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  • Title: Dollar Collapse, Expatriation, PT Theory, Prior Taxpayer Theory
    Descriptive info: .. Search this site:.. become a subscriber.. subscriber's login.. Top menu.. home.. what is tdv.. who is tdv.. blog.. forum.. TDV Groups.. FAQ.. media.. resources.. Contact.. surviving & prospering during and after the dollar collapse.. Tweet.. Meet the Vigilantes.. Jeff Berwick.. Redmond Weissenberger.. Justin O Connell.. Ed Bugos.. View More Vigilantes.. October 10th, 2014.. Is Obama The Best Economic President In Modern Times?.. [The following post is by TDV Chief Editor, Jeff Berwick] This week, people still brainwashed by.. read full article.. October 09th, 2014.. Anarchast: Matt McKibbin of BitNation.. Jeff interviews Matt McKibbin of BitNation, topics include: the BitNation project, building your.. Ben Bernanke Is Addicted To Debt And Gambling And He Needs Help.. I recently tried to refinance my mortgage and I was unsuccessful.. - Ben  ...   bullet proof shares.. gold out of dodge.. Coming Soon!.. latest blog posts.. all blogs.. Last 3 days.. Last 5 days.. Last Week.. Is Obama The Best Economic President In.. [The following post is by TDV Chief Editor, Jeff Berwick] This week, people.. Jeff interviews Matt McKibbin of BitNation, topics include: the BitNation.. October 9th, 2014.. Ben Bernanke Is Addicted To Debt And Gambling And.. back to top.. ENTER YOUR EMAIL TO RECEIVE OUR.. FREE DAILY BLOG.. Subscribe.. Unsubscribe.. more information.. visit now.. Facebook.. follow us.. Yoututbe.. 130 Videos | 7203 Subscribers.. Twitter Feed.. Tweets by @DollarVigilante.. TDV Media and Services LLC.. |.. support@dollarvigilante.. com.. Telephone: (646) 568-5518.. LBA.. text.. The Dollar Vigilante 2014.. Google+.. Footer menu.. Home.. What is tdv.. Who is tdv.. Subscribe.. Blog.. Media.. Resources.. Testimonials..

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    Descriptive info: SUBSCRIBE TO TDV.. SUBSCRIBE TO THE DOLLAR VIGILANTE.. You are only seconds away from making The Dollar Vigilante a part of your investing life and accessing the most complete source of information, news and analysis on surviving and prospering in the coming financial system collapse!.. If you have any questions,.. please consult our FAQ.. Read.. Subscriber Testimonials here.. Who reads TDV? Go to our.. Endorsement Page here.. to read comments from top financial industry writers who subscribe to TDV.. FEATURE.. FREQUENCY.. WHEN.. TDV BASIC.. $15/Monthly or $150/Year.. TDV PREMIUM.. $25/Monthly or $250/Year.. the dollar vigilante newsletter.. Monthly.. First of Each Month.. tdv interim market update.. Weekly.. Every Weekend.. Sporadic.. 4-6 per Year.. tdv daily.. Daily.. 3-5 Times/Week.. realtime stock portfolio.. Realtime.. private facebook community.. tdv stock recommendations.. 10-15 per Year.. tdv stock alerts.. 10-30 per Year.. Legend:.. Email.. WWW Subcriber's Area.. PDF.. SUBSCRIBE NOW.. THE DOLLAR VIGILANTE (TDV) NEWSLETTER.. TDV is your all-in-one source of news, information and analysis to survive and prosper the ongoing collapse of the global financial system.. Every month the newsletter includes the following sections:.. TDV Charts - A graphical snapshot of the financial charts that you need to pay attention to.. The Big Picture - A complete review of the financial and geopolitical trends from the West, Asia and the emerging markets.. The Big Picture sorts through the month's avalanche of info & news and tells you what is important and what is noise.. The Markets - An analysis of development's in the market and what they portend for the future including a Macro Outlook on the US stock market, US dollar, US Treasury Bonds, Gold, Gold & Silver stocks and commodities.. TDV Portfolio - News and updates on the stock's in both our Basic and Premium portfolio.. Expatriation of Ass and Assets -  ...   Reports on items of interest to our subscriber's.. Past Special Reports include "Investing in Junior Mining Companies" and "How to Own Gold".. Our Monday to Friday.. TDV Blog.. postings averages 3-5 posts per week.. Subscriber's have access to real-time stock quotes for the entire TDV portfolio available from the Subscriber's Area of the TDV website.. The Basic Portfolio is targeted at more conservative, inexperienced investors as it only holds large cap gold & silver producing companies, gold ETF's and Agriculture and Energy ETFs.. The Premium Portfolio is targeted at more risk-tolerant, experienced investors who understand the risks involved in the junior mining sector and also understand that the rewards can also be much higher than with the large cap companies.. A subscriber's-only.. Facebook Group.. where TDV subscribers can meet and discuss topics amongst themselves.. A great way to meet like-minded Dollar Vigilantes!.. TDV STOCK RECOMMENDATIONS.. Available to Premium subscribers only, TDV stock recommendation include 10-15 new junior and mid-cap stock recommendations per year.. TDV STOCK ALERTS.. Available to Premium subscribers only, TDV stock alerts are issued whenever there is any major news or change with any of the stocks in the TDV Portfolio or whenever we change our stance from Buy, or Hold, or Sell, we update subscribers immediately via email.. Registration Form.. First Name:.. *.. Last Name:.. E-mail:.. Password:.. Confirm password:.. Choose Your Account Type:.. BASIC / QUARTERLY - $45.. 00.. BASIC / YEARLY - $150.. PREMIUM / QUARTERLY - $70.. PREMIUM / YEARLY - $250.. BASIC / MONTHLY - $15.. PREMIUM / MONTHLY - $25.. HOMEGROWN / YEARLY - $39.. TDV GROUPS / YEARLY - $49.. 95.. CAPTCHA.. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.. What code is in the image?:.. Enter the characters shown in the image..

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    Descriptive info: Enter your username and password to access subscriber files and information.. Email Address:.. Remember me.. Forgot password?.. SUBSCRIBE to.. THE DOLLAR VIGILANTE.. You are only seconds away from making The Dollar Vigilante a part of.. your investing life and accessing the most complete source of.. information, news and analysis on surviving and prospering in the.. coming financial system collapse!.. SUBSCRIBE TO TDV NOW..

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  • Title: What is TDV
    Descriptive info: What is TDV.. DEFINITION.. A dollar vigilante is a free market individual who protests the government monopoly on money and financial policies such as fractional reserve banking and un-backed fiat currencies by selling those same fiat currencies in favor of other assets, often including gold, silver, foreign real estate and bitcoin.. The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) is not your typical financial newsletter.. While we cover all aspects of the ongoing collapse of the US dollar financial system, we do it from a free market view.. In fact we are the most thoroughly free market newsletter there is.. We can confidently say this because no other conservative, libertarian or free market newsletter wants the state entirely out of the way as we do.. It takes a proper view of government intervention to be able to make the moves that best protect you from government intervention.. Here at TDV we have absolutely no illusions about government and its inherent tendency to steal, distort markets and cause physical and economic destruction.. Therefore our analysts can offer the best advice on how to protect your current assets and standard of living.. We can also help you grow those assets, too.. But again, this is not like other newsletters.. We are in a new era.. President Nixon essentially replaced the gold standard with the dollar standard.. The Dollar Era allowed the Federal Reserve to usher in an Age of Inflation that benefitted financial assets.. Getting rich in stocks became relatively easy.. But that age is coming to an end.. The dollar itself is on its last legs.. Keeping what you have during economic collapse and political instability should be just as much a priority as increasing your wealth.. In the coming years, keeping your wealth and liberty will likely become much more important than getting richer.. TDV is about much more than just this current crisis, however.. It is about freedom and how to achieve it both personally and as people of this planet.. Here are areas that are regularly covered in TDV:.. The Big Picture - A regular review and analysis of the latest happenings from the entire global financial and political sphere.. Economic Analysis - Coverage of important economic trends that will include the monthly money supply report in which our chief analyst, Ed Bugos, reviews changes in money and  ...   the coming storm.. the tdv premium portfolio performance.. Ed Bugos, Senior Analyst for TDV, is one of the world s most sought after independent mining analysts and has one of the best published records in the industry.. The below is a summary of his stock recommendations prior to coming onboard with TDV:.. Date.. Company.. Symbol.. Entry Price.. Recent Price.. Percent Change.. December-01.. Franco Nevada.. FN.. $22.. 15.. $30.. 50.. 38%.. Agnico Eagle.. AEM.. $10.. $79.. 92.. 699%.. Newmont.. NEM.. $19.. 03.. $60.. 70.. 219%.. July-02.. Goldcorp.. GG.. $9.. 58.. $45.. 94.. 380%.. January-03.. Kinross Gold.. KGC.. $7.. 86.. $18.. 45.. 135%.. October-03.. Gold Fields.. GFI.. $14.. 90.. $16.. 44.. 10%.. Randgold Resource.. s.. GOLD.. $11.. $96.. 97.. 711%.. May-04.. Glamis Gold.. GLG.. $49.. 254%.. Meridian Gold.. MDG.. $12.. $35.. 196%.. June-04.. Eldorado.. EGO.. $2.. 75.. 80.. 584%.. March-08.. DRDGOLD.. DROOY.. $5.. -52%.. Golden Star.. GSS.. $3.. 53.. 47%.. Nevsun Resources.. NSU.. $1.. $6.. 251%.. Orsu Metals.. OSU-V.. 20.. $0.. -98%.. New Gold Resource.. NGD-T.. 30.. $8.. 12.. 29%.. May-08.. Jaguar Mining.. JAG.. 26.. -25%.. June-08.. Nautilus Minerals.. NUS-T.. 05.. -24%.. Chesapeake Gold.. CKG-V.. 63.. 40%.. IAMgold.. IAG.. 81.. 38.. 234%.. Osisko.. OSK-T.. 272%.. July-08.. Detour Gold.. DGC-T.. $21.. $.. 30.. 69.. 46%.. October-08.. Kirkland Gold.. KGI-T.. 21.. 282%.. December-08.. First Majestic Silver.. FR-T.. 46.. 499%.. January-09.. Guyana Goldfields.. GUY-T.. 28.. 60.. 409%.. August-09.. Evolving Gold.. EVG-V.. 43.. 91.. -36%.. September-09.. Gold One Internation.. al.. GLDZY.. 08.. 25.. 6%.. January-10.. Golden Predator.. GPD-T.. 71.. -11%.. June-10.. Eurasian Minerals.. EMX-V.. 36.. 54.. 8%.. April-10.. Atac Resources.. ATC-V.. 450%.. Kaminak Gold.. KAM-V.. 93.. NOTE: shaded rows include companies taken over.. No other analyst in the gold sector issued buy recommendations from 2000-2005, issued a sell recommendation in 2007 prior to the gold stock crash during the first leg of the financial system collapse and then issued buy recommendations from 2008 onward.. The following graph shows a timeline of Ed Bugos recommendations versus the TSX Venture Exchange Index, the best general index of junior gold mining stocks.. The time period from 2010 to 2013 were very bad years for precious metals stocks but Ed Bugos has managed to beat the indexes during this time period.. Who reads TDV?.. Go to our Endorsement Page here.. Subscribe now to our basic or full newsletter with complete portfolio recommendations at our.. Subscriptions.. page..

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  • Title: Who is TDV
    Descriptive info: Who is TDV.. The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) is a joint-venture publication founded by two respected free-market speakers and analysts in the financial sector, Jeff Berwick and Ed Bugos.. Both Jeff and Ed consider themselves financial freedom fighters and have written extensively in the past about the ongoing and impending collapse of the US dollar based financial system.. They joined forces to publish TDV, a publication and community for dollar crash survivors.. Jeff Berwick /.. Editor In Chief.. Anarcho-Capitalist.. Libertarian.. Freedom fighter against mankind s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks.. Jeff Berwick is the founder of.. The Dollar Vigilante.. , CEO of.. TDV Media Services.. and host of the popular video podcast,.. Anarchast.. Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world s freedom, investment and gold conferences as well as regularly in the media including CNBC, CNN and Fox Business.. Jeff s background in the financial markets dates back to his founding of Canada s largest financial website, Stockhouse.. com, in 1994.. In the late 90s the company expanded worldwide into 8 different countries and had 250 employees and a market capitalization of $240 million USD at the peak of the tech bubble.. To this day more than a million investors use Stockhouse.. com for investment information every month.. Jeff was the CEO from 1994 until 2002 when he sold the company and still continued on as a director afterwards until 2007.. Afterwards, Berwick went forth to live on and travel the world by sailboat but after one year of sailing his boat sank in a storm off the coast of El Salvador.. After being saved clinging to his surfboard with nothing but a pair of surfing shorts left of all his material possessions he decided to live nowhere and travel the world as spontaneously as possible with one overarching goal: See and understand the world with his own eyes, not through the lens of the media.. He went on to visit nearly 100 countries over four years and did and saw things that no education could ever teach.. He met and spoke with a plethora of amazing people, from self-made billionaires to some of the brightest minds in finance as well as entrepreneurs from a broad range of backgrounds and locations from tech companies in southern China to resource developers in Mongolia, Thailand, Russia and Chile.. He also read everything he could find on how the world really works politically and financially.. A pursuit he continues to this day.. He expatriated, long ago from his country of birth, Canada, and considers himself a citizen of the world.. He has lived in numerous locales since including Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Bangkok and currently lives in Acapulco, Mexico and is building a home in Cafayate, Argentina.. In essence, everything he writes about here for TDV he has done or is doing.. As well, during his travels, both real and virtual (through the internet), he met some amazing people who have a similar shared vision of what is currently going on in the world and enticed them to come aboard TDV and provide their own brand of analysis.. Redmond Weissenberger /.. Managing Editor.. Redmond is the Managing Editor of the Dollar Vigilante and the Founding Director of the  ...   putting clients first, Mr.. Bugos launched.. The Goldenbar Report.. : a subscription driven gold and currency digest that published a relatively.. broad based asset allocation returning over 20% per year from 2000-06 without a down year.. His last recommendation when winding down the Goldenbar Report in September of 2006 was for clients to allocate up to a 45% exposure to a short position against the equity averages, and largely the financial sector XLF ; 40% to a long position in gold bullion (physical or GLD); and a.. residual.. core position (15%) in gold equities.. This allocation minimized the effects of the 2008 crash,.. with the short exposure up over 100% in 2008.. , and gold ending the year unchanged.. The gold stocks crashed in a long overdue correction along with the general equity market, which would have shaved the short gains a little bit (.. in 2007 the gold equities and bullion both ended up about 25% while the short side was down about 30%, leaving that year a wash.. ).. From March 2008 to January 2009, Mr.. Bugos compiled a portfolio of thirteen small cap precious metal juniors to buy during the correction for readers of his Gold Options Trader (published by Agora Financial).. These juniors.. returned an average 275% from the trough in 2008-09 to their peak in 2011, and 248% from my entry prices.. , significantly outperforming the HUI and other gold share indexes in this period (this GOT portfolio is still up slightly even after the 2012-13 liquidation.. Since 2009, Mr.. Bugos has been the CEO of his own independent research company (.. Precious Metals Equity Research.. ), which sells research and subadvisory services to broker-dealers, investment managers, and general providers of financial content.. Ed is the senior analyst and co-founding partner at.. , an online newsletter aimed at helping investors survive the eventual collapse of the dollar system, started and operated by his partner.. (since 2010), a successful businessman and media entrepreneur founder of Canada s largest financial portal on the web, owner of a hotel and real estate company, CEO of TDV Media Services, host of the popular video podcast: Anarchast, and a prominent speaker at many of the world s freedom, investment and gold conferences.. In addition to his track record in providing investment advice,.. Bugos.. has a self-studied background in the social sciences, and is a student of the Austrian School of economics.. Justin O Connell /.. Head Researcher.. Justin O Connell is the Head Researcher at Dollar Vigilante and Chief Executive Officer of.. GoldSilverBitcoin.. He is also the author of the first full-length bitcoin book,.. Bitcoinomics.. , and administrator of the.. website.. Justin is also a co-host at.. Our Very Own Special Show.. , a lifestyle podcast about music, news, life and other topics.. He lives in San Diego, California.. His writings mostly deal with gold, silver, bitcoin, technology and culture.. Wendy McElroy /.. Contributor.. Wendy McElroy is a regular contributor to the.. , and a renowned individualist anarchist and individualist feminist.. She was a co-founder along with Carl Watner and George H.. Smith of.. The Voluntaryist.. in 1982, and is the author/editor of twelve books, the latest of which is.. The Art of Being Free.. Follow her work at.. www.. wendymcelroy..

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  • Title: Blogs
    Descriptive info: the dollar vigilante blog.. blog articles: 1441.. Is Obama "The Best Economic President In Modern Times?".. October 10, 2014.. [The following post is by TDV Chief Editor, Jeff Berwick].. Read Full Article.. October 9, 2014.. Jeff interviews Matt McKibbin of BitNation, topics include: the BitNation project, building your own nation, decentralization, competing with government for their own services, cryptographic I.. D.. and reputation, blockchain weddings, developing nations ready for this, crypto-equity, crowd sale, massive global changes afoot.. Ben Bernanke is addicted to a drug called credit and he can t get enough.. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke disclosed this month that he was turned down when he tried to refinance his home.. I had to double-check to make sure I was not reading The Onion.. I was not.. It was Bloomberg.. The Khorasan Group: Terrorist Flavor of the Month.. October 8, 2014.. [The following post is by TDV Contributor, Wendy McElroy].. All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.. --George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia.. Obama has scammed the world into war.. again.. He is unlikely to repeat the facilitating lie this time, however.. It was too thoroughly and quickly debunked for him to take the risk.. Besides, there is no need.. Iraq and Syria are already being bombed.. Instead, the lie is now forgotten except by critics of Obama or of war.. The Lie And Why The Liars Told It.. Re-Inventing Finance: It's Not  ...   sits locked at $300 on the Bitstamp exchange after a sell order in the neighborhood of $7 million USD, or 23,738 bitcoins, created a temporary ceiling on Sunday.. The action has prompted a lot of discussion on internet forums and headlines throughout Sunday on the internet, surely contributing to the pressure on the Bitcoin price:.. This Economic Theory Could Spell The End Of Bitcoin - TDV Week in Review: October 5, 2014.. October 5, 2014.. Originally appeared at Bitcoinomics.. TDV Interview: Derrick J Freeman.. October 4, 2014.. Jeff interviews Derrick J Freeman a wide ranging activist and creator of the documentary Victimless Crime Spree , topics include: life based on consent and voluntary transactions, the victimless crime spree, non compliance, plea bargaining as coercion, injustice, liberty on the radio, New Hampshire Free State Project, US police state, freedom as a state of mind plus the musical confessions of Jeff Berwick.. Biden Over-Estimates Deaths By 99,800% - Proof Politicians Just Read Teleprompters.. October 3, 2014.. Speaking today in Joplin, Missouri, Vice President Joe Biden overstated the deaths there in the 2011 tornado by 160,839:.. Click here or on thumbnail.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. ….. next ›.. last ».. Archives.. October 2014.. (14).. September 2014.. (39).. August 2014.. (36).. July 2014.. June 2014.. (26).. May 2014.. (32).. April 2014.. (29).. March 2014.. (30).. February 2014.. (27).. January 2014.. December 2013.. (28).. November 2013.. October 2013.. September 2013.. 1 of 4.. ››..

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    Descriptive info: Home.. ›.. Forums.. TDV Forums.. Login.. to post new content in the forum.. Welcome to TDV Forums!.. Forum.. Topics.. Posts.. Last post.. Free Subscribers and public forum.. 10.. 0.. Oct 10, 2014..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. Can I sign up for a trial?.. How do I cancel my subscription?.. What is the difference between a Basic Full Subscription.. I m not comfortable entering my credit card information on the internet, are there other options?.. How soon after I subscribe will I receive access to the website and my subscription?.. Do you have any current subscriber testimonials?.. What format is the TDV Newsletter delivered in?.. Can I upgrade from a free account?.. No, we are currently not offering trial subscriptions.. To cancel your subscription just go to your profile page and from here click unsubscribe.. You will continue to receive our subscription content up until the day your subscription expires or your next quarterly/annual payment was set to be made.. The Basic Full Subscribers get access to nearly identical content with one exception.. Full subscribers receive stock recommendations and updates as well as market updates sent throughout the month.. If you are mainly interested in getting information about the ongoing US dollar based financial system collapse and how to protect yourself but are not interested in investing in specific stocks then the Basic subscription is for you.. If you want information and recommendations on specific stocks and when to buy and sell then subscribe  ...   the information for paying this way is on our Pricing Subscriptions page.. If you d like to send us a cheque, please email us at.. TDV@dollarvigilante.. or contact us through our Contact Us form for more information.. We also accept BitCoin for yearly subscriptions.. Just follow the instructions during the payment process.. Immediately.. If you subscribed with your Visa, Mastercard or Paypal account you will be send to a page to complete your registration immediately after payment.. Once you choose a username and password on this page you will have full access to our archives and will receive email alerts whenever new content comes available.. Yes, you can see just a few of the emails we have received from satisfied subscribers at this page:.. Subscriber Testimonials.. Subscribers receive an email notification whenever there is a new newsletter issue or update.. The email has a link to the TDV website where you can view the newsletter or update once you have signed in.. As well, a PDF version of the newsletter is also sent and attached with the email and available in the Subscriber s section of the website.. Yes, just click on visit your profile page after logging in on the right side and you will see an upgrade option..

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  • Title: the dollar vigilante media
    Descriptive info: the dollar vigilante media.. Other media:.. Jeff Berwick on CBA s The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti.. - 11/4/2013*Audio.. Jeff Berwick interviewed on Guttervox.. - 9/27/2012.. Jeff Berwick on the Porcfest Chronicles.. - 9/6/2012 *video.. share this video.. Archived audio Appearances.. Ben Stone talks to Jeff Berwick about his adventures in anar.. You may need:.. Adobe Flash Player.. lenght: 36:23.. August 7, 2014.. TDV: This Week in Money on Dollar Collapse, Gold Manipulatio.. lenght: 22:17.. June 4, 2014.. TDV Todd Shapiro Show: Achieving Personal Freedom.. lenght: 26:58.. May 28, 2014.. TDV The End of the War on Drugs!.. May 24, 2014.. TDV Adam Kokesh Communism Doesn t Exist!.. lenght: 26:08.. May 19, 2014.. TDV Voluntary Virtues: Change is Upon Us!.. lenght: 49:09.. May 15, 2014.. TDV Adam Kokesh: Do You Want to Live Forever?.. lenght: 24:07.. May 7, 2014.. Bitcoin: An Evolution in Money and Banking.. lenght: 25:40.. March 25, 2014.. Jeff Berwick Interviewed by Wall St for Main St.. lenght: 39:20.. March 21, 2014.. TDV Hyperinflation, Economic Collapse and Impending Capital.. lenght: 49:04.. February 6, 2014.. The End of the  ...   Most Dangerous Wor.. lenght: 22:00.. September 25, 2013.. Jeff Berwick on Edgington Post July 23 2013.. lenght: 10:32.. July 24, 2013.. Jeff Berwick on the Financial Survival Network: US citizens.. lenght: 27:59.. April 11, 2013.. TDV with Phil Mackesy - Offshore banking and Bitcoin.. lenght: 12:58.. April 5, 2013.. TDV: Jeff Berwick speaks with Phil Mackesy, Jan.. 31 2013.. lenght: 15:21.. February 20, 2013.. Jeff Berwick of TDV on The Global Escape Hatch with Bobby Ca.. lenght: 14:12.. December 20, 2012.. Jeff Berwick of TDV on Goldmoney.. com with Andrew Duncan Dec.. lenght: 18:10.. December 5, 2012.. TDV: Jeff berwick on Howestreet with Phil Mackesy Nov 2012.. lenght: 23:27.. November 29, 2012.. This week in money with Jeff Berwick.. lenght: 43:51.. November 4, 2012.. TDV: Jeff Berwick on the Superwealth Interviews with Max Bor.. October 9, 2012.. TDV: It s a Weekend at Bernie s Financial System.. lenght: 42:02.. October 4, 2012.. The Dollar Vigilante: Gary Gibson speaks with Kerry lutz.. lenght: 16:28.. August 30, 2012.. Jay Taylor s Turning Hard Times into Good Times.. lenght: 20:46.. May 15, 2012.. more audios..

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    Descriptive info: TDV RESOURCES.. Expatriation Resources.. TDV Passports - Alternative Citizenship and 2nd Passports.. Transparency International - Corruptions Perception Index.. TDV Offshore.. Retirement Resources.. TDV Self-Directed IRA.. - Internationalize your IRA simply and easily.. TDV Country Write-ups.. (Subscribers go to the subscribers area to download).. Argentina.. Barbados.. Brazil.. Cambodia.. Canada.. Chile.. Dominican Republic.. Estonia.. Guatemala.. Malaysia.. Mexico.. Myanmar.. New Zealand.. Paraguay.. Panama.. Thailand.. Uruguay.. Special  ...   de Cafayate.. - 3/25/2011.. How to Own Gold.. - 11/8/2010.. Investing in Junior Mining Companies.. - 8/7/2010.. Federal Reserve Central Banking.. (videos).. The Creature from Jeckyl Island - A Second Look at The Federal Reserve.. Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis.. Freedom.. The American Dream.. The Story of Your Enslavement.. Statism s Assembly Line.. Government Cover-Ups.. The New American Century.. Loose Change - 2nd Edition..

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