/192/256-bit, Camellia 128/192/256-bit.. Hash Algorithms: MD5, SHA1,  ...   of WAN Uplinks.. Uplink Types: Ethernet (Static/DHCP), PPPoE, ADSL, ISDN, PPTP.. Support for UMTS/GPRS/3G USB Dongles.. Active Directory / NTLM.. LDAP.. RADIUS.. Local.. BYOD/Hotspot.. Captive Portal.. Wired / Wireless Support.. Integrated RADIUS Service.. Connection Logging.. Per-User and Global Bandwidth Limiting.. MAC-Address Based User Accounts.. User Accounts Import/Export via CSV.. User Password Recovery.. Automatic Client Network Configuration (support for DHCP and Static IP).. Generic JSON API for External Accounting and Third Party Integration.. Instant WLAN Ticket Shop (Endian SmartConnect).. Single-click Ticket Generation (Quick Ticket).. SMS/E-mail User Validation and Ticketing.. Pre-/Postpaid and Free Tickets.. Time-/Traffic-Based Tickets.. Configurable Ticket Validity.. Terms of Service Confirmation.. MAC Address Tracking for Free Hotspots.. Cyclic/Recurring Tickets (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly).. Remember User after First Authentication (SmartLogin).. External Authentication Server (Local, LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS).. Destination NAT.. Incoming Routed Traffic.. One-to-One NAT.. Source NAT (SNAT).. IPsec NAT Traversal.. Routing.. Static Routes.. Source-Based Routing.. Destination-Based Routing.. Policy-Based Routing (Based on Interface, MAC Address, Protocol or Port).. Firewall Stealth Mode.. OSI Layer 2 Firewall Functionality.. Spanning Tree.. Unlimited Interfaces per Bridge.. Hot Standby (Active/Passive).. Node Data/Configuration Synchronization.. Event Notification Handling.. NTP (Network Time Protocol).. DHCP Server.. SNMP Server.. Dynamic DNS.. Reporting Dashboard.. Detailed System, Web, E-mail, Attack and Virus Reports.. Live Network Traffic Monitoring (powered by ntopng).. Live Log Viewer.. Detailed User-Based Web Access Report (not in 4i, Mini).. Network/System/Performance Statistics.. Rule-Based Logging Settings (Firewall Rules).. Syslog: Local or Remote.. OpenTSA Trusted Timestamping.. Easy Web-Based Administration (SSL).. Multi-Language Web-Interface (English, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish).. Secure Remote SSH/SCP Access.. Serial Console.. Centralized Management through Endian Network (SSL).. Centralized Updates through Endian Network.. Scheduled Automatic Backups.. Encrypted Backups via E-mail.. Instant Recovery / Backup to USB Stick (Endian Recovery Key)..

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  • Title: Endian -  WiFi & BYOD Management (Hotspot) 
    Descriptive info: Give your Customers Access to the Internet Simply and Securely.. If you are looking at offering a secure Internet connection to your customers, guests or visitors, Endian Hotspot is the solution for you! Boost the quality of your business with a state-of-the-art hotspot service in your hotel, café, restaurant, or throughout your Company’s building.. WIFI:.. Support of the modern wireless security standards.. Bring Your Own Device:.. Monitor and control your BYOD traffic.. SmartConnect:.. Self-Service Wireless Internet Connection in Seconds!.. Endian Hotspot Advantages.. Safe and Secure Internet Access.. Being fully integrated into Endian’s UTM (Unified Threat Management) solutions, your Endian Hotspot is protected against any Internet threats, such as viruses, unauthorized connections and access to illegal or unwanted content.. Advanced Functionality, Simple Interface.. The extremely simple Hotspot interface allows you to create, remove, or update the connection settings at any level of detail.. Tailored to Fit You.. You decide how to offer your Hotspot by creating connection tickets based on time or on the quantity of data, and by setting the billing metrics you prefer: prepaid, postpaid or even free.. Make Money with Advertising.. The captive portal can be customized with advertising, either in the form of graphics and videos at the beginning of the connection or Web banners in the portal.. Self-service Connection with Endian SmartConnect™.. Now you can sit back and watch your revenue grow with the new fully self-service Endian SmartConnect™ functionality.. Manage Centrally, Connect from Everywhere.. The new Endian Hotspot Satellite systems support a single, centralized user-management deployment from any number of remote Hotspot locations.. Endian Hotspot Features.. Service Customization.. Freely configurable home page after successful login.. Completely customizable welcome page and  ...   CSV files.. Ticket Definition.. Pricing metrics definable by typology (time or data quantity).. Billing metrics definable by typology (prepaid, postpaid, and free connection).. Traffic limitations for every single ticket.. Ticket hourly price configurable and changeable with ease.. Quick-Ticket feature for creating accounts and tickets with a single click.. Security and Firewall.. Fully integrated with Endian UTM for complete security against Internet threats.. Protocol and Internet address filter for secure Web browsing.. Content filter for inhibiting access to illegal or unwanted Web sites.. Anti-virus and anti-spam for the protection of Web browsing and e-mail access.. Easy to configure VPN connections through the hotspot.. Activation and deactivation of the connection possible at every moment.. Third-party Products.. Open APIs for an easy and complete integration with third-party software (e.. with systems for the automatic creation of accounts and billing).. Native integration with ASAjHotel™.. Endian SmartConnect™:.. Endian SmartConnect™ allows your customers to request an account from their favorite devices, pay for it with a credit card, and immediately receive the login data on the mobile phones via SMS: no actions are required on your side, except watching your revenue grow!.. Forget boring and time-consuming account creation and management procedures: let Endian SmartConnect™ do the job for you!.. Your customers can connect to the Internet in 4 simple steps:.. Open their browser and fill out the form with contact information.. Choose the connection ticket they prefer.. Pay with PayPal or credit card (unless the connection service is free).. Check their mobile device and use the username and password sent via SMS or mail to login with their browser.. Endian Hotspot Datasheet (english).. Endian Hotspot Datasheet (deutsch).. Endian Hotspot Datasheet (italiano)..

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  • Title: Endian -  Endian UTM 3.0 
    Descriptive info: Realtime Unified Threat Management.. With the release of Endian 3.. 0, the most powerful open-source UTM solution has taken a significant step forward by addressing three major areas:.. Next-Generation VPN technology.. has all new features and performance improvements,.. capability is now built into the firewall, and.. Real-Time Network Visualization and Reporting.. functionality.. There are a ton of other new and exciting features packed in this release as well.. Some of the highlights include all new next-generation Application Control capability, a revamped and seriously upgraded VPN module that now includes central user authentication (AD/LDAP), full HTTPS inspection and blocking capability, email quarantine web interface, hotspot improvements and much more.. Next Generation VPN:.. The new 3.. 0 release has made the simplest and most powerful VPN solution even better.. Endian has added centralized VPN authentication, so now you can apply role-based permissions to users and/or groups of users, making VPN user management incredibly easy.. In addition, you can now run multiple, separate VPN instances for greater scalability.. The new VPN platform also added increased support for mobile platforms (iOS Android) as well as significant improvements to VPN throughput.. Application Control:.. Today’s business network is faced with a host of new security and application management challenges that accompany the growth in social networking and cloud sharing.. Applications like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Dropbox, and instant messaging all  ...   identify and fix network issues before they happen.. 0 Highlights.. the outgoing firewall recognizes and blocks applications (powered by nDPI).. Anti-Virus:.. Panda Anti-Virus available for HTTP, SMTP, FTP and POP3 proxies.. HTTP Proxy:.. Commtouch‘s excellent URL filtering service has been implemented with over 100 million pages recognized and categorized.. HTTPS filtering:.. Now you can fully inspect and block all web traffic (HTTP/HTTPS) using seamless SSL inspection technology.. SMTP Proxy:.. new, completely manageable E-mail quarantine.. Virtual Private Network:.. the user interface has been totally rewritten as well as the OpenVPN server backend increasing the throughput.. Improved and extended mobile support (Android and iOS).. Multiple authentication servers added including Active Directory, Novell, eDirectory as well as any other LDAP implementation.. Granular VPN access management for single users and groups.. Hotspot:.. Cyclic Tickets and SmartLogin (remembering users), configurable authentication server (external: LDAP, Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, RADIUS.. ).. Reporting and monitoring:.. brand new reporting dashboard.. Detailed and customized reports, live network monitoring powered by ntopng.. GUI:.. redesigned graphic interface for a better user experience.. 3.. 0 Download.. Would you like to get more information about the new Endian UTM 3.. 0 release?.. 0 Datasheet.. Endian UTM Sales Tech CheatSheet.. 0 Whitepaper.. Everything you need to know.. New Endian UTM 3.. 0 highlights, useful information for those who already own an Endian appliance and more….. More information..

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  • Title: Endian -  You Need to Know 
    Descriptive info: Everything You Need to Know About Endian UTM 3.. What are the major highlights of this new release (as compared to v2.. 5)?.. The Endian UTM 3.. 0 release has a lot of new functionalities as well as a substantial improvement to the existing ones.. Some of the key features include.. Next Generation VPN, Application Control.. , and.. Live Network Monitoring and Reporting.. For more information download the PDFs from the info download section.. I want to install Endian UTM Software or Endian UTM Virtual on my own hardware.. Do minimum requirements change in comparison to the past?.. To take full advantage of the new features, it is important to meet these hardware requirements:.. Memory:.. 512MB Minimum (1 GB Recommended).. CPU:.. 1GHz Minimum (Dual-core 2 GHz Recommended).. Disk:.. 8GB Minimum (20 GB Recommended).. I already own an Endian appliance with active maintenance.. When will I be able to upgrade it to the new version?.. Upgrades for any Endian appliance purchased from 2010 onwards are now available.. Want to upgrade your system? Just access Endian Network and click the upgrade button.. Please note that Endian hardware appliances purchased before 2010, currently in End of Life, do not support the new release.. Not v3.. 0 upgradable hardware appliances.. Macro X Series.. 6151 -.. 6160 -.. 6460 -.. 7170 -.. 7173 -.. 7270 -.. 7370 -.. 7470 -.. 8180 -.. 8280 -.. E085 -.. E086 -.. E087 -.. E088 -.. E089 -.. E08A -.. E08C -.. E091 -.. E093 -.. E094 -.. E096 -.. E097 -.. E098  ...   The web proxy system no longer requires a series of “chained applications” each doing their own inspection; rather, the new system now utilizes a solution based on ICAP (Internet Content and Adaptation Protocol) that can do virus and URL inspection in parallel resulting in a 200% performance improvement.. For the most demanding networks, Endian now provides an optional Commtouch URL database subscription that recognizes and categorizes more than 100 million web pages.. In addition, the Sophos Anti-Virus module, Commtouch Anti-Spam module and the complete bundle have been replaced by the brand new Advanced Content Security Suite.. This module which includes Panda Anti-Virus, Commtouch Anti-Spam and Commtouch URL Subscription will be available as a bundle (only).. This means that purchasing the modules separately will no longer be possible.. In terms of the legacy single modules and the old bundle migration is concerned (with active maintenance), please refer to the relevant section below.. Is there a How-To for the migration path available?.. Yes.. At this link.. you find a document (available along with upgrades) that will lead you through the migration path.. How can I access the technical documentation relevant to the 3.. You can access manuals from the appliance interface (by clicking the Help icon).. The complete.. documentation is also available at.. http://docs.. endian.. com/3.. 0/utm/.. , along with older versions manuals.. In order to expedite consultation, the text has been divided on the strength of products categories: UTM, Edge (4i Edge industrial products), and UTM Edge (Endian Mini Edge and Endian Mini Edge WiFi)..

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