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  • Title: Cafe Tissardmine - Artists' Retreat and guest house, Moroccan SaharaCafe Tissardmine | Artist retreat and guesthouse in Morocco
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About us.. The Place.. The People.. The Tafilalet Region.. Our environment.. Cultural Programme.. What s on in 2014 at Cafe Tissardmine.. visual arts.. writers and writing.. stories from the sands with Linda Cracknell.. writing the journey with Jan Cornall.. photography retreats and tours.. Artists in Residence.. Excursions.. Gallery.. useful info.. Contact us.. how to book into cafe tissardmine.. how to get here.. Testimonials.. FAQ.. Costs.. what s on in the region.. Karen s blog.. Welcome to Cafe Tissardmine, a cultural retreat and guest house in the Moroccan Sahara.. Tissardmine is a place of tranquility, a place for inspiration, a place for discovery.. Welcome.. Situated in an oasis, this tiny traditional Berber village comprising of 15 houses, is perched on the edge of one of the Sahara’s most extraordinary natural phenomenons, Erg Chebbi, a large dune stretching 22 kms long and 5 kms wide and peaking up to 150 metres high.. Formed by wind blown sand, Erg Chebbi is celebrated for its unique golden-orange sand formations that start  ...   know you are welcome anytime, for any purpose (within limits!).. messages sent through the website are getting lost so please email Karen direct on hadfieldk@gmail.. com thanks!.. Whether you are a practising artist, a traveller with a creative soul or just a curious being, at Cafe Tissardmine we provide an environment that is restful, inspirational and sometimes even challenging.. Cafe Tissardmine runs art.. retreats.. led by published authors and professional photographers, suitable for anyone with a desire to write or take photos; practising artists may consider applying to our.. artist-in-residence program.. ; and for travellers wanting a break from routine and engage more closely with the local culture check out what we offer on the.. excursions and adventures.. page.. Make your own holiday at your own pace.. Comments are closed.. Blogroll.. Atticus Design.. Colour of Maroc.. Culture Vultures.. facebook.. Roam Like Queens.. Transartists.. Ubud Writers and Readers Festival.. Vagobond.. Footer.. Contact Us.. Terms and Conditions.. Thank Yous.. Cafe Tissardmine.. Amazon.. Copyright Cafe Tissardmine 2012.. Website Design by Kat Clay..

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  • Title: About us | Cafe TissardmineCafe Tissardmine
    Descriptive info: Life at Cafe Tissardmine is quiet.. We are in a remote part of the Sahara.. We are not easy to get to but it is worth the journey.. Living at Cafe Tissardmine is peaceful and simple.. We are short on mod-cons but big on land- and skyscapes.. You won t find a swimming pool here but we can take you for a dip in the refreshing waters of Oasis Saf Saf.. You won t get the internet here, but why would you want to?.. We have a few holiday ideas for you that we can offer but if you can dream up your own, we will try to make  ...   worries.. We look after the land and the people who tread on it.. Share this:.. Google.. Facebook.. LinkedIn.. Pinterest.. StumbleUpon.. Reddit.. Your Name (required).. Your Email (required).. Subject.. Your Message.. Karen s Blog.. News from the cafe June/July.. July 22, 2014.. April/May News.. May 27, 2014.. February and March news.. April 3, 2014.. Happy New Year and anniversary.. January 10, 2014.. October Artist-inResidence wrap up.. November 12, 2013.. Like us on Facebook.. Translate to:.. Select Language.. العربية.. български.. català.. 中文.. 繁體中文.. České.. Danske.. Nederlands.. eesti.. Suomi.. Français.. Deutsch.. Ελληνικά.. עברית.. Magyar.. Bahasa Indonesia.. Italiano.. 日本語.. 한국어.. Latviešu.. Lietuvos.. Polska.. Português.. русский язык.. slovenčina.. Español.. Svenska.. ไทย.. Türk.. Український.. Translation Services..

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  • Title: The Place | Cafe TissardmineCafe Tissardmine
    Descriptive info: Situated in Morocco at the edge of Erg Chebbi, one of the largest sand dunes in the Sahara, Café Tissardmine is a unique guesthouse and artist retreat providing a creative oasis for artists and travellers amongst the desert’s beauty, grandeur and stillness and the culture of the indigenous Berber people.. Tissardmine is a secluded, tranquil destination for anyone seeking an escape from the noise of the world.. It has been created by Australian artist, Karen Hadfield, and local Berber Youssef Bouchedor.. With the realisation of the desert’s potential for creative inspiration and tranquility, Karen and Youssef bought an old ruined building in Tissardmine, and slowly breathed new life into it.. Karen’s artistic expertise is accompanied by Youssef’s incredible knowledge of the desert.. You can find plenty of large hotels in the desert with air-conditioning and swimming pools but if that is not your cup of tea then Tissardmine may be for you.. Accomodation.. Cafe Tissardmine comprises a two bedroom mudbrick guesthouse with Salon and library,.. a 5 tent camp.. and  ...   have not forgotten to add some little luxuries like hot showers.. We are totally solar powered and keep the way of life here simple.. Most of our cooking is done on open fires and we encourage you to learn the berber way and join in.. If the peace and quiet of our homestead is not enough, we also have a satellite camp.. If you choose to stay there, you will be provided with all your food and water, which will be replenished everyday; a bush shower; wood for your fire and all the isolation you desire.. Needless to say it is perfect spot for adventurous honeymooners.. Cafe Tissardmine is a great place to stay if you are interested in Geology, Bird-watching, Fossil hunting or Astronomy.. We have an amazingly vibrant birdlife.. The land is rich in fossils from a time when the area was under the sea.. If you are interested in star gazing you will not find a place like this with almost zero light pollution.. tea s nearly ready..

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  • Title: The People | Cafe TissardmineCafe Tissardmine
    Descriptive info: Karen Hadfield.. Founder and Director.. Karen was born in the UK and discovered the travel bug at the age of 11 when she hopped on a plane and went to Malta on her own for a holiday.. At the age of eighteen she was working on a Kibbutz in Israel and then at twenty-one she was working on a cattle station in the Kimberley, Western Australia.. She fell in love with horizons and wilderness.. She moved to Melbourne though to satisfy her other passion, the Arts and over the years forged herself a career as both performer, with the highly acclaimed theatre group Crying in Public Places, and as a festival director for the Adelaide Fringe and Big West Festivals.. It was pure fluke that she found herself on a short holiday in Morocco in 2010 with her cousin.. During her week-long holiday she visited the desert and went by camel into Erg Chebbi and on waking the first morning, her future was clear; this was the place to start an artists’ retreat.. She spoke with her cousin the next day and to her chamelier, Youssef, who agreed her idea was a good one.. After returning to England, and many phone calls to the desert later, she came on a 10  ...   traditional nomadic life, taking some 300 goats, sheep, camels and donkeys from sahara to sahara in search of good feeding ground.. From the age of six he learned to lead the goats and sheep and then from the age of 12 he looked after the camels by both day and night, often alone.. This early experience has given Youssef an incredible knowledge of the desert and the ways of the camel in particular and makes him today, if there is such a thing, a camel whisperer.. In his sixteenth year, at the end of a very long drought, the family was forced to consider an alternative way of supporting themselves.. As nomads, they had seen the rise in the number of strangers passing through the area and saw that there was an opportunity in making a living from tourism.. There were no hotels nearby so they marked out a plot near the giant dune of Erg Chebbi and started to build a hotel which they still run today.. Youssef’s 17 years experience with tourists as head chamelier (camel driver) means that today he speaks 8 languages, as well as his native tashlehiyt, he is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, English and Arabic and has a good grasp of Japanese, Portuguese and German..

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  • Title: The Tafilalet Region | Cafe TissardmineCafe Tissardmine
    Descriptive info: Some 350million years ago, this entire region was under the sea, the remains of which can be seen in the petrified coral reefs along the dry river bed at Tissardmine where ammonites, trilobites and belennites abound.. On 18th July 2011 a meteorite from Mars landed 350kms from Tissardmine, it is still possible to find small fragments from this meteorite.. Ancient local rock cravings depict Rhino, Giraffe and Elephants.. Erg Chebbi, the giant dune that dominates the landscape was formed over thousands of years and today stands at 150meters at it’s highest point and is 20kms long and 5kms wide.. This natural phnomenon is steeped in legend; the story goes that more than 5,000 years ago there was a large lake where families lived, but these families were bad people who angered the gods.. As a result the gods sent a strong wind that brought so much sand, the lake disappeared and as each year passed more and more sand built up to create a giant network of dunes burying the people beneath.. Locals say that on a quiet night inside the dunes, if you listen carefully, you can still hear their voices….. In the daytime, you are most likely to see Camels, donkeys, goats, sheep and other domestic animals roaming the landscape but at night the desert comes alive as the smaller creatures come out from their subterranean sand bunkers to hunt in the cooler temperatures; the sand fish, sidewinder snake, desert fox, jumping mouse, rolling spider, long finger gecko  ...   price you’d pay at fossil markets in Europe or North America.. Or you can fossick yourself.. Northeast of Rissani on the R702 are at least four good fossil-collecting sites.. Behind the Bou Teharafine is a ridge called Hamar Lagdad, where Devonian fossil-rich sedimentary rocks are exposed – trilobites, goniatites, orthoceras, corals and crinoids (Scyphocrinites elegans).. A potted geological history.. From 400 to 300 millions years ago Tissardmine was off the northern coast of Africa, submerged under a body of water known as the Rheic ocean.. Corals and other marine organisms thrived in this warm water environment, leaving their empty shells and skeletons to fossilize when they died.. Rivers flowed into the shallow sea, leaving deposits of congolmerate and sand.. All this time, Africa was moving northwards, pushing the continental shelf ahead of it.. self.. Then it collided with a collection of smaller crustal plates that would one day combine to form Europe.. The Rheic Ocean was squeezed in this collision, thrusting up the thick layers of sediment into a mountain chain.. This was to become the Antiatlas range, the first in a series of mountain-building movements that would culminate in the Atlas mountains, futher north.. The folding and faulting that ensued has left these ancient.. seabed.. sediments exposed, along with all the fossils they contain.. Post a Comment.. Cancel reply.. Your email address will not be published.. Required fields are marked.. *.. Name.. Email.. Website.. Comment.. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.. Notify me of new posts by email..

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  • Title: Our environment | Cafe TissardmineCafe Tissardmine
    Descriptive info: The desert is a delicate and subtle environment.. On the surface it appears desolate and empty, devoid of life but if one looks closely, there are myriad lifeforms working together for survival, including the people who share the land.. Plants can lay dormant until they spring into life after a good (and rare) rain.. Animals that inhabit the desert are generally nocturnal, choosing to hunt and scavenge in the cooler hours.. Many people of the land are nomads, travelling from place to place to find the food to feed their herds of goats, sheep and camels.. The introduction of tourism to this region has had a remarkable effect on this balance and the way of life for many here but hospitality remains generous and warm.. Many people want to experience the  ...   at the expense of the environment.. At Cafe Tissardmine we offer berber hospitality in the berber way, we conserve water, are totally solar powered and when we use wood for cooking the embers serve as heating for the rooms afterwards.. We try and reduce rubbish as much as we can and ask visitors to be mindful of what they bring into the region.. Plastic bottles are an issue all over developing nations where the water supply is not potable, we bring in water in large containers and ask visitors to bring their own reusable water bottle for refilling.. Washing water comes from our well and we ask that you be mindful of this precious resource and keep your showers short and toilet flushing to a minimum.. Tread lightly through this delicate landscape..

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  • Title: Artist Retreats - Cafe TissardmineCafe Tissardmine
    Descriptive info: We are currently planning our new programme for October 2013 to May 2014 at Cafe Tissardmine.. Please join our Facebook page for updates or contact us to be put on our email list for information on.. writing retreats.. photography retreats.. painting retreats.. scientists in residence program.. artists in residence program.. exploring the Berber culture.. and more..

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  • Title: What's on in 2014 at Cafe Tissardmine | Cafe TissardmineCafe Tissardmine
    Descriptive info: Here is an overview of the produced programs at Cafe Tissardmine for 2014, but remember, you can come to Cafe Tissardmine anytime!.. In addition, in partnership with Culture Vultures, we are offering an Berber Textile Trail dates to be announced.. This is a program that includes visiting Fes, Sefrou, Kenifra and of course Cafe Tissardmine.. February 25 March 25.. Artists-in-Residence program.. This is underway and we have staying with us artists from Holland,  ...   Details coming soon but this is your chance to really experience the desert close up.. May 12 16.. Acoustic Music Workshop/Jamming Week, old time and celtic tunes and songs led by Brian Strat Strating from the Brunswick Old Time String Orchestra, Melbourne, Australia.. May 19 June 15.. June 18 September 12 CLOSED.. September 22 October 14.. October 17 26.. Writing workshop with.. Linda Cracknell.. November 6 19.. Jan Cornall.. November 22 December 18..

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  • Title: visual arts | Cafe TissardmineCafe Tissardmine
    Descriptive info: At Cafe Tissardmine we offer art courses led by professional artists.. We are currently finalising our 2013/2014 program so please keep checking the website for new information or join our Cafe Tissardmine page on Facebook for updates.. 2 Comments.. Julia Morgan-Leamon.. September 5, 2013 5:57 pm.. Reply.. I have been teaching a yearly Art and Culture course in Egypt for Williams College students for the past four winters.. I ve also taught classes at Luxor College of Art and Fayoum Artist Center in Egypt.. But due to political uncertainties, I have to cancel the course for this year.. This has led me to seek out other options for  ...   looking to find time to work on my own art practices in 2D forms and video.. If there is a procedure for applying for residencies please let me know.. Thanks so much, Julia.. September 18, 2013 6:41 pm.. Hi Julia.. to apply for a residency you need to send me samples of your work, a brief biography and a short piece about what you hope to achieve from your time with us at Tissardmine email me.. karen@cafetissardmine.. com.. also, I could provide accommodation and assistance in planning for your Art and Culture courses if you would like to bring your students to Morocco let s talk more.. Cheers.. Karen..

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  • Title: writers and writing | Cafe TissardmineCafe Tissardmine
    Descriptive info: At Cafe Tissardmine we offer creative writing courses lead by published authors.. We are pleased to announce the return of two of our most popular leaders; Jan Cornall and Linda Cracknell in January 2014.. As well as the structured retreat, there is also an opportunity to stay an extra 4 days with the writers in residence contact me if you are interested in this option.. January 09 January 20;.. Jan Cornall.. Jan was invited to lead her first retreat at Cafe Tissardmine in January 2013.. She brought with her a lively eclectic group, (mainly from Australia where she has a huge following) who spent 10 days living the dream.. You can see photos of that retreat.. here.. or visit Jan s website for more photos and writings.. That retreat resulted in a final draft of a book for one participant and much inspiration and energy for everyone.. Please visit Jan s.. website.. for prices and bookings.. Jan 24 February 02;.. Linda first joined us in November 2012 and we are so happy she is coming again, her special relationship with the land provided the participants with an exceptional experience.. Visit.. or visit Linda s blog.. Price for this retreat is 14,300MAD.. Both retreats offer  ...   Overall 10/10.. ”.. In response to the retreat: “.. I liked the structured workshops with a variety of exercises and some free writing as well.. They were very helpful and constructive for my own writing.. The tutor was wonderful – serious about writing process, willing to share her ideas and humorous and sympathetic.. I learned a lot.. ” Rosemary, UK.. A place to dream in, be in, learn about and to evolve your new dreams.. Erg Chebbi at sunset is a gift to the mind and spirit.. I loved all of the workshop activities.. They all help and Jan is an excellent and innovative tutor.. It has been extremely helpful for me in terms of getting the hang of this strange beast I’m working on.. I’d love to be in the position of starting a new work.. Verity, Australia.. Writing exercises pushed me into terrain I was unfamiliar with therefore taught me valuable lessons in crafting and organising my material.. Group mentoring also worked well for me with feedback and support.. The most luxurious camping trip I’ve ever been lucky enough to experience.. The 2 nights in the dunes of Erg Chebbi are indelibly etched in my mind my heart Salaam Aleykum!.. Meme, Australia..

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  • Title: stories from the sands with Linda Cracknell | Cafe TissardmineCafe Tissardmine
    Descriptive info: stories from the sands.. lead by Linda Cracknell.. October 24 November 02.. This ten day adventure takes you into a fantasy of land- and cityscapes starting in the hustling bustling city of Marrakech; through the grandeur of the High Atlas Mountains; down through the Dades gorge and onto the Sahara.. After six nights under the vast night skies and 5 days of workshops helping you to unlock your stories, we take you to Fes, up and over the Middle Atlas for a final exploration of this magnificent and ancient city.. Writers of all levels of experience and writing in any genre are welcome.. “I will lead enjoyable activities which sharpen observation, encourage flights of imagination or memory, and hone writing-craft whether for fiction, non-fiction, drama or poetry.. Activities will draw creatively on the unique setting of Café Tissardmine and the stimulation of place and travel.. Supported space and time to write will be complemented by individual feedback sessions on work in progress.. The retreat will be suitable both for new writers needing encouragement and more experienced writers seeking refreshment.. ” Linda.. Linda Cracknell is a British writer of fiction, radio drama and non-fiction.. Her work is often inspired by landscape, specific places and by travel, particularly on foot.. Character and voice are key to her stories, but the creative journey from idea to conclusion may  ...   differing ages and levels of experience including courses for the Arvon Foundation and as writer-in-residence for theRoyal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.. PRICE PER PERSON: 850 GBP (50 GBP off if booked by July 31 2014).. price includes.. • twin share accommodation (b b only), Marrakech (2 nights), Fes (2 nights).. • twin share accommodation (full board) Cafe Tissardmine (6 nights).. • excursions inc.. sunset trip to Erg Chebbi and camel trek.. • all travel within Morocco from Marrakech to Fes via Cafe Tissardmine.. • tuition.. price does NOT include.. international air fares.. airport transfers.. travel between city of arrival(if not Marrakech) and Marrakech or city of departure (if not Fes) and Fes.. lunches and refreshments on journey to and from Tissardmine (or other incidental food supplies you may want to bring).. alcohol.. personal shopping.. taxes.. travel insurance.. NOTE: Minimum 4 persons required (Maximum 8 persons).. It was created by Australian artist, Karen Hadfield, and local Berber Youssef Bouchedor who bought an old ruined building in Tissardmine, and slowly breathed new life into it.. The retreat at Tissardmine includes structured sessions every morning followed by afternoons free for your writing.. Every evening we will have readings in the Salon before a sumptuous dinner.. There will also be an excursion by camel for an overnight camp to truly experience this extraordinary part of the Sahara..

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