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  • Title: BullandBearWise Index of Economic and Market Indicators
    Descriptive info: .. BullandBearWise.. com.. Web.. A chart is worth a thousand words of high fallutin' economic mumbo-jumbo.. Tip Jar.. UPDATED DAILY.. 10/12/2014.. Balance Requirements.. Federal Funds.. Federal Funds Target Divergence.. Money Supply.. Money Supply Rate of Change.. Non-Borrowed Reserves.. Quantitative Easing.. Securities Lending and POMO.. Special Facilities.. System Open Market Account.. Temporary Open Market Balance.. Temporary Open Market Operations.. TOMO Accepted/Submitted Ratio.. Domestic Operations 2009 Report.. Debt By Instrument.. Debt Ownership.. Debt and GDP.. Foreign Treasury Purchases.. Statutory Debt Limit.. Tax Collections.. Treasury Borrowings.. Currency Growth.. Dollar versus Oil and Gold.. Dow 1929 Comparison.. Federal Reserve Foreign Custody Holdings.. FOMC Activity and the S P 500.. Gold Fear Index.. Government Deficits.. Home Equity.. Household Debt-Service Burden.. NASDAQ 100 Real Price-to-Earnings Ratio (PE).. S P 500 Reported vs Operating Earnings.. BullandBearWise Management.. Fidelity Login.. The BullandBearWise Index of economic and market indicators:.. Growth.. Gross Domestic Product.. Non-Farm Productivity.. Non-Manufacturing ISM.. Labor.. Initial Jobless Claims.. Unemployment Rate.. Commodity.. DJ UBS Commodity Index.. London Gold.. Sweet Crude.. Consumer.. Consumer Credit.. Personal Income.. Retail Sales.. Manufacturing.. Capacity Utilization.. Durable Goods.. Factory Orders.. Industrial Production.. Manufacturing ISM.. Inflation.. Agricultural Prices.. Consumer Price Index.. Producer Price Index.. Financial.. S P 500 Index.. S P 500 P/E Ratio.. DJIA/S P 500 Divergence.. Advance Decline Ratio.. Money - Zero Maturity.. Officer Loan Survey.. U.. S.. Treasury Yields.. Volatility Index (VIX).. Investment.. Housing Market Index (HMI).. Housing Starts.. New Homes Sales.. Trade.. Dollar Cash Index.. Trade Balance.. Other areas of interest at BullandBearWise:.. Federal Reserve.. FOMC and the S P 500.. Foreign Custody Holdings.. Securities Lending POMO.. System Open market Account.. Domestic Operations 2011 Report.. Debt.. At Issue.. Household Debt Burden.. Mortgage Debt.. NASDAQ 2000 vs.. Dow 1929.. Velocity of Money.. Yield Curve Since 1869.. TODAY'S THOUGHT.. 09/25/14.. Date.. Indicator.. Prior release.. Latest release.. Weighted change.. Sept 25.. Bullish.. Bearish.. -3.. -2.. Sept 24.. New Home Sales.. +2.. Week of 9/26/2014.. Net change.. 09/19/14.. Sept 18.. Sept 17.. CPI.. No change.. Sept 16.. PPI.. Sept 15.. Week of 9/19/2014.. -6..  ...   of 5/30/2014.. 5/23/2014.. May 23.. May 22.. Week of 5/23/2014.. 5/16/2014.. May 16.. May 15.. May 14.. May 13.. Week of 5/16/2014.. -7.. 5/9/2014.. May 8.. May 7.. May 5.. Week of 5/9/2014.. 5/2/2014.. May 2.. May 1.. April 30.. Week of 5/2/2014.. 4/25/2014.. April 24.. April 23.. Week of 4/25/2014.. 4/18/2014.. April 17.. April 16.. April 15.. April 14.. Week of 4/18/2014.. 4/11/2014.. April 11.. April 10.. April 7.. Week of 4/11/2014.. 4/4/2014.. April 4.. April 3.. April 3.. April 2.. April 1.. Week of 4/4/2014.. -1.. 3/28/2014.. March 28.. March 27.. March 26.. March 25.. Week of 3/28/2014.. 3/21/2014.. March 20.. March 18.. March 17.. Housing Market Index.. Week of 3/21/2014.. 3/14/2014.. March 13.. Week of 3/14/2014.. 3/7/2014.. March 7.. March 7.. March 6.. March 5.. March 3.. Week of 3/7/2014.. 2/28/2014.. Feb 27.. Feb 26.. Week of 2/28/2014.. 2/21/2014.. Feb 20.. Feb 19.. Feb 18.. Week of 2/21/2014.. 2/14/2014.. Feb 14.. Feb 13.. Week of 2/14/2014.. 2/7/2014.. Feb 7.. Feb 6.. Feb 6.. Feb 5.. Feb 4.. Feb 3.. Week of 2/7/2014.. 1/31/2014.. Jan 31.. Jan 30.. GDP.. Jan 28.. Jan 27.. Week of 1/31/2014.. -8.. 1/24/2014.. Jan 24.. Jan 23.. Week of 1/24/2014.. 1/17/2014.. Jan 17.. No change.. Jan 16.. Jan 15.. Jan 14.. Week of 1/17/2014.. -4.. 1/10/2014.. Jan 10.. Jan 9.. Jan 8.. Jan 7.. Jan 6.. Week of 1/10/2014.. 1/3/2014.. Jan 2.. Week of 1/3/2014.. 12/27/2013.. Dec 26.. Dec 24.. Dec 23.. Week of 12/27/2013.. +5.. 12/20/2013.. Dec 20.. GDP-Final.. Dec 19.. Dec 18.. Dec 17.. Dec 16.. Week of 12/20/2013.. +6.. 12/13/2013.. Dec 13.. Dec 12.. Week of 12/13/2013.. 12/6/2013.. Dec 6.. Dec 5.. GDP-Revised.. Dec 4.. Dec 2.. Week of 12/6/2013.. Index.. 55.. 22.. The BullandBearWise Index weights economic and market indicators from 0 (bearish) to 100 (bullish).. Calendar.. No records returned.. Add to favorites.. Tell a friend!.. Get charts for your website.. Merchandise at cafepress.. com.. Order here!.. About.. |.. Contact.. Disclaimer.. Privacy.. Donations.. Copyright ©2000-2014 BullandBearWise.. com All rights reserved..

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  • Title: BullandBearWise.com - Fine Print
    Descriptive info: Leave a Tip.. BullandBearWise has been operating continuously since 2002.. In addition to the valuable BullandBearWise Index, BullandBearWise brought you unprecedented insight into.. Federal Reserve operations.. and the true.. NASDAQ P/E ratio.. Isn't time you left a tip?.. About BullandBearWise.. BullandBearWise brings together all the key economic and financial indicators under one website using easy-to-compare rolling 5-year charts.. No longer is it necessary to spend precious time visiting various financial portals or government agencies to get a complete picture of the American economy.. BullandBearWise ends the frustration of finding a great economic chart only to realize the chart hasn’t been updated in months.. The charts on BullandBearWise are generated from Microsoft Access databases that are updated daily, as economic statistics are released.. To further help put all this information in perspective, the BullandBearWise Index ranks the importance of 32 economic and financial indicators and assigns them a status of “Bullish” or “Bearish.. ” The resulting BullandBearWise Index is a unique combination of fundamental underlying economic data combined with key financial and market price indexes.. Click here to view the Index’s history for the past five years.. BullandBearWise also parses Federal Reserve web pages to better represent Federal Reserve activity in an easy-to-understand graphic format:.. Daily chart showing the last 30 days of Federal Open Market Operations activity.. Daily chart showing the last 30 days of Federal Open Market Operations balances.. Since there are repos maturing everyday, this chart uniquely shows the net repos outstanding and is better representative of how the Fed is adding to or draining from the reserve system.. Daily chart showing the last 30 days securities lending and permanent ops activity.. Weekly chart showing the last year of System Open Market Account (SOMA) balances, including the ratio of SOMA holdings to M3, thus indicating the Fed’s appetite for longer-maturity bonds.. Weekly chart showing five years  ...   com uses.. Paypal.. online payment services to accept donations.. To make a donation, click the button below:.. If you prefer to send a donation by mail, please send to:.. Siegfried Duray-Bito.. 5000 Aspen Drive.. Littleton, CO 80123.. USA.. To maintain your privacy, no list of donors will be listed or made available to anyone.. com is the copyright owner of all text and graphics contained on this website.. Information obtained from other parties is the property of their respective owners.. The purpose of this site is to assemble information from various sources and present such information graphically in a consistent, easy-to-read format.. You may print a copy of the information contained herein for your personal use only, but you may not reproduce or distribute the text or graphics to others or substantially copy the information on your own server, or link to this website, without prior written permission of BullandBearWise.. Any and all material provided by BullandBearWise.. com is provided “as is” and BullandBearWise.. com makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, without limitation, any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.. From time to time and without notice, BullandBearWise.. com may publish information regarding companies in which we believe readers may be interested.. This information is not intended to be personalized recommendations to buy, hold, or sell securities.. Investments in the securities markets are speculative and involve substantial risk.. We encourage readers to engage in due diligence.. We cannot guarantee information derived from information published by the companies is accurate or complete.. This site use.. online payment service to accept donations.. The billing information you provide at registration is kept at PayPal.. Member names and email addresses are kept at BullandBearWise.. com for communication purposes.. None of this information will ever be disclosed to a third party without your written request and authorization..

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  • Title: BullandBearWise.com - Temporary Open Market Operations - Balance Outstanding
    Descriptive info: Federal Reserve Bank of New York.. Ticks: Daily.. Home.. Fed Funds.. Fed Funds Target Divergence.. Bulls vs Bears.. Index History.. Consumer Price Index (CPI).. CRB Index.. DJIA/S&P 500 Divergence.. Gross Domestic Product (GDP).. Light Sweet Crude Cash.. Loan Officer Survey.. London Gold PM Fix.. Producer Price Index (PPI).. S&P 500 Index.. S&P 500 PE Ratio.. Explanation.. Maturing Operations.. (now includes.. Term Auction Facitlity.. ).. Billions.. Click here for FOMC Activity and the S P 500.. The Complete Idiot s Guide to the Federal Reserve..

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  • Title: BullandBearWise.com - Real GDP Quarterly Change
    Descriptive info: Five-year Real Gross Domestic Product.. Percent Change from Prior Quarter.. Ticks: Quarterly.. Commerce Department.. Bureau of Economic Analysis.. Compare with.. Select chart.. Advance Decline Ratio.. Agricultural Prices.. Capacity Utilization.. Consumer Credit.. Consumer Price Index (CPI).. CRB Index.. DJIA/S&P 500 Divergence.. Dollar Cash Index.. Durable Goods.. Factory Orders.. Gross Domestic Product (GDP)..  ...   Claims.. Light Sweet Crude Cash.. Loan Officer Survey.. London Gold PM Fix.. Manufacturing ISM.. Money - Zero Maturity.. New Home Sales.. Non-Farm Productivity.. Non-Manufacturing ISM.. Personal Income.. Producer Price Index (PPI).. Retail Sales.. S&P 500 Index.. S&P 500 PE Ratio.. Trade Balance.. Treasury Yields.. Unemployment Rate.. Volatility Index (VIX).. Currently.. bullish.. Why?..

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  • Title: BullandBearWise.com - Non-Farm Productivity
    Descriptive info: Five-year Non-Farm Productivity (Output per Hour).. Department of Labor.. Bureau of Labor Statistics.. bearish..

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  • Title: BullandBearWise.com - Non-Manufacturing ISM
    Descriptive info: Five-year Non-Manufacturing ISM.. Business Activity Index.. Institute for Supply Management..

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  • Title: BullandBearWise.com - Initial Jobless Claims
    Descriptive info: Five-year Initial Jobless Claims.. Seasonally Adjusted.. Ticks: Weekly.. Employment Training Administration..

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  • Title: BullandBearWise.com - Unemployment Rate
    Descriptive info: Five-year Unemployment Rate.. Ticks: Monthly..

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  • Title: BullandBearWise.com - CRB Index
    Descriptive info: Five-year.. DJ UBS Commodities Index.. 200 day moving average.. Weekly.. The CRB Commodity Yearbook 2003..

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  • Title: BullandBearWise.com - London Gold PM Fix
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  • Title: BullandBearWise.com - Light Sweet Crude Cash
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