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  • Title: Home - Adnet Communications Inc.
    Descriptive info: .. ^.. Adnet Communications Inc.. Home.. About.. Services.. Work.. Platform.. Contact.. Overview.. Why Adnet?.. Our People.. Our Services.. Design.. Development.. Email.. Broadcasting.. Hosting.. Mobile.. Examples.. Clients.. Features.. Customer Portal.. Featured Projects.. What We Do.. +.. -.. Eight seconds.. If you don’t hook a new user within eight seconds, they’re gone maybe forever.. You have just enough time to introduce your organization and convince users you have what they’re looking for.. At Adnet, we add context and emotion to the most important aspects of your company's story.. Our goal is to give your users an immediate and intuitive sense of the value you offer.. With all parts of the website pulling together for a shared purpose, you stand a good chance of making those eight seconds count.. Learn more.. Take control.. Our QwikSuite™ platform puts you in control of your online communication.. With easy-to-update web pages, powerful logging and analytics, email news dissemination and RSS syndication, you have the tools you need to keep your site current, fresh and working for you.. QwikSuite’s features are built for the needs of busy organizations like yours, with time-sensitive information disclosure.. QuikSuite’s proprietary toolset lets you spend less time thinking about when news goes out, and more about how to add value around that news.. Learn more about QwikSuite.. Investor Relations.. For publicly-traded companies, timely communication with shareholders and investors is the life-blood of your organization.. That’s why we built our QwikSuite platform specifically for the needs of busy Investor  ...   while your benefit is potentially huge.. See examples of mobile design.. Turquoise Hill.. 2012 / Mining.. Boyd Autobody.. 2010 / Automotive.. Sitka Foundation.. 2010 / Not for Profit.. Vancity Community Foundation.. 2011 / Not for Profit.. Put your content to work.. Content.. It’s the only reason a user visits your website.. Good design helps your audience to understand your content, puts it into context, and makes it easier to grasp.. Interactive features add additional clarity to complex information.. But when it comes down to it, you need tools to get your information online with less fuss, and you need a platform that will reliably deliver that content for anyone that asks for it.. That’s how you put your website to work as a tool for marketing and communication, by removing the roadblocks between your content, and your audience.. Our work.. About Adnet.. Our Services.. /.. At Adnet, we work hard to make getting your content online easy.. Here’s what you get with an Adnet website:.. Custom website design and development catered to your unique story and needs.. Ongoing hosting, maintenance, and updates by our dedicated service department.. A proprietary content management system (CMS) developed specifically with security and time-sensitivity in mind.. Website change logs that retain history of public information disclosures on your website.. Email services including webmail access.. Broadcast email dissemination supporting qualified email lists to connect with your subscribers.. About Us.. Our Work.. Contact Us.. © 2014 - Adnet Communications Inc.. - All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: About Us - Adnet Communications Inc.
    Descriptive info: About Us.. Adnet specializes in presenting your organization’s unique story to the world.. After 15 years of creating corporate websites, we know the challenges and we know what makes a great site work.. We know that you want control over your site’s content, so we provide user-friendly tools that allow you to make your own changes, disseminate updates and respond to user demands.. We also know there are times when you need help, so our experienced, responsive team is on call, on your schedule, no matter what challenge you face.. 1.. Relationships.. We’re 15 years young and still growing.. So you can count on us for the long haul.. Yes, we build great websites.. But for us, that’s just the beginning.. We know your site needs to work as hard as you, 24/7.. It must stay current, relevant and responsive.. That’s why we look on our clients as partners.. With our ongoing support and advice, our goal is to see your website evolve and grow along with your organization.. 2.. Service.. We focus primarily on North American markets with customers world-wide.. Our offices in Halifax and Vancouver provide crucial time-zone advantages for our clients coast-to-coast.. For public companies, our Halifax office opens well before market trading hours, and our Vancouver office remains open well past market-close, which means our team is there for you when you need us.. Especially when important developments require critical timing for news and website updates.. We also make  ...   in providing our customers with the best service possible, and in helping our clients to achieve their online communication objectives.. We bring together talent, experience, and breadth of knowledge to serve our customers and resolve their issues in a timely manner.. We operate coast-to-coast, with a cohort of people in the Maritimes that rise with the sun and make sure your website is ready for the trading day.. Our west-coast staff are available to help you well into the evening once the market has closed.. Our programmers are current on the latest technologies, and pick the best of breed for your particular challenge.. Not every technology matches every company, and their experience means you’ll only get the technology that makes sense for you.. Our designers are experienced in creating websites that are driven by frequent updates and maintainability.. The knowledge of how a website operates as an integrated design system means that our designs live longer and give your a better ROI.. Our service staff specialize in keeping your website updated and in top-form.. When you have something you need to do, lean on our expertise and take the stress off of yourself.. Custom website design and development catered to your unique story.. Ongoing hosting, maintenance, and updates for your website.. Website change logs retain history of website disclosures.. Email services including webmail.. Broadcast email dissemination supporting qualified email lists.. Website change logs track disclosure.. WYSIWYG interface for easy editing.. Email subscriptions/RSS feeds..

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  • Title: Services- Adnet Communications Inc.
    Descriptive info: Everything we do is in support of telling your story online.. With our QwikSuite platform, we give you a robust, tried and tested online tool kit to communicate everywhere.. Our design and programming specialists guide you through the maze of aesthetic and technical hurdles involved in building your website, and once launched, we’re there to support your website when you need it.. Design.. Measure.. Quantify.. Synthesize.. The ultimate goal of design is not to make things look pretty, but to ensure that your users understand your organization deeply, even if they've only just found you.. Design puts the story at the forefront, removes the clutter, and combines imagery, language and style to tell your story on multiple levels.. By appealing to the analytical brain as well as the emotional ‘gut feeling’, your message is better understood by your audience.. Development.. Making it all work.. There has never been a broader audience online than there is right now.. From the desktop to the laptop, mobile platforms and social networks.. All of these touch points are available to engage your audience.. By that same token, there has never been a greater need for knowledgeable, insightful developers to guide you through the buzzwords and  ...   your subscriber base grows, normal email becomes problematic for sending out updates to the people who want them.. Volume limits by ISPs and concern over spam can lead to unforeseen fallout from a seemingly innocuous bulk emailing.. Our QwikSuite platform features integrated email broadcasting facilities designed specifically for the task of disseminating news to your subscribers.. Hosting.. No one likes to wait.. You’ve got only a few of seconds to make an impression on your users.. Make sure that first impression is a positive one.. Fast, responsive pages make a big difference in how a user perceives your company.. Secure, high-performance hosting on hardware that is performance tuned for our QwikSuite platform results in quick and reliable website access for your site visitors.. Mobile.. Connect anywhere.. As smart phones and tablets become more popular, more users are seeking out information on corporate websites from small-screen handheld-devices.. Users on mobile want ‘right now’ content, while long articles can be difficult to read on a small screen.. To optimize the mobile experience, Adnet offers Mobile Edition websites, which leverage the powerful content management tools offered by our QwikSuite platform, to deliver content tailored specifically for your mobile audience.. See examples of mobile websites..

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  • Title: Our Work - Adnet Communications Inc.
    Descriptive info: Our Work.. Lundin Mining.. 2010 / Mining.. Lucara Diamonds.. Mobile Websites.. Assorted.. Westcoast Hot Yoga.. 2012 / Health.. Lundin Foundation.. Born to Run Uganda.. 2012 / Not for Profit.. NGEX Resources.. 2011 / Mineral Exploration.. Peregrine Diamonds.. 2010 / Mineral Exploration.. Clients.. Public Companies.. Private Not for Profit.. Imperial Metals.. Ivanhoe Mines.. Africa Oil Corp.. Argentex.. Lumina Copper.. Global Change for Children.. Turquoise Hill Resources.. Evrim Resources Corp.. Denison Mines.. Eurasian Minerals Inc.. MineralsEd.. Stonegate Agricom.. iMining Group.. Bear Creek Mining.. Canacol Energy Ltd.. Endeavour Mining.. First Majestic.. Dick & Rogers Sound Studio..

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  • Title: QwikSuite Platform - Adnet Communications Inc.
    Descriptive info: Our Platform.. The QwikSuite CMS.. Our QwikSuite platform gives you an integrated suite of online tools to manage your website and interact with your audience.. Combining editing and content management for your website, email news dissemination, monitoring and analytics, and integrated website tools.. The QwikSuite platform is a powerful ally in your online communications.. QwikSuite Features.. QwikSuite Features.. User-modifiable content.. Full control over your website.. Add or delete content from anywhere you have an internet connection.. Content Logging.. Changes to your website content are recorded and archived, so you can revert to previous versions if necessary, and ensure you're meeting disclosure regulations.. Content start/stop scheduling.. Easily keep your content up to date, with controls that let you specify when your information goes live and when it's removed.. Email list management.. No more manual entry.. Quickly and easily import your contacts, collect email addresses submitted online, manage  ...   analyze your website traffic with our proprietary, enhanced real-time usage statistics.. Google Analytics.. Integration with industry-standard Google Analytics gives you powerful tools for analyzing your historical website usage trends.. Integrated Stock Charts and Price Quotes.. As an exchange-approved vendor of record, we can incorporate market information directly into your website, so your visitors have the latest price data without leaving your website.. Rich Media.. Seamlessly incorporate video, audio, and slide presentations into the website, and leverage the power of visual information to present your company's story.. One-click 'email a friend' function.. Make it easy for your visitors to share pages and promote your company to friends, associates, and other contacts in a business-friendly email format.. RSS Feeds.. RSS (Really Simple Syndication), allows users to receive automatic updates from your website to their inbox, or on their smartphone.. When you publish something new, your subscribers are alerted automatically..

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  • Title: Contact Us - Adnet Communications Inc.
    Descriptive info: Contact Info.. Location Map.. Contact Us.. Head Office:.. 401-510 W Hastings St.. Vancouver BC, Canada.. V6B 1L8.. P.. 604-669-2041.. TF.. 800-307-8730.. Hours of Operation:.. Monday-Friday.. 6:30am-5:30pm Pacific.. Halifax Office:.. (Website Updates Only).. Phone: 902-422-4974.. 4:00am-11:30am Pacific.. After Hours.. Website Updates.. Additional fee may apply.. 778-892-4110.. Server Administrator.. Report website or email offline.. 604-454-1155.. Contacts.. Sales/General Inquiries:.. info@adnetinc.. com.. Website Updates:.. updates@adnetinc.. com.. Technical Support:.. techsupport@adnetinc..

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  • Title: Mobile Websites - Adnet Communications Inc.
    Descriptive info: Select.. Trending.. Our Solution.. The mobile web can no longer be ignored.. Find out what makes it unique and how our Qwiksuite platform leverages the tools of your desktop website for mobile audiences.. See Examples.. An Emerging Trend.. Mobile website use is increasing.. These days, most people have a cellphone, and many have internet connected smartphones.. However, just because a smartphone can.. view.. a website, does not mean that the website is usable/usefull to the mobile user.. People use websites differently on a mobile device, and it’s up to you to improve their experience if you want them to stick around.. Keeping text brief, formatting the design to work on a small-screen display, and  ...   mobile audience.. But that is costly, and means that every change needs to be done twice, perhaps even created differently for the mobile version and the desktop.. The burden of this approach discounts it from all but the most flush marketing budgets.. The flexibility and power of Our Qwiksuite Platform gives Adnet.. a more cost effective option.. Our suggested approach builds upon the exisiting website framework within the content management system, and delivers a solid, functional mobile website that draws information from the desktop version, so you never have to worry about repeating yourself.. What's important on your website, is already on your mobile site.. Mobile Website Examples.. Curis Resources.. Hamza Thindal.. Redstar Gold..

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  • Title: Turquoise Hill - Adnet Communications Inc.
    Descriptive info: Case Study.. Visual Identity.. Website Design.. Turquoise Hill.. Turquoise Hill is the new name of the former Ivanhoe Mines, a mining development company whose Oyu Tolgoi Mine in Mongolia is set to begin production.. Turquoise Hill approached Adnet to help them redesign the Ivanhoe Mines website to reflect the name-change, and to develop a visual identity that could support their new logotype.. Solution.. A review of the evolution of the Ivanhoe Mines website showed a need for better management of updates to the homepage.. We wanted to give Turquoise hill an easy way to broadcast their lastest updates without risking  ...   thereby never cluttering the page.. Our approach draws influence from the logo-mark's orange accents.. We envisioned these as the turned up corners of notes, or pages, representing the company 'turning a corner' in its steps toward production, and giving us a simple visual device that we could use to mark elements as belonging to the Turquoise Hill brand.. Website Home Page /.. In order to make best use of the large, immersive imagery Turquoise Hill provided, we developed the website to be responsive to screen-size, giving users with larger screens a more immersive experience.. Website Interior Page /.. Other Work..

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  • Title: The Boyd Group - Adnet Communications Inc.
    Descriptive info: Gerber Collision.. Gerber Offers.. Boyd Group.. Mapping.. The Boyd Group.. The largest operator of autoglass and collision repair facilities in North America, the Boydgroup runs their businesses under the umbrella of Boyd Autobody in Canada, and Gerber Collision in the United States.. The Boydgroup worked with us to update their corporate websites, with an aim to unifying the styling and information architecture across all brands.. Central to the goal was to make sure users were easily able to identify locations near them and to book appointments directly from the website.. The new design implemented a shared format and information architecture, with subtle differences in styling to represent each brand.. We rolled out these new designs across 4 online properties: The Boyd Group, Boyd Autobody, Gerber Collision, and Gerber offers.. Visual Design.. The visual design of the Boydgroup websites presents a clean, corporate image of a professionally run autoglass and repair shop.. Each brand has a personality of its own that is reflected in the communication style and imagery used within the promotional page elements.. Boyd Autobody is an autoglass and  ...   characters to defuse the negative feelings surrounding autobody and glass repair.. Interface styling is similar to Boyd Autobody, but with more focus on the red white and blue colour palette to appeal to the US audience.. Gerber Offers is a promotional microsite which offers coupons specifically for the Gerber Collision chain.. Users select offers they are interested in , and once they’ve filled out a form, can print or email their coupons for use at any Gerber Collision Center.. The Boyd Group Income Fund.. The Boyd Group is the publicly traded income fund which owns the Boyd Autobody and Gerber Collision chains.. The design and format were developed specifically for their investor audience, ensuring that the Boydgroup could communicate their vision, and that their users could easily access information on their investment.. Interactive Location Map.. Central to the conversion of website users into local customers was the use of an interactive map built on the Google-maps platform.. With some crafty code and integration with our QwikSuite content management system, this map helps users find a nearby location quickly and easily..

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  • Title: Sitka Foundation - Adnet Communications Inc.
    Descriptive info: Website and IA.. Sitka Foundation.. The Sitka Foundation is a charitable endowment fund created to support biodiversity.. They approached us early in the course of their development to create a brand platform which they could build upon, and which would communicate their support for biodiversity.. The Sitka Foundation's goal of raising awareness about the issues surrounding Biodiversity required the foundation to gain recognition for itself as an expert, and supporter of Biodiversity initiatives.. By improving its profile amoungst the general public, it would increase the organization's ability to advocate for its ideals.. We worked with the Sitka Foundation to come up with a framework for their corporate communication that they could use to build their brand over time, to get their message out, and to tell their unique story.. From that framework emerged the online presence of the Sitka Foundation, its first public unveiling of the brand, and the hub by which they  ...   corporate identity guidelines to serve as a foundation for the organization’s marketing and communication materials.. The corporate style combines textures of wood, foliage, and moss, with imagery of the rainforest floor - a perfect reference of bio-diversity in action.. Information Architecture.. The website was designed for maximum maintainability and maximum engagement of users.. A format combining promotional ‘short’ pages with content-heavy ‘long’ pages was created to meet the unique needs of the organization.. In this format, the short pages receive extra time and attention, as they are expected to tell the organization’s story and therfore remain relatively static.. The long page format were designed for maximum flexibility in accomodating any information the foundation needed to release.. By formatting the website in this way, the maximum value is achieved with very little maintenance overhead, or waste in the form of design work being unsuited to new content.. Website 'Long' Page /.. Website 'Short' Page /..

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  • Title: Vancity Community Foundation - Adnet Communications Inc.
    Descriptive info: Case-Study.. Vancity Community Foundation.. The Vancity Community Foundation (VCF), is a not for profit fund manager, which distributes donor funds via grants to charities and other organizations which meet the criteria set forth by a donor or endowment fund.. The VCF approached Adnet to develop a new website – a first for them as a stand-alone organization – with the aim of improving their public profile, and to distinguish themselves from the credit-union parent organization.. We worked with the VCF staff to guide them through the process of building their new website, from aesthetic considerations, through to modeling their content.. We conducted a rigorous design exploration to help codify some of the design areas that were loosely defined.. Once  ...   struck out to paint a clearer picture of what the VCF was all about.. Exploration into colours, photography themes, styling and typography were conducted in order to settle on the image that would ultimately fit the VCF as an organization, and which would support its goals.. As a growing organization taking its first steps into managing a website, it was important to give the VCF a platform with which it could grow and evolve over time.. Our ultimate solution relies on a framework of page templates matching different content types.. Promotional pages which seek to communicate emotionally as much as through text are available, while text-rich templates that allow for dense information sharing flesh out the bulk of the website..

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